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For those who do not know the npc in question is

She speaks broken English
Which means the ancient language will be German. I will translate things in here for you all.

Das Leben ist wunderschoen= Life is Beautiful.

Katastrophe für alle= disaster for all

gut oder böse=good or bad

meine Liebe=My Love

wo ist die Gerechtigkeit-where is the justice

es wird nicht gut für niemanden sein-it won't be good for no one

She watched as her father cut down Lt Kara and the rest of the marine unit with him in quick fashion. He then would begin to wipe the blood off of himself. "As I looked on at him in an unbelievable scene. I would view my vater in action for the first time in years. He did not smile when he cut them down nor did he cry. He had a plain face as white as a plain unpainted wall. As emotionless as my dolls."

"It was very quiet extremely quiet as he took my hand. One would think that such a man would have a cold heartless touch. But on the contrary, it was like touching sunshine. I have longed for this moment since he went away what seemed like years. Since the warlord took him away from me from home. After that, he truly did not say much if anything while we were walking. Oh, the stories I wanted to tell him and the stories I so truly wanted to know. But so long as I get to be with my vater that would be enough. As my vater said when we are together no matter where Das Leben ist wunderschoen."

Walking throughout the night time forest the two was. Walking at a steady pace, not in a rush but. The duo needed to get away from that scene. She looks at her father whom now did not have his body paint on. Which she found it weird because he always had it on. Looking at him smiling he would look at her and do the same.

" Say Alison do you still remember our song?" Looking back at him she would give off a very big smile as the two stopped. The wind blew throughout the tree's as the leaves fall off them. The gentle breeze was a welcoming one. "Vater I um..I remember it clearly vater. But not as much in mother native tough. He looks at her clearly happy as he gives her a wink. "That is the only version I prefer it to be sung now am all ears Acnologia take it away."

The two began to walk as she began to sing. The song is a song passed down throughout the three-eyed people tribs. Giving the fact that she did not have a third eye but still the blood of one flows throughout her veins.

Yasashii egao Pirishi egao anata no kawaii egao Gin no kokoro to kin no kokoro wo zenbun anata ni ageru
Yasashii egao Mirishi egao anata no kawaii egao Gin no kokoro to kin no kokoro wo zenbun anata ni ageru
Alchemi, Alchema Kin no hoshi kakaete
Alchemi, Alchema Yume no nakae o yukinasai"
He would smile as he listens on to her singing. Curse her voice she has the voice of an angel the sweetest sound he was thinking.

The two continued to walk as she was nearing the end of the song. Gripping on her father hand tightly using both of hers. She would soon start to get cold. He noticed this but was wondering why she did not say anything. She just trying to be brave. What rubberish that is. He would then take off his robe jacket and put it on her. "Here there is no need for you to act as if you are not cold now let's go."

As they were walking she would look up to ask him something. "Vater do you love them more than more than me? How do you say umm? Favorites of yours vater?" He began to laugh, "why do you say that?" As they come to the end of the forest she would give a low tone reply. "because you love them so much you loved them right to death and you never loved me to death vater how come?" He looks her in the eyes smiling at her "because I love you more alive than dead. Now we are here we will be here until we get off this island and away from everyone else."

She would look on listening to him puzzled but happy as she looked over to see a large shed. As the two walks inside it would appear to be more fixed up inside than out. A room with two beds for them a bathroom and kitchen. It wasn't for them to live in it but to stay for the moment. Next, he would take her nun vail off as her hair was in a ponytail.

Taking it down it would see how long it had become. "Damn it such beautiful hair. But I wasn't there to tend for it and also suck at doing hair. But it's ok I'm here now. she looks at him as he began to brush her hair to fix it up again.

Meanwhile, a shadowy figure was following them to this location. With him, he had ten soldiers as he raised his hand. The soldiers would begin to go towards the shed as Arcologia was not aware of the group outside.

Smiling and singing Acnologia would stop and say. "Vater can you tell me more about your homeland and maybe my mother?" Smiling at the thought of telling her he looks on at as he continued to brush her hair. "Very well I'm going to tell you all about the man your Vater is. The good the bad my child and even the ugly. Just as he said that his third eye would open up.

