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Exert From Character Application wrote:
Noticing the collar on his neck, Gin would grin. In one motion, unable to react, Jackal would see what appeared to be a blur motion towards his neck and retract quickly, in that one moment, two years of slavery had ended. Gin disabled the device in a single touch. Dropping to his knees in frustration, not at the man but at himself for feeling so worthless, Jackal would breakdown in tears. "That was a good look you had in your eyes kid." Gin responded.

Gin - Demon Fist Pirates - Bounty 58,000,000:

The blooming Winter Sakura Tree shed it's pedals around this time of year, as the clear moonlight shone down upon the battlefield, Gin's men had almost wiped out three-quarters of the Sakura King's Army. Liberating over one hundred slaves that day, the fifty-million dollar man forever left his stamp of Drum, this incident being left in the history books as 'Bloody Sakura' incident. No one truly knew Gin's allegiance in the world, one day he'd slaughter civilians with no remorse. In other reports, he'd liberate small towns where small slave camps occurred. His true intents were truly a mystery, maybe it was Gin's own experience of truly having nothing that made him lust for more.

On this night, the Mink stooped motionless, not aiding in the remainder of the rebellion like the other Lesser Mink and other raced slaves would've. To be honest, Jackal didn't have much feeling in his legs. The situation at hand was still very surreal for him, every other minute, Jackal would run his fingers along his neck, feel the bare frost bite skin that had been formerly covered with his master's 'Dog Collar'.

"How long is he gonna sit there you figure?"
the woman wearing black bunny ears inquired, shaking from side to side in her usual jittery nature.

"Who knows. Slavery's a pretty traumatic experience. The whole point of this raid was to get some new nakama. If he's broken, I can put him out of his misery honestly." the blue curly haired woman stated, licking her lips in amusement of the idea.

"Haven't you killed enough people for the day! Huh!? Izzy!" the bunny eared woman exclaimed, landing a playful karate chop to the woman's forehead.

"Tch. I told you to stop calling me that Tally. I'm Isabella to your kind. You little cheeky bitch. The only person that can call me that is Captain. You think cuz you're his wench, you can mouth off at me! Your fucking mistaken!" Izzy shouted, pointing the mouth of her pistol towards the woman's forehead.

"Ho-ho... Jealous are we?" Tally retorted, extending out her tongue playfully.

"That's enough from both of you." a third party voice interjected, automatically defusing the situation.

Both women instantly recognising the voice pouted, turning in opposite directions from each other. The man that entered was a small man in figure but not in spirit, standing at around 5'7 in height, the man's spiky crimson red hair stood even more so stagnant due to the weather. Walking through the centre of the two woman, he'd run his hands through both of their hairs, before advancing towards Jackal's position.

Mozart C.C. - Vice Captain of the Demon Fist Pirates - 33,000,000:

Drenching his kneecaps into the snowy surface, he'd lower his height so Jackal and his eyes could've met eye to eye. "Helloooo... Anyone home in there!?" C.C announced, attempting to knock his hand against Jackal's skull.

Almost like clock-work, the Mink snapped out of his trance, leaping backwards at incredible speeds and impressive agility, to avoid the man's embrace. His eyes expanded widely, breathing frantic, "Stay away from me." Jackal shouted, before proceeding to run through the snow towards the heart of the conflict.

The Mink's awakening from his trance brought more attention to his environment, the loud sounds of canon and rifle fire scattered through the ground's in front of the Sakura Kingdom's Castle. Whether it be out of fear or fate, Jackal's retreat wasn't 'a retreat' at all, he'd been running into the heart of the conflict.

Grinning, still stooped at his former position in the snow. The man would simply turn his gaze in the direction of the running Mink. "So cold. Oh well, 'it' should be kicking in.... One... Two... Three. Showtime." C.C murmured under his breath. Almost on cue, Jackal's movements stopped, his muscles seizing up and his body falling into the snow. It'd be as if all of his muscles had been burdened with extremely heavy weights.

"Ahhh... There goes his sadistic side again." Tally thought to herself.

"He's much worse than the Captain. He likes to toy with the newbies." Izzy thought scoffing outwardly.

