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1Incoming Storm: Part II Empty Incoming Storm: Part II on Sun Aug 26, 2018 11:56 am


Fiora was currently sitting on a white-sheeted bed in Lulusia's Marine outpost in the Common grounds while a nurse was wrapping her leg in cloth so her blood wouldn't get all around the nice clean floors, the nurse upon finishing looked up at her with a small smile before talking in a rather southern drawl,  "Well honey, luckily for you the guy who gave you this seemed to be weaker than a chicken after popping an egg, or it wasn't a very good weapon as the cut is just a flesh wound, just drink some water and you will be fine sugar."

"Thanks, nurse, I'll be sure to do that." Fiora would say before getting off the bed and lightly standing on both legs as she went to the coat hanger where her marine coat had been hanging and begun to put it on as she walked out while waving goodbye to the nurse, Fiora began to make her way down the hallway to go make the report to her commanding officer about her wounds as he himself had requested and also to give a full report on her investigation thus far, on her way there however she passed by a line of marine's whom when she tried to greet with a wave split in two different ways utterly ignoring her which she expected they would anyhow, although Fiora was a commissioned Marine now that didn't change her fellow allies attitude about fishmen in the least, especially considering that it was incredibly rare to see her species on the side of the law as most stayed within Fishmen Island or went about the sea's as pirates.

But either way, Fiora was intent on making sure that the World Government knew Fishmen could be just as good of marine's as any human could, given the chance. With that self-declaration out of the way Fiora continued on her path to her commanding officer's office until she finally stopped at a red door with white outlining, she then gave a knock before after a few seconds hearing a rather husky male voice saying, "Come in already you fool!" With his permission, Fiora showed herself into the room and instantly saluted the man in front of her had a light rugged bear with hair that wasn't too short but had been fashioned neatly and had volume that made it appear to go upward and eyes almost as blue as the sea, "Fiora Cervil reporting in!" which her commanding officer Piscatella answering with his loud husky voice, "Moron! How many times do I have to tell you that you can address me normally when we're alone!"


Incoming Storm: Part II Thaddeus_ryner_commission_by_naznemati-d8f098r

Fiora haveing a sweatdrop roll down her head as she lightly put her hand down answered, "Sorry, err Piscatella." Piscatella grunted before relaxing back into his chair, "Alright, so whats the official report?" Fiora relaxed her stance as she begun to talk, "Upon your request to go patrolling in the common grounds I went to the tavern for a small rest, upon their I overheard a conversation about a deal going on in the docks which will be happening in two days time, for now, the information, however, was cut short by an interruption and I pursued a small group. It was in the alleyway that I had a confrontation with what I would assume from how difficult it was to apprehend him was the group leader, for the moment the man is held in interrogation until further notice." Piscatella lightly hummed in his deep voice lightly scratching his chin before answering, "Find out what he knows, and stop whatever their planning, for this task I will be adressing a second marine to help you level the playing field." Fiora was about to salute and w say "Yes sir" but before she could Piscatella shot a death glare and she just walked out of the room as quickly as she could, heading straight towards the interrogation room

2Incoming Storm: Part II Empty Re: Incoming Storm: Part II on Mon Aug 27, 2018 4:10 am



In a way, Lee was excited. He had just been given his first official mission in the Marines, and he was being assigned as a partner to assist in some big important task. He had absolutely no idea what he'd be doing, but at least it was something, right?

Wrong. Lee currently couldn't be more bored. He had only recently arrived in the extremely vibrant Lulusia Kingdom, having been transferred after finally completing his basic training, so he had been looking forward to relaxing and doing nothing for a few days, maybe even a week, before having to actually complete any work. Seven days of sleep, it sounded like a dream come true, only it didn't. He'd barely had time to drop his bags in his quarters and change into his marine uniform, before being summoned to report in to the commanding officer: an attractive man if a bit bland, who told him to make his way to interrogation and look after a prisoner who had just arrived. It had been difficult not to roll his eyes in front of his boss, but Lee had managed and proceeded to, reluctantly, make his way towards interrogation.

Having never actually been in the Marine Headquarters until today, Lee had no idea where he was going, but obviously there was no way he could return and ask his commanding officer. Instead he just had to follow signs and hope for the best. Eventually, after walking into someone else's quarters and locating the mess hall, Lee arrived at his destination. It was quite a boring set of rooms overall, basically exactly what one would expect from a military interrogation chamber. Lee had stepped into a small room with not much in it except from a desk, some chairs, another door and a large window. Gazing through the window, eventually deducing it was one way due to the fact there was no reaction to his entrance, Lee saw the man he was entrusted with. Looking at his file, his name appeared to be Timothy Wimber, a stubborn man who would be difficult to get information from. He was a scruffy looking man, wearing all natural colours as if he spent weeks on end living in the wilderness. Then again, that might not have been entirely inaccurate. Upon further inspection of the man, Lee noted that he was rather beat up, having clearly been brought in after some kind of altercation. It seemed likely that the person who had inflicted these wounds, as well as the person who Lee would be joining on this mission, were one and the same. Whoever they were, they could at least hold their own in a fight.

Taking a deep breath as he waited for his colleague to show up, Lee passed the time in his own way. Out of habit, the three eyed marine placed one hand on his forehead, relieved to feel the familiar sensation of silk as his headband was tight and in the right place. His hair was up, out of his eyes, and forehead, allowing him to watch and act without being caught by surprise by his own hair, something that he didn't think would look too impressive to his fellow marines. He read up on the man's file, trying to learn as much about Mr. Wimber as possible, mostly just because there was nothing else for him to do. It was then he noticed the microphone sitting on one of the tables: currently switched off but obviously to be used to communicate with the prisoner during interrogation. Listening for any sound that would indicate someone approaching, and hearing nothing, Lee made his way to the microphone, and switched it on.

Instantly he knew he had made a mistake, as the very act of the microphone turning on caused a loud, and high pitched noise to reverberate inside the interrogation chamber, causing both Lee and the prisoner to get a fright. "What the fuck was that?" The prisoner's voice entered the room. He couldn't hear Lee like Lee could him, but the words they used were similar, however Lee opted for a much more colourful exclamation. Taking a deep breath and composing himself once more, Lee began to speak to the man, "Mr. Wimber, I am Rear Admiral King", Lee took a second to appreciate how good that sounded before continuing, "Why don't we start with why you're here. We both know what happened, but I want to hear your side." The man was clearly confused, but Lee didn't have time to work out which bit confused him, and at the very least it got him talking, "I don't know, sir. You see, I was just walking through the Common Grounds with some of my friends when one of those fish-faced freaks attacked me. I didn't do anything wrong, just minding my own business and then boom. Shark-bitch attacks."