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"You know what they say when your offspring enter your life it's for the better and even at times the worse. When you were born Acnologia disaster struck in four different places in our homeland hometown in a place called Wano. A volcano woked up a cyclone hit us not to mention a dreadful tidal wave. It's size so massive it covered the entire village." The young girl reacted in a shocking way and that was she started to smile. "Heaven must truly loved everyone right vater. How do you say Katastrophe für alle."[./color] Arcologia continued to brush her hair.

"No not entirely daughter because you see the thing is. Not one person was killed not even a single person got hurt. Your mother, on the other hand, well she is a whole different story altogether."
He began to smile as he kissed her forehead fixing up her hair again."Also, daughter, we cannot forget that dreadful blizzard."

[6 and a half years ago.]

The snow was raining down heavily it covered nearly every itch of vision in all three eyes. But it was not just the snow which would melt before it hit the ground. But also the ashes of a volcano nearby. Arcologia was only 18 years of age on that fateful day. His wife well she never spoke of her age. As nuns gathered around her she was in a state of panic. Madam Sharon was an elderly woman who was a priestess herself. She was ordering the other nuns on what to do. "Zenobia my dear girl soon the world will be in our hands and this land ours again. Understand I hope we shall crush in its birthright. The aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial by strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our very own country."

"AAAHHH!!!! quiet you old bat I have no time for your lectures about kingdoms. It hurts damn it get him out of me nowwwwww." Soon the ground began to shake as a earthquake came about. As the nun who was placing warm towels over the high priestess head fell over. The others would rush to keep her and the elder woman from falling over. " Of all the times for this to happen it pick now. Good grief I tell you and just where the hell is that boy.' Soon Zenobia would let out even a bigger scream as the nuns were by her side.

As he wobbles back and forth as the earthquake struck he was being tossed around. The loud noises of houses caving in was a sight to see. A miracle would have it that he remain unhurt throughout this event. As the large man in an all black robe would help him up off the ground. " We have to hurry the child of legend is soon to be here." Arcologia looks at the man then smiled. "Hey Deshawn did you know that prevention of birth is a precipitation of murder. I know after today after my son enters this world a lot of things are gonna change and change for the better. So I say to you lets enjoy life as it is now because come tomorrow we will have a whole new life."

Arcologia would start to run again as Deshawn looked on and followed him. Looking on he was nearly there as he was quickly reaching his home. He was in view of its large quarters as he stopped. His third eye would open as the heavy snow was beginning to let up. He was nerve wrecked couldn't really think right. Arcologia just knew the moment he enters that residents his life was going to change. " Hey Deshawn what has history told us of empires? I'll tell you history said eminence without honor, wealth without wisdom, power, and possessions without principle well then. You tell don't know, do you? The answer is reiterated in the overthrow of the mightiest empires of ancient times. Even our empire of the three eyes. Where are all the other great nations now? I'll tell you they teamed up to create an even greater nation known as the world government. But they will rue the day believe you me when I say that.'

Every step he took was like the longest one ever as everything around him was as if it was not there. The snow and ashes were mixed together as black mudlike water was on the ground. Arcologia would smile as he walked to the front door.  He took a deep breathe as he enters it.  

As he opens the door the winter like wind would rush in. As Madam Sharon looked on she quickly yelled at him "hurry boy and close the door." As he heard her he quickly did just that. As he smiled on he was walk over to Zenobia who was breastfeeding the newborn baby. He looks on smiling at the new life.

Soon 3 hours would have passed as Arcologia still did not go near his wife and child. He looks on as Zenobia looked at him. She began to laugh at him as Madam Sharon tells him well you have been standing there for three whole hours. Come and meet your newborn daughter." Madam Sharon simply touch Arcologia hand as she dragged him over to the duo. The nuns around look's at him smiling as he too was filled with glee.

Zenobia look's at him and he at her, "See what we can do if we work together. Now then just what on earth do you plan on naming her? I didn't give birth a male but it matters not. Females can trick people more easily." Arcologia would smile as he prepared to say her name.



As he finished up her hair he would put her veil back on. As she turns and looks at him with stars in her eyes. "Vater der Anfang meines neuen Lebens?"   He smiles at her kissing her forehead. "Yes my child your life began on that fateful day.  You know a lot happened after that as a lot. We had plans of well returning your mother to her queens status so I was told. However, there was more to that story as well.

Five years in the past:

One year has passed since Acnologia birth came upon them. Now was the time to move so Zenobia would think. However, the world government had other plans.

