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16Incoming Storm: Part II - Page 2 Empty Re: Incoming Storm: Part II on Sat Sep 01, 2018 5:50 am


Moments after Fiora informed him of the time Lee came back to also inform him that the saloon bar had two alleyways that met with only one other exit, Captain, the two alleyways meet behind the saloon bar, with only one other exit available. As if to make an example of her and  of just how his mind works he begun to explain to Lee  and the following man while she was still working that the reason he didn't help was that if they were spotted her working looked more natural then his fine dress suit was, although it made sense Fiora still thought he was just an ass. A few minutes after Fiora finished with her duty of blocking the exit she regrouped with Lee and Captain, the man dusted off his hands as if he did any work at all which made Fiora pissed but she kept in her temper as it was not the time to be messing around, now that they had set up the area they began to talk strategy restating that there is only one other way into the alley, Captain stated that he was going to get up on the roof and stick to cover and act as the groups sniper while Lee was to go to the other entrance and seal the exit so nobody could escape.

He then restated that nobody was to be killed and that he wanted to question them before we brought them in, to her surprise he told Fiora she did a good job and her immediate response was, "Wow, I feel so humbled!" In a very sarcastic voice while her face held a blank expression, with her sarcastic remark out the way he began to explain to her that he wanted her to wait for the actual trade to start before taking any action, he however wanted her to announce that she was a marine and try and get them to surrender, he again advised her not to kill anyone and that nobody was to pass her or Lee, Fiora thought it was really stupid and she just gave the Captain that withering look for his stupidity as doing that meant they would lose the element of surprise, but alas he was the "Captain" and orders were orders.  

With the plan set in motion, Captain entered the saloon where he would set himself up to snipe from a distance while Lee would go to his area as well, Fiora decided to look around the area and find herself a spot where she could observe from above and it didn't take long for her to find what she was looking for, a crane with a wrecking ball positioned right in the center of everything on the opposite side of the saloon but still within the perimeter of the area which was a good thing as Fiora would be taking attention away from Captain. Fiora immediately went to the machine and hopped inside where she found the  control lever that was downward and a long metal chain that made her smile, she immediately grabbed the long metal chain and wrapped it around the control lever tightly and then proceeded to she use her elbow and smashed the front window of the machine and cleared the rest of the glass away and climbed out and then climbed upward as far as the chain would allow to go and begun to wait while she held on to the tower and the other hand being wrapped around the chain.

After some time had passed Fiora could now hear the shuffling of feet approaching and was soon meant with the faces of twelve men walking into the alley with all of them dressed in fine black suits carrying rather large suitcases that made them all stand out and she guessed  the twelve  we're the revolutionaries as they fanned out a little  to fill any major gaps, not long after a group of five huddled together carrying suitcases  A small group of Pirates tallying up to five in total entered the alley on the opposite side and stayed huddled together, two in the back carried large suitcases that Fiora had to guess was the money or some type of payment for the revolutionary goods. Now with everyone present, they begun to talk about the trade and then ultimately agreed that one man from each side would open a single case to display that no tricks were being used.

Fiora wanting to make sure all of this was for nothing also waited for each group to open their boxes, with the revolutionaries having the larger force the pirates went first to show good faith opening their box to reveal quite a lot of beli, the revolutionary group smiled and opened their box showing quite a bit of medical supplies. Now that Fiora was assured this wasn't a setup on either part she put two fingers in her mouth and whistled loudly alerting both groups of her presence although they didn't know her exact location, "This is the World Government Marine forces and you are hereby under arrest, surrender peacefully and you may get amnesty for a reduced sentence." One of the present located her and pointed her out to the others and six-man pulled out different types of ranged weaponry while the rest pulled out a few other different close combat weapons, one of them stepped forward beginning to talk on the behalf of all of them, "There's no one alive who would just willingly surrender to marine's, especially a single one! You better get down there and surrender unless you want to die."

Fiora taking that as a no for the surrender simply shrugged while in the cover of darkness, "So beat it." With a tight tug of her arm that was wrapped around the chain inside the machine, the lever was pulled upwards causing the wrecking ball to get loose and begin to drop on the center of the group, wanting to avoid being killed mostly everyone panicked and dived out of the way while during that time Fiora jumped on the chain connected to the giant iron ball and used it as a pole to slide down onto the group before ultimately jumping off of it and landing close to one of the gunners.