Fish-faced freaks Lee could stand, but not shark-bitch. "You're going to be sorry you said that." Lee switched the mic off, and got up to make his way into the room to join the prisoner. He was shaking with anger, not quite sure what he'd do to the man, but knowing it would hurt him. Racial prejudice, it was something Lee couldn't stand. The man no longer deserved the life he had, and Lee would be more than willing to take it from him. He had placed one hand on the door into the interrogation room when he heard the other door open. If the person entering had been human, or someone generic, Lee would have made his way into the room and beaten the life out of the prisoner. However, it happened to be a fishman, or woman as it seemed. Placing one hand on his forehead instantly, Lee took a deep breath and greeted the woman, his right hand out to be shaken, while his left remained clenched in a tight fist at his side, his knuckles turning white as he focused all his rage into the fist, so as not to seem too unhinged.

"Hi there, I'm Lee King, ensign. I'm guessing you're the one he beautifully regards as 'Shark bitch'?"

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3Incoming Storm: Part II Empty Re: Incoming Storm: Part II on Mon Aug 27, 2018 11:21 am


Fiora began to make her descent down the hallway heading towards the investigation room, as she made her way there she was reading the information that they had managed to get out of him during his time in the room, it seems that the only information that got out of him was that he went to the tavern with his friends and then on the way home Fiora had attacked him with no prior reasoning, she chuckled out loud as he was so full of shit. So it was apparent to her their man wasn't going to spill the beans on his little late night dock visit even through torture, so what would make him talk Fiora would ask herself stopping in the hallway and stepping aside as she laid her back against the wall and begun to think what would cause the man to talk, with no prior knowledge of the man all she had was to go on was his actions on how they meant in the first place which was that she heard them over talking in the tavern, got interrupted, followed them out and down the alleyways and of the guys walked up to him.

Fiora at the moment didn't understand what made the man walk up to the boss at that moment but now that she had time to think the swordsmen had already obviously been onto her tracking them, was it possible he warned his man to go and that's why each of them split into several different ways, and the whole reason he engaged her in the first place was to give them time to get away? If that was so, what she needed to break the man to make him talk wasn't physical punishment, but she needed to break down and threaten his man, and luckily just a day prior while the scene of the battle was being investigated some spotted a male walking straight towards the scene and ran when he noticed the marine uniform and was ultimately apprehended out of noticeable suspicion. With that in mind Fiora would walk a little down the hall where a den den mushi was connected to a wall, she quickly dialed in the number and on the other end a voice answered, "Warrant Officer Nicolaus of the prisoner holding cells speaking." Fiora then spoke back into the phone, "This is Ensign Officer Fiora Cervil, about a day ago a male was apprehended at a crime scene for reasonable suspicion, I need an escort to bring him to the interrogation room right away by Commodore Piscatella order" Fiora would hang up right after as she now set up a plan B that she was sure would work.

About ten minutes later she arrived at the interrogation room and casually opened the door, upon opening it she would see a male standing tall and adorned with lean muscle wearing the same type of outfit an Ensign would wear, this must have been the partner Piscatella assigned to her, from the looks of it he either got impatient from witing or something happened as when she walked in he was just about to go into the interrogation room himself. Placing one hand on his forehead instantly, the male took a audible deep breath with his right hand out to be shaken, althought it didn't escape her sight that he had his left fist clenched so tight his knuckles we're turning white as he said, "Hi there, I'm Lee King, ensign. I'm guessing you're the one he beautifully regards as 'Shark bitch'?"

Fiora chuckled as she reached out her arm to shake his, "Is that what he is calling me now? It's to be expected but I am Fiora Cervil, I'm also a Ensign but you can just call me Fiora or F.C if you prefer" Fiora once again looked as his knuckles that we're still turning white, "How about you go in there and question him, try to make him talk. Physical force is permited, you got twelve mintues to make him talk before we switch to plan B or otherwise I'll do it."

4Incoming Storm: Part II Empty Re: Incoming Storm: Part II on Tue Aug 28, 2018 3:48 am



All knowledge Lee had of this woman he had gleamed from their, currently, brief encounter, but he had to say he liked her. She had been civil, and introduced herself soon after Lee had done so, marking her as a respectful woman. But that wasn't the main reason Lee was pleased. He saw her eyes glance at his left fist but he hadn't been reprimanded as he might have expected. Instead, Fiora had given him permission to enter the room and interrogate the man. Twelve minutes to get information out of him before they switched to 'Plan B', whatever that entailed. And the best part: physical force was permitted. That brought a certain malicious joy to show itself on Lee's face. He made his way into the interrogation chamber itself, but not before picking up a flintlock pistol that was attached to the wall in case of emergencies. If this man was going to talk, Lee would make him.

Entering the room, Timothy Wimber came face to face with 'Rear Admiral King'. As it was the first face he had seen since being placed in the interrogation room, the man wasted no time in pleading for his release, "You must understand, sir, I'm innocent. I did nothing wrong, it just attacked me out of nowhere." At that, Lee raised an eyebrow, his anger starting to build once more, like an orchestra playing in his mind was about to reach climax. "It?" It took the prisoner by surprise, but he wasted no time in clarifying just who he meant, "That fishman woman. Why's something like that not locked up too? She's a freak and a monster, she needs to be put down like a rabi-" Wimber's insults were cut short due to an expected fist smacking him across the jaw, causing him to spit out blood and fall off the chair he had been sitting on. He looked back at the marine with a look of both surprise and anger, opening his mouth to speak.

Lee beat him to it, "Mr. Wimber, please have a seat. I'm not here to release you, or hear your side of the story. I'm not actually a Rear Admiral, I have no authority to release you. What I am is an angry, angry man who's been locked in a room with someone who has pissed him off. Now", by this point Wimber had taken his seat as he processed what was being said to him, his face contorting as he prepared himself for what would come. It was admirable, to a point, "you're going to tell me what I want to know about your business ventures, all of them, and I'll decide if it is good enough. If you don't give me what I want, well I have about ten and a half minutes to use whatever force I wish to get it out of you."

"Fuck you."

Relief washed over Lee as he heard those words, the statement of resistance, of a man who thought he would not be broken. It was a defiance that Lee knew well, and his malicious smile returned as he replied, "Oh, Mr. Wimber, how I'd hoped you'd say that."

The next ten minutes were a blur to Lee, as he lost himself in the pleasure of breaking a lot of bones in the man's body. He kept his face mostly intact, other than the original jaw punch, so that he could still speak, and still hear the cracking of his other bones, but Lee went above and beyond the call of duty. Business became pleasure as he destroyed the man's body, causing a beautiful cacophony of agonised screams. When the twelve minutes ended, Timothy Wimber had three broken fingers, two broken ribs, a broken arm, and a bullet through his foot: the flintlock having come in very handy. But it wouldn't be until Fiora came into the room that Lee would stop beating the man, breaking a couple more fingers for good measure. This was not an anger that could be turned off with a switch, Lee would have to be stopped, before the man passed out, or even died, from the pain he had endured.

"You are a stubborn man, Mr. Wimber, I'm so glad."