"Alright daughter you are one year of age now. So I'll start to prep you up for your role as future queen." Arcologia would pick her up to try to rick her to sleep, however. She was far from sleepy it was her big day after all. As everyone dear to the duo was there the party was just getting started. As gift was being open all directed to Acnologia. Soon Arcologia would get a call on his snail phone. A report saying to come outside.

He would soon make his way towards the door. Zenobia would follow him outside. Hugging him from the back,"oh where do you think you're going on such a day." He would quickly turn around to hug her back kissing her. "I've seemed to have forgotten Her gift must return to go get it." She looks at him then kissed him. "Ok hurry back we have to cut the cake." He smiled as he took off towards his timely meeting.

Walking throughout the dark of night. He would look up onto the stars. As he slowly but surely felt his time was short. Arcologia knew this day would come but hoped it would not be so soon. Clearly, he was sad if not heartbroken. As he stood by a giant oak tree he would take his cigar out and start to smoke it. Pulling his tarot cards as well. As he was trying to distract himself to make time go by. The wind would press against his body ever so gently as it blew by him. Soon a large woman would appear out of nowhere.

He looked at her she was at least six foot five as she was taller than the six-foot Arcologia. Looking on she was wearing a dark black rain leather coat, dark shades a rain hat to match and an umbrella. Her hair was blood red as she began to laugh at him. He would look on at her clearly pissed. "They say only the swan would willingly follow a duck. That means if you don't fit in at least try to blend in. How are you as of late my good friend?" He would give off a warm smile as he looks up at the stars again then back to her."To be honest, I been better a lot better Cleo. Tell me is it my time yet?"

She would look at him then rubbed his back in a caring manner. "Not yet it's not hatter but in a few more weeks maybe you will have to return. I'll mission would surely be done by then. Anyhow any updates on the Church Of Magnificent? Besides the fact that the head priestess birth your child." He would blow smoke as he looks at her smiling. "Yeah yeah yeah I know but so far nothing but we already know. I'm beginning to think that she is getting on to me. However other than that we still good "

She looks on as she pulled out a note and gave it to Arcologia. As he takes it he would go over it as he grins." Congrats to you I truly mean that."
He would look up at Cleo as he continued to talk.We do our jobs the best way we can and that's making sure the world government is safe. I knew a lot of other agents in your shoes who fell in love while undercover. However, we must live and learn with what we do. But for now, I need you to take care of this pirate she is worth fifty million so be careful she also has a sister in the marine however that goes. Anyway, I will see you soon we will be on the more soon my dear friend. Maybe your offspring could join us one day but until then prepare yourself the fleet will arrive soon."

He looks on at her as Cleo walked away soon out of his eyesight. Looking over thing Arcologia would drop everything and throw up. As he hit the tree with his fist. He would wipe off his mouth, "maybe Cleo just maybe." Arcnogia would soon head back home as he wonders what will happen next.

Present Time:

Acnologia would stand up as she turns to him. "Vater vater vater who was the person you was talking to? Was she someone suspicious? Vater was she how do you say gut oder böse?" She would ask home in a hyper way. As he looks on," she was a good woman who saved my life many times over. If only I could have done the same just one time." He said with a sad face trying not to remember what had happened after that. The fear of emotions he felt and he did not want to feel always went throughout his body as his hollows do now. Arcologia would bite his lips as he remembers the last time Cleo said to him.

Flashback time fame is 3 years in the past.

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As Acnologia could be heard crying her father would sit there in his own pile of blood. The church was set on fire as war cries could be heard. Church members bodies were laid out all over from up to down. As was the marine soldiers as he picked up his crying daughter he would soon run out of the room. From where his wife was fighting in. The smoke was getting into his lungs so he just knew his baby was in danger. As he ranked throughout the fire he saw dead bodies catch on fire. Some even were still alive. Acnologia was crying and crying and crying but then she went totally silent. Just as he made it out of the building church. The fire was spreading everywhere as he dropped down to his knees. Tears soon took hold of him as the carnage brought upon them.

Tears would fall from his eyes as he felt the pain of falling from his grace. Crying over the loss of his family and baby. As he holds her tightly he smoky repeated in a very apologetic voice. "I'm sorry Zenobia I'm so sorry Madam Sharon and I'm truly sorry Acnologia. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm so sorry everybody." Starting to drown in his on sorrow Arcologia a hand would touch his shoulders. He would look up and who he so was a shocker after what he just saw earlier.

