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1Where is your Will? Empty Where is your Will? on Thu Sep 06, 2018 12:41 pm



Voyage Approval:

The time was nigh. Raijin held a monstrous feeling of excitement within himself. His events against fighting the fearless assassin Sendo was haunting him more than ever. The assassin was crafted for destruction since he was became a being. The man had described his personal displeasure with the existence of Raijin. Events spurred on by his father. And pushed to the brink by his mother.

It was through he that he found out that the reason that Sendo even came for his bounty and head, was because of his mother. Activating special attention to his bounty, even though it was low enough for passersby to ignore. It was his mother who recognized the threat he was and what he would become.

She had no idea. The potential within him magnified as he fought on behalf of the Revolutionary Army. They weren't for naught. He earned the trust and admiration of his peers and the citizens of Drum Island and on Lulusia. There was an attention brought to him by the man that raised him. Captain Romos still remained missing.

Reinforcements had finally arrived on Lulusia where they were losing ground in the Common Grounds and Greenie Pass. Though Rajin and his company defeated a few of the bandits, they were brought together to destroy and pillage the citizens of Lulusia.

After Sendo abandoned the leadership, a another brutal savage took over. His name was unknown but he went by a codename. Ravager. The Ravager was nothing compared to Sendo, whom ordered the bandits to make strategic hits on villages and the loss of life was kept at a minimum to not attract the forces of the Queen.

But the Queen did not care as much as she led on. She let the Ravager do as he pleased. An even worse blight than the Sendo did under the guise of Gonshiro.

Now they would be receiving the necessary help to go to war with the Ravager and the Wyverns. The Ravager had given a name to the bandits in hopes of solidarity and protection. Using the name to strike fear into the hearts of the people.

Raijin was in the war room waiting for the company to arrive. He was sitting at the table looking at the door. His patience was stern and he did not become nervous. Though he did wish this could proceed faster. Then he began to hear footsteps and voices coming down the hollow hallways.

They grew closer, and the door swung open. Two people came through the door. One Raijin recognized, onewas a younger leader of the Revolutionaries. He was tall for a human and had short brown hair that was . The grizzly man next to him, wore a long black jacket with a long tail.

He too was a familiar face. It was none other than Old Man Logan. Eyes bloodshot red as usual from all the cigar smoking, which one was hanging out of his mouth. He took a couple of puffs before pulling it out of his mouth and blowing the smoke away.

"Aye Johnny. Its time." Old Man Logan said.

2Where is your Will? Empty Re: Where is your Will? on Thu Sep 06, 2018 12:41 pm



Raijin knew what he meant. The disastrous mission attempt was heard all around the Kingdom, Sendo had spread news of their defeat. But Raijin had gotten his revenge, albeit unintentionally. Johnny went on covert operation to retrieve one of the most powerful and valuable items in the world. A Devil Fruit. Raijin had gone with the last remaining member of his old Captains cell, they were doing a wonderful job following their target to the ambush site. Everything was going according to plan, until they were ambushed by Sendo and Hugan. The deadly duo had gotten word of their operation. Which meant there was a mole.

They almost thwarted the entire operation and almost managed to kill them both. Unfortunately J.J was killed, meaning he had lost everyone in his original troop. Raijin got revenge finally after blowing Sendo's brains out of his head. But Hugan managed to put up a fiery explosion, also having the Holy Knights hone in on their position. Raijin couldn't risk it so he barely managed to escape. Now it was time to take out the trash, and eliminate the threat Sendo left behind.

Raijin got up and saluted to both persons. Captain Levy Lee had been sent with reinforcements. The fight for Lulusia was just beginning. They both nodded as they came over to the table. "We have word that a large group of bandits and Pirates alike have banded together. They are planning on massacring an entire village. Kako Town. Its one of the biggest towns in Greenie Pass. A small police force, but they are citizen militia. They will be slaughtered. We must wipe them off once and for all. Ravager needs to be killed or captured. But he must not escape this battle."

