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1 No Breaks | Voyage on Wed Oct 03, 2018 2:50 pm



Voyage Name: No Breaks
Voyage Location: Momoiro
Participants: Solo

After the battle with Luke over who would be Earl, things finally began to get better. Now that Kahseh is Earl of Uketekah all he has to do is get stronger. Before his journey to power he needed a break from all the negativity around him. After sending Barute and a few others back home to inform the village of K's return, his and his small army of warriors go back to the towns with the innocent women and children that were enslaved by Luke. He made a promise to someone and his idea was to keep it. Later, Kahseh decides that him and his people will rest in the town of Okara for a day of relaxation but he soon discovers that Luke wasn't his only enemy. Kah gets a blast from the past when he finds himself to be a target for the Thunder Dyke pirates. Being chased through the streets of Okara and unable to find his men, Kahseh realizes that it was a mistake to separate. Nevertheless, he has to find a way to beat these dykes before they kill him...or worse. Things get out of hand when he finds that not only are the thunder dykes chasing him down, Marine officers are working with them too. What's even crazier is that the young Lord ends up discovering something new about himself.


  • 10 Thunder Dyke Grunts: 0| 2 | 1 | 2 | 0
  • 10 Marine Grunts: 1 | 1 | 2 | 1 | 0


  • Marine Captain

Name: Captain Gin
Stats: 3 | 2 | 2 | 1 | 1
Description: Captain Gin is a 50 year old weirdo who is a little too excited about capturing Kahseh. He is a user of the Rokushiki fighting style. He obviously has a few screws loose which is rumored to be the reason he could never climb the marine ranks. Although old he is in pretty good shape.


  • Thunder Dyke Captain

Name: Myra Richards
Stats: 3 | 2 | 2 | 2 | 2
Description: Myra is the captain of the Thunder Dyke pirates. She is 18 but is a force to b reckoned with. She has the ability to use a skillset that allows her to manipulate her bones outside of her body while instantaneously regenerating more. They don't call her the "Eternal Bone" for no reason. She's a tough little brat, loud and confident, but also a major hothead.

Goal: Escaping from the enemies |or| Killing all enemies

2 Re: No Breaks | Voyage on Tue Oct 09, 2018 5:07 pm

Winged Menace


Winged Menace
Tough enemies all around, how will Kahn do it?! You can tell me after you're finished because this baby is approved~!

3 Re: No Breaks | Voyage on Sat Oct 13, 2018 9:03 pm




Finished. I also red after I made the voyage that you could earn dials in voyages so here I am taking a shot at the fire dial that I found and used in my voyage to get out of there alive. pls gimme it.

4 Re: No Breaks | Voyage on Sun Oct 14, 2018 5:59 pm



Summary: Well boy-o, you done did it now. Congratulations, you're no longer Vagabond, after this voyage, you'll be officially stamped as a Viking Pirate Captain Leader. I truly enjoyed the story telling, the reveal about your bird eating humans and Kah's overall conflict/clutch victory.

Bounty: 10,000,000 - Status Changed to Pirate Dead or Alive for the murder of a marine.
Prestige: 2
Doriki: 1
Beli: 25,000,000
Heat Dial: Since Fire Dials can only be obtained from Skypiea, as per the dial system, I'm going award you a Heat Dial instead.

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