Earlier in the day.....( still in the pass)

Arcologia would wake up as he sat up on the bed. Seeing Zenobia sleeping peacefully was always something to do. As he got up it was still four a.m in the morning. As Arcologia sat at his desk he began to write as if he was running out of time. His loud writing would soon wake his wife as she stares at him. She looks on clearing her throat. "Meine Liebe Come back to bedhee hasn't sun hasn't even woke up yet."

He looks continued to write at a fast pace as she repeatedly called his name. "Arcologia Arcologia I know you can hear me. So tell me this at least why do you always write like you running out of time. Arcologia would blow the paper as to get the unwanted pieces off. Looking at her he said," I'm writing to a dear friend of mines hopefully it makes it to her." She lightly smiles at him "her you say how you have friends I know nothing about? It matters not just hurry to bed." He looks on and smiles as he put up his letter then went off to bed.

As the sun came up the time was around noon passed one hour. Arcologia watched as the Crunch Of Magnificent ready themselves to strike back at the government. This plan involved killing a high noble as well as taking her family hostage. A high noble family who took claim to their nation as their own. All for the world government.

The meeting of the Crunch.

Zenobia walks in the crunch ad today was the day she was going to retake her crown. A crown in which a high noble name Yasmin Chrome laid waste to her family to obtain. Zenobia would walk around the large building remembering all the good times she had. This crunch was the last of her monarch and she refused to give it up. For the last thirty years, she has been planning on the downfall of her nation current false queen and her hell bringing family.

She would watch as the people slowly but surely went into the back as she looked on her husband wasn't around. As Arcologia wanted a playdate with their daughter so he said. But she didn't think twice on what he said and told him ok. As she made her way into the back room beyond the priest door. She would enter a meeting room where Madam Sharon was at. Along with high nun Lashawnna who just came back from the meeting with the high noble family.

As Zenobia sat down she would look at her. "Gald to see you back safe and sound. So tell us how did the meeting go my dear sister?" Zenobia would ask her in a prideful voice as Lashawnna replied. To be frank it was awful for some reason or more they were to nice. Clearly trying to soften me up. Talking about how they wish for us to get over this silly matter at hand. But little do they know we plan on getting more than over this so-called silly matter and take back what is ours."Madam Sharon looked on in a gut striking type way. "Silly you say they said no dear girl. Silly was how they came to our home our damn land befriended my son your father. Only to backstab us saying how we were small in the unheard nation. That no one in the world knew who we were. Dear girl, I tell you thank the heavens I was able to get you both out of there. Now then let's let the meeting began."

Zenobia looks at them both as she then set her eyes on a 3d model of her former castle. She looks over it only to see that great changes were made to it in her and her nakuma time away. Smiling as she looks on "tell me dear sister do they expect us to attack them on this day. After all, it is the anniversary of our parent's death and our home being taken from us." Lashawnna would smile as well "as if we will have what is ours soon." Zenobia looks on as they were counting their luck against the Chrome noble family might.



Zenobia smiled as she began to go over the plan with her most trusted three."The fact is we don't have much power nor soldiers to go at them in an all-out war. But we do have enough power and soldiers to storm the castle and lay waste to whoever is inside it and take the high noble family hostage. But our best option is to catch Yasmine out and about on one of her many shopping sprees. Once we take care of her guards and take her ass. This will give us time with the world government. They will heel my warning of me taking back the crown. Or Yasmin Chrome and her family will be history. All why that is happening our next stop will be the castle." Madam Sharon looks on at her " and what about your family? You're daughter and husband doesn't even know of your true origins. How will you let him know of this?" Zenobia would look up as she hears this looking somewhat sad but still happy. "The next time I see my family we all will be dinning in a victory celebration dinner. Until then let's go well have much to do."

The three would celebrate by clapping and cheering but Arcologia, on the other hand, overheard it all. Not only did he but so did Cleo. This was made possible by the snail phone he planted in that meeting room of theirs so long ago. Holding his daughter he just knew Cleo was going to move in on the group. Biting his bottom lip he was wondering what Alice was doing at this very moment. As Arcologia walked off heading toward his meet up location. As Cleo would be waiting for him there. Not too long of a walk but the duo of him and his daughter made it towards the hideout. Which was a normal shop which he would enter? A large man was standing by the cash register looking at him. He would then ask Arcologia the password of the day. To which he says "five in fire." The man looked on and let him through.

