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1 A Dream on Sun Oct 07, 2018 6:24 am

Jui$y Crow


Voyage Name:Last Words?
Location:Lulusia Kingdom  
Description: Oceanus is spending most of his time trying to decide what to do when he get out of jail. Using this time to think is all he really have left. Upon deciding he decide to rest, and fall into nightmare of dream where he back at Nanohana  trying to defend his home. From school of Fighting Fish {4}, and 1 Boss Fighting Fish
Goal: Decide what path he will take, and defeat as many of the fighting fish he can
Fight Fish :

S&P - E&D - S&A - S&W - P
Attributes: 4 - 3 - 4 - 3 - 3

Boss Fighting Fish :

S&P - E&D - S&A - S&W - P
Attributes: 6 - 5 - 6 - 6 - 6

2 Re: A Dream on Sun Oct 07, 2018 6:48 am

Winged Menace


I think this would be better described as a Topic evaluation as it has no real plot other then a dream, but either way your good to go~

3 Re: A Dream on Sun Oct 07, 2018 7:13 pm

Jui$y Crow


please grade

4 Re: A Dream on Wed Oct 10, 2018 10:35 am

Aku Soku Zan


Honestly, with the setting being within your dream and nothing actually happening or impacting the real world you should've made this a normal topic. In the end I WISH you would've reflected on your dream and did something more instead of just ending it when you awoke.

I will be demoting this topic from a Voyage to a normal topic. The second mod can decide to grade it as a voyage if they want.

@Kaito @Devroux @Lady Sofia

5 Re: A Dream on Thu Oct 11, 2018 11:30 am

Jui$y Crow


@Kaito @Devroux @Lady Sofia
and or whomever else

6 Re: A Dream on Thu Oct 11, 2018 3:30 pm

Winged Menace


So a super sort thread, but the quality was below what I expect for a man of your bounty even if it was designed for the latest AC check, there were about 8+ spelling errors in every post you made besides the last two that still contained some but not as much. As for the actual fighting you took three hits at the Power of 4 with Endurance level of 5 and your reaction was that "The damage was minor" and took them out like they were kids and you were a pro wrestler, and then got completely rekted by the boss where it took both of you're legs and you started falling to the bottom while bleeding out. Luckily the last part won't be true as it was only just a dream but as for the thread itself, the only thing I can actually award you with is a small amount of Beli.

5,000,000M Beli

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