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He was alone. As usual, the hunt was something that could only be done alone. A rookie Pirate making waves on Lulusia had certain disdain for a certain group of people. The Revolutionaries. On a visit too the Greenie Pass, he had ran into a group of them and despised there presence on Lulusia. The run in didn't end very well for the Rev's and they were hot on his trail for revenge.

But Martin had now made enemies with the group, he hated them almost more than the Marines. So he knew eventually, they would come for him. But why would he wait for them to get the jump on him. It was time to bring the fight to the Rev's.

Although he worked alone he would need a few helpers to draw out the Rev's as they liked to work in silence and move in small groups. You could never catch one in the open. Martin was walking on the streets when he passed two kid boys playing, they were kicking a ball playfully.

Martin looked at them pass by, then a smile crossed his face.


Rev Hideout on Lulusia

Johnny was furious. The plan to take out the rest of the bandits was taking far to long. They were moving to town to town with such a fiery destruction it was causing his new powers to show at times. There was something else for him to take care of.

All of sudden a soldier walked into him as he made his way down a hallway. "Sir, we have a problem."

"What is it?" Raijin answered.

"A man has kidnapped two children in the Common Grounds."

Johnny frowned. He did not like others picking on children, unless they had the strength to fight back as he once did. "This sounds like a job for the police force."

"Thats the other problem. They were smashed and killed instantly. Whoever took them had considerable strength, to much for them to handle." The Rev solider said frantically. "He escaped and said one thing as he departed, 'For the Revolution'."

This was the meat of the problem. Johnny was now furious. Someone was mascaraing around as the Revolutionary and giving them a bad name. They would have to assume a cell and deal with him as quick as they could. "I see this is a real threat. They're gonna make us an enemy of the people. Gather up two more men. Lets find out who took those kids."


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2[Bounty] Loose Ends Empty Re: [Bounty] Loose Ends on Fri Sep 07, 2018 10:41 am



The Common Grounds was on high alert. There were city guards actively searching the area for the missing friends. Alerts were put out and word got around fast. The suspect claiming to be part of the Revolutionaries had kidnapped two boys. For what reason had yet to be released. So the Rev's formed a small cell comprised of Raijin and two other swordsman Rev soldiers. They were cloaked when the entered the Grounds. The trio entered the city with quickness and stuck to the shadows for the most part.

Raijin stayed in the allies while he sent the other two to ask some questions. His size was a disadvantage for this type of espionage. However it was the second part of the job that Johnny D. Raijin would shine. They spent the better part of the day asking questions but to no avail. Everyone was either to afraid to talk about what happen or they wanted to forget the tramutizing experience altogether. They couldn't risk working directly with the guards.

The Revolutionaries were under a microscope at the moment. They had to clear their name before things turned ugly. So after talking to a local blacksmith, they had nothing. Their investigative work concluded with only two witnesses but neither could give a description of the perpetrator. That was until they met a person named Soda.

Soda came to them after hearing someone was asking questions about the incident. He appeared annoyed and nervous as he approached them. He had a sword on his hip, and he walked up to the trio cell. "I heard you guys are looking for the man that did this."

Raijin's long ears wiggled with at the question. Johnny walked up to the man, "What do you know?"

"His name is Martin. He did some work for the Mercenary Guild at one point but the man brutal. His methods reflect poorly on our work and he was banned. Which probably led to this act."

"Were you there? How do you know it was him?"

"He has a distinct way of doing away with people he doesn't like. He literally smashes them. Stronger than any human I've seen. He doesn't leave witnesses usually. But this was clearly him, here, this is what he looks like."

He pulled a wanted poster from his pocket, it was of a giant of a man. Wanted with a fifty million beli bounty. "He's definitely worth some beli. We can capture him and get some money for our efforts." Johnny said grabbing the poster.

"Your information is invaluable. But why haven't you reported this to the officials?"

"I was on my way to do so. But I heard there was someone who was asking about the kidnapping. Figured it was you guys. The Revolutionaries help us time after time especially with the Queen.