As he made it to where Cleo was she had a very sad look on her face. As he did as well by now Acnologia was fast asleep. As she walks over and plays with her sleeping hands. "A the emotions in you right now I can't bear to understand them. We both know what needs to be done." Arcologia would quickly cut her off "I understand but give me more time and I will-" She too would cut him off as well."Listen to me I've given you all the time we needed not what you needed. I sent you here because of the world government deem them too much of a threat. You were to get information on them and report back not form a goddamn bond. I'm sorry but now we must move in on them. It is about time you stop living as Arcologia and starting using your real name anyhow. The cover is up I will be sending in the marine to take them in."

She would look at Acnologia and smile a little. "Think of your daughter Loki she might make a find agent one day. I mean do you truly want her growing up in a war anyway dismiss." He looks at her clearly upset as he said in a defeated voice. "What about my team is it safe to call them I at least want to speak with Alice." Cleo looks at him clearly in an uneasy way. "About Alice well you better sit down it is best I tell you this then HQ." The look on his face was something else as she began to tell him. Something he did not want to know.

Present Day

As Arcologia began to wipe a tear from his right eye he would see too that Acnologia was crying as well. "Silly why are you crying? Trust me little one my hardship was not an easy price to pay. But when I did pay it it was worth it trust me." She sat down only to jump up screaming "NOOOOOOO!!! Vater no I don't it..get I just don't understand vater. Can you please tell me wo ist die Gerechtigkeit?" Arcologia would look at her as he patted her head. "Smile dear girl as justice was there depending on how you look for it. You see I could take down anyone now. However back then I was consider weaker than most. But I could hold my own using my mind. Like I do now. So I'll tell you what let us go to sleep now and I'll tell you the rest tomorrow"

Soon a knock would be heard at the door. Arcologia would look up as would Acnologia. The knocks became louder and louder as he starred at the door. Sitting his bottom lips as to just who was behind that door. "Loki come on out now I know your in there. If you don't come out I will be coming in and if that is the case then. Well, then my dear old friend es wird nicht gut für niemanden sein " His eyes would widen as his imagination started to light up. Just who this odd and strand person be. Not many people knew his real but lost name. But to speak in his native language which was all but forgotten. Arcologia would take his daughter as he began to hide her away. " Hurry girl do not speak a world do you understand me." As he hides her in the dark closet he would look to the door. The anger in his eyes as was the fear.



As he was hiding Aconolgia the away the unknown person would active their ken haki at the same time. Watching as he puts her in the closet. "My how much did he forget still foolish as ever I see and what do you know the baby girl has grown. She favors her mother all too much. I wonder if she could oh never mind." The strange person was talking themselves as Arcologia was walking towards the door. With her raspy voice, she truly put fear in our anti-hero. He would pull out his blade pointing it towards the door. Arcologia would smile as he then grins her way. "Let me be honest just who are you and how the hell you know my name?"

The strange woman began to laugh, "why don't you come on out and find out boy." Just then Arcologia would release his blade as it intended towards her through the door. Its speed was nothing to laugh at as the strange woman looked on at its attack coming her way. She would give a smile as she easily moves to the left. Effortly dodging it. Touching the blade part of the sword she would burst through the door. To the great shock of Arcologia. As he looks up the blade could not retreat back to its normal size. The old woman looks down at it as he was clearly shocked to see her. "You it can't be but you I saw you die just how the hell are you here now."

She began to laugh as her ten soldiers were still on standby. "What do you expect for me to just kill over. I rather kill her instead boy. His eyes grew with anger as he went in to strike her down. He would swing his blade with fast strikes but with no luck. To mock him she would grab hold of his blade again. Releasing it again so it quickly withdrew back into the hilt. He quickly began to lose his cool as he summons his hollows. She would look on and begin to laugh,"so this is your famous devil fruit Loki. Well, I'll be damned well anyway it's time we take our leave."

