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1Chapter 13: Set Fire To The World Empty Chapter 13: Set Fire To The World on Thu Sep 27, 2018 7:11 pm



The sun was beaming such a hellish light down upon the vast jungle life that was Joursand. Wildlife was striving here without a second thought. Despite human and other beings being here, it was rather peaceful. However as of late this foolish war that was waged here truly left its mark over the poor valley. Arcologia would always think of such things as man made their way throughout this land. So did the tech and other I'll fate things as well.

The three factions were just now leaving thus land as they all came for whatever it was they came for. Sadly Arcologia was still roaming these vast plains for one reason or another. As he sat under an apple tree with its delicious red fruit all but gone thanks to him. As he took his knife and was crafting what appears to be a thin needle made out of the wood.

Laying right next to him was three dismember snail phones.and one fully working one. As he sat there the working snail phone would pick up a call now and then. However, he would not pay very much attention to it. However, such a phone call would come through which caught his ever divided attention.

'Leon come in Leon are you all ok? Back up is nearly there. Lt Leon, can you hear me?" As Arcologia was crafting the wooded needles he would stop look down and smile at the incoming call. He would then look up at the sky putting his hand over his forehead to look at the sun. "Leon was a Lt I see well what a shame." He would tilt his head right as he thought to himself, "Ummm which one was him again?"

Not truly caring for the incoming call Arcologia would smile as not even half a mile away a small rebel base was in chaos. True Arcologia just happens to walk through there. But it wasn't like he wanted too. He was simply looking for more material to horn his latest creation. Had they just let him be the rebel base would still be.

Looking on Arcologia would stand up as he heard a group of rebels fast approaching. He looks to the sky yet again as he yawned out if boredom. He would begin to pick up his wood needles. Looking at the snail phones he would bend down to pick up one. As he began to put the needles in them. The poor creature would start to shake somewhat.

He would then put it down and picked up the other two doing the same. Looking on as he set them down where they would start to move. The motion in them was small but sturdy as he looked on picking up the last one. He looks at it as it began to ring. *Beep beep beep still he would only look at it.

However, viewing the snail phones on the ground he notices that they had stopped. Only to begin moving again. "How crazy the needle wood in the snail phone is causing the electric wires to bug out." Thinking to himself as he continued to watch the snail phone. Only to atop as the rebels grew closer towards him.

"Oh my best I keep it moving I'm already in enough trouble oh geez." As he looks on he began to run trying to distance himself from them. Looking on he would stop some minutes later as he looks at a tree. He would put his hands on it and began to walk around it smiling. As the rebels got closer to him in quick fashion.

They would stop as they watch him as he was walking around the tree. A large group of no more than thirty lead by a Lt Kara Gene. How this was not a girl but a man with a girl name. He stood ten feet tall as he towered over the rest of his fellow rebels. With his face expression, he was clearly pissed at Arcologia. "So that's the so called famous Doll Maker. It's bout time I introduce myself."

2Chapter 13: Set Fire To The World Empty Re: Chapter 13: Set Fire To The World on Mon Oct 01, 2018 7:58 pm



As the Lt and his rebel squad make their way to a busy looking Arcologia. However, the Doll Maker seems to be rather busy. As he continued to walk around the tree he would stop to view the incoming group only to keep checking out the jungle tree. The tall me would look at him well mainly down as he made his way toward Arcologia. Cracking his knuckles as if he was preparing to fight him. Arcologia would stop as he was looking at the tree's front side now.

Smiling as the large man stepped forward towards him. Anger in his eyes as he yelled at Arcologia. "You got quite the rep dip shit. But I need you to come with us you gotta answer for a lot of shit boy." Arcologia looks at him before his eyes would look at the snail phone. Smiling as his head would rise up towards the ten feet tall man. "As my grandmama used to say das leben ist wunderschoen  wouldn't you agree." Arcologia looks up at the tall man with his eye closing to the point you would think he has his eyes closed.