"We have scouts keeping an eye on them. But they aren't hiding their intentions. They want us to know they are attacking."

"They have about 30 bandits and pirates at their disposal. All of them armed with swords and a few rifles." Raijin said giving his intel on the situation. "They are terrible shots, and they aren't trained very well. They won't match up to us if we get there in time. "

Old Man Logan spoke this time, "This an important mission Raijin. Not only to protect the citizens from the wrath of Ravager. But wipe away the stain Sendo brought upon you and the Lulusia. This will be your test."

"I'm ready."

3Where is your Will? Empty Re: Where is your Will? on Thu Sep 06, 2018 2:54 pm



Raijin was part of the force that was about thirty people strong. A stark difference from when they were low on troops going against Sendo. They were outmanned, out gunned and they had no experience with that type of threat. Ravager was not a strategic as Sendo, but he was still very strong, and he prided his power on a show of strength. However there was something that was unaccounted for. The power that now resides in Raijin. No one knew that he had eaten a Devil Fruit, as the mission was covert. But the other reason was because someone gave them up, they were having problems with moles. This type of information could not be released so easily.

Raijin would root out the mole, kill him and whomever helped him. First things were first, the Ravager had to die. This wasn't the World Government's prerogative but now it was the Revolutionaries problem. They gathered weapons which were a few swords and guns. They weren't heavily armed but he was sure the bandits would not be as well.

The hideout was a cave in a mountain which allowed them to exit with a show of force than usual. Old Man Logan came along as well, armed with a double pistol guns and a sword. But he was there for backup leadership. This was Raijin's mission this time. Captain Levy was along with him and gave him command of the troops for the mission.

Kako Town was a long trek away, so they had left in the morning and a few hours later they were gaining ground on their destination. It was when they were close by that the town started to come into view, that Raijin paused the troops advances. He wanted to give a quick word before they headed into the town.

4Where is your Will? Empty Re: Where is your Will? on Mon Sep 17, 2018 10:52 am



"The Ravager is the last bit of hardened resistance brought to this land by Gonshiro. This is the last hoorah for him. Upon reaching the city remember the citizens must be protected at all cost. They have no way to defend against the bandits attacks. But they have us. Where the Queen abandoned them. They have us. Where the Marines wouldn't dare show their faces here. They have us. Now ready yourselves. We have a battle to win!"

The battle of Kako Town would commence shortly.

Old Man Logan pulled up next to him in the front of the vanguard. "There is no better way to teach you how to learn Haki, than the real thing." Logan said. They wanted to train him in its uses before. But Sendo's attempts on his life were a pressing matter that postponed this training.

"You must concentrate to find a power that even I do not possess. But we are sure you can. Johnny D. Raijin. You must overcome your limits. Not just for you. But for the Revolution and for the world. You will be at the center stage when the New Age comes to swallow the old age."

"I hope you're right Logan. I fear we're going to need such strength."

Raijin had seen Old Man Logan's Haki before. Armanent, able to harden parts of his body. But he had not seen the others as no one had awakened such powers before. Old Man Logan said that he was supposed to have a power more frightening than that. He would have to test his limits. Rajin looked across the land. Someone handed him a telescope. He peaked through it and he could see almost hundred miles West from the City. A large blotted mess could be seen. In front on top of a black stallion was a large man with an even larger brown beard. An Ax in his hands as he traveled with his vanguard.

Johnny and the Rev troops made their into the city. Telling people to go back into their homes, that an imminent threat was heading towards them. A small force would stay in the town to protect them less someone broke off from the main force. While Raijin took the rest to meet the Ravager outside the town. In order to save the town from damage and destruction. For Raijin was going to take them all out.

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5Where is your Will? Empty Re: Where is your Will? on Tue Sep 25, 2018 10:45 am



So about ten Rev soldiers were sent on another path to the town and to guard the place if anything were to happen. The rest of the group about another ten soldiers including the retired General and Captain Levy. That had been Levy's idea, to send some of their troops in the town to guard it. However that left them short against a fight with the Ravager. But Raijin felt that with his newfound powers that he would be able to level the playing field, literally. Most of the Revolutionaries did not know that he had powers nor the extent of them.