5Incoming Storm: Part II Empty Re: Incoming Storm: Part II on Tue Aug 28, 2018 6:33 am


With Fiora's permission of allowing Lee to do a twelve-minute interrogation he visibly showed joy on his face and didn't hesitate to walk towards the interrogation room, but before going inside Fiora noticed he had brought in a flintlock pistol but didn't do anything to stop him. As soon as  he was in the room Fiora walked to the mic connected to the room and turned down the volume just enough she could hear their conversation then turned it on with the only indication of it being on was a slight hum in the interrogation room, from the moment Timothy saw Lee he played the innocent victim card claiming that Fiora had just attacked him out of nowhere, if anything the man was consistent with his story although it was a terrible lie in this situation.

she watched as Lee raised an eyebrow as he repeated but one word the man had just said as a question, "It?" Timothy looked general surprised at Lee's statement but went on to explain that Fiora was basically a monster and a freak so why wasn't she locked up like animal when he was, Timothy's plea was cut short as Lee struct with his hand smacking him across the jaw hard enough for the captive male to spit out blood and have the force of the smack make the  chair fall sending Timothy sprawling to the floor, Lee was meant with anger and honest surprise.

Meanwhile, while Fiora watched from the other side as Lee worked out whatever happened between the two she enjoyed eating a piece of candy that she had stored in her pocket at some point, she wasn't interested in what Lee was doing at the moment as she had already deduced Timothy wasn't going to break from this type of treatment, but this did have an end game. Although Fiora wasn't human she had spent some time in the most caring ones she had ever known and learn quite a bit about the human body and mind, yes, humans were quite resilient creatures but confine them into a box, have them questioned on end with little food and water, torture them physically, and then mentally break them down by playing with the things they value most and they will break. Was this cruel for a marine to do to a human? Yes, it was, but they should have thought about that before going up against the side of justice and Fiora was not going to wane from her actions if it meant proper justice would be served.

By the time Fiora candy had completely dissolved into her mouth it had been eight minutes and Timothy despite the brutal beating Lee was giving him was still resisting and hadn't spoken a word just as Fiora predicted, it was now time for plan B. Right on cue the door leading inside opened to reveal two marine's holding the same short chubby male that Fiora had seen talking to Timothy moments before she engaged him in combat and she gave him a toothy smile, the marine on the left spoke, "Should we send him into the interrogation room as well?" Fiora responded, "No that won't be necessary he can sit with me, you two are dismissed back to your proper duties." Just as she instructed the two marines left leaving her with the chubby male who was visibly frightened by her appearance, Fiora simply got up and walked over to them in which they flinched as she got close but all she did was put a gentle hand on his shoulder as she spoke, "No need to be so terrified I don't bite, but you need to listen to me carefully your currently being charged with suspicious activity since you were at a possible crime scene and we can't hold you for more than another twenty four hours" Fiora then used both hands to grab the man and lead him right in front of the window where Timothy was being beaten still, the man begins to visibly shake and Fiora whispered into his ear, "I know you know him, cooperate with my little plan and I can get you out of here and back home to your wife and kids in minutes, do you understand?" With a simple nod, the man replied yes.

Now that four minutes had passed with the man watching Timothy being beaten and visibly shook up about it it was now time for plan B to commence, with a press of a button Fiora turned on the microphone, "Alright your twelve minutes are up, come back in here." She would say then immediately turned it back off as Lee made his way into the room, the moment Lee was back she would lightly push the man over to him, "My turn. When I make a waving hand signal you bring that guy inside along with you and then go back inside the room and make sure the recording mic is loud and clear" Would be all Fiora said before walking into the interrogation room, Timothy whom was now wheezing as he breathed from his cracked ribs while his eyes were closed, Fiora simply sat on the table to the left of him as he caught his breath, the moment he opened his eyes he begun to run his mouth at a very low and pained tone, " you!!"  

Fiora answered back amused by his choice of words, "No thank you, I doubt you could even perform well in your current addition, they say my stamina is "Inhuman" Fiora would muse to herself at her play of words which was meant with just wheezy breathing but Fiora didn't care and continued, "So Timothy, I know your in pain, and your hungry and tired, why don't you tell me what I want to know before this goes any further, hmm?" Fiora would wait for an answer which was meant with a pained chuckle as he replied back, "Like I told your friend, you fucking attacked me for nothing and I don't get what you're looking for."  

Fiora would simply smile and then she turned towards the window and did the waving motion that would signal Lee to come in with the male, the moment Timothy saw the male he would initial show signs of more resistance then he had since he got into the room, Fiora got up from her seat and walked over to the male on the other side of Lee giving her comrade a nod to let him go as she walked the man closer towards Timothy who was now more alert then he had been, Fiora begun to speak again in a light tone, "This man was spotted at the scene of the crime after you were arrested and attacked four good marines, he is facing charges enough to be sent to the new prison facility Impel down level one, do you know what that level is called?" Fiora was lying of course and as part of the deal the man kept quiet about it, Timothy, however, was starting to sweat profusely as despite the situation he was still loyal to those who followed him and Fiora was intent on using that against him, Fiora got up close and whispered into his ear while still keeping a tight grip on the other male, "It's called the crimson hell, a forest with tree's as sharp as blades and the ground as sharp as needles where the inmates are chased around by giant spiders and other exotic creatures, he will never have a true moment of rest and will always be suffering from the cuts on his body, he will be truly in hell. Unless of course, you have something to tell me."

At this point Timothy's whole face was red and he was sweating so much the floor below now had a tiny pool of it, but yet he remained in silence. Fiora began to turn the opposite way heading out of the room "Very well I gu-" "Wait!" Fiora was interrupted as Timothy yelled causing her to turn back around as Timothy took a deep breath while looking at the man and then turning back to her, "My name is Timothy Wimber, I am an operative of the revolutionary army..." Fiora curled a eyebrow, "Go on."   Timothy took another deep breath as he closed his eyes, "I was sent to Lulusia to gain allies in which I found a pirate crew known as the Napier pirate's, however, they wouldn't join for free, in exchange for their for their cooperation when the time arrived they asked for weapons and supplies in which we agreed to exch-" Fiora would interrupt to finish his sentence, "In which you agreed to exchange at the docks in the Common grounds, correct?" Timothy would nod slowly in response as he knew he was defeated.

Fiora would then smile towards the window Lee was behind and then quickly turned her head as she stood up straight, "Well then, by the order of the World Government you two are official under arrest and are to be sent to Impel down level one." the man who Fiora promised spoke up loud but still frightened, "NO! YOU SAID IF I COOPERATED YOU LET ME GO FREE!" Fiora then turned towards the male, "I did, but that was because you had been arrested only for being suspiciously at the crime scene minutes after it happened, you're now being arrested for being part of the revolutionary army, a far more severe crime." In response to this news the man had seemingly lost his mind and blindly attacked her while Timothy had been nearly white as the shock of what he had just done set in, Fiora easily dodged the males attacked and delivered a downward chop onto the back of the male's neck knocking him out easily, she then proceeded to walk out of the room into the room where Lee was and then closed the door behind her locking it shut, "Please tell me you got that confession, If you do then it looks like we have a date tonight at the docks."

