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16Kamikaze! Bonsai! [Grand Voyage] - Page 2 Empty Re: Kamikaze! Bonsai! [Grand Voyage] on Mon Sep 24, 2018 3:06 pm

Soundless Void


Soundless Void
With her business done Perila walked out of the room and began walking down the marine's halls once again, as she made her way down she could hear the cheering and jarring of soldiers and she followed it until reaching the entrance to the mess hall, Perila found herself screwing up her own plans as she had so foolishly thought setting the bombs in low traffic places was brilliant only to find that disarming the enemy at every possible turn was more likely the best plan of attack, from the door she could see quite a bit of soldiers getting their meals while others sat at the table, she didn't waste any time in taking out another bomb and throwing it upwards onto the sticky side on top of the ceiling, now they would have fewer weapons and soldiers for her to have to go through to buy time.

Perila then walked away wondering what she should do with the last two, she began to mentally picture the very near fight with the commanding officer and she doubted he would just let her flip the switch, she knew she needed one to make an immediate escape once she was sure Elias and Proan had made it out, which s meant she really only had one bomb left to arm, but where to put it was the real question.

After a little thought, Perila thought best to set the final bomb at another entry point for weapons, she honestly couldn't think of another place to put it but at least this opinion left even more marine's underhanded to deal with her, she quickly found her way around the base to the second weapons room because at this point memorizing the layout was important as to not be fooled by her own traps, much like the same manner as before she set a bomb behind the door after waiting for a small group of marines to leave with practice snipers, with this all her bombs had been set, and now it was time for her to begin the hardest part of all, attacking a marine base.

Perila reached into her pocket and pulled out the red switch, with a deep breath she yelled out, "MY NAME IS PERCILA DU'VAR!! AND THIS IS MY THANKS FOR ALL YOU DONE TO ME!" Just as a few marines who had been down the hall started to gather and close in on her she flipped the black switch in her hand and throughout the base, the bombs started to explode simultaneously, in a single instance two weapon rooms were blown up, a large chunk of marine manpower was stuck in the mess hall, upon realizing that the explosions happened moments after she pressed the button the six marines that had gathered in total from both sides of the hall immediately took a fighting stance upon realizing that they have just been invaded.

Proan View

While Elias was shoving as much seastone as his arms could carry into the cart Proan was busy at work setting up a larger version of the explosives he gave to Perila in the seastone room, although it wasn't planned there was just no way they could carry last bit of seastone out of the room without being caught so if they couldn't have it Proan was set on making sure that the marines didn't have it either by the end of this to use against them later if they truly found some way to weaponize the material. As soon as he was done, he sat down and watched Elias, it's not that he didn't want to help but he had unknowingly dug himself into the asshole boss persona and breaking it now would surely arouse suspicion, fifteen minutes pass and the cart was nearly full albeit with an Elias that was beginning to lightly mumble under his breath that he was doing all the work only to be interrupted as multiple explosions happened at once alerting both him and Proan.

"Hurry Elias, get as much on as you can! Perila's started the last phase and it won't be long until marine's come back." Elias responded back, "How do you even know there come for us? They could just as easily leave us here to die." Proan hesitated but spoke nonetheless, "True they could, but at the moment we're playing two V.I.P's that secure the World Government explosives, the commanding officer knows we're here and is sure to send more man to retrieve us, If not we can make our own escape but I seriously doubt he would just leave us unsecured, after all, if something happens to us as far as he knows the whole situation will blow right back in his face. Now shut up and load faster before I dock your pay!" Elias understood the last situation but threw a chunk of seastone at Proan for his last comment before continuing to load the cart.

17Kamikaze! Bonsai! [Grand Voyage] - Page 2 Empty Re: Kamikaze! Bonsai! [Grand Voyage] on Tue Sep 25, 2018 10:02 pm

Soundless Void


Soundless Void
Captain Ortiz Office

With a sweep of his right hand, the Captain was glossing over his jelled hair back as he used his left hand to finish up a report about a recent mission he had been on the island, but suddenly his hand shook as it cramped up from writing far too long with little to no breaks, taking this as a sigh to sit back and relax the captain leaned back into his chair and eyed his messy desk full of both written and blank papers for unwritten reports alike. His eyes then shifted to a cup of coffee one of his subordinates prepared for him just a short half an hour ago, just as he was leaning forward to take hold of the cup suddenly a loud explosion that made his aim miss and the ground to start trembling from the force which created the chain reaction of his cup being pushed over to the side all over the reports he had just finished writing.