Johnny himself was still learning about the extent of his powers honing them as secretly as he could. For they had a mole within the organisation that was giving information to their enemies. Raijin was quick to find out after someone gave his location to a deadly assassin which was the cause of the current predicament. Then after going on a mission that only three people knew of. They were ambushed in the Emerald District of all places.

This was a trail leading to a possible mole. So after getting and eating the fruit, Raijin trained hard and diligently by himself. It was needed to grasp the immense power that came with it. So he would have to show everyone during their encounter against the Ravager. He had superior numbers and folks that had seen battle. Some of the Rev soldiers were green, meaning that had not seen any type of action.

This would have to be a fight only the supernatural could win. Raijin hoped to unlock the power that Logan said that was within him. It was different from Armanent which he had seen Logan use some years ago. Perhaps his age kept him for using it again.

The group marched on a different path that would headline them to the open field area. Which was where the Ravager and his force of bandits and Pirates. That way they would have plenty of space to actually fight. And Raijin would finally be able to show the true extent of his powers.

6Where is your Will? Empty Re: Where is your Will? on Tue Sep 25, 2018 11:33 am



The Ravager could see them coming now. He licked his crusty ass lips and began to smile. Everything was according to plan. The notice that the Ravager and his gang would be attacking Kako Town was received seriously. His predecessor had established a great connection with a few resourceful people, which allowed him to operate as he wanted. Not as subtle as Sendo, but the powers given to him allowed him to wreak havoc wherever he wanted.

The burden of dealing with the Revolutionaries was left to him however. They seemed to appear and thwart his plans at every turn. But the Ravager heard word from a bird...about a particular Minkmen. The one who killed Sendo supposedly. His bird was especially in the know, as he had all types of information that could lead to his victory. Now with the Revs only being a mile away or so, would he use this information. It wouldn't bode very well for Raijin.


The bandit force had stopped marching on Kako town to seemingly wait for the Rev's to encounter them. Which was fine by Raijin. They aren't leading the fight into the town. Possibly to save the spoils from being destroyed by the ensuing battle to take place.

They came within shouting distance of the two forces. They were certainly many of them. But they seemed weak and insignificant to the Ravager. And even he, who was built for this type of lifestyle. Did not compare in strength and or character like Sendo. He was a fake taking credit for another mans work. Which was worse than what Sendo had orchestrated in the first place.

"Turn back around Ravager. Leave these villagers."

The Ravager was armored with some armor that resembled one of the Holy Knights. Probably killed and stolen off of one, for it was painted completely black. He a large one handed ax his back and he looked displeased.

"The villagers. Why are you so worried about them...Raijin?" The Ravager said with a deadly smile on his face.

Alarms started to go off in his head as he was realizing that this was another setup. For Ravager had known his name, which was the problem they had encountered the last few months. All of their plans were thwarted one way or the other.

That was when he heard a gun cock behind him. "You always had to make things the hard way. Johnny."

7Where is your Will? Empty Re: Where is your Will? on Mon Nov 12, 2018 3:27 pm



That was thrice. Three times that he had been given up in one way or the other. This seemed it would be his last time being betrayed. Since he finally found the person who was the mole. Captain Levy was the culprit behind everything, Gonshiro who was actually Sendo. How the assassins found him in the Emerald City of all places. The deliberate set up of the bandits all orchestrating a brazen attack on Kako town.

It was all lies basically. He could hear a few more unsheathing of weapons behind him, as Captain Levy had turned most of the crew against them. There were ten of them not including Old Man Logan and Raijin. Apparently Logan had nothing to do with this as they had their weapons trained on him as well.

The look on his face spelled untold rage. "Levy! What the hell are you doing?" There seemed to be no rhyme or reason for this boldface betrayal.