6Incoming Storm: Part II Empty Re: Incoming Storm: Part II on Wed Aug 29, 2018 5:45 am



Lee took many deep breaths as he made his way back into the room with Fiora, his own knuckles coated with a mixture of both his and Timothy's blood. He was glad that Timothy had been so resilient, allowing the three eyed marine to never cease his beating and bring as much pain to the man as was possible without killing him, but part of him was a bit disappointed that he had lost to someone like him. In a way, Timothy Wimber had defeated Lee, managing to last the entire twelve minutes and not give out any information about his operation. It didn't seem to matter much, however, as Fiora had planned for this eventuality. Lee noted they were no longer alone in the room as he re-entered it, a new arrival had shown up: someone that was clearly not a marine and was likely another prisoner. It took him some time to work out what was being planned, but Fiora just gave him the orders. When he received the signal, he was to bring the man into the room with both his comrade and Mr. Wimber. Lee didn't say anything, simply nodding to confirm that he knew his job. He then went over to stand next to the man, who looked scared but surprisingly calm, like the worst case scenario for him wasn't actually the bad.

There wasn't much time to pass before Fiora called the two men into the room, but during that brief period Lee had struck up something of a conversation. This man, Lance was his name, was a member of the group that Wimber represented, whoever that was, and he was just wanting to get back home to his family. Lee got nothing else out of him before he noticed a gesture through the window from Fiora. Standing up, and guiding Lance through the door into the interrogation chamber, Lee noted how much Wimber seemed to tense up at the sight of one of his own comrades. Saying no more, and instead just going back into the recording room, Lee was beginning to believe that this plan might actually work.

He sat down on the chair, depositing the now-unloaded pistol back onto the table as he turned up the volume of the conversation currently happening in the chamber, pressing record so that every word would be stored. Now all that was required was a confession, one that swiftly came, after a brief mention of the new marine prison: Impel Down. Lee didn't know much about it other than that it was supposedly the worst place for an enemy of the world government to end up in, and it seemed that was all the two men knew too, as Timothy had started sweating profusely, before eventually telling Fiora everything he knew.

It was quite a story actually: Timothy Wimber was actually a member of the Revolutionaries, who had come to Lulusia with the aim of recruiting allies. He had found a group of pirates willing to assist them, but only if the pirates were provided with a healthy supply of arms, a deal that was going to be made tonight, or would've been if not for the marines. If the revolutionary army were active in Lulusia, perhaps they were looking to make an attempt on the queen's life, once they had gathered sufficient allies to mount such an attack.

Lee's thoughts would have gone on to think through multiple scenarios, but he was cut short as he heard Fiora announce the arrest of the two men, something that Lance clearly hadn't planned for. It seemed she had made a deal with him to grant him amnesty should he confess, but now that he was a known associate of the revolutionary army his crimes were far greater.

She locked the room and came back into the recording room, asking whether or not Lee had the confession and stating, with little care to what she had just done, that they would likely have a date tonight at the docks. The moment she finished speaking, Lee started, giving no time to pause, and speaking with the dead voice of someone conflicted, "That wasn't right."

He didn't know how to feel. On one hand they were both members of the revolutionary army, and for that they had to be punished, Lee understood that perfectly well and had no problem with arresting Wimber. But Lance, what Fiora had done to him wasn't fair. It wasn't just, it was deceitful and unfair. Lee cared very much about the law, of course he did, he was a Marine after all, but he didn't like how Fiora had operated.

"Once this is over, we're going to have to have a chat about that revolutionary. But for now, let's get ready for the evening, I have the entire confession here. What's next?"

7Incoming Storm: Part II Empty Re: Incoming Storm: Part II on Wed Aug 29, 2018 11:16 am


As soon as Fiora was done speaking Lee would immediately speak saying what she did wasn't right with confliction all but apparent in his voice, Fiora would look at him confused but once again he spoke stating that they would talk about the revolutionaries fate later as they had more important duties to go over, however, Fiora quickly spoke, "No we can talk about this now, we have six hours to prepare. So let me make one thing clear, the ruling I gave has about as much weight as the dirt beneath our feet. I suppose you haven't been an Ensign long if you don't know the only real thing we can do is recommend a criminal punishment and have no real say in what actually happens to them so when I said they were both going to Impel down level 1 that's because just for their crimes alone that's a real possibility, however, make no mistake I am a lady of my word and I intend to get that man's sentence reduced for his cooperation in this event. But as a Marine, I can't have criminals thinking they could commit crimes against the World Government and then strike a deal and walk free, my performance was merely just to frighten the man with the possibility of torturous punishment so that when he does finally get released after serving proper time the only thing he will know is that he got lucky and know not to do it again."

Fiora reached into her front pocket and pulled out a candy and unraveled it and quickly popped it into her mouth and lightly begun suckling on it, "Forgive me, Lee, I have been working a long time by myself because of my...unique differences and have forgotten that were a team right now, I'll be sure to include you more on my methods in the future. Now if that's out the way we need to deliver the confession to Commodore Piscatella to see his ruling on this, with this daring evidence he will have no choice but to send us and a small squadron of marine's to deal with the supply shipment, once we secure the shipment we can start making more plans for the future onward."

Perila walked to where the recording mic and bent down opening the cabinet below revealing a recording den mushi in which she took out, "Let's go now, we need time to prepare." With the den den mushi in hand Fiora began to walk with Lee back to Commodore Piscatella's office, once they arrived she would knock on the door and announce both their names before hearing Piscatella's loud booming voice welcoming them in, right before they got in just in case Lee didn't already know she would tell him that Piscatella didn't really like formal greetings and that they should act a bit more casual with him. Once that was said Fiora would open the door and walk inside along with Lee, once inside she walked up to Piscatella's desk and played the recording from start to finish, during the video the Commodore's face changed from bored, to interested to the face one would expect of a Commodore who had just heard information that was rather important, once the recording was done he spoke to them both with his voice being calm and lower than before, "Damn. This isn't something we can take lightly with all the revolutionary movment in Lulusia right now," Commodore Piscatella took a deep breath and took a moment to think, "I'll be assigning a Captain to help you out with this, you are to intercept that supply meeting and capture all attending while securing the supplies. Report back to me with the Captain after it's done, for now, go wait at the messhall and I'll send him there where you can prepare, for now, dismissed."

Fiora would bow before heading to the messhall with no further questions.

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It seemed that Lee may have struck a nerve with what he had said, as Fiora certainly made her opinion of the matter clear. She had no obligation to tell her comrade anything about what she did, but at the same time she did make her motives known. Yes it seemed that she had lied to the man, promising him freedom if he sold out his friend, just for them both to end up with the same sentence, but that wasn't actually the case. While it was true that both men would be punished for their crimes, which Lee could respect and understand: the law was the law after all, but Fiora explained that she would petition for the subordinate, for Lance to get a reduced sentence. Yes he would go to jail for his crimes, but it wouldn't be as serious as it would be for Timothy, who was likely going to be put away for a long time. And, on top of that, it turned out that it was unlikely they would actually end in Impel Down. Potentially Wimber would, but his crimes were likely not serious enough to actually be there for long, if he wound up there at all.