With the force she was dealing with it would be hard to fight them all at once and with Captains annoying orders of no casualties or at least leaving one from each side rumbling inside her head Fiora took a different course of action, as the gunner she was behind turned around she kicked him just below his kneecap where there was no hardness protecting it causing his legs to forcibly bend, with quick movement she turned him around and took a tight grip of his gun arm and placed a finger over his own, controlling the movements Fiora pointed at another gunner shooting him in his leg and then his gun hand to disarm him which also made the groups shoot at the guy she was controlling and using as a body shield, but as the guy was getting shot she repeated the process two more times before grabbing the gun forcibly and throwing it into the water and then proceeded to kick the now dead man into the group with all her strength like a ragdoll causing a couple of men to tumble leaving one man dead and 3 more injured and disarmed for the moment as they layed on the ground crippling in pain.

17Incoming Storm: Part II - Page 2 Empty Re: Incoming Storm: Part II on Mon Sep 03, 2018 4:17 am



Shooter seemed a fun individual, although definitely not someone Lee would look at and view as a captain straight away. He commented on not moving any of the crates while making Fiora, stating that a fishman would be less conspicuous, for once in their lives no doubt, working as a dock hand compared to anyone else, especially given that both Lee and Shooter were lean individuals, while the dock workers were much larger. Perhaps it took longer but Fiora still finished her task in good time, allowing the Captain time to assign roles for the upcoming operation. He would be on the roof, watching from above at the deal that was to happen; Lee was to hide in the other alleyway, avoiding detection but making sure their enemies' path was blocked off when the time came. And Fiora was the initiator, who would wait until the meeting started and then announce her presence, giving the pirates and revolutionaries both a chance to surrender if they so wished. Afterwards, a fight would likely ensue, but they were all prepared for that should they need to, and it wouldn't be too difficult since they'd be surrounded with only one chance of escaping alive: in the custody of the Marines.

Having no questions himself, Lee simply nodded and made his way towards his location, walking up the right alleyway before taking another right into the alternative exit that he was to block off. With this blocked off, and the left saloon entrance blocked thanks to Fiora, there would be one way to enter, and one way to leave. A perfect bottleneck strategy, provided it went to plan. As Lee entered his alleyway, he noticed a large dumpster, potentially the one used by the saloon bar itself, and he formulated his plan. The dumpster would be large enough to block the exit when required if Lee turned it, and turning it wouldn't be too difficult. Until then he simply had to hide behind it and wait, the waiting definitely being the worst part of the ambush. There was nothing to do but sit and contemplate, waiting for the deal to start, for Fiora to act, and for the battle to commence.

Eventually, they all arrived. Peering over the dumpster, making sure he wouldn't be detected, Lee saw what looked like twelve revolutionaries and five pirates, the former with many large cases -no doubt for storing munitions- and the latter with only two suitcases, no doubt storing the money to purchase said munitions. As soon as they started talking, Lee began to count, "1...2...3...4..."

From seemingly nowhere, he heard the familiar voice of Fiora, announcing that the Marines were here, and everyone had only one chance to surrender. Of course, once they located her they all pulled out their own guns and swords, readying themselves to fight


before one of them, speaking for the entire group, basically said no. It was disappointing, but to be expected of course, and it meant that now there would be no reason not to fight them and take them out.


A resounding crash signified the start of the battle, as what looked like a wrecking ball was dropped from above on the group. most had narrowly avoided being squished but some had been unfortunate. It seemed like the battle was about to begin in earnest.


And just in time.

Lee got out from his position, moving the dumpster to block the path of the revolutionaries and marines, before equipping his gloves. Most of them had been watching Fiora, which meant very few eyes were trained on Lee's position, allowing him ample opportunity to sneak up on them. There were maybe eight left already, ignoring any that Shooter may have taken out, but there were currently three within easy access of Lee. A quick jab to the base of the skull caused one man to fall over instantly, unconscious but not dead. The next two didn't have time to react, still too concerned with Fiora to notice their downfall. Lee tripped one up and, while the man was falling, brought his fist to the man's face, breaking his nose and smashing his face against the ground. Not dead, but dealt with. The final man was simply grabbed by Lee, who used him to make sure no one else would shoot at him. The three eyed marine drew his pistol, its barrel aimed at anyone who would look his way, or at his captive should he try to escape. If nothing else, Lee had a living captive, one of the pirates, and there was no reason for any battle to continue. The enemy had lost, even if they didn't realise it yet.

