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31Unlocking deep potential! - Page 3 Empty Re: Unlocking deep potential! on Tue Sep 11, 2018 7:25 pm

Soundless Void


Soundless Void
"How nice of you two to join me!" Would be the only thing Mashyuu said before he had to refocus on the enemies currently on his tail, Perila and Tyrian didn't exactly have time to speak either as they were surrounded by seven marine's carrying swords and rifle's, Perila took her right hand and reached for her Reiketsu blade slightly lifting it up away from the hilt with her thumb, however from the corner of her eye she noticed that Tyrian was shaking, whatever happened to him during his time here it seemed to have taken a  toll on him, Perila couldn't fight and worry about her friend so she began to whisper into his ear while still facing forward, "Tyrian, when I engage them I want you to run away towards the exit." Tyrian curled an eyebrow at Perila's words but he himself knew he was in no condition to fight, "And what about you?" Perila whispered back, "I'll be fine, just get out of here, I'll find you once we're done here."

From her northwest, left, and upper side the riflemen started to place their fingers slowly on the triggers of their guns through the small gap each man provided while the other four men lifted their blade's and had there eye's alerted while starting to take single steps forward furthering the small amount of space left between them and the duo. It wouldn't be until she saw the riflemen on her left side truly began to press down on his finger did she make a movement as  her immediate action was to hug Tyrian as she wrapped her left wing around them covering it in a glossy sheen of haki that caused his bullet and the two other rifle bullets that were shot at her to deflect randomly while some men broke formation in an attempt to not get hit, "Now!" Perila yelled at Tyrian who now without all the muscle to weight him down was able to move with a new level of swiftness and bolted away towards the exit, Perila intent on aiding his escape used her haki enchanted wing while lowering herself as she spun quickly around knocking three of the men who had rebounded and got close off their feet while her tip sliced along the ground before she flicked her wing upwards causing the dirt to rise and obscure the vision of the closest marine's near her as well as providing cover for her movements

With the few Marines around her coughing and rubbing their eyes because of the dirt in the air, Perila took the opportunity to turn herself into thin airy smoke and mix herself into the dirt in the air leaving her blade behind, she then relocated her position from the center to the crowd to the back of the sniper on her previous upper side, while reforming herself she used her right arm forming an elbow as she thrust it into the small of the snipers back with her other hand forcing him to step forward as his back bent slightly back, she then used her right wing and swiped the sniper off his feet.

Suddenly Perila felt a hot flash of pain as a bullet grazed her left arm and she followed the position of the trajectory to see it was from the sniper that had been to her left previously still coughing but holding the rifle in his hand as he looked at her through teary eyes, Perila scooped up the rifle from the sniper who was beginning to get up, and whacked directly on the skull with it knocking them out before standing onto her feet and with a step forward throw the rifle with all her strength at the snipers head as well while their eyesight was still struggling to come back which resulted in them being hit so hard they fell to the floor unconscious as well.

The previous dirt that had been in the air had cleared out but most of the men but one squinted as they tried to fully recover their eyesight, as the only men who had full vision at the moment he decided to  take charge and  rushed into her attempting a wild left to right horizontal swing of his blade only to be shocked by his blade going straight through her smoky form as she spun around while moving her haki from her wing to her fist as she delivered a backhanded fist into the marine's temple that was immediately followed up by her grabbing the male's neck as she pushed him closer while at the same time raising her left leg thrusting it into his chest and then used her free hand to disarm the blade from his hand and take it into hers, she let the male go as she spun the katana in her hand as the four men left to oppose her fully recovered and surrounded her in a semi-circle.


Arnament Haki -2 Haki Stamina

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32Unlocking deep potential! - Page 3 Empty Re: Unlocking deep potential! on Wed Sep 12, 2018 2:54 pm


Hover over the image below!


What's This: N/A
Current Haki Stamina:  Armament 7/10
Plotter Link:(Click the black space)Plot Info
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WC Requirement: 00,000
Comments, Concerns, Etc.: I might put all my spoilers here

The brawling Marine started to chuckle and twist his neck till it popped. Slowly he stalked around Mashyuu and twisted his body to face the Pirate again. The duo squared up, the Marine's shoulders raising and fists coming up while Mashyuu surged his whip blade with magnetic power causing it to line up into a solid sword. The Marine lifted his brow at the sight of the weapon becoming a full broadsword and then glanced back to Mashyuu. "Full of surprises! They won't help you!" He shouted and lunged at the Skypiean. In his own mind, it was time for Mashyuu to finish the man and let his haki travel to the sword in his left hand while at the same time closing the distance between them by soaring straight at the marine like a bullet. The duo met in the middle, Mashyuu let the marine drive both fists into the Pirate's chest. The impact drove air out of Mashyuu's body, leaving fist sized bruises on him but it didn't slow him down. Mashyuu flew up, slashing and dragging his two weapons up the man's arms and shoulders, then came up and dropped down, bringing his morning star down on the marine's head, and the haki infused blade on the curve of the man's neck that met with his shoulder. "SKYFALL!" He called out as he landed, dropping the now dead marine in one shot. With a yank he tugged the morning star out of the marine's neck and let his blade take on its whip form once again. A quick flourish had the whip blade wrapped around the Pirate's waist like a belt and the morning star hanging from his hip under the black jacket he wore.

Mashyuu didn't take much time to make sure Perila was okay, finding that he trusted her more and more every time they fought side by side. The base still needed to be taken down, he could do that while Perila finished taking marine's out. Quickly he rushed to the tents to see what was in each one. The first two he came to were empty aside from some cots for sleeping. However the third, the one where the marine's were questioning Tyrian also held a large wooden crate nailed shut with a danger sign painted across it. Mashyuu yanked his arm up, pulling the nails free with a wave of magnetic force. His other hand tossed the lid away. Nestled inside the crate was lots of packing paper and sticks of dynamite. A wide almost evil smile spread over his face as he looked back at the flaps of the tent. Quickly he scooped up all the dynamite and ran back to the other tents, ripping up pillow cases to make strips of cloth while Perila continued to fight.

He made four sets of three sticks of explosives and flew out of the tent with a lighter in one hand, the explosive wraps in another arm. "Perila, get out!" Mashyuu shouted from above and flicked the lighter open, causing a small flame to flicker from its spout. A moment passed before a hiss filled the air and Mashyuu had the first wrap of explosives lit at the fuse twisted together. He tossed the bundle towards the corner of two walls and then lit the next bundle. Soon each corner of the fortress had a bundle of explosives near or nestled against it. Since perila didn't take his sunglasses, Mashyuu placed them on over his eyes and mask and watched as the explosives went off, blowing massive holes in the wooden walls, and the grassy floor one after the other. As the smoke and debris cleared, a heavy wind blew through the forest, knocking the base in on itself after the walls had been weakened or outright destroyed by the blasts.

Rejoining Perila, Mashyuu gave her a fist bump. "looks like your friend made it out okay, we can meet up with him back at the ship. But we should get going." He suggested, sure that someone would have noticed the blast. Mashyuu turned towards the ship and took off mid air to return home and start planning the crew's next move. It was soon going to be time to leave, and Mashyuu had come a long way since arriving on Jordsand.


©️ Coding done by Hero Yamamoto

33Unlocking deep potential! - Page 3 Empty Re: Unlocking deep potential! on Sun Sep 16, 2018 5:08 pm

Soundless Void


Soundless Void
Perila took a deep breath as the four marine soldiers in front of her fixed their footing positions ever so slightly as sweat dripped from both them and Perila but when one man began to yell as if revving himself up for his attack, Perila immediately  dashed forward at her max speed closing the distance between them while positioning herself in the center, right as she reached a meter and a half she jumped upwards into the air doing a front flip while at the same time twisting her hips as she quickly swung her arm forward in a horizontal angle through the male's neck as she passed him.  

Perila then landed on her feet as the twist of her hips naturally flowed allowing her to land facing towards the men except for this time from behind, although it took a few seconds her strike eventually took effect as the male's neck she cut started to erupt with blood as the male had been breathing rather hard, even for Perila she must admit that it was a rather gruesome scene but more so for the marine's as when their male partner started to gush blood as he fell to his knees quickly passing their skins turned a pale color compared to before as it was followed by an eruption of three harmonious screams as their comrade's blood soon found itself sprinkling along their clothes as well, but more so then that it was fear of that they were soon to meet the same gruesome fate.

"Perila, get out!" Perila would here from upwards in the sky to see Mashyuu drop something just in time, It had seemed that the marines even notice as two immediately started screaming as they ran as fast as they can to get out while one remained, it was clear to Perila that he had been shocked to the point of being frozen stiff as he was barely moving an inch, Perila looked up at the mini bomb Mashyuu had dropped that was still coming and then looked back at the marine, Despite her new obsession with taking down the World Government Perila was above all else, still a human being of sorts and letting someone die right in front of her was beyond her, but even more then that from the marine's eyes she saw a shred of her former self upon the day she was to be executed, someone who regretted their choices for all the wrong reasons, but unlike before it was she who was the executioner, but Perila didn't want that, at least not for him.

So despite all odds, Perila used her raw strength to throw the boy over her shoulder and immediately ran for her actual blade quickly attaching it to its scabbard on her hips before spreading her wings as she bent her knees and blasted off into the air as the first dynamite hit, while Mashyuu kept tossing them down Perila was at conflict with herself, on one end she saved someone's life but on the other end she saved the life of an organization that wants her dead and keeps coming after the people she cares about. When Perila got up towards Mashyuu holding the marine in her arms there wasn't much to say about the situation although Perila felt like he was disappointed, he informed her that Tyrian was safe and would meet us back on the ship and it was time to go, Perila simply nodded as she let the marine down onto the forest floor away from the wreckage of the old base as she and Mashyuu flew back to the Phantom Raider's pirate ship.


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