Taking a moment to process what he had been told, Lee wouldn't even get a chance to respond, as Fiora herself apologised for her words. She had been rather blunt and hard with what she had said, but she gave an understandable excuse, and one Lee could relate to. She was used to working on her own, not knowing comrades that accepted her, drawing an accurate parallel to Lee's own family, and how he had been treated before running away. She had no way of knowing just how much he could understand her pain, but he couldn't let her know. No one could know about his mutation. And besides, he still wasn't sure if he could trust this woman. Just because she was a fishman didn't mean she wouldn't someday show prejudice against the humans who had hurt her so. Being a marine didn't make her any less liable, but that was a concern for another day. For now, at least, she was an ally.

They left the room, with Fiora picking up the Den Den Mushi with the recording on it, and made their way towards the Commodore's office, a man Lee had briefly met already. The attractive, if bland looking, man who had given him this mission ion the first place. However, before they entered the room, Fiora warned Lee that Piscatella wasn't fond of formality, and would much prefer that Lee was more casual with him than an Ensign might otherwise be with their commanding officer. Tentatively, as he wasn't entirely sure if he was being lied to or not, Lee entered the room with Fiora, making sure to wait and see what she did before making any moves of his own.

Despite warning Lee to be less formal in front of him, Fiora herself was far from it initially, moving towards his table and placing the Den Den Mushi on it, allowing the confession to play in its entirety. It took some time, but it allowed Piscatella to grasp the sheer size of what it could represent. Much like Lee had done previously, he could see his commanding officer thinking through various scenarios. He seemed to be a competent man, from the little the Ensign knew of him, but this news would trouble any officer of the marines, regardless of rank.

After hearing the playback, Piscatella informed the two that they would be joined by a third officer, a captain: the rank between Lee and Piscatella himself, signifying the strength of the new ally that would be aiding them. Their mission was to intercept the meeting, and make sure it never came to fruition for either party, as well as apprehending everyone that would be present. With that said, he dismissed them towards the mess hall, where the captain would meet them in due time. Fiora said no more, and left the room, with Lee following closely behind as they both made their way to the hall, the latter of the two eager to get some food in his stomach, having not yet eaten since arriving on the island.

The room they entered was what anyone would expect of a military mess hall, with multiple tables lined up in formation and a cafeteria on one wall. Lee would waste no time in getting a tray, filling it up with food, taking it to an empty table and digging in, not waiting for Fiora but knowing she'd likely join him in due time. Seemed that today's meal was to be fish and chips.

Lee, too hungry to properly think straight, didn't realise until he was already three bites into his meal that he was eating fish... while partnered with a fishman.

Oh no.

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Shooter McGavin


Shooter McGavin
The tall, lanky Captain Shooter McGavin stood in the marine headquarters at a requisitions desk, a slightly older woman stood behind the desk that was mostly shielded by a protective flexible glass like window that only had a slit large enough to slip pistols, rifles and other things of that size through. While on the train to the island he was allowed to carry his pistol, not that he would let anyone tell him he couldn't. But his service rifle was put onto storage. "I'm sorry Captain McGavin..." "Call me Shooter." ".... Shooter, your rifle never arrived and I can't just give you someone else's rifle. What if they come for it while you have it?" Shooter placed his hands into his black pants pockets and released a sigh of annoyance while his one uncovered eye closed slowly. "Fine... I'll be back for it though. So keep looking for it. If I don't have it by tomorrow morning I'm coming in there and taking a rifle. Doesn't matter who's it is." Shooter warned the woman when the pitter patter of boots clacking against the ground drew upon the man. Shooter turned to face the sound and accepted a letter from a young boy clearly still going through basic. The boy saluted Shooter and for a moment Shooter didn't know why. "Hmm? OH right. Yeah you can go. Message delivered loud and clear." Shooter's eyes scanned the letter after opening it and he released a long, annoyed groan. "I suppose this is my life now... Whatever, as long as the folks are proud. But this guy... I need to keep an eye on him. This isn't the handwriting of someone I trust."

Shooter thumbed the black and gold pistol holstered on his hip and wandered lazily towards the mess hall, winking at women in the white marine uniforms while rounding corners and taking longer than he needed to to get to the mess hall. Most people would assume it was because he was avoiding work but Shooter was committing the area to memory so he knew every nook and cranny of the open spaces and what doors led where. Once that was established, Shooter stepped into the mess hall and glanced around. His hand lifted the note again. A tiger Shark fishwoman and a scrappy looking human with a cloth over his forehead. Shooter already hated being here but while he was supposed to only be in the area to transfer ships, he figured he might as well do as was requested and deal with some Revolutionaries. He wandered over to the two eating and glanced down at them with an amused look on his face while his hands gripped his white jacket and tugged it smooth.

".... So you two are on this beautiful island, given orders to get ready and decided to eat in this hell hole while waiting for a Captain to show up? No urgency to get out there and bust these guys yourselves and gain all the glory? God that's no way to get ahead in this world.... No, don't get up and for the love of god don't salute me. Let's get the basic questions out of the way first. My name is Captain Shooter McGavin. You can call me Captain or Captain Shooter in front of others, on the field, Captain is fine. If you yell or say Shooter, I'm going to assume that means there is a gunmen with his sights trained on one of us. I'm a Marksman by trade... is that a revolver? Can I see it?" Shooter was distracted by the gun carried by Lee but weather the man gave him the weapon or not, he eventually carried on. "I got my rank rather quickly, not because I single handedly did anything amazing, but because I know how effective teamwork is. I understand you two are just pairing up for the first time today? This is an important job we have. Revolutionaries can disrupt the peace of everyone on the island if left unchecked. However I've met plenty of good ones that really only want to help make the world a better place. While it's our job to bring them in or kill them, I expect those under my command to use fair judgement and keep their words. If they surrender, arrest them quickly and don't rough them up. If they move to try and kill, kill them first and if they run, disable them. Now the report I was given says very little about the two of you. So why don't we start off with what you each bring to the table so we can figure out what we are working with and what we need to prepare for? You, shark babe. What's your name, what is your specialty and what do you have on you? Headband, you go next."

Shooter waited, listened carefully and committed their stories to memory. "Alright, clearly rough around the edges and I don't care too much about that. A good soldier can work with limited resources. Like an old witch losing a rifle.... Anyway. We know where this meeting is going to take place and the time? Perfect, get changed into something not so official and lets head that way. I want to scout the area out and see what we are dealing with before making any plans. Besides I want some real food, not the slop they serve here or the sea train." Without another word Shooter walked to the front door, leaving the others to either follow or change like he suggested. He waited at the front door for the two then pointed at Fiora. "You don't have a pistol, you're our point woman for this mission. Lee, keep that gun ready to be drawn, most people don't surrender but I'm going to offer them the chance. If they resist, follow my command for the first target, then pass that revolver to me and join in to help Fiora out so she doesn't get overwhelmed. I'll provide cover fire and try to pick off anyone that leaves themselves open. That's the basic plan until we know what we are dealing with. Any questions?"