"What have you done?" Johnny asked through gritted teeth staring ahead not moving a muscle. He could see the Ravager enjoying this moment. He began to emit a small tremor field that was able to cover both himself and Old man Logan unbeknownst to their aggressors. He had to keep them occupied only shortly. Captain Levy did not know that he ate the fruit and what power it had inside. But he knew of the location as he was the one who asked to co-head the project.

"I've worked with your mother for years Raijin." This actually threw Raijin off, he hadn't expected such a blunt answer. "She is pretty important in the World Government. So much in fact that she sent us to infiltrate this small gig you got going on in Lulusia. Not to help the Queen. Not to raze the ground for any Revolutionaries. No...just for you."

"I just couldn't figure out why she wanted to test you in such extreme manners. She literally hired me bring Sendo and Hugan here to kill you. She said you'd be able to survive the encounter, and if you did not. You were to weak anyways. Somehow, someway, you escaped them. And even the Holy Knight's. It pisses me off. I've been here long enough on this godforsaken island. It's time for me to get the job done for her finally. Any last words for her? I'll put in a good word." Levy said with a dangerous smile playing on his face.

8Where is your Will? Empty Re: Where is your Will? on Wed Nov 14, 2018 2:29 pm



They were severely outnumbered. Raijin had one trick up his sleeve, but he needed to stall a few moments before he could prepare it. He had an idea. "Then why attack the town? What do they have to do with this?" Fair questions, as they had prepared a vanguard to protect it, they were still in the town.

"Nothing. We were never planning to attack Kako town." Levy answered with glee.

The Ravager pulled his axe from his back as he added to the conversation now. "You killed Sendo. He was our leader before me. Gave us untold resources that us bandits could never get our hands on. Military grade weapons, all of that went out the window. His contacts. The money. Gone. All because of you. Kako town was never our target, it was you." Ravager said stepping forward

"It looks like you've been pissing off a lot of powerful people Raijin. Now your going to get people killed for it. Shame." Levy raised the gun to the tiger mink's face. Finger resting lightly on the trigger but it was tightening.

Raijin's field was already up, but these stressing moments right before life and death were causing him his blood to boil. All of this because his mother had concocted a plan to make his life miserable. Why would she test him to the point of death? There was so many questions and it seemed he would never get the answers.

"Time to die Raijin." The Captain fired his gun only a few meters away from Raijin. The bullet didn't get very far before it stopped in mid-air and dropped to the ground. There was a slightly delay as everyone tried to figure out why Raijin was still standing and the bullet went nowhere. All of a sudden, the entire events of disappearance of his original Captain. Finding out Gonshiro was actually Sendo a deadly assassin, and that he was after him. Captain Levy's betrayal. It was to much.

"AAaaaaahahh!" Raijin let out a roar that was so loud and so powerful. It had a strange weight to it. There was a blast of concussive invisible force that began to spread out quickly from Raijin. At first glance it seemed to be his Gura Gura powers, however that was not the case. Almost like a dome, it spread out to encompass everyone in the area including Old Man Logan.

After the wave passed by, everyone began to stir and get dizzy. Levy dropped his gun and fell to the ground unconscious. Mostly began to fall like dominoes over each other. Raijin wasn't exactly sure what happened. However it was the Ravager who took the full brunt and stumbled backwards and was effected. Though the man did not fall, his hand on his awe his expression turned from smug to unbridled rage. He surveyed the instant knockout of everyone within ten meters. There was only five of his bandits in the back that were left standing.

The Captain's Rev group was also knocked out. "What the hell did you do!" The Ravager bellowed hoisting his weapon up to attack Raijin.

9Where is your Will? Empty Re: Where is your Will? on Wed Nov 14, 2018 3:10 pm



Johnny was almost as surprised as the Ravager was. He had been trying to conduct a way to use his powers without hurting Old Man Logan. But unfortunately he was laid out on the ground as well. But he only seemed to be knocked out, just like the others. His power would have caused more damage than what happened to him. This must have been the power of his Haki. But he had no time for thinking.