Rising from his knees, and taking a ginger walk towards Jackal's position, the man grinned from ear to ear.

"Ah. My bad. You looked me right in my eye. See, I ate a Devil's Fruit... It's pretty rare too. It's called the Glare Glare Fruit. If you look into my eyes long enough, from the moment you break eye-contact... A timer will activate. Once that timer's up, you'll be paralysed from head to toe. Pretty useless if you think about it."
C.C stated grinning.

"My name's Mozart C.C. My Captain told me to come pick you up. He's the one who broke your chains early. He said your a bit broken but with some work, you could be useful to us." C.C concluded.

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"Kek. It's seem where too late. They already jumped ship."
Gin exclaimed scowling as he'd perused the throne room.

"Captain!" one of the grunts shouted out, running towards the colossal of a man with immense urgency.

"The marines are off the shore and it seems to be the flag of Rear Admiral Pope!" Gin's grunt informed.

Sighing loudly, "That bitch is a pain in the ass to deal with! Round up the men and the slaves that want to come with us! We're moving out of here! Call those goddamn reindeer back to escort us back our ship!" Gin shouted urgently.

Paralysed and hogtied over his shoulder, the Vice Captain Mozart, walked ecstatic with the Jackal Mink in his care. Entering into the Castle's Mess Hall, he'd reunite with Gin who'd finished raiding the castle, leaving countless guards either dead or unconscious.

Pulling up a chair, Gin began to raid the contents of the cafeteria tables that were freshly lined with food, moments before the man's attack. "Looks like I came just in time for dinner!" Gin exclaimed overjoyed, scarfing down the roasted turkey.

Trailing behind C.C. was Tally and Isabella, who all took seats at the table as the remainder of Gin's men loaded the loot from the raid onto the sleighs. The odd man, or rather Mink out, was the paralysed Mink who still stayed lifeless but well awake over the male's shoulders. Resting Jackal in a chair of his own, C.C. acquired a seat for himself, and the four crew-mates began to dig into the feast, the other men having their fill earlier.

Peering away from his plate, Gin non-verbally cued C.C. to release Jackal from his magic's effects. Sighing, Mozart snapped his fingers seemingly freeing the Mink from the paralysis. Without delay the Mink sprung from his seat, securing a position behind Tally and Isabella, placing his naturally black claws by the woman's throats. Trembling in pure fear and confusion, Jackal tried to regain his calm after being so close to Lesser Mink's once again in Tally and Isabella.

"Anyone move... I'll slice their throats!" Jackal exclaimed with a grim expression hovering over his face.

Picking up a mug from his left, the man dipped the pitched into a barrel of Sake he'd carry around him. Downing the entire mug, Gin would finish his beverage before addressing the 'hostage' situation.

"You ain't slicing anybody's throats Furry. Relax. You mustn't had a good meal in a couple fucking years! Sit down! Have a drink! We're all gonna shit it out later anyway!" Gin shouted.

Extremely puzzled by the man's words, Jackal's positioning wavered, and it'd be at that moment that Tally would Judo flip the Mink onto the countertop, and Isabella would've placed the mouth of her barrel against the Mink's temple. "If you ever... Pull your claws near to me again... It'll be the last fucking day you get to use that brain of yours, bud." Izzy stated.

"Who the hell are you guys!?" Jackal exclaimed in utter bewilderment of the situation.

"Finally we get to the good part. My name's Gin. I don't got no fucking surname or middle name, that's for pussies. I'm the Captain of the Demon Fist Pirates. They call me Gin The Demon. Nice to meetcha'" Gin exclaimed.

"I guess I'm the pussy in his words... Like I said earlier, my name is Mozart C.C. I'm the Vice Captain and Navigator of the Crew. How do ya do?" Mozart stated, sipping orange juice from his mug, savouring the taste of actual non-rotten citrus, as scurvy was a bitch on the seas, and stale lemons still haunted him from their days as rookies.

"My name's Isaebella Nightingale. I'm the sniper of the crew. If it comes to guns, canons or anything around that nature. I'm your gal." Izzy explained.

Pushing her cheeks against Jackal's own, the Mink frantically shook, breaking away from the pinned down position with Izzy's gun using a surge of Electro.