18Incoming Storm: Part II - Page 2 Empty Re: Incoming Storm: Part II on Tue Sep 04, 2018 1:05 pm

Shooter McGavin


Shooter McGavin
All was going to plan, or at least at first. Then Fiora did something stupid. Instead of bottle necking them the way Shooter thought they would, Fiora shouted from above. Shooter glanced up and lifted a brow. Where did the wrecking ball come from? Without much of a warning and luckily before Shooter got a shot off, Sofia dropped the wrecking ball on the group. It smashed into the ground hard, not only cutting off the majority of the escape route the two groups could have made but planting itself so centered in the area that Shooter had almost no shots to make due to cover. On top of that, two of the pirates jumped backwards, back into the alley and started to run. Idiot! This is exactly what I didn't want to happen! Shooter thought and had to make a choice, let two suspects get away, or trust those under his command to not screw up again. Shooter stood up on the roof, turned and jumped. As he landed he started to strafe up the slanted roof and jumped again. "Ranger's Stride!" In the blink of an eye he had traveled ten meters with his jump and cleared the roof for the most part, coming down the opposite end with his pistol aimed at the pirates who fanned out left and right from the alleyway. One jumped over a railing leading into a near by building.

Shooter flicked his wrist while squeezing the trigger of the gun in his hand, all while sliding on his feet down the slant of the roof he was atop. "Rolling Thunder..." A bullet exploded out of the pistol in Shooter's hand and curved around the banister the pirate had jumped, and dug into the mans heel, dropping him the moment the bullet ripped into flesh. A half moment later, Shooter was dropping off the roof while twisting. With his eye narrowed in on the pirate sprinting towards a ship in the distance. BANG BANG! two shots rang out, one for the back of the Pirate's shoulder, another for the opposite knee. A cry of pain echoed from the man as his body jerked forward, then he fell face first into the ground, unsure of what to clutch first.

Shooter first approached the man who tried to hide in a different building and grabbed him by the wounded heel, and dragged him out into the open. Then walked up to the man he kneecapped and dragged him over to his friend. Shooter pulled the standard issue cuffs any good marine would carry and cuffed the two men together by their good legs so that if they tried to run, not only would they be forced to put more weight on their injured limbs, but were facing opposite directions. "I'm sure you know this already but you two are under arrest in the name of the Marines. Now if you will excuse me, I need to go round up the rest of your friends." McGavin headed back to the alley but by the time he arrived the rest of the group had already been taken out. "Ah, good job team. Aside from dropping a fucking wrecking ball back here. Now the Government is going to have to pay for the damages to the ground here.... and two men almost escaped. Fiora, figure out a way to get all these guys back to the H.Q., Lee, round everyone up and at least secure them to this giant ball and chain until we can get help moving the men. I'll round up the cases."

Skillz yo:

Name: Rangers Stride
Description: When strafing in a fight the user lunges ten meters forward rapidly because this is novice.
Range: 10 Meters
Attribute and Rank: Speed 0
Rank: Novice

ame: Rolling Thunder
Description: Shooter can only use this with a hand gun such as a revolver or pistol. Taking aim, Shooter slings his arm while twisting his gun then fires, the added momentum of his slinging arm and careful aim cause the bullet to twist and curve in the air up to one meter (reducing range of the gun being used by a meter) to evade other obstacles and targets and hit his mark.
Range: Based on Gun being used.
Attribute and Score: Perception 2
Rank: Novice
Extra: Speed and Power based on Gun used

19Incoming Storm: Part II - Page 2 Empty Re: Incoming Storm: Part II on Mon Sep 10, 2018 6:50 pm


Not long after Fiora made her move Lee had shown up making quick work of two of the crooks and even managing to take a captive alive, while from the rooftop the Captain reduced their numbers without actually killing anyone. The battle was won, as their numbers quickly succumbed to the teamwork of Fiora, Lee and Captain while Lee and Captain managed to take a captive from each side the few remaining caught onto the idea and became more passive allowing for an easier arrest, Captain secured the two captives and read them the basic rights of an arrest, once he was done he went back to Fiora and Lee who had already gathered up the remaining man and had them sit in a tight-knit circle, Captain praised both of them albeit mentioning the part where Fiora dropped a wrecking ball which would result in the marine's having to pay for the damage's which in turn Fiora gave the Captain an exaggerated eye roll as it was necessary at the moment to give her a window to actually do her job.