With rage in his eyes, body and would he would leap at her again. Her speed out matching his own but he is able to see her just not stop her attacks. However, he soon leaps at her again this time she stands right there as he tried to stab her. As the blade enters her she smiled next his four hollows would come about. As he would grab hold of her smiling as his hollow would then fly through her. Smiling as she took a direct hit from all four of his hollow. She would give off a high grin before lifting him up. She looked him right in the eyes then would throw him out of the shed. However before that, as she was picking him up he would be summoning his hollows again. A now stun Arcologua would be sent flying crashing out of the shed as he falls back first on the ground. The strange woman then would leap out of the shed throughout the rooftop breaking it. Standing thirty meters away from him she would smile at the young man laying down all but defeated.

Jumping up in the air gaining a boost from atop of the shed. She would be nearly fifty meters in the air as she actives her buso haki on her right foot. She was aiming for his head. Just as she was some twenty meters away he would send his bomb hollow at her. As she saw this but wasn't able to dodge it in time. The hollow would explode on contact with her. However, she was able to put her foot up toward the bomb impact nuking most of the damage. Arcologloia would then active his ken haki at the same time this would happen. with three ka-bomb hollow remaining and his negative hollow still going strong, he was ready.

As he looks on and somewhat hurt from being thrown out the shed. He began to mentally command his hollow to attack her at full force. However, she was too quick in her own right. As she zig and zags as not to get hit back the bombs. She looked on as she made two fly into each other. Leaving one still standing and it came at her at top speed. She would take her hand and made a high five sign soon. Her right would let out airwaves at the hollow destroying it all the whole the wind hollow would be swept away to a shock Arcoogia surprise. She would then drop down on him from the sky however he jumped out the way in the nick of time. Breathing heavily as he watched her. She began to smile at him "Arcologia or Loki which one is it tell me?" Arcologia looked on at her and gave a faded smile. "Not one nor the other both were made up as a cover. But you would know all about that now want you Madam Sharon."

She began to laugh a hard laugher as she looks at him. "We are more alike then you would like to admit. However, I do say you did take my punishment quite nicely. Seeing as he still standing most would be dead right now like Cleo." She began to laugh at him as he started to shake. With a black eye and busted up face he would yell. "BITCH DON'T YOU EVER DARE TO BRING UP MY TEACHER NANE UNDERSTAND MEEEE!!!" He would then rush her as he summoned his four hollows of the negative type.
She would look on with glee.



Madam Sharon states are alll 7 she is a member of a cp brunch ic and very skilled at what she do. Her name is known as the Puppet Master

Some events took place in other voyages such as my devil fruit arc and meeting the commodore and Doll Maker.
I been doing fast backs as well stick to the story as to not get lost and hope you all enjoy it.

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Madam Sharon all stats are 5 even besides her will and endurance which sits at 4.

Right left right left up down and around and around. His kicks and punches were of no use. Even added by his hollow who would go through her to and fore. He looks on not understanding why his hollow was not working on her. "Damn it all why isn't you being infected by now what you did you do?" She looks at him then quickly took on the took on the offensive of the fight. Punching him back five times as he jumped up he was no match for the old woman. He would cover her right fist in buso haki as she went in for the hit in him. He quickly active his to match hers as both their punches clashed with each other. Arcologoia looked on as he was struggling to keep up with her attacks.

She would then disappear right in front of him. As she went around to his backside. Punching him in the back then the sizes was all too much. As he was able to kick her back. A shadowy person was watching them fight. As this person would then turn into a snake a zoan devil fruit user none the less. As Arcologia was staying on guard the snake person was creeping up on him. As Madam Sharon kept messing with Arcologia head. "You say why isn't it working on me? The true question is why would it dear boy. I mean look at my life thus far it's all dark and gloomy is it not?"

Arcologia looks as he bags back pointing his fist at her. He was planning on using his big bang attack. That's when the snake zoan user would leap up and warp him highly and tightly. As he began to cough up blood his version would start to fade on him. He began to smile as he fades back to memories of long ago.

4 years in the past

Zenobia looks on in the crowd as Yasmin was waving to them. She looks as the noblewoman had two guards with her dressed in black suits. These two guards might pose a threat later on, however. She sees that they outnumber them ten to one. Smiling at this chain of events she would start to give the signal to start the operation to kidnap the noblewoman. Zenobia looks on as her loyal guard squad started to make their move. But Cleo was standing on top of the roof with a small unit of marine in close range of the noble. Soon Zenobia loyalist started to move throughout the crowd. Cleo knew she was planning to attack. However, she did not know when or how it will happen. But that was before a certain someone that was not Arcologia tip her off. With details that Zenobia loyalist was none other than the church itself and that the attackers were the nuns of the church. Cleo smiled as she was prepared to go to war if it means the current noble would stay in power.

