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1 Behind The Scenes on Tue Sep 04, 2018 9:14 am

Phoebe Dabria

Gran Voyage Type: Story
Gran Voyage Name: Behind the Scenes
Gran Voyage Location: Lulsilia
Level: 1
Gran Voyage Description: After being a witness to a strange situation Phoebe Dabria finds herself dedicated to a conflict on behalf of a young innocent family that seems to be in the way of Progress.
Drastic actions would be taken on both sides, a behind the scenes conflict would take place echoing into the day. The Queen would give the order to have the Family assassinated. Phoebe will stop it and then thug on the thread that was woven leading her to the Queen. At this point, the exposure and removal of the Queen would become Phoebe's objective.

Witnessing get a strange event - with a corrupted criminal nature of a representation of authority where a young family is attacked
Phoebe will get involved on the family behalf
Orders from above will have a group of assassins hunt down the family in which Phoebe will fight
Due to being outnumbered she is forced to take drastic actions
After losing her first group the Queen must take her own actions, revealing to Phoebe her true nature
The hidden war between the Queen and Pheobe will continue
Phoebe objective is to either kill the Queen or Reveal her true nature to the people of Lulsilia.

NPCing: None

It was a dark evening today with very little to light the streets; the candles were dimmed, the moon was blocked as black clouds transversed across the night. It was like a thick black blanket covering the world below which was even more black due to the world seemly going to sleep, totally lifeless. it was a strange vibe as not even a tavern remained open and those who dared to travel through the streets would do so with a essence of terror flowing through their bones as their feet carried them with haste to their destinations. It was if this day the 2nd of the month had something about it. The atmosphere throughout was imposingly dusky and silent with a chill of isolation that would infiltrate the bravest of spines and everyone would know on this day, if you got into trouble no one, and absolutely no one was coming to help you and thus the population often remained in doors. No one knew where the fog came from, what its purpose was. It often resulted in something evil happening in town and each time no witness were present. This eray night was like every other and a group of strangers had wandered into town as their footsteps echoed throughout the town causing with a weight that would shake the area around, this gave those hiding the impression of monsters had come. The monsters had come.

Phoebe had missed her taverns early closing time and thus was stranded outside, nor did she know of the rumours or what was even afoot that night, as she sat on top the tavern roof with her back resting against the tavern's chimbley. For some reason she was out of the fogs grasps as it seemed to specifically flood the streets but no higher than the 2 story buildings around the common’s district. Her eyes were closed as she was feeling the natural effects of being tired, however, Phoebe didn't want to fall asleep outside and as such was simply relaxing her eyes as she relaxed taking a deep breath. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” A somewhat loud scream echoed from the streets below a young girl was attempting to run, she was running down a dark alley before she turned to the main street jumping across a barrel before continuing to sprint. Two men in black clocks chased her with thunder in their steps “You will not get away, little one”. She knocks a chair over in an attempt to delay her pursuers, they simply jump the char. “Nice try, oh ripping you to shreds will be exciting”. There was tears already flowing down her face as she attempted to be strong and escape, however, they were not falling for her own sake but for that of her family. At the end of the dark and isolde ally that she had appeared from was a clearing one paved with stoned gravel, with high stone walls surrounding its circumference preventing any windows from offering a glimpse into its activities. In its center was the foundations of a dazzling fountain however it’s beautiful nature was corroded by that of dark green overground plantlife, purple moss and green/blue mushrooms.

Within this space was a merchant family who had recently had thrived quite well was tied to stone chairs with 10 men standing before them in uniform, black and red uniforms armed with scythes. On the ground their layed one man dead also in uniform, his head had been removed from his body with his blood slowly pouring out on the ground. It was a truly surreal scene that remained as the 10 men kicked each member of the merchants family, a 5 year old boy, a 48 year old grand father, a mother, a husband of 38 and 18 year old boy who had a bullet through his right shoulder. *Bang* *Bang*. Two bullets would pierce through each of their left ankles causing them to stumble and fall face first into the ground, the young girl stopped running and turned as confusion rattled through her mind “Whos there” The young girl would walk back towards the way in which she fled, the two men on the ground would return to their feet fighting through the pain “What did you do you little wrench” “Hurry up and just Die, we will make it quick you brat” “Nah slow and painful” “Ight” “Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww” *Bang* *Bang* *Bang* *Bang*. Each man would have two bullets break through the back of their skulls killing them instantly. The sound of light feet walking through the streets would begin to echo towards the little girl as the silhouette of a woman approached. The girl was scared but her gut was telling her this was her only hope, someone crazy enough to help on this day, and skillful enough to drop these two so easily not to mention how she attempted to show mercy initially, her brains logic kept providing reasons not to run despite being terrified of nearly everything around herself. “Man, what a waste of bullets” Phoebe would push each of the two mens corp to the side before taking a knee and placing her hand on the young girls shoulder. “It’s okay, let's get you home” The young girl would slap Pheobe hand away pushing her will onto that of Phoebe expression as she was splashed with confusion “We must help my family their going be killed please help me” The young girl would say as she battled her fears. Phoebe would smirk “Alrighty then little brave let's save your family.

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