"Ah. I see. You got the real deal. You're scared shitless of human contact but you're so furry... I just wanna snuggle you." Tally declared, peering at Jackal with immense passion.

"Since everyone went, I don't want to be left out. My name's Tally, I'm the crew's shipwright. I built our last two ships and also save our assess when the Navy tries to sink us every other week." Tally explained.

Settling his nerves a bit, Jackal haphazardly, joined the dinner celebrations, taking a seat about three chairs down from Gin's position.                                  




Avoiding the meat based components on the table, Jackal began to scarf down the fish and any bread based or pasta based dishes, completely avoided the alcohol. Watching the Mink eat, Gin was immensely amused, slapping his own knee in merriment.

Picking his ear as he'd finished his meal, "That's it brat. Eat up. Ya' gotta long life ahead of you now that you're free." Gin stated.

The man's words brought halt to Jackal's pace, "Why... What's the whole point of freeing us? You lot are pirates right? Wouldn't you had made more just capturing us and re-selling us on the Black Market?" Jackal inquired.

Gin's eye-brow rose slightly, "You're a pretty smart pup arent'cha. Yeah... but that's lame. If I want money, I can much easily raid a marine base or rob a Noble's Castle or something. It doesn't fall in line with my idea of freedom. Different strokes for different folks I guess. For the record, we ain't no damn pirates. We're Bandits." Gin exclaimed.

Everything about the man's words and actions left Jackal immensely mesmerised. It'd be as if God, no, the Devil had appeared to smite his enemies and offer him salvation.

"I heard you say... We had the option to come with you correct? I have no talent on a ship... or with guns... or with anything really. However, I've read almost every book inside of this Castle's Library. And I'm a decent fighter. If you'll have me, I want to travel the world with you. However, not as your crewmate, I just want to be dropped off at an island where I can have a fresh start." Jackal stated nervously, fighting for the last few words in his sentence.

"Eh. Sure." Gin responded in two words.

"Wait that's it!?" Jackal exclaimed almost falling out of the chair at the simplicity of his response.

The remainder of his crew began to laugh as they'd been all in Jackal's position before when it came to Gin's nonchalant attitude about everything, it was almost sickening at times.

Running back into the room, the grunts informed Gin that the sleighs had been loaded with the Royal Family's possessions. Without even a single word, Gin stood up from the table, and the other core members, Tally, Isabella and C.C. followed to suit. However, Isabella hovered behind, noticing Jackal still hand't moved from his stumbled position on the floor.

"Hurry it up Furrball! You are a Bandit now! The Marines are coming! We didn't exactly get no Royal invitation here!" Isabella stated grinning.

This was the day that Jackal joined the Demon Fist Pirates. After a tight escape, the Mink and his crew managed to avoid at the time, Rear Admiral, now Vice Admiral Alice Pope's snares on Drum. For the next couple months, the Crew stayed low on the island, hiding their ship in a few catacombs on the Lavender Kingdom side of the island. Gin had sustained a few wounds fighting the King's Royal Guard, though the King himself was now dead, the Queen and her escorts managed to escape.

Venice - Lavender Town : Local Clothing Store

Emerging from the changing room, the once nearly naked Mink was now dressed in a green cargo pants with several pockets, a thick dress shirt with long sleeves tied around his waist, long gloves that stretched from his underarm with leather straps to fasten them, and what would become his trademark Calico Scarf with a single golden trim around it's black knit.

Looking himself long and hard in the mirror, a smirk visibly appeared on the Mink's face. Nodding to himself silently in approval, Isabella who'd been put as Jackal's chaperone looked on puzzled at the Mink's fashion sense. Tossing the shop owner a couple stacks of beli, the duo exited the clothing store.

"I've been meaning to ask you something, Izzy." Jackal stated.

"Jesus... Tally's been teaching you words again huh? My name is I-S-A-B-E-L-L-A. Only the Capt' can call me that." Izzy stated.

Tilting his head to a side, "Ah. So Lesser Mink's are sensitive about names. I'll remember that." Jackal retorted, nodding to himself in approval, seriously taking it as a mental conversational point.

"Fuck it! Spit it out! Whattaya want Furball!?" Izzy inquired.

