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1Awakening the third eye....( Topic) Empty Awakening the third eye....( Topic) on Thu Sep 27, 2018 7:13 pm



To understand one soul self is to understand one higher self. There is more than one way to view the world. Rather it is in an ugly way maybe even a beautiful way. Either way one must always view the world, not with his or her eyes but there mind. Not even there good ole heart, however, the mind eye. Which is universally known as the third eye.

Arcologia having already unlocked his buso haki was still at a lost. After watching for months on how people around him became so good with haki he too began to long for such a thing. He nearly unlocked his haki of the ken origins however he was stopped. Not forcefully but more or so not intentionally either.

As he sat down under the tree he began to meditate. Trying his best to soul search. But try as he might he just could not do it in the nick of time he was hoping for. Remembering what someone said of how one can obtain Haki. One must force be under extreme stress, in fact, a lot of people have unlocked their haki. But does not have a clue that they did.

Going through what he went through he should have unlocked it by now. Still, it was not working. It was said ken give you the power to see what most can not and with his third eye, he was pretty much on top of that. But to be blunt to see things a normal viewing eye could not. He began to move his hands in fingers in a strange way as if he was signing out things.

This was, in fact, a way one uses to calm themselves into deep meditation. Soon enough Arcologia would be in deep trends as he began to fully understand his third eye.

2Awakening the third eye....( Topic) Empty Re: Awakening the third eye....( Topic) on Tue Oct 09, 2018 10:38 pm



As he zooms throughout the city he would take a long stare at the night sky as it would appear pitch black. However, seeing the stars and the moonlight it was an incredible experience. As he goes faster and faster he would stop upon making it to the forest entrance. The dark wood trees lit up in the night light making it seems as if the tree color was dark blue. Again Arcologia would watch this as the trees began to dance.

Arcologia began to walk in the forest as he began to see beast native to his homeland. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until he saw a polar bear. Strange because it was not a snowy landscape so what in the world was a polar bear doing here. It would stand to it's high legs looking to be about seven feet a female at that and quite skinny at the moment. This could only mean one thing and that is it has not eaten in the last few weeks. So by the look of it, Arcologia was her next meal.

However, he would quickly try to summon his hollow only to realize his hollow would not come to his aid. "Ok this is extremely odd why can't I call upon my hollow in their master time of need? Best I pace myself but still what in the hell is happening here?"
Soon the polar bear would run towards him at full speed as Arcologia paced himself for impact. As he looks on at the charging best it would appear to fade in and out of sight.

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