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1 Improving your craft part 1: Bonded Blades on Wed Oct 10, 2018 6:18 am


Voyage Name: Learning your craft part 1: Bonded Blades
Location: Jordsand
Participant(s): Solo
Description: Mashyuu stays aboard the Skycleaver and works tirelessly to make a pair of swords forged using Skypiean Steel and the bones of a dead animal that once nearly killed him in order to grant the swords to two different swordsmen who have earned Mashyuu's respect and he feels would bring honor to his blades and their names.
Enemies: Wild Beast
Goal: To craft two blades to be given to two different swordsmen worthy of their name and eventual power.

Winged Menace


Rather simple voyage owo, approved



Winged Menace


Hey there so let's get straight too it, you made a very enjoyable read from beginning to end, you went and faced a beast that had given you trouble's in the past, although the fight was well written you handled the beast with ease but that was not the original intent so no problems their, most of this thread was dedicated to the craft of your two blade's, the amount of detail you put into making each weapon was what made it really shine as crafting voyage so well done.

Beli: 18,000,000M

Bounty: 0 (Nothing against WG was done)

Prestige: 0 (Didn't do anything outstanding)

Doriki: 0 (You fought but it was against something that didn't stand a chance.)

Crafting Points: 25 (For me the crafting part was really well written and you clearly put your heart into it)

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