Captain Ortiz looked at his papers with horror for a moment before his eyes began shifting around his room as the explosions started to settle, his look of surprise just like the explosions faded into nothing only to be replaced by pure anger as all the hard work he had done for the day so far had been utterly corrupted by a mere coffee stain, but more than that, however, some unknown threat dared attack his base. Captain Ortiz basically jumped out of his chair as he took a strong grip of his door and flung it wide open stepping outside, to his right the hallway was slightly dark as some lights had been affected while to his left there was a group of marine soldiers running towards the scene of the crime, the marine captain walked towards them and when he got close grabbed one of his man by the collar, "Status report, now!" The marine who had grabbed immediately stiffened into a salute as did the seven other men accompanying him, "Sir! Two of our weapon rooms have been comprised by explosions and blocked by falling rubble, and nearly half our men who had been eating in the mess hall are blocked in, a small marine group had located and infiltrator who may have been the one who set of the explosions, Sir!"  Ortiz growled loudly as with his right fist slammed it against the wall causing a slightly visible crack before sighing and looking back at his men, "New orders, go secure the V.I.P's in the seastone holding room and get them out of here, I'll handle the intruder, you got that?!" The marines then saluted once again and in unison said, "Sir, yes Sir!" as they changed their directional course while the Captain headed towards the unknown intruder who dared test the might of the Marine forces.

Perila's View

As the marine's present had already realized Percila was indeed an intruder they didn't bother to give the usual speech about an arrest and decided she needed to be taken down immediately, unfortunately since some of them had been off duty they were left without proper weapons as only one of them had a sniper rifle and another had a blade as they were the officers still on duty that were closest to the scene while everyone else was unarmed.  

One marine yelled out, "Drop your weapon to the ground, slowly, right now!" Perila obliged as she slowly reached for the hilt of her blade de-attaching it from her hip she then lifted it up to show it to them and slowly bent down as if to put it on the floor, but before doing so so glanced up with a serious look and at max speed leaped into the air above the man right above the sniper carrier, with a quick flick of her wrist she smashed the end of her sheath against his head causing his body to relax as he fell to the ground unconscious, Perila then did a mid-air flip as she landed with her back turned to the remaining five marine's.

It wasn't until she unleashed her blade from it's sheath that they finally located her with their sight as she had moved to fast for them to follow with their eye's for a moment, with her display of hostility there was no need for them to hold back and they started to come at her, the first man ran up to her before suddenly spinning and attempting a backhand fist to her face while another circled around them to attempt a roundhouse kick, Perila sidestepped out of the way just enough so that the  backhand fist would clash with the roundhouse kick instead and she ducked down to do a low sweep of her blade knocking them off their feet.

When the third male came he attempted a straight punch in which she blocked with her blade, the man then followed up with an elbow and she jumped back only to have her legs suddenly grabbed by the two men she had just sent falling to the ground, seeing an opening the male who was carrying a sword dash forward attempting to cut her down in one swing, Perila wouldn't give this man the chance as she turned her lower body to smoke as she flew forward, right before she got close Perila suddenly swung her blade across the men's chest leaving a deep diagonal gash across his body, she then grabbed his blade from his relaxed hand and spun it around in her hand before suddenly turning around and throwing it like a spear at the man to the right who was beginning to get up only to be suddenly impaled in the chest by the blade and fell back upon it causing it to impale deeper into their body and causing their own death.

18Kamikaze! Bonsai! [Grand Voyage] - Page 2 Empty Re: Kamikaze! Bonsai! [Grand Voyage] on Wed Sep 26, 2018 2:17 pm

Soundless Void


Soundless Void
Elias and Proan