Meanwhile, Arcologia was packing his things up. As Madam Sharon walked in and saw him. She looked on as he looks like he was in a hurry  panic of sort. "Oh my are you going somewhere so soon Arcologia?" He couldn't even look her in the eyes as he was too ashamed of himself. "Yes I will be leaving today sorry to say that." Madan Sharon looks at him  smiling yet giving off a weird vibe. As he picked up his bags he would try to leave. "So what about your family your wife and daughter? He looks on at her finally then gave a soft smile. He would then try to leave again but she put her hands on his shoulders."You know Arcologia I mean codename Loki right I hate being lied to."She would side chop him in the ribs as he tried to follow her but she ended up knocking him out. The pain was quick but all came crashing into him.

As he fell to his knees he could not help but wonder did she know all this time. Soon he would flow into a dark and endless dream. He really couldn't tell what was happening around him at this point.

As Madam Sharon looked down at him she would beginning to get teary eyed. With dry lips, she would lick her lips to add wetness. She would then pick up Arcologia and place him on his bed placing a kiss on his forehead. She would look up as bombs and gunfire could be heard this greatly surprised her."What in hell's name I did not give the order to attack at this very moment. Looks like I will be leaving early myself." Soon she would take her leave as the marine soldiers stormed the crunch grounds. The loyalist rally, as well as each side, was taking body counts. Madam Sharon looked on at such events as the sound of a small war was looming in. She quickly realized she needed to find Zenobia and Lashawnna.

Zenobia smiled as she looked up at Cleo who was clearly on the defense. Zenobia wataches as Cleo was moving around a speed that not even her husband Arcologia could follow well. However, Zenobia pretty much tracked her down to the tee. Her snake like senses was all she needed to take her down. As Zenobia looked Cleo would Active her haki just as Zenobia herself transformed into her full own white snake zoan. Cleo looked up as the two sides would engage in mortal combat.

Present Time

Arcologia was still struggling to get out from the snake graps. As the zoan user squeezed him tightly. Madam Sharon smiled at the sight of the defeated Arcologia as he was bloody up and pretty much down. He was flowing in and out of his mental state just still alive but barely breathing."Poor poor poor Loki you haven't a clue of what happened next that day do you? Hell, I not even I know for sure but my side of the tale as well. You see dear boy it was I who betrayed you all. Granted you were a spy but it was I who leaked that information to Cleo.But it was Cleo who order that attack and the fight between the two. I didn't see it at all. Just the ending, however, Lashawnna saw it all, however, Snake Eyes there decided to become mute."   Just then the zoan user would slam Arcologia into the ground. As he coughed up blood Madam Sharon would active her ken haki.Looking at him she could see his body badly beating to the point of broken bones and bruised organs

4 years ago

As Zenobia grabbed Cleo with her mouth she would slam her into the ground.A very clean victory for her. As she Cleo laid there Zenobia would return to her human form. Looking through the door Lashawnna smiled at seeing her sister win. Just as she was getting ready to walk through the hall door Madam Sharon would knock her out. Just as the door open Madam Sharon would be standing there with Lashawnna in hand. As the two stared at each other Zenobia saw her sister in her hands."What is the meaning of this? I demand you tell me at once?"Madam Sharon would only smile as her eyes turned red. The fight itself was an event that no one truly saw however it did start the small kingdom great fire. This fire was what took the lost kingdom off the map.

Arcologia finally opened his eyes just as the guards went into the shed. Looking around until they found Acnologia.Lifting the crying girl up,"Madam Sharon we have the other target." Madam Sharon looks on very pleased as Arcologia started to cave in. "Damn it tell me what is your end goal? Was killing my life mate not enough? Now you want to take away what I've been looking for since forever tell me why?" Madam Sharon would then stand on top of him laughing."Dear boy, rather killed princess Zenobia or not your betrayal would have done the trick. You was a sleeper agent after all and you still are. Once we return to Drum my plans will come to light. For now ill torture you day and night understand I'll break to rebuild my perfect monster. After all, I am the one who created you from the beginning." Soon Arcologia would release his big bang bomb a move he really never use. However, it did not blow up but instead caused Madam Sharon to jump back as its large size starred at them. He would begin to crawl towards his daughter.