Once the small talk was over, Shooter followed behind the others and let his mind wander back to the old woman who had lost his rifle. He would have liked to get up on a roof and snipe but it just wasn't possible now. Then he considered the task at hand, it was a test... Or the Commodore was overreacting, but why would someone of his rank overreact to a weapons deal?

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As they left Piscatella's office to go to the mess hall it wasn't hard to tell that Lee was hungry as he seemed to have a pep in his step on the way their, upon reaching the drab military grade mess hall one would find in almost any marine base  with multiple tables lined up in a formation and a cafeteria on one wall. Lee ran up to the line quickly grabbing a tray and moving down as the cafeteria workers filled it up with food, Fiora followed behind albeit at a more consistent pace as she wasn't all that hungry and would have rather hunted for her own food but time wasn't exactly on their side so she would have to make do, once she got her food she noticed it was at least fish and something else, Fiora seeing that there were many people scattered decided it would just be best to sit at the table with Lee who seemed to be absolutely enjoying his food as he was eating at a rapid pace.

Looking at how much he obviously enjoyed his food made Fiora feel a little better about her meal but suddenly paused as he begun to look at Fiora as if he had done something wrong which made her curl her eyebrow, Fiora not wanting her ally to feel awkward cut a big chunk of the fish on her plate using nothing but two of her own nails and then picked it up and eat it. As the air was a little awkward between them Fiora decided to make some small talk if only for the purpose of getting to know each other, "So Lee, where are you from? I'm from..well..I think it was the north blue but I don't quite remember."

Rather Lee spoke or not it didn't matter as a minute after speaking a man with a white jacket and an eyepatch over one of his eye's walked up to them, his face twisted in an amused grin as he lightly gripped and smoothed out his precious jacket. It was clear from just how the man came off Fiora didn't like him very much, It had only been a few moments since he started speaking and already he was slandering her and Lee's work as if they didn't want to do something else at that moment, luckily when he said not to salute him albeit in a very sarcastic tone Fiora obliged as she wasn't going to. The man then continued on stating his name was Captain Shooter McGavin, Fiora mentally laughed as whoever gave him that name obviously cursed his birth from the moment he came into the world and expected him to go into some random school and start shooting up the place meeting a terrible fate in the end by either prison or suicide, he then stated that during the field call him Captain or else he would suspect there was a shooter aiming for their heads but then he suddenly switched his attention to Lee's revolver asking to see it.

After a few moments of rather or not Lee let the Captain observe his weapon the man went on to explain that he had not done anything truly exceptional to gain his rank but rather his value on teamwork made him stand out and evaluating him to his current rank, despite her not really liking him it seemed the Captain's rank wasn't all for so as he had only  just meant the two and he could tell it was their first time pairing up and took notice on how their teamwork may affect their little supply grab later, the Captain made sure to explain his way of going about things making sure that both Lee and Fiora know he won't accept mindless brutality unless absolutely necessary.  Now on a different note he stated that he knew little about them both, he nonchalantly ordered for them to tell the group what they bring to the operation and gave rather specific details, he chose Fiora to go first stating that she could start with her name, specialty and what she had on her to start off with and that Lee was next.

Fiora simply looked into her commander's eyes before a small sigh escaped her lips and she spoke, "Ensign Fiora Cervil, combat martial arts specialist and navigator in training, as for what I have on  me.." Fiora lifted up her hand revealing a black glove with metal tips in which she then spread her fingers and flexed their muscle's causing the already 1/8 thick metal tips to extend to 1/2 claws, she then retracted them putting her hands down and looked onwards towards Lee since it was now his turn. Once Lee explained himself on whatever he was willing to share they would look back at the Captain as he begun to explain more of what they were going to do, restating that they already know where the meeting point was he then said that everyone needs to change to a more non-official look so they can scout out the area ahead of time to know just what they were getting themselves into.

With their commanding officers at the moment's order, Fiora began to walk towards the exit of the mess hall to go into her room to change but before they actually exited the Captain swung around pointing at Fiora stating since she didn't carry any ranged weaponry that she was to be to the main point of the mission in terms of combat Fiora supposed which suited her just fine, the Captain was willing to offer them a chance but she didn't quite see the point as people were never so willing to just let themselves go to prison and even he seemed to know that little fact, with the basic plan already told he asked if there were any questions and Fiora having none simply walked off to get changed as she was already going too.

It didn't take long for Fiora to reach her quarters in her base, it wasn't a big room but as a marine, she hardly had time to laze about in her bed so it was for the best, not wasting time Fiora quickly hopped in her bathroom taking a quick shower lathering her body with soap and then rising it off and stepping back out in a matter of four minutes, she then went to her closet in which she began to take out a blue vest with three gold vertical tassels from the bottom going up on the back and front with the area around her neck having a small white handkerchief tied similar to a tie while the upper part of her back was exposed as was her shark fins, since the outfit had no sleeves she simply put on white mid length arm sleeves that covered most of her black mid-length gloves making her black ones look like mere biker gloves besides the tips, she then proceeded by putting on long somewhat dark colored green sweatpants in which she tucked them into mid-length blue boots, Fiora completed this look by putting on a pair of black rimmed glasses before heading to the front of the base where the Captain and Lee were possibily waiting for her.

Outfit+ Glasses:

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Incoming Storm: Part II Hipster-glasses

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Despite the fact that Lee spent the next few moments of his life saying 'shit' over and over in his head, it seemed he hadn't, in fact, angered Fiora, as she started eating her own fish without any real care. There was a moment of silence as the two just ate, which Lee wasn't overly bothered by. While some people, Fiora included apparently, felt the need to fill every moment with noise, Lee enjoyed the silence: he enjoyed not having to listen or do anything but enjoy his own self. Then again, it was entirely possible that Fiora was simply trying to get to know him better, as they were working together on this mission, so it would be worth knowing more about her comrade than she currently did. Regardless, she started by stating her area of birth, which she claimed was North Blue, although it sounded like she wasn't completely sure. Lee, on the other hand, knew exactly where he was from, and the mere request made him more tense than he had been. Thinking of his 'home', of Baltigo, made him think about his upbringing, about the beatings he had received and the abuse he had endured. Fiora would easily notice the change in him, but that didn't matter, and all that escaped the man's lips was, "Baltigo."

Thankfully, neither of them had time to pursue a conversation any longer, as the captain they were being assigned approached them, almost chastising them for their laziness. He told them that what they were doing: grabbing lunch instead of finding and taking out the enemy, was no way to get ahead in the world. While he had a point, there were two things he didn't actually know about Lee. The first, was that he was hungry. The second, he was lazy to begin with. Eating in the mess hall instead of getting ready for the mission sounded like bliss for him. He'd get ready in his own time, and make it to the destination without failure, but he could enjoy himself until that moment, surely.

