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1 Tools of the Trade I [V] on Sat Sep 15, 2018 3:25 pm




2 Re: Tools of the Trade I [V] on Sat Sep 15, 2018 3:28 pm




Tools of the Trade I

Fourth District

Fading in and out of consciousness, the edge of cold steel being raked across skin snaps a no name bounty hunter and mercenary back to his unfortunate reality. Grabbing a firm hold of the restrained man's battered face, Noctis looks at him coldly, pressing Kuroi firmly into the floor of the man's own headquarters. "You're already not going to make it through this. It's unfortunate, I know, but I can't risk word here spreading about my inquiries, ya know? But there is still something you can do, yeah?" Noctis graciously explained, the strength of his grip tightening around the man's jaw, almost to the point of shattering it entirely before loosening it.

"...please, man... I'm telling you there's nothing I know that you do-" the nameless merc pleaded, before being cut off by a swift slap to the face, the force of which sent blood spattering onto the nearby wall, a wall that hadn't been red only a few hours ago. "Think about your next words carefully, friend." Noctis warned, his gaze unblinking as he squat next to the man.

"Fuck! Fuck you, cocksucker." he snapped back, eyes full of contempt and rage where there had once been hopelessness.

"Oof, wrong answer..." Noctis groaned, putting his full palm over the man's face, the air being pulled from his lungs as he began to quake with desperation. "If you'd just tell me, dying wouldn't have to be so... hard on you."

With eyes just on the cusp of glossing over, Noctis grabbed Kuroi and slowly dragged it across the man's chest, letting the blade painstakingly carve through both cloth and skin alike, as he allowed air to fill the man's lungs just in time to scream in between his hacks and coughs. A disturbed silence eventually filled the room as Noctis stood aside patiently, letting the man recover enough mentally to begin weeping, the man forced to wallow in the acrid smell of his own bodily fear.

"Now, you have one last shot to spill everything you know, before I really start to get creative." Noctis delivered, the ultimatum now completely evident. "I'll give you a quick rundown of my next few steps, just so we're really on the same page. If in the next, say, thirty seconds, you don't tell me everything I want to know, I'm going to bore a hole into each individual finger, right through the nail, and I'm going to start popping them off like bubble wrap. Once I finish that up, I'm going to slowly expand the air in your knuckles until they rupture, blowing off each of your fingers from the inside out. After that, well, let's just say you've given me the past seven or so hours to really start probing my brain."

Ten seconds of wordless whimpering was interrupted by two words, "...High Count..."

Being the first bit of new information in hours, Noctis was esctatic, even if it raised far more questions than answers. "Explain. What's High Count mean?" Noctis interrogated, only to find more disappointment as the mercenary devolved into repeating the phrase 'I'm sorry.' under his breath.

"C'mon champ, just give me something I can use and I'll make it all stop." Noctis pleaded, resting his hand atop the Bounty Hunter's shoulder.

".... I- We- We never worked with those freaks... I really don't know anything, please... please, please, please believe me! I don't think they've ever BEEN in the Fourth District! How could I possibly know where the League is?! The only time we ever hear about them is from some jerkoffs in the Seventh! That's everything, all of it, so just ki-"

Pressing his index finger against the man's ear, Noctis filled his head with a burst of air, causing his eardrum to rupture and his brain to hemorrhage, killing the mercenary instantly. Now pointed in the direction of the Seventh District, known for it's weaponry, Noctis holstered his sword and left the bloody massacre as is, walking out of the building unseen into the sparse early morning hours.

Words: 1103
Doriki: +5 to Strength/Power when using legs, +10 to Speed, +5 to Endurance
Gear: Baby Den Den Mushi, Kuroi, Ignition Stone, Duracloth Wrap, Duracloth Cape, Vision Dial, Extinguishing Cloth, Pressure Vessel

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