4 years ago
Arcologia would wake up as he heard a baby crying not baby but his own. He would get up and began looking for her. As the black smoke filled the air and some in his lungs. He was moving best he can to get to her. Fanning the smoke out his face to make it to her room. He would active his ken for the first time unknowingly to him this aided him greatly. Looking around to see dead bodies in the hallway some even on fire. As he picks up the crying Acnologia he would look at the window. His only option at this point it was two stories high as he braced himself. Looking on as he jumped down as the fresh air hits him. He would try to stand but his leg was broken. But still, he started to crawl away from the burning crunch. As he made it past the fifty meter mark he sat up her looking at his baby. As tears were falling down his face he was breathing heavily."Damn it why just why am I so weak? No, I have to get her help now." the marine soldiers were starting to arrive however something was off. New orders were in to end
Zenobia bloodline. However, Arcologia was not for that as they came the three soldiers said nothing as they pointed their guns. Arcologia would stand up on his broken leg best he could.

Cleo was behind a nearby tree as she took out a small tube. Getting ready to use it herself until she heard gunshots.
"Madam we have the target in sight.._.It is a baby are...are you sure understood Madam." Arcologia looked helpless as shots rained in at them. "Awwwwwww!" Tried as he might as he was hit a few times rolling over. The three soldiers was getting ready to end him just then Cleo came and quickly took them out. As Arcologia looked at his baby he would crawl to her. Holding her tightly as he believed to have lost her. Cleo would touch his shoulders as he looked up beaten. She smiles at him as she slowly takes out a small tube. She would grab Acnologia from him and would put the strange water over her. Healing the baby. As he looked on she poured the water on him as well as he healed
. "No this is no new drug but tears Loki They come from a thing called a devil fruit it gives its user such power. If you ever found one what do you think your power might be. You are smart as can be and one hell of an actor. You been through a lot you know such a brave heart. But you need to get stronger a lot stronger and live no matter what. Leave this place at once Yasmine and the world government is no weaklings this you know. You might be wanted however still live and get away now go."

He could not even say nothing as he was a lot for words. Soon he took his daughter and made off with her. Cleo looked on and smiled as she fell down dead from her wounds. The government would go on to believe it was Arcologia who help Zenobia to do such feats. As the fire started to spread it quickly became unstoppable as it laid waste to the small kingdom. Yasmine, on the other hand, was taking away for safety.

3 years ago
Arcologia has joined a traveling freak show act donning his jester gear. He would remain here until they landed at Drum.

2 years ago
Arcologia was running away from the marine commodore as her half bear form roared. He was taking in by an old man the Doll Maker at the time Drum king most infamous serial killer. Learning how to turn people into human dolls. Slowly but surely he became good at it. The Doll Maker would die a year later as Arcologia terrorized the kingdom. He became far worse than the original Doll, Maker racking up a body count of over 150 women nationwide. But what made this Doll Maker so scary was he did not try to hide or run away Arcologia would simply kill for the thrill. But enough was enough as an unlucky run in with a certain warlord would cease his killing spree. Both from Drum yet not the same kingdoms.

Present Day

Arcologia would look on as he continued to crawl to his crying daughter."Your vater coming baby just hold on." Madam Sharon would then walk up to Arcologia as she took a sword from the marine soldier and then stabbed Arcologia in the back. As he fades to black she looks up to see Acnologia crying. Leaving behind a bloody trail " very good all now then Lashawnna call HQ let them know Arcologia is now dead. He killed the soldiers we brought with us but he could be dead." Soon the snake zoan would turn to human again as it is revealed she is Lashawnna. The two would lay waste to the ten soldiers with them as Acnologia would run to her defeated father. Madam Sharon would look at her "Fear not child he is not dead but indeed will be reborn just like my friend. I Madam Sharon Franklin will do what the dame government is too afraid to do."Acnologia Acnologia looks at them both as her eyes were filled with hate.

Back to Drum, the group would head now with Arcologia presumed dead to the world. Madam Sharon looks on as she planned to recreate cipher pol five was now in effect. But she had something more in mind.

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