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1Incoming Storm: Part III Empty Incoming Storm: Part III on Sun Oct 07, 2018 6:45 am



From the window placed in the center of the room droplets of sunlight began to break through giving life to an utterly darkened room beside's a single cloak with red lights, within the darkness a single female shot halfway up with her eye's opened as one of the rays of light hit her face, she slowly turned her head to look at her clock that read 6:50 a.m and she groaned as she threw her head back annoyed as this was the time she usually woke up to start her day, but today for the first time in a long time, she was forced to be off duty.

It seems that habits picked up after a long time of setting them into you're daily routine had no concept of "taking the day off", as she was now she already knew there was no way she could just go back to sleep so instead she opted to start her usual routine with the first task is getting something to eat, she swung her legs over her bed and planted them on the ground and then stood up and reached above her head where a cord was hanging and she gave it a quick tug that turned on her bedroom light illuminating her room.

Other then her closet with her clothing she didn't have any personal possessions, she did have a desk to the left of her bed but it wasn't her's it came with the room and although she had lived in it for an odd three years now it still didn't feel like it was her home, the main reason was that due to her heritage as a fishmen she was always alienated even by her superiors who let her stay there with no other home, one could say she was just waiting to be kicked out or for them to find even the simplest reasons to make her leave that made her not want to call it her home, she had already lost one to circumstances beyond her control and she was not about to let someone take another.  

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2Incoming Storm: Part III Empty Re: Incoming Storm: Part III on Sun Oct 07, 2018 11:00 am


Fiora took a moment to stretch herself as being in the same position for a couple of hours as she slept made her stiff, once she was done she walked over to her closet and started looking at a bunch of clothing she had gathered up over the years, she had a vast variety of clothing but she found that her more feminine outfit's made her stand out in the crowd and maybe perhaps if she was human she would be admired, but as a fishmen standing out just gained her odd looks and snickers as what she was sure we're comments of why she was trying to human.

So to this end, most of her clothing we're designed for small males as they covered her body the most and let her blend into the crowd more easier then if she was trying to look cute, for today's outfit she decided to pick a plain black t-shirt  over it was a small open red jacket that had two yellow stars on it's left side with one being bigger then the other below it, for pant's she put on baiged khaki's that had been shortened to stop just below her kneecaps and she placed one black muscle compresser on each leg as the tight feeling made it feel like someone was hugging her which was a nice feeling she did not get the luxary of at all, to finish her outfit she wrapped around a white sash that fuctioned as a belt aroud her waist and tightened it so it doesn't fall off, she then put on a watch on her left hand and then put on black sneakers that we're white in the center with red laces, much like her shirt it had a yellow star except it was located on the flap of both shoes.  


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3Incoming Storm: Part III Empty Re: Incoming Storm: Part III on Sun Oct 07, 2018 5:06 pm


Now fully dressed she walked from her bedroom to the small kitchen that was provided with the living quarters, when she opened the fridge it was mostly empty besides water and a few snacks, Fiora had been so busy her food provisions had run extremely low without her really noticing, it meant one thing and that was it was time to go shopping, a concept in which Fiora didn't like as it meant more exposure to the very people who scorned her and her kinds presence.  Either way Fiora made her way to the door and opened it and closed it back up, she didn't bother locking it as her living quarters were quite literally run by the World Government and no petty thief is willing to take the risk and no famous figure is willing to go through the trouble for a few things, there was the chance that her own comrades might rob her but it would be a wasted effort as the only thing worth stealing would be her clothes, stealing the bed or desk meant stealing from the World government and that would be a far more dangerous task then article's of clothing.

Fiora started making her descent down the stairs, as she did so a male marine that appeared to be off duty was walking up surely to go to his home, they didn't share a hello or even a gaze which Fiora had all but grown accustomed too, just as they got close Fiora stuck close to the right of the stair's but even after doing so the male marine roughly passed her shoulder despite the room she gave for him to pass as he whispered the word, "freak".

4Incoming Storm: Part III Empty Re: Incoming Storm: Part III on Sun Oct 07, 2018 5:07 pm


Out of all the words Fiora had been called over the year's she considered freak to be the least bothersome in fact she may even say it's somewhat of a kindness, to her it meant the acknowledge of being human but at the same time different than the rest, it wasn't much but with little to no friends she hung on to anything that might boost her morale even if it wasn't exactly what was meant.

With the slightly unpleasant yet boosting moment out of the way Fiora began making her way to the closest store to stock up on food supplies, despite her best attempts to dress as discreetly as she could just the unnatural color of her skin brought attention to her and she found herself walking while others actively moved out of the way as if she was toxic, but of all the things they did it was this Fiora didn't mind so much as having to make your way through a large crowd was bothersome no matter who you were or what species.

When she made it into the store she picked up a variety of vegetable's and fruit as well as meat, but it wasn't until she got into the fish section where the whispers and looks started to intensify, it was funny to hear how they scorned her and thought of her a cannibal for eating her kind but the reality was that Fishmen we're warm-blooded making them mammals that just so happened to take on fish like properties in their DNA unlike  humans. Fiora decided to block out the whispers and picked up some fresh salmon, sushi rice, rice vinegar, seaweed sheets, soy sauce, pickled ginger, and a small amount of wasabi as today was the day Fiora was going to spoil herself with some good food, she worked hard enough during the past months.

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