The tall man had pale skin and short red hair he had a very muscle-bound body type. Cracking his neck from left to right he walked every so closed to the Doll Maker. Wearing a dark green robe a classic rebel attire."Did you just speak an unknown language? I believe only a hand few of people can understand parts of it yet to fully speak it. Anyway, you need to answer for your crimes. So will you be coming my way or the hard way and oh yeah, either way, something breaking on you." Arcologia would glare at the man's forehead has it was rather large. Smiling as he would raise his right hand. His own shinobi attire robe sleeve would not go down. As one would make out to believe.

"I understand that you rebels are in a state of emergency as am I. You see this tree here have very fine cells in it. I must come up with a way to extract them without hurting nor killing them. You see this is very crucial to my latest project. But on the regards of why you all are here, I swear I had nothing to do with anything." He said with a rather dashing smile this new outlook on life really have Arcologia second guessing things. However, in the last five days, a total of eight small rebel bases were wrecked one way or another and giving the fact of what Arcologia did to gain his new found weapon. Was something of total mishaps as he looks Kara was clearly pissed at him.

"Even so if you just walked on the scene we traced one of our snail phones right to you, in fact, it was four of them. But all the signals keep fading in and out. I don't know just who do you think you fooling but I am in line to get promoted. You see I've defeated a rear admiral not too long ago. So you best watch yourself and don't think we forgot all about that little encounter you had with-." He would pause for a second As his talking clearly put Arcologia in a state of boredom as Arcologia began walking around the tree again. This was truly not a good look for Kara as he would soon follow Arcologia.

Screaming at the top of his lungs telling the Doll Maker to put up his hands. As Arcologia and Kara started to walk from behind the tree Arcologia would give off a rather small smile. As he was now captured by the rebels he was indeed in for one hell of a hay day. As Kara pulled out his snail phone he would alert his higher up's of his achievement in catching Arcologia. Arcologia was walking in the middle of the group as the sun was starting to go down. He would look to the sky as the sunset was truly something to behold.

3Chapter 13: Set Fire To The World Empty Re: Chapter 13: Set Fire To The World on Thu Oct 04, 2018 8:31 am



The walk was such a drag as he would drag along with the rebel group. Despite his earlier remarks he truly had nothing to do with what happened to the other rebel bases. As he walked he was indeed in chains however they were not seastone made and given his current strength he was more than able to break them. However, Arcoligia needed more supplies for his latest creation. The moon now was sky high as the stars lit up the night. Looking over to see Kara as he was on his snail phone he gave the order for the troops to rest a moment.

As Arcologia was told to sit on the bare ground everyone would watch him closely well mostly everyone. Arcologia smiled as he knew this was his best way to grab what he needed indeed. He would turn himself towards Kara who was walking off talking on his snail phone. By the looks of his facial expression and tone in his voice, it seemed he was discussing something very serious.

The night sky was a perfect cover up for his butterflies to go to work. Seeing as they are pitch black, unlike his other hollows. Arcologia would hold his hands down from behind his back. Summoning his hollow butterflies to take route in following Kara. He made sure they would separate from each other not to give away their locations easily. As Kara walked around he would go quite far from the rest of the group. Not even paying attention to the distance he had traveled so far as he sat down on a large rock and started to talk.

"What is the meaning of this me and my patrol are headed back now." By now the hollow butterflies as made their way into his area after following him. Their ability to spy on people from afar is an extremely useful one. This will indeed give him the edge in what he plans to do next. As the other voice on the other end began to talk. Arcologia would witness it all. "As you should be but believe me you are being given a new mission that must be done at once. That mission being we need you and your patrol to take care of a small marine bade not far from there. They have the medical and weapon supply we need at the moment understand?" Kara smiled as he replied with glee in his voice. Say less ill do that right away. To bring in Arcologia and take care of government soldiers what a perfect day this is."