Also Martin would kill them all if they encountered him. But I've worked with the Rev's before. I know you are to be trusted. He used to mention an old warehouse he frequented for some reason back when he was with our guild. Hopefully you can find him."

Raijin raised an eyebrow after their cover was blown, he knew they were with the Revolutionary Army. But he had delegated that task of catching the kids because it was beyond the people to do.

3[Bounty] Loose Ends Empty Re: [Bounty] Loose Ends on Tue Sep 11, 2018 8:36 pm



Johnny and the two Revolutionaries were making their way towards the abandoned warehouse. Location also provided by Soda as well. "Man that guy gave us a lot to go on. Hopefully they are there and we can take that guy down and return the children." One of the

Raijin however felt uneasy about the information given to them. They had spent the better part of the day doing their own investigation however they couldn't get anything. Then one guy shows up and gives them basically all they needed to find the guy. He frowned slightly, but it was the only thing they had to go on. They had been sticking to the shadows as night dusk was beginning to settle, so they quickly maneuvered around the town heading to the shadier parts of the Common Ground. Raijin had been in Lulusia long enough to get well acquainted with the area of the Grounds and with its people.

That's why it was imperative that Raijin catch Marshall and rescue the kids. Setting the record straight that the Revolutionaries were here to help the citizens be free of tyranny. That they weren't there to harass the citizens. Clearing their name among one of many reasons, Raijin couldn't help but feel outraged that he would pin such a crime on them.

The street they were on had a few people all trying to mind their own business. But it did lead to a closed area sectioned off in front of a large field. The warehouse looked to be recently abandoned as the rust on the large building was only slightly beaten by the wear and tare of time. This meant that Raijin would have to be careful with his powers. A building like that would come crumbling down possibly endangering the kids as well as themselves.

Now it was time to do some investigating.

4[Bounty] Loose Ends Empty Re: [Bounty] Loose Ends on Sat Sep 15, 2018 1:08 pm



The Warehouse was fenced off from the rest of the area as it once had its own land. But the fences were wore down from years of wear and tare from mother nature. They walked towards the gate, observing the front gate was ajar as gate door had broken in a storm perhaps. Flown across the ground , they walked right through the gate to look upon the warehouse. They could see that some of the windows were boarded while others where taken off. "Could be squatters, but we'll check it out." Johnny said putting his hands to his hips.

"We can go around back?" One of the soldiers asked.

"No. We don't want to fall for that. From what we've heard he can take us all out. Bad idea to go against someone that dangerous. Stick together and keep your eyes open." Johnny replied. H stretched a hand out towards the warehouse signaling for his cell to proceed with the mission. Raijin of course was the first one to enter the abandoned warehouse. Raijin walked into the large doorway, but the doors were open. Chains that once locked the door now thrown on the ground. The place was large and as they stepped inside they could see that the only light afforded to them was from some of the broken boards letting sunlight in.

Largely open space with where boxes and other shipments would be stored and reserved. But it was piled with debris from the building itself and dust from years of no care. Visbility was limited but they were able to see a large ramp that led to the second story of the building. There was no sign of any life there on the first floor. Wide and open enough for them to see Raijin nodded towards his cell and jerked a finger to the ramp. They nodded and followed behind Rajin to check out the second floor.

5[Bounty] Loose Ends Empty Re: [Bounty] Loose Ends on Mon Sep 17, 2018 10:36 am



Upon going to the second floor, Raijin looked around and signs of life were apparent. A light could be seen at the end of the floor past all the pillars holding the place up. They looked to Raijin who nodded to that general direction. Raijin removed his large bisento from his back. The other followed suit unsheathing their swords from their sash, holding them out and ready. They kept walking slowly, but their footsteps echoed in the place.

Johnny would have to assume that the man knew where they were there. And to prepare for anything. They weren't quite ready for a large man to step out of the darkness that warehouse afforded. He was bald and pale skinned, a large rock was in one of his hands. He wore a large black trench coat with a stuffed leather vest underneath it. They stopped and readied their weapons. "State your name." Raijin said with a deep voice.

