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Gran Voyage Type:Story- Character
Gran Voyage Name:The Chronicles.Of Arcologia: The Nun The Priestess And The Hollow
Gran Voyage Location:Drum and Joursand
Level: 1
Gran Voyage Description: Arcologia is now with his daughter as she followed him to Joursand. However she is being hunted down by a Cp-3 member. It is up to Arcologia to protect her even if it means making the government his enemy again.

Act-1 Arclogia will now have contact with his daugther as they bond. A visitors comes in contact with them.

Act-2 Now with her father and on the run the duo will make their last stand if need be.

Act-3 After explaining to her just who he is and how she came to be. A old friend turn new enemy will make themselves known.

POW will switch between the npc and pc

(Flashback and present day.)
NPCing: No( unless Melly rp her small end screen if not I will cut it out )

Foes and Allies Alike
Zenobia Amanda Kugler - High priestess. Wife and mother of the duo
All stats come in at 5
She is skillful with three types of haki along with a zoan devil fruit type white snake anaconda

Captain shiikima Hellstorm ( escaped her years back before she became a rear admiral story based NPC rank)
All beginning stats enter at 1( end starts now are 4 while willpower is 5) Cabe bear down type

Various groups will enter the Faye stats will various.

A Cp agent will make an appearance end game
Stats well above current Arcologia.

Melly ( not really a foe however she will be mentioned here and there. )

The Doll Maker ( will pass the touch to Arcologia)

Each person enter his life at one point or another greatly changing it.

Goal:  To gain a npc.. Tell his life thus far... Enter into an unknown group again.

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Ready for the yes

Winged Menace


Winged Menace
I get the goal but it's rather jumbled up, make it clearer, please.



Flushed it out more



It's ready

@Winged and co

Aku Soku Zan


Aku Soku Zan
I understand that you work under the Warlord. But, keep in mind that making yourself an enemy of the World Government won't allow you to be pardoned. So go forth.




New goal not only to gain an NPC but to join cp5. I had made the changes needed. Also once I get the ok to join I will continue to operate as a cp agent. Also if ts up there I'll like to bump this up to gv lvl 2

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So, this was one of your better written aspects. Nicely done, it made more sense than the others and was indeed a good story in most. Some parts were shaky and a little strange. The main thing that I'm saying is your access to Cipher Pol has been denied, Cipher pol is a very secret organization and you don't just get in this way, not to mention its a designated World Government aspect so doing so will require World Government permission. Even Pirates would struggle to get in and that's if they had proven reform and remorse. So that aspect has been denied. My only issue is your characters personality changes much more frequently, to the point where hes had over five different personas and that is not one of your characters given traits. You need to start flowing with a persona more and not just changing to fit with your current craze.

In terms of rewards.

50,00,000 beli
1 Doriki
1 Prestige
0 Bounty.

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