Hanging up the snail phone Arcologia just knew more trouble was around the corner. As he opened his eyes he was in a bit of trouble himself. But the true question is what to do. With the Frost Witch missing in action was he truly saved. Was he truly still under their protection or not. But enough was enough Drum awaited him and he could not wait any longer. Getting on the marine good side would bring him that much closer to Drum again.

He would open his eyes as he smiled and stood up. Looking all around him to see he was indeed outnumbered but they were outmatched. As he stood up he would catch the eyes of a few of the rebels. Breaking the chains as he thought of a happy place. Looking around him he would open his closed eyes as he quickly pulled out his weapon of choice. Although it appears as a dagger it was far from a regular one. "If you value your lives you will retreat but if you don't then you all die.

Some looked worried at this as Arcologia pulled the dagger close to his chest yet still pointing at them. Rumors of what he could do were something to behold. "Let's just relax here, " One rebel said as others began to join in. "Yeah, the guy we gave you a break in this how you repay us. Have it your way it's your grave damn it." Arcologia would smile as he launched at them Time to end the diesel in distress and play hero.

4Chapter 13: Set Fire To The World Empty Re: Chapter 13: Set Fire To The World on Sat Oct 06, 2018 4:35 pm



"Alright bad boy, time we teach you some manners" a large guy about seven feet. Walked up to him, Arcologia would give off a slight smile as the larger man balled up his hand giving off a mighty punch. The impact of the punch sounded as if thunder had struck. As a large thump sound came about as Arcologia hit the ground. Cheers began to roar as the large man looked at his right hand. He then looked at Arcologia as he walked backward.

"FUCK YEAH!!!!!" one guy screamed as the large man began to walk away. Looking super confused at what just happened as Arcologia began to get up. Pulling out the snail phone to view it to see if it got damaged in any way. All seemed well as he held on to his blade. "Well well well it seems someone is in a bad mood this day. But I am glad you got that out because anger could clout your mind. Anyway, I'll be taking a rest now and if anyone needs me ill to be in my prison tent." Arcologia said as he walked off.

The large man now behind a tree was holding his right hand. As if he was in pain. looking at his hand it appeared he broken three of his five fingers. Thinking back to the moment he launched at Arcologia with a fast fashion. However just as he was about to punch him Arcologia moved to the side smiled and waved at him only to move back in place. His speed clearly overpowering their own had the large guy shaking in fear.

"What is that guy is he even human? I swear thank God he let me go. Because if not it was a good chance I'll be dead right now." Just then he began to hear screaming as the other rebels were fearing for their lives. "What the hell is going on?" The large man would look over to see Arcologia swinging his blade. As multiple rebels drop one by on with quick cuts he saw Arcologia looking around in days. "That bastard I'll kill him how dare he." Soon he would run out in the opening charging at Arcologia as the Doll Maker turned to him. "No you fool stay away if you value your life-" Just as he said that the tall man was struck down. As a shadowy figure would soon take their leave.

As he looked around it was a bloody mess but for it to happen in mere moments was something else. Something in its own league this greatly shocked Arcologia whom truly did try to stop it. However, he had to guard himself against the attacks something which proves very difficult. He looks on as the large man was laying on the ground bloody after such a quick defeat. He looks on as he would sit next to him. Arcologia would pull out a cigar as he began to light it up to smoke. Blowing the good leaf he looks down at the rebels.

"Are all you rebels this stupid or foolishly brave.?" he looked down at the man who could barely speak. Now taking out the snail phone he would begin to tweak it trying to improve its data range. Just as Kara appeared in utter horror of what he is seeing.

"WHAT THE FUUUCCCKKK!!!" The pain in his voice was crazy sad.