"A Minkman asking me for my name. Are you lost kitty? Sure as shit ain't your island." He said with a cackling voice. He probably smoked heavily.

"Martin. Where are the kids? We know you have them. Release them and no harm shall come to you."

"I personally wouldn't be worrying about them." Martin gestured to the lighted room. A person began to walk out holding both of the kids by the scruff of their neck. Even with the terribly lit floor, they could see who it was that had them. It was Soda.

"Shit." Raijin could only say. They had been tricked.

6[Bounty] Loose Ends Empty Re: [Bounty] Loose Ends on Mon Sep 17, 2018 3:22 pm



"What the hell is this?" Raijin said through clenched fangs. There was pool of rage beginning to boil within the Minkmen as he watched Soda yank the boys by their neck. Blindfolded and gagged, otherwise they seemed to be unharmed.

Soda was the one to speak, "Well Martin payed me a sizable sum of money, for possibly the easiest job ever. Get the Revolutionaries to come here. It was easy enough to find you. All I had to do was look for the ones asking the right questions to the right people." He pulled a large revolver out from his sash and pointed it at them.

"No sudden moves or my trigger finger may get itchy." Soda said with a crazy smile on his face.

"I paid him draw you guys here. I can care less about those kids. But you Revolutionaries have had your last stay here on Lulusia. You will leave, by force." Then he did something very surprising. He nodded his head to Soda, and he removed the rags around their face and mouth. They were to scared to say anything but they were clearly scared to death and shaking with fear. Soda let go of them. "Scram."

They seemed confused almost more than the Rev's before one the soldiers beckoned to them. "Come to us children." They didn't waste a second and ran across the way towards the Rev's. Soda and Martin didn't do anything underhanded. But as soon as the boys reached them did Martin speak. "I'll let one of you leave with the kids unharmed. Someone needs to tell the story."

Raijin's eyes narrowed. He looked at the Rev soldier comforting the kids. He never really liked kids but he was against using them for nefarious purposes. "You go on without us. We'll be following shortly."

"Optimistic. You're going to need it." Martin said cracking his fingers and a heavy presence pressed down on everyone there. The Rev soldier took a lasting look at Raijin before following orders and taking the sniffling kids down the ramp and back to the city.

"I don't kill kids. But they served their purpose and made you guys come crawling out."

"For what purpose? Because the price could come with your life." Raijin said threateningly. Not at all bother by the mercenary training his gun on him and the other Rev soldier.

"Why do you think? I hate the Revolutionaries more than I hate the Queen, and more than I hate the Marines. I want all of you off this land. You've impeded my operations for to long. Now making an example out of you both will suffice. And if it doesn't. More bodies will come to follow."

"You choose the wrong one to deal with today Martin. You've chosen to slander the Revolutionaries cause. You fucked up." Johnny said angrily.

Martin began to snicker at the thought and Soda couldn't help but crack grin. "Apparently you haven't heard of me. Threatened by a fucking cat!" He pulled back his hand and launched the rock at Raijin and Soda fired his gun at the Rev soldier at the same. Both aiming to do away with them as quick as they could.

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7[Bounty] Loose Ends Empty Re: [Bounty] Loose Ends on Tue Sep 18, 2018 7:25 pm



The air began to ripple and shimmer all around them. The space between the Martin's gang and the Rev's was about ten meters. The entire area up to about five meters was surrounded by little ripples that began to crack the air slightly. Barely audible cracks because they were so small that you'd have to have impeccable perception to see. The rock traveled much faster than Raijin could even see. Martin could turn a household item into a weapon. That rock could have caved his chest in and threatened to puncture it. However it stopped in mid-air. Paused by the ripples and cracks made in the air.

The bullet stopped before it even came close to the Rev Soldier beside Raijin. He was also affected by this field unfortunately. However it was all Raijin could do to save him before he was fatally shot. His Gekishin shocked them temporarily. As he made no movements but their projectiles remained in the air as if by magic.