He quickly grabbed his Bisento from his back, and used it to guard himself from the Ravager's vicious attack. He was definitely strong just from a single chop. Raijin had to be careful not use his powers in such a way that he could harm Logan. Which meant he had to fight the Ravager and his men back. Opening ten meters of space, his power was extremely widespread and dangerous.

Which would prove harder then it looked. The other bandits began to see their leader still standing, and attacking the Rev Lieutenant. They pulled their weapons out, and were a little hesitant to charge forward after seeing their own knocked out from an invisible force. But they too began to look for an opening to attack.

Raijin with his fight with Ravager, he blocked his overheaded strike and pushed the ax forcibly back. Though it did not work as he continued attacking. That plan failing Raijin tried another tactic. He begun to field attacks, trying to maneuver them away from the range of his Gura Gura attacks and also not allow them to completely surround him. Though this was proving impossible. So much open space even with a retreating Raijin, he was going too be killed if he didn't enact his plan soon.

10Where is your Will? Empty Re: Where is your Will? on Thu Nov 15, 2018 3:42 pm



"I don't know what you did but you won't get away from me bastard!" The Ravager yelled while pressing his attack on Raijin. He was indeed very skilled with the ax. Swinging to cleave the tiger minks legs, Johnny stabbed the metal end of the weapon into the ground and the ax smashed against it. The large ax clashed with some force and it pushed back. The bandits were all looking for an opportunity to attack him.

But the Ravager was swinging so wildly and so powerfully that they couldn't find one. Raijin could not press the attack. He was not a swordsman of this caliber. He to had to find an opening. Though that plan was shot, the moment he got it. It was said to Johnny once when he was with his brother. "Everyone has a plan till they get hit."

The Ravager fed up with Raijin's defense, tried a clever move on him. He jumped backwards distancing himself for a few meters, then he grabbed the large ax with both hands. Bending backwards he then snapped forward and threw the weapon at Raijin. The tiger mink did not see that coming, quickly hoisting a blade up. He was lucky enough to put hit bisento up to protect himself. But the weird throw actually was able hit the Bisento and clip Raijin on the shoulder as well. Blood instantly spewed from it.

The gash was not deep but it did cause Raijin more than his fair share of considerable pain. However the Ravager was not done, it was used to distract him. Now that Raijin's stance was weakened, the ax fell to the ground and so did his defense. His right shoulder was now damaged, and he could not properly bring his weapon up to stop the Ravager from tackling him to the ground. Johnny dropped his weapon to the ground, and the bandit leader began to punch him in the face repeatedly. The first punch really dazed him, but the next few were just knocking him around.

He was getting his ass kicked. The bandits were closing in on him, there wasn't a way to get out of this he was dead to rights. Maybe he should give up. What was the point of living anymore. He had been betrayed more times then he could count. Each punch was ravaging his snout, his beautiful white fur was now getting tarnished with his own blood.

The Ravager paused for a second, but not of mercy. But to finish him. "Give me my ax!" He yelled at one of the bandits, they jumped in fear but hurried over to grab his weapon. Giving it to him, he pulled his weapon back once again. Through the blood in his eyes he was able to see him arch back with enough power to cleave him into. No last words. Raijin could not die today. From the position he was in, it was fine for him to use his powers. Now it was his turn to attack.

11Where is your Will? Empty Re: Where is your Will? on Mon Nov 19, 2018 10:54 am



The Ravager stood up, heaving his large two handed ax high into the air. Raijin through his bloody blurred vision was able to notice the final blow about to be dealt. At the angle he was at, Raijin would not endanger the life Old Man Logan, though he was going to feel something that would rock his world. Johnny clenched his fist and concentrated his Devil Fruit power to unleash a devastating blast of his tremor. He punched the air in front of him, an audible crack could be heard and seen a few inches away from the Ravager.