5Chapter 13: Set Fire To The World Empty Re: Chapter 13: Set Fire To The World on Sun Oct 07, 2018 6:45 pm



The world around him appeared like hell on Earth; the grass no longer showing due to the torrential rain,  death and gun shells attacking it through the day and night. Clouds closing in on him, threatening to suffocate him in their glum, grey state. Singing oudly seemed to be the only aspect of comfort, filling the painful silence of the deserted war zone. As the song progressed, his voice gradually began to sound more pained, desperate and rapidly filled with fear. All the nerved in his body begged and pleaded for him to stop. Mercy no longer an option. Even as the relief started to replace his ever-growing anxiety, his voice relentlessly rose, filling the thick atmosphere. Dirt, soil, and soot began to mock him, slowly climbing higher and higher up his boots as he fought with all his might to stay out of it's clutches. Feeling his voice start to quiver from the overwhelming fear, he hoped for any kind of escape from this conscious nightmare, anything that would take him back to the life he once knew. His wish was soon granted, the only thing silencing him from his own comfort, being a single, deafening crack. The echo filling the deserted, disaster. He could feel death swallowing him whole, taking him to his final place of peace.

As not one but four hollows would enter and leave his body. His willpower was weakening beyond what he could withstand as Kara saw his dead teammates was a total shocker to him. Arcologia took this as a chance to strike him down. Needless to say, his devil fruit is hex in itself. If anyone was to get hit they would fall prey to depression in a negative powerful way. This is without a doubt a very powerful move of it's on. As blood would drip down from his side area mostly by the kidney Arcologia would come closer to a fading and dying Kara. "You may hate the war, but never hate the ones that fight. For they do not choose when or where to fight. All they chose was to protect who they love and even the people they don't know. Besides, you were planning on taking out a marine base. I too plan on going things. But I had nothing to do with this."

Slowly he would lay Kara down as the ten foot tall man would die. He would then close his eyes as that was the human thing to do.

as he looked around Arcologia would begin to gather the bodies of the rebels. One by one he would plant them next to each other and a laid down prayer style. This would take him at least two hours as he made sure to put them in a cleanly fashion of things. Looking around at the mass rebel body count he would then pray himself. " Well then as my kind would say to friend or foe. Möge seine seele in grieden ruhen." Arvologia would then take his leave.

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6Chapter 13: Set Fire To The World Empty Re: Chapter 13: Set Fire To The World on Sun Oct 07, 2018 11:53 pm



Nightfall came about as Arcologia would gather supplies to make a fire. After setting everything up he would begin to work on the snail phone again. Tweaking it to rejam its main transmission core. This would, in fact, allow the snail phone to check and hack incoming calls of other snail phones. Unlike his jam gloves, this would indeed help him get more information on things. However, as he began to rewire the trans wires a shadowy figure would view him.

She was standing from behind the trees as she was wearing a green rebel robe. However, she had a bunny mask on and pointing her devils bow at Arcologia. Taking a clean aim at him getting ready to fire a shot when she would release the arrow at the same time the brunch she was on would break. This, in turn, caused the now to fly right over Arcologia. Giving away her intention and whereabouts as he would look at her.

Tumbling out of the forest as he views her falling flat on her face. As he looks on she would stand up looking at him with anger in her eyes as the mask broke off. "Butcher, clipper, dropper, eliminator, enforcer, executioner, liquidator, plugger, and slayer." He began to laugh up a storm,
"Oh wait you tried the hide and seek way now didn't you Skai. So you more of the type like. Cunning, unseen, agile, coldblooded, cruel, evil, experienced, perfected, murderous."

She began to rub her butt in a comedy fashion as she looks on at the laughing Arcologia. " Hhhowwww dare you laugh at me you haven't changed one bit." She said with a sassy attitude in an embarrassed way." Not only that you a pirate working with the marine. What type of b.s is that why not just stay in Cp? Hell, why not stay in Wano, you hick?" The question she asked was most uncombable to him. But as he looked down he would simply reply, "are you with the rebels by chance Skai?"