"You've been calling me that since we've met. I have a name you know." Jackal stated.

"Wait what? When we all introduced ourselves... You never said anything... I just thought you forgot or didn't have one due to enslavement!" Izzy shouted.

"Of course not. Everyone has a name. Isn't that how the world works-" Jackal's snide statement was interrupted by the mouth of Isabella's barrel staring him down. The townspeople who'd been traversing the street normally, now scattered to their houses or the nearest shelter at the sight of the pistol.

"Go on! What's yer name? What's yer question!?" Izzy exclaimed annoyed.

"A violent one..."
Jackal thought. "If you continue like this... You won't find love Lesser Mink. You'll end up all alone. You should look into that." Jackal stated snickering. A demonic glare came from Isabella's eyes as she'd cock the clip on her pistol.

"Shishishi... I'm just joking, as you Lesser Mink's would say. My name is Jackal. Jackal Helios. My question is simple. Gin told me we're Bandits no? However, reading the news, your bounty posters have you issued as pirates? What's the deal with that?" Jackal inquired.

Lowering her gun, "Ah. Is that all?" Izzy stated, deciding to allow the comment about her loneliness slide for now. "I forgot... You've been locked up in that Castle for awhile. See, nowadays, as soon as you've committed crimes against the World Government, they'll label you a pirate. Tally, Gin, C.C. and I are all orphans from this Kingdom called Lulusia. At first, we're just kids ya know? We looked out for each other, stole what we could on the low. Survival." Izzy stated.

"Everything changed the day Devil Fruits appeared into the world." Izzy stated.

"Devil Fruit?" Jackal inquired.

"Yeah. They are these weird fruits that give you the abilities of the Devil himself. Or so they say." Izzy stated.

"Is that why Gin's so strong?" Jackal inquired.

"Ha! If he had a Devil's Fruit, his bounty probably would've been ten times the current amount. No. Gin's strength is all his own. Since a child, he often scuffled with armed knights from Lulusia, and won. He's just been a monster that way all along!"
Izzy exclaimed, almost gloating as if Gin's strength were her own.

"The whole reason we became pirates... Was because of C.C. One night, we'd been stealing from some local fruit stalls, and then, C.C. consumed a Devil's Fruit from one of the local Black Market Dealers. Of course, it was by accident. However, the dealer reported it to the Kingdom. 'Unregistered Devil Fruit User', and C.C. was given an instant 10,000,000 Million Bounty. Can you imagine, a ten year old with that much on his head? Bounty Hunters gathered from far and wide." Izzy explained.

"Gin and Mozart were best friends since kids. Gin wanted to be a Knight when he grew up and Mozart a musician. However, that bounty change his life- Our lives forever. We always stuck together. That's how the Demon Fist Pirates got started." Izzy stated.

"I see." Jackal thought. "From a Knight to a Big Bounty Pirate. That's an interesting shift." Jackal stated. "I wouldn't mention it to him... Gin tends to get emotional about our childhood." Izzy stated with a worried expression on her face.

Jackal simply nodded in approval. The next few months in Lavender flew by like doves in the wind. Gin and Jackal would spar daily from this point, it was because Gin noticed Jackal's overly aggressive nature with the human members of his crew. Gin had all kinds of races, Mink, Three-Eye, Fishman, and even Long Armed under his flag. Gin thought beating sense into Jackal would've helped.




"Oi. The newbie's going to take on Capt'." one of the pirates whispered.

"Ah. I hope it isn't like the last spar he had... Made me sick. Did you hear how he dug into Vice Capt' last time. If I took those punches, it'd be dead." one of the fishman chimed in.

Standing about ten feet apart, the two stared each other eye to eye. 15'11 and 5'6, sizing each other up. "Well Mink Brat... Let's see whatcha got! Don't hold back! Someone throw the brat a weapon of his choice!" Gin shouted, assuming that Jackal used a blade.

"Shishishi... No thanks. I'm horrible with weapons." Jackal stated. Cracking his neck and knuckles, "I'm ready when you are, Captain." Jackal said smirking. In almost in a blur, the fifteen footer closed the distance between himself, utilising the length of his limbs in an open palm strike. "Too Slow." Jackal thought. In one motion, the Mink leapt upwards, gaining about six feet in height off the ground before flipping and landing onto the man's wrist. "Your going to need to move a bit faster to hit me with something like that." Jackal stated smugly.