The air turned into turbulence as a shockwave spread out as if it was cone. It was still wide enough that it also encased a few of the bandits that were behind him. However it was Ravager who took the brunt of it. He was lifted off of his feet as a force beyond his scope, ironically ravaged his body. Breaking his body, he was unable to resist the power of the Gura Gura. The Ravager flew through the air for a whooping thirty meters and the three bandits behind him where thrown and hit by the force as well.

The ground shook only slightly as the tremor could be felt slightly from his body. Raijin struggled to get back up using his Bisento as a cane of sorts. There was two more bandits who had just witnessed. The power of Raijin. Baffled looks as it was now apparent he was behind the destruction of the forces with his strange powers. Raijin gave them a tired look, but still grabbed his Bisento and held it to his side. Ready to keep fighting. Though they didn't seem particularly brave, they steeled themselves to fight a weakned Raijin. Apparently they would suffer a worst fate if they were to turn tail and run.

Better fall to him then to the other bandits.


Name: Kaishin [Expert Skill]
Description: Raijin visibly "cracks" the air with a punch and sends devastating shock waves through the air in the direction it is facing. (Long Range) The shockwaves spreads out in front of him like a cone. The waves start off at ten meters wide, then it spreads covering a fifty meter radius. (Short range) There is even larger crack in the air as the shockwaves are smaller but more precise with quaking a specific person or object. These shock waves can pass through and damage almost any substance, tearing it apart. If the shock waves are directed into the ground, the result is a devastating earthquake capable of generating huge tsunamis. Because of its enormous offensive power and great speed, this attack makes for a solid defense, destroying or disrupting any attack before it hits Raijin
Range: 0m-20m (Short Range) 20m-50m (Long Range)
Attribute: Strength- 3 [ Short Range +1]
Rank: Intermediate

12Where is your Will? Empty Re: Where is your Will? on Mon Nov 19, 2018 3:16 pm



Raijin could hear groaning coming from where Ravager landed, much further away from the rest of the bodies. The powerful roar he had let out before seemed to knock those around him out. But it looked like they were coming too. It was Old Man Logan who seemed to be the first one to awake, though everyone was confused as to why they were out cold. Logan was not. He knew exactly what happened, and knew that he had to get up and help before they all died.

The bandits began to attack Raijin. He was already tired, but his Devil Fruit ability was still with him. A tremor field began to emit from the furry body of the white tiger mink. He could only swing with one hand as his other was injured with a major wound on his shoulder. Both of them armed with swords, they charged forward with useless cries. As soon as they entered his field, the two began to slow down a bit. They weren't moving very fast anyways, and they stood still. Raijin used this pause to skip forward and with one hand, swing the mighty Bisento.

Luckily they were standing next to each other, and his large bladed tip found its home. It cut across ones chest and the other found itself lodged in the rib cage by his Bisento. Incredulous looks were given as both of them died to his charged swings. He dropped the Bisento to the ground after that and tried to catch his breath. But in the distance, he could see Ravager stirring to his feet. Not this guy again. That ass whooping he was given earlier took a toll out on him.

If he was fighting him alone he would stand no chance. However he was outmanned, but they were outgunned ironically. But at the same time Logan got back to his feet quicker than the others. He reached over and grabbed one of the rifles next to him and held it pointed at Ravager. "You all won't be going very far now. Raijin, call the other soldiers in the town. We need help arresting these fools. You resist, you die."

Johnny was relieved that Logan bailed him out of this one. However there was no need to go for them. In the distance he could see the cloaked group coming towards them. It turns out Raijin's loud and tremor could be seen cracking the air even from the village. As they rounded to them one of them said, "We saw something crazy in the sky...what happen here?"

By this time the rest of the people knocked out by Raijin's cry were waking up, albeit with incredible migraines. Captain Levy was awake with a better expression. "Betrayal at the highest order, concocted by this man-" Raijin said walking forward and punching the man square in the jaw. Almost knocking him out again.

"We need to return to our hideouts. Our base is no longer safe. But we have apprehended the mole. I'll report to HQ." With the Raijin and Logan rounded up the betrayers to be arrested and the Ravager as well.

The End (Exit)

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