The Captain, Shooter his name although he warned them not to call him that in the field, then noticed Lee's revolver, the six-shot pistol he often carried around. It wasn't really anything spectacular, just a slight cut above the flintlocks that were often used by lower tier marines, but Shooter seemed interested in it, and he was the marksman after all so Lee saw no issue in handing him the weapon. He simply inspected it and handed it back before Shooter described himself in more detail, and why he was rather young for someone of his rank. Turned out he wasn't actually anything special, instead he was just someone who knew the value of teamwork. Instead of bringing in strong pirates or anything, it was likely that he was just naturally gifted at leading, and so was given such a position. Not quite a commodore, but higher than an ensign, so as to prove himself. It was fair enough, and Lee liked that he was at least honest about it. That fondness only grew as Shooter showed himself to be a man of mercy. He made the executive call that they would only kill those who sought to kill them, and otherwise would simply disable them or just arrest them if they surrendered. It was refreshing to meet someone more like himself, especially after what Fiora had pulled previously. She had explained herself, which had made things better, but Lee was still unsure about her.

It was then time for the two to introduce themselves to Shooter, as well as give an idea of what they could accomplish as a trio. Fiora went first, introducing herself by name and rank, before stating that she was a combat specialist, trainee navigator, and someone who had an interesting set of gloves that had retractable claws. They were certainly interesting, but it was Lee's turn now and he brought out a pair of lightweight gloves from his pockets, speaking as he did so, "I'm Ensign Lee King, also a combat specialist and practitioner of the Six Powers. I have my pistol and also these gloves." As he showed them to the two, the light caused the metallic knuckles to glint, showing that they were polished and, more importantly, solid.

They were then allowed to leave and change into more appropriate attire for the mission ahead, in other words not their Marine uniforms, but not before Shooter told them how the battle would play out, should it be required. Fiora would be the front runner, with both the captain and Lee providing support for the initial assault. Afterwards, Lee would hand his pistol to Shooter and join his fellow ensign in the fight. It seemed a sound plan and Lee, much like Fiora, had no questions about it, so he simply made his way back to his quarters, quickly changing into his casual clothing, which consisted of a white tank top, black trousers and red trainers. He wore his gloves as part of the outfit, and didn't for a second take off his headband, instead tightening it slightly and making sure his hair stayed up and out of his two eyes. With that complete, he would make his way to the rendezvous point, arriving just a few minutes after Fiora herself.


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Shooter McGavin


Shooter McGavin
Shooter stood in the doorway of the Marine Headquarters waiting for the others, not bothering to change himself since his attire just looked kind of fancy and not like a marine's. He simply smiled when the others arrived and looked them over. "There, now don't you two feel better about how you're dressed? I know I do. I think those marine uniforms are really stuffy and don't do us justice. Yes yes, I understand that we have to look a certain way to the public but really, at the end of the day does it matter what you're wearing when you capture a criminal? No. So, shall we go?" Shooter asked while walking through the door and out into the public. He had no idea where he was going, he had only been on the island for an hour or so and went straight to the Marine H.Q. in order to get his rifle that had been lost in the shuffle.

After a few minutes of randomly walking Shooter stopped at a small food stand on the side of the road and ordered a hot dog with coleslaw, chilli, cheese, ketchup, mustard, and pickles on it. Slowly he started to eat the hot dog on the soft bun and continued on his way, not paying much attention to the time or the marines in his group. Once he finished eating his food he took a look over his shoulder at the others and narrowed his eyebrows. Taking a small napkin from his pocket he wiped his face clean and sighed. "Shark face, I put you at point because I have no idea where we are supposed to be going. I just got on the island an hour ago so if you would be so kind as to actually lead the way, like I intended for you to do from the start, I would really find that to be fantastic. Or if you want I can keep wandering around town, maybe see the spot and we can stop it in time. But then we run the risk of messing up and to be honest, I've got orders to be somewhere else so I'll be fine one way or the other." Shooter shrugged his shoulders and waited to see what the others would do.

Once things were settled, Shooter started to think on the situation. Things just didn't add up but he had an idea. "You guys realized that... Hmmm you know what, never mind, lets just keep our eyes on the prize. But I want a living captive from each side of the weapons trade." Shooter added as the trio walked, deciding he would question one and maybe let them go for good information. The trio arrived at the docks, and Shooter started scouting the area with his eyes. On their left were the docks, plenty of ships coming and going, a wooden stage with plenty of crates and workers. Then a road that the trio stood on two lanes wide and across from that on their right buildings of various sizes. However one stood up to the marksman, a saloon styled bar with an alley on each side of the bar moving around back. The roof was slanted to a sharp peak and two stories up.

"There, that saloon looks like the place right? Two alleys, Lee, swing around the right side and see what's back there. Fiora, lets get some barrels and crates from the docks and fill in the left hand side to block it off. I don't want to give these guys a chance to get away without causing them some issues." Shooter suggested. Without another word, Shooter hung a left and dropped off the block that led to the wooden docks and spoke to a few workers. Anyone watching from a distance would see him talking and pointing at his white jacket, then dust it off and point back alley on the left hand side of the bar. One of the larger dock workers picked up a big crate and started to lumber it towards the alley. Shooter smirked knowing he could have helped but he was lazy. "Okay, grab a crate and get working." He said to the woman who was under her command.

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Once Fiora made it out the door of the marine base the Captain was already there, there weren't any words spoken between them but after a few minutes Lee also arrived, now that everyone was present he begun to speak stating that it felt better to not be in the dreary clothing of a marine uniform and that the outfit although was needed to show the public a specific look wasn't essential at the end of the day while catching criminals, at least that was something Fiora could agree with him on.

With Captain in the lead, they began to walk around, Fiora didn't know which way they were going but she assumed the end location was the docks, the first place they went to was a small food stand on the side of the road and the Captain ordered a hot dog with a whole lot of toppings that made Fiora feel queasy just looking at, he began to eat the hot dog while they continued to go a weird way towards the docks, by the time he finished his hotdog the Captain wiped off the disgusting bits of the hotdog and it's topping off his face with a napkin and then did a heavy sigh, he called her shark face again and stated he actually had no idea where he was going and the whole reason he even put her at point was to lead the way to the docks and then threated that he wouldn't mind going sight-seeing as it wouldn't affect him at all with orders to be somewhere else already.

Fiora was utterly pissed, her face twisted into a closed mouth snarl as she attempted to contain it while she spoke, "Why..didn't you...just say the first place!!?" Fiora took a deep sigh before taking the front of the group, she turned to the left that leads them to an alleyway in which they traveled down and then proceeded to take another left and then a straight walking path for twenty-one minutes until they approached the docks entrance, the Captain had mentioned something about keeping alive two hostages from at least each side but nothing else was heard as at the time she was still fuming with anger still. As they entered the Captain begun to scout out the area while Fiora did the same but looking towards different angles, On their left were the docks with plenty of ships and crates placed on the wooden harbor, she then looked at Captain and followed his eyes to a saloon styled bar with an alley on each side of the bar moving around back. The roof was slanted to a sharp peak and two stories up, she could guess what he was thinking.