Murmurs around the crew began to stir up about the Mink's agility, however, speed alone wouldn't be enough for Jackal to come out of this spar unscathed.

"Ya' not affected mentally when your the one doing the touching. A Mink who doesn't use weapons... Interesting." Gin stated, following with his next arm to swipe the Mink off his wrist. The impending speed of Gin's incoming hand, caused the Mink to freeze, disbursing an electrical coat to immerse himself. "See. Your panicking..." Gin commented, stopping his hand short from impact.

Leaping several feet backwards, petrified, Jackal looked on at the massive human breathing hysterically.

"I can tell you didn't do that out of choice but fear. Fear's fine. Tons of fighters have won fights afraid but even twice the amount have died that way. It was a good idea using my size against me but the execution was piss poor." Gin stated.

Panting, "Shishishi... It's not like I asked to be this paranoid. Those people- monsters... It's still surreal that I'm even free." Jackal responded.

Gin exclaimed.

"If it's the pain that you fear... Let me introduce you to a whole new level of pain then. One that'll make you forget anything you've ever experienced in slavery." Gin retorted.

"Soru!" Gin shouted disppearing.

Reappearing to Jackal's flank, Gin extending his clenched fist towards the man's chest, the width of his balled hand fitting perfectly against his body. In one motion, shockwaves extended throughout his body, almost shattering every single bone in Jackal's body, the pain was so immense that Jackal almost passed out. However, it was the sound of Gin's last words that kept him conscious for one minute.

"I was once where you are. Slavery left me mentally scarred for years. However, I met a man who lit a flame in my soul. That man went onto to be Pirate King. That's when my dream showed it's abnormal head... My dream to become the World's Most Notorious Bandit. The King of the Bandits." Gin stated resolved.

Shortly after Gin's declaration ended, Jackal passed out from the pain.




About two days later, Jackal awoke from his slumber with a fuzzy feeling compound in his head. His entire body ached, it felt as if someone took grater and rubbed it against his internal organs.

"Ah. Your finally waking up." the Mink woman stated, rising from her seat to check the Jackal Mink's vitals.

A wet cloth covering Jackal's eyes forbid light from entering into his immediate focus and probably for the best, because only a migraine waited in his future with the sudden glare of light.

"Where am I?" Jackal inquired.

"Ah... I hope there wasn't any brain damage done... Where in Lavender Kingdom Sugar. You got into a fight with Capt', and they hauled your ass here." the Mink woman explained.

"What do you mean I-" Jackal exclaimed, sitting up, removing his bandit exclaimed, the cloth shrouding his eyes gone, it'd reveal the Female Jackal Mink to him.

Almost instantly, the Mink's tail began to wag in excitement and someways simply out of biology.

"W-W-Wait! How-" Jackal exclaimed puzzled.

"Rare seeing another Mink in these parts huh? It is strange indeed. However, Captain likes to collect crewmates from all walks of life and race, it's his hobby. His words not mine." the Dog Mink stated grinning, as she'd continue to tend to Jackal's wounds.

Wrapping his hands on the Mink's shoulders without delay or care for his own wounds, "Tell me! How's Zou!? Do you know of a man by the name of Becko!? Is he well?" Jackal inquired with immense urgency.

Shaking her head from side to side, "Slow down Sugar. Relax. Focus on your wounds. Unlike most Minks, I was abducted years ago from the homeland. I haven't heard anything since then. It was the day those blasted-" the woman exclaimed, starting to scowl but she'd quickly calm herself.

"We'll have plenty of time to talk about Zou." the doctor concluded finishing her check-up, changing the more bloodier bandages.

Placing her finger on Jackal's forehead, he'd release an electrical surge that would astonish the Mink enough for him to return to flat position, laying on the bed.

"What's your name?" Jackal inquired.

"Noir. They call me Noir because of my black coat of fur." Noir explained.

"Jackal." the teenager retorted.