"The fuck." Martin said with his mouth dropping in awe. Soda also had a pained expression as his bullet move no more stood paused in the air, and then they both dropped. Raijin paid them no mind as he pulled his fist back and punched the air in front of him. There was a large crack in the air and it spread quickly in front of him. There was a tremor that could be felt in the entire building as a shockwave blasted its way through the ground the very force of the wave picked up both Martin and Soda. It spread out about twenty meters till it the rest of the building could not take it.

They both cried out in surprise as a wave shook everything in their entire body. It blasted them away and also that part of the building. The background suffered a massive break as the ground under pillar gave way. The entire side of building crumbled and blew apart and they went sailing out of the building. A chunk of the building was now blown apart, Martin and Soda went flying and crashing to the ground. There was pieces of debris everywhere as the entire place was lit up with dust from the explosion. Raijin slowly walked to the edge of the building looking outside. It was to the side of the building leading to an empty lot area.

The Rev Soldier walked up to Raijin with his mouth ajar, looking at the carnage he wrought with a single attack. "Woah." Was all he could say.

"Lets go find them." Rajin said pulling his bisento out from his back and looking out into the rubble.

8[Bounty] Loose Ends Empty Re: [Bounty] Loose Ends on Wed Sep 19, 2018 10:25 am



There was a piece of building lodged into the ground, large enough for Raijin to jump from floor to a flat piece that used to be a pillar. After landing on top of it he used that to jump to the ground. There was rubble all around on the ground, but after the dust cleared he was able to see his prey. Soda was struggling to pushing a slab of concrete off of his leg. But the damage he had taken left him severely injured. Raijin's Rakishin had injured him to the point of death, it was only seconds now.

Raijin walked up to him to see blood pouring from his mouth and he was covered in dust and blood. Quite pathetic looking after his stoic attitude only minutes before. "A Devil Fruit user. I would have denied the request had I known..." He was stopped in mid sentence.

Due to Johnny snapping his bisento forward with the large metal blade piercing his chest. He gave a confused look at the bisento before the light went out in his eyes. Raijin pulled his weapon back and the mercenary moved no more. Raijin didn't have to look very long for Martin. He was sprawled out on the ground also battered and bleeding from the attack and the fall.

The Rev soldier had taken the long way down and he was coming around the bend to meet them. "Get some cuffs on him. That bounty he has is gonna do us wonders." He nodded following his orders. Rushing over he pulled some cuffs from his belt and went to grab Martins hand. And Raijin had assumed that the man was unconscious. He was not.

A hand reached and snapped towards the Rev soldier. Martin from the ground was still able to punch him in the stomach. He went hurtling backwards and crashing into the ground. He was knocked out. Such strength. I can't be hit by that punch or its over with for me. Martin started to get himself up while Raijin stabbed his Wazamono into the ground. He would need him alive.

"You'll pay for that Martin."

"Me? You almost killed me, with...whatever the hell that was!" He yelled in frustration and charged forward. He was going to give his strongest punch that smashed all his foes. Raijin kept his cool and prepared himself for the running bull.

9[Bounty] Loose Ends Empty Re: [Bounty] Loose Ends on Wed Sep 19, 2018 11:00 am



Raijin's Gekishin made it incredibly hard to land an attack on him. It was almost like trying to punch through water. Though it was possible it slowed the attack down, and the momentum behind it became slowed as well. The charging Martin was able to be slowed down, but it wasn't by much. The Rev Lieutenant dodged the punch by weaving to the side, and he met his punch with his own. The clashed fist and there was a burst of electricity as the blow of electro singed his fist. However he was immensely strong still and it didn't effect him.

He only had Major damage to his chest, but he was still able to put a hurting on someone. Raijin's fist snapped back as he didn't add his tremor to the attack. He assumed he would be to weak, to put up a strong punch. The stumbled back and his Gekishin fell apart when he lost his concentration. Another punch in the form of a hook came slamming into his ribs. He could feel cracking as he was lifted off his feet and also went skidding backwards into the ground.