She looks at him as she pulls down the hoodie, "I am, however, I'm only here because I was told to come here to retrieve a stone of some sort. Not to mention you completely fucked my mission over." He looks on at her as he noticed she was the swordswoman from before. "I truly had nothing to do with any of this but you, on the other hand, killed your entire squad." She looked at clearly pissed. "I was sent in to take care of them and next I was told to do the same to the marines here. However, somebody here was killing them first in it could not have been me and you know what they were using the same style your psychopathic ass used. But then I remember She was here so yeah I wanted to kill two birds with one stone you know."

He looks at her when she said that he had a serious look in his eyes as he opened them. "What the fuck do you mean by she, Skai?"



Skai looked at him as she puts up her now and gave off a slight smile. " I can confirm in fact that
Odelschwanck is here some how some way she tracked you down. Zenobia would be truly proud of her wouldn't you agree Arcologia? I finally said her name right and I'm her damn aunt.
Arcologia looks at her as he said nothing with a painful look on his face. "Just call her Acnologia it is easier said to you none three eye folk. But to think she would track me down here of all places. I have to find her where is her last known location on this island."

Skai smiled at him without a second thought she said, best be careful you see she was under the impression the Frost Which killed you then ate you up funny right. But to make a long story short follow the bloody murders and you should find her in one piece I believe and don't your blessing but shame on you for raising such a seed." Arcologia would look on at Skai as she wonders back into the night. She was someone from his past long ago where their relationship stands is hard to say. But one thing for sure that was it not for her he would be dead.

Taking the snail phone Arcologia would begin to put it back together. It would still be some time before he could perfect this creation of his but time makes everything valuable in the end. Just as he was putting up the new interaction snail phone prototype he would hear a loud scream.

"SOMEBODY HELP USSSS PLEASE!!" Arcologia would quickly run towards the noise hopefully he makes it in time.

8Chapter 13: Set Fire To The World Empty Re: Chapter 13: Set Fire To The World on Mon Oct 08, 2018 6:42 pm



As she rushes to the scene what he saw was enough to drive a preacher wild. As blood poops were everywhere as the locals were still in fear. Arcologia would look up to see a small figure run off in the distance as it stopped by the tree. It stopped as if it was waiting for someone as the locals began to yell that the person was the one who did this. Arcologia looks on as he scanned the area it appears most have been poisoned and not only were they throwing up. Green blood like fails this remind. Him of poison only he and one other know how to make.

"Acnologia since when have you learn the way of toxic?" Just then she took off running as he gave chase to her. She would quickly dart throughout the forest, however, he was catching up to her in quick fashion. Thinking to himself how did it come to this.  He would then take his blade and give a slash which would cut down the trees in front of him.

By now the marine arrived on the scene looking around Lt Joe was in utter shock at what he saw. "I'm going to level with you all here this is some crazy shit. Tend to the people unit A unit B trial the pirate he may be are only witness but I bet he caused of this."  The marine would then began work as Arcologia was hot on Acnoliga trial. Looking on as the girl ran inside a small hunt. Arcologia would take a deep breath then he would only the door. What he saw set a shock wave throughout his body.

There he saw dolls crafted to nearly a perfect version. He would look to see his small nun offspring fear was in her eyes but something was off. "Little girl why are creating no how in the world see you making these dolls? I did not teach you this now did I.? Come on your coming with me at once. Just then Lt Joe would walk into the hunt he would view the dolls as well. But the little girl was nowhere to be seen as Arcologia looked on he would bite his lips so hard they started to bleed.

Lt Joe would then pull out his sword and point it at Arcologia. Arcologia The Doll Maker you are hereby under arrest for the crimes against humanity AGAIN. The higher ups would need answers for this." Arcologia would grab his blades thinking of his future in mere flashes he just wanted to gather supplies for his art of creations. Now he must take the wrap for his offspring and to make matters worse he is surrounded by those who want to kill him.

Lunching at the Lt and his unit Arcologia will have to become that man again if he wishes to see his offspring again even if it meant becoming an enemy of the government again

Standing by a tree within the background a man with a mask on would watch Arcologia act unfold.

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