"Jacakl the Half and Half. Nice to meet you."
Noir stated, licking the Mink's face. Setting him to blush, leaving the Mink extremely flustered. Though, in Noir's head, it was a simple greeting frequently used on Zou. "I'll be back to check on you in a few days time. I have other patients to tend to from the crew." Noir explained, getting up and exiting the doctor quarters in the small town.

On the otherside of the door was the marksman, Isabella. "How's his condition?" Izzy inquired. "Ah? Furries were your type all along. I had you pegged for being the Captain's mistress." Noir stated slyly, chuckling at the end of her sentence. Reaching for her gun, "No need I'm leaving now, I have work to tend to. No time for your Tsundere routine." Noir stated, using her flexible limbs to leap away. "It's not like that.." Isabella thought to herself, pouting slightly. "It's the Capt's fault for telling me we're partners now. I need to look out for him. I won't let another one die..." Isabella murmured to herself.

Later that night, in a secluded area in the town Venice.

Puru Puru Puru Puru... Clank!

"Ah, it's been almost a year since I've heard from you, Tennessee." the voice ominously stated, the Den's physical appearance changing to that of a cat mink.

"You gave me two almost impossible missions but I finally found him. Randomly mucking around on the ship I happened to be spying on for you." Noir reported.

"Ah... The Demon Fist Pirate. The Rookie Brat Named Gin. My son's stumbled into his hands?" the voice inquired.

"Only recently. He'd been spending his days as a slave for the Drum Kingdom."
Noir reported.

"A slave? Sounds like something a coward like him would conform to." she'd state snickering slightly.

"Also, he has no memories of Zou on what happened that day. It also seemed he hasn't had any contact with any of the elders looking for the 'Stragglers'." Noir stated.

"That's fine. Works better for us that way anyway. Just keep observing him. Your mission is still the same however, my son is just the icing on top." the woman on the line would've stated sternly.

"I understand Mistress Diana. I'm to destroy the Demon Fist Pirates at any chance I get." Noir concluded.

"Marvelous! I can't have anyone under my flag failing. I respect results." Diana stated.

"Yes." Noir concluded, hanging up the line, changing her eyes glares to stare at the half moon.

"Helios Jackal... What a twisted fate the heavens have dealt you." Noir said, talking to herself among nature.




Shortly after Jackal's recovery, Gin had healed up nicely under Noir's care and the crew fled Lavender Kingdom and headed back out onto the sea.

"Alright gather around you little shits! Our score from Drum was substantial. We'll have enough to buy our first official fleet from Water 7 as talked on prior!"
Gin exclaimed. The man's statement cause loud cheers to rock through the entire boat,

"Meaning I'll be dividing our crew of one hundred across eight vessels. Each of you will be required to raise the money for your coating for the New World. I'll be assigning group leaders to each ship. First up! Jackal! Izzy! Step up!" Gin shouted.

Jackal lurking in the shadows of the hoards of pirates was almost hoisted to the front of the pack from jerks among his crewmates, eventually, ended up to the front of the crowd, right before Gin's score. On the other side, the Winged woman gracefully flew to the front, her hands clutched beneath her armpits.

"From now on... You two will be a duo. I've seen both of ya fight. Jackal needs someone to cover his ass when he's going all out and Izzy needs someone to act as a distraction so she can set up er' shots." Gin declared.

"What!? Your pairing me with that anti-social furball!?"
Izzy shouted.

"You must've made a mistake Captain. I told you I won't be here long enough to be helping her run a ship. I'm getting off after I've gotten on my feet. Besides, it'd rather eat meat than to pair with that wench." Jackal stated scoffing.

"What was that you little!" Izzy shouted reaching for her pistol.

"OI! SHUT UP! STOP WHINING AND BE A MAN ABOUT IT!" Gin screamed. As per usual, Jackal simply sighed, as Gin never listened to reason once he'd made up his mind on something. "Hmm... Now I need a name for your pairing... I feel like it'll be something amazing to see once you two get accustomed to working together. Beast Boy... Winged Brat... Hmm...." Gin declared pondering out loud.

"Beast Boy?" Jackal thought to himself.

"W-W-Winged Brat!?" Izzy thought to herself flustered, twirling her hair.

"Tengu. I'll call you two, Tengu."
Gin stated proudly.

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