On cue the Captain began to speak, "There, that saloon looks like the place right? Two alleys, Lee, swing around the right side and see what's back there. Fiora lets get some barrels and crates from the docks and fill in the left-hand side to block it off. I don't want to give these guys a chance to get away without causing them some issues." Fiora nodded and started picking up two barrels using both of her hands as she was quite a bit stronger then she looked, meanwhile Captain had gone to talk to the workers and not long after they also begun helping her while he himself was just standing there as he barked at her to work, Fiora under her voice said, "Why don't you get your lazy ass up and work too..!" while veins started to pulse near her forehead.

After nearly an hour and a half of setting up the place the job was done and it was getting dark, it was soon time for the meeting to begun and Fiora made it public albeit with a sarcastic attitude, "Oh hey look Captain it's getting dark, I think this would be a lovely time for a meeting don't you think?"

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Lee may have been the last one to arrive, but it wasn't like they were in much of a hurry, as they still had some hours left before the meeting was rumoured to take place. As such, he wasn't reprimanded for being late, not that he thought Shooter was the kind of man to issue that kind of scolding. The man clearly knew his stuff, but he didn't really give off the intimidating aura that perhaps Commodore Piscatella did. Perhaps it was due to inexperience, perhaps it was that the gap between Captain and Commodore was wider than Lee had presumed, there was no way to know. Regardless, Shooter did state that it must have felt good to the ensigns to be able to walk about in their civilian clothes, going so far as to state that he didn't really see the point of the marine uniform, as it had no bearing on whether or not you could catch a criminal. Whether you were dressed casually or not, a marine was a marine. Lee had issues with what was said, but he chose not to voice them, instead just following the captain into the streets of Lulusia. In his mind, he considered what the officer could be thinking that would lead him to say something so drastic. The uniform may not be the easiest attire to fight in, but it represented a regiment. Lee didn't enjoy the uniform, but he at least understood why it was necessary. If not for that, anyone could fight crime and claim to be a marine. More people would take the law into their own hands, as they wouldn't know if they were talking to a marine or not. They were a presence, and a uniform was a necessary evil.

Of course for missions that required a bit more tact, much like today's, the uniform would be more of a hindrance. Shooter walked his two subordinates all around the streets of Lulusia, as he ate a strange concoction of a hot dog, before turning around and telling Fiora that she was supposed to have taken point from the beginning, as she was the only one who knew where they were going. It was clear that Fiora hadn't enjoyed being taken on a walk around the town before being told this, but luckily she was in front of Lee as they walked towards the docks, making it impossible to see the faint smirk that formed across his mouth. The final remark about Shooter not really caring if they completed the mission or not was, truly, the icing on the cake. It was a bit unfair, which irked him slightly, but he also felt that it had been worth doing. Out of both Lee and Fiora, the latter was clearly more talkative. Lee wasn't the one who would likely speak out against a superior officer, if for no other reason than he couldn't be bothered dealing with the shitstorm that would follow. Fiora, on the other hand, might.

Eventually, after a period of silence in which Shooter merely stated he wished to keep a living captive from each side of the deal, they reached the docks. The area was just like one would expect of such a place, nothing special save for an old-style bar. Clearly seeing something in the two alleyways on either side of the building, Shooter ordered Lee to go have a look at the area, to which he received a nod in acknowledgement, as the three-eyed marine made his way towards the alleys. Taking the alley on the right side, as he was ordered to, Lee would follow the path, noting how it fell behind the bar, and meeting the left hand alleyway, with only a single other exit directly to the right of the turn, forming a T-junction of sorts for whoever entered through the right alley.

Satisfied that he knew enough about the area Lee returned to the captain, who was watching some dock workers and, interestingly, Fiora, and told the man what he had uncovered, "Captain, the two alleyways meet behind the saloon bar, with only one other exit available." Lee had followed his orders, so he simply stood and waited for the next ones, watching as Fiora and the dock workers made the left alleyway much more difficult to traverse than the right for the next few hours, before hearing a sarcastic remark from his comrade. Of course, Lee himself could have helped out Fiora in her job, but why would he do that? He hadn't been ordered to after all.

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Shooter McGavin


Shooter McGavin
Shooter nodded at Lee, finding his report fine for the most part but he would have liked to know if there were any barrels, or crates, hell a dumpster even to hide in or behind. Still knowing the basic set up was fine. He pointed at Fiora and the workers and smiled. "She's probably mad because I'm not working but if anyone is a lookout for the two groups meeting up, they will notice someone that doesn't look like a dock worker moving those crates. But for a fishwoman, a job like dock worker makes sense and this doesn't look so out of place. If you're going to be lazy, make sure you can justify why you aren't working." Shooter passed on some wisdom to Lee. Once Fiora returned to the duo, Shooter dusted off his hands and placed his hands on his hips. "Alright, lets talk strategy while we have a second. After a basic report from Lee here, we know that there is one other way into the alley. So, I'm going to get up on the roof, hide in the shadows and wait for my shot. However I want you Lee, to go to the other entrance of the alley you saw, find a place to hide and once the meeting starts count to twenty. Then seal the exit, if you have to block it off do it. Don't let anyone past you. No killing, I want all of these guys brought back alive. But before we bring them in I want to question them personally. Fiora, good job so far. I want you to wait for the meeting to start and the trade to start. Then announce yourself and who you are. Don't announce they are surrounded but give them the chance to surrender peacefully. If anyone draws a weapon I'll shoot them first. Just like with Lee, nobody gets past you and don't kill anyone. Understood marines? Any Questions? Alright lets move out."

Shooter entered the saloon and glanced around the bar, only a few people paid any attention to him entering. He nodded his head at them and started to walk around slowly. Eventually he made his way up to the second floor and popped open a window. He waited to make sure that nobody was watching him then jumped onto the ledge of the window and sprang up to grab the ledge. With a bit of effort he managed to climb atop the roof and army crawled to the center of the roof and spun to face the alley while drawing his pistol to take aim at the wide empty lot in the back of the building where the trade would surely go down.

While he waited, Shooter considered the situation at hand and started going through what he knew. The Commodore wanted everyone involved in the trade dead. That wasn't normal protocol for marines, unless these guys were known problems in the world like a Super Nova or someone with a bounty that high, there wouldn't be a kill order. Pirates and Revs were brokering a deal for a weapons and supply trade. Again why not bring these men back alive and get more information as to their groups respective locations? That was when it hit him. The Commodore wanted the men silenced because they knew something about him that he didn't want getting out. He reached for his shoulder and realized he hadn't picked up his Den Den yet and swore under his breath. "Shit.... I really need them to be sure to capture one on each side until we know who knows what....." Shooter muttered and sighed.

Looking into the alley across from him, Shooter could see twelve men walking into the alley, each of them looked like a well oiled unit all dressed in fine black suits that made them all stand out. Five of them carried large cases, bigger than suitcases but smaller than crates. As they entered the alley, the group fanned out a little bit to fill any major gaps. A small group of Pirates, five in total, or what Shooter assumed were pirates entered the alley opposite them and stayed huddled together, two in the back carried large suitcases that Shooter assumed was the money being used to buy from the marines. They started to talk about the trade, agreeing that one man from each side would open a single case to display that no tricks were being had and Shooter lined up a shot on what looked like the leader of the Revolutionaries knee cap...

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