Damn what a punch. Raijin was rocked. With a single punch he had knocked them wind from him. He was sure he cracked a rib on that punch. Martin didn't give up he marched his way to Raijin who had flown back a few meters from the punch. Raijin willed himself to get back up and fight. This time he needed to be quaked. He was far to strong to be exchanging punches with.

He sent out his Gekishin field again, slowing down Martins windup with an uppercut aiming to Johnny's stomach. The Lieutenant needed to land a solid hit to put him out of commission.

10[Bounty] Loose Ends Empty Re: [Bounty] Loose Ends on Sun Sep 30, 2018 11:04 pm



The Minkmen jumped backwards slightly avoiding the fist. It produced a wind from it that ruffled Raijin's entire body. That indicated that his punches were something to be feared. From the reports of how he dealt with guards who confronted him, he was incredibly strong. They said it seemed he was able to..smash them? Martin pulled his hands upwards and he balled them into a fist. Raijin sensing that is boded ill will for him. Raijin pulled back his right fist and punched out before Martin could step forward and strike him.

The air cracked once more, and Martin paused as he hit an invisible wall of pressure, the air vibrated and he was picked off his feet and was thrown backwards. Martin flew backwards about twenty yards, hit the ground hard and he rolled into some rubble. The shockwave blasted the rubble apart as well and it created a smoky explosion from the impact of it all.

The ground before him was destroyed and it left a v-shaped cone of destruction. A close range Kaishin was a deadly one. This would put him out of the fight once and for all. Raijin panted slightly as his breathing became labored. The pain in his abdomen was immense, he would be feeling that punch for a while. The smoke began to clear, and Raijin stepped forward to see Martin knocked out cold. His eyes had rolled into a the back of his head. The Lieutenant paused for a moment to hold on this small moment of victory before looking to see if his soldier was alright.

He seemed to be out cold as well. Just at that moment, he could hear someone approaching. The noise would have attracted people sooner or later. The first to the scene was one his cell soldier. He had returned with a contingent of guards. The Soldier had pointed towards Martin and could be heard yelling, "That's the kidnapper right there."

Raijin stepped away from Martin so that the guards could rush forward and detain him. The one that seemed to be the Captain stepped forward to congratulate him. "You've done us a great service by stopping this man. And by the looks of it, it wasn't easy. We give you our thanks. How can we ever repay you?"

"I heard he has a bounty on him. I'd like to collect that and we'll be on our my way." Raijin replied back to the captain. He could see from the corner of his eye the Rev solider rushing over to their other comrade was waking him up.

"You're right. Martin Dallas. He was making a ruckus, on our Kingdom for quite sometime. Come down the station. We'll clear that up for you to claim."

"My associate will seek to that, I have to help my friend get to back to our ship. We have our own doctor their. " Raijin lied. He had a bounty and even though it was low, he didn't wanna take the chance that he'd be noticed. So he'd send one of his soldiers who had no bounty yet in his stead.

"No problem sir." The Captain went ordered his men to close the area off and to bring Martin down to the station.

The Lieutenant walked over and took over helping his Soldier back up on his feet. He was a bit woozy but with some help he was able to stay up and walk a bit. Raijin whispered for the other Soldier to who had brought the children back to go back with the Captain and collect the bounty. They would be more welcoming to him as he was the one who returned with the children.

Raijin and the Soldier bid their farewells.


Three hours later

After struggling for two hours to make to a safe house, the two Rev's collapsed on to the floor when they got in. "That son of bitch was something else," soldier said.

"He certainly was. Can't believe he was that strong."

"I can't believe you have that type of power at your disposal."

"Trust me. I should have taken him down sooner. You shouldn't gotten hurt."

"Well you still got him. I'm fine with being alive. You have my thanks."

Just then the other soldier came into the safe house. "Sir, I have it." He held a large bag of beli in his hands. He gave it to Raijin as he weighed it in his hands. The heavy feel was all the weight of their accomplishment.

"Good job. We almost bit the dust on that one but we pulled through. We stopped a kidnapper and we got paid for it. No more will he be linked to us. Lets report back." Raijin said getting back up .

[The End-Exit]

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