As if to punish her for her actions the Captian gave her the task of having to find a way to get all the men back to H.Q for interrogation while Lee got off with simply securing all the man to the wrecking ball until Fiora figured it out, but just as Captain finished giving that order out the sound of footsteps could be heard followed by the appearance of Piscatella and four other marine's, "That won't be necessary officer Shooter, me and my man can take it from here," Piscatella looked back and ordered his men to divide the prisoners into four groups of three, Fiora, however, was stunned by his sudden appearance, "Si- I mean Piscatella, what are you doing here? I thought this task was for us to handle.."

Piscatella smiled at Fiora and gave her a loving pat on the head, "As your commanding officer did you think I would just be so reckless as to not set you up with adequate backup? Luckily enough for me, you and your squad handled it excellently minus the property damage which I will have to deal with later...Anyway damn good job you three, you can return to H.Q with a two-day vacation, do whatever you wish to go sight-seeing, or whatever, but I'll be handling everything from here." Fiora although glad to be genuinely praised after dealing with Captain's shit all day felt like something was wrong, she could feel it in her gut. But with no real evidence to prove this feeling she saluted and left it up to Commander Piscatella..for now at least.


20Incoming Storm: Part II - Page 2 Empty Re: Incoming Storm: Part II on Sat Sep 15, 2018 3:37 am



All seemed to be going well: the battle had been won, prisoners from both sides of the agreement had been captured and no Marine had been killed in the process. The plan had gone off without any real issue, and it seemed Shooter had been right about teamwork, it was somewhat useful to have it. And yet, despite how well everything had gone, despite how smoothly their operation had been carried out, Lee could tell that neither Fiora or Shooter felt at ease. While they spoke, moved and acted throughout, both of them had clearly caught onto something that the three eyed marine was not aware of. He didn't think much of it at the start, but the sudden appearance of the Commodore: a high ranking official who doubtful would've had any reason to come personally, did raise Lee's suspicions. He brought some men with him for rounding the pirates and revolutionaries up, while telling the three marines gathered that they did a good job, despite the wrecking ball's damage on the town itself. He then said one word that caused Lee not to care about any suspicions, any deceit or, quite frankly, anything other than the word itself: vacation.

It was a beautiful thought, that Lee would be able to take two days and do literally nothing, which is exactly what he had been hoping for when he had arrived on Lulusia. He still had some sleep to catch up on, and he was starting to get hungry again. Leaving the marines to deal with the round up and transportation of the prisoners, Lee simply nodded his head to both Commodore Piscatella and Captain Shooter, then left in the direction of the marine HQ. After all, it was still pretty late, and Lee didn't know when he'd get another opportunity like this again. The only thing that concerned him now was not whether there was something greater going on underneath the thin layer of reality, but whether this evening would be counted as the first day of the vacation, thus meaning Lee would only have tomorrow as a full day to relax. He didn't want to waste any time.


21Incoming Storm: Part II - Page 2 Empty Re: Incoming Storm: Part II on Sun Sep 16, 2018 9:59 pm

Shooter McGavin


Shooter McGavin
The sound of the voice calling him "Officer" took Shooter by surprise. His brow lifted (the one not covered by an eye patch) and his head turned to face the voice. Shooter's grip on the cases he had rounded up tightened and every warning bell in his body started to ring. The commodore wouldn't have just randomly shown up if this was the plan from the start. He would have worked with the others to set up a better trap, he was either extremely stupid and realized it almost too late, or he was hiding something. But Shooter, the lazy marine, knew that one didn't get to Commodore by being stupid. Slowly Shooter placed himself in front of the cases and saluted the Commodore.

"Thank you sir, very kind of you." He then glanced to his new team, even if it was a one time gig, sure to give them each a good second or so of eye contact then cleared his throat. "I'll go ahead and take care of the paper work, file the evidence and all that boring stuff. You two did fine work today and I can honestly say that it has been an honor to serve with you. I'll be sure to put in a good word about your work and skill. Hopefully that will get you far enough for a near promotion. See you back at the head quarters."

Shortly after, Shooter returned to the H.Q. curious as to what exactly was in the cases but as he entered the building he slid into the room that allowed others to observe questioning and did his best to hide inside it, just in case things went south. At least as long as he could without being kicked out of the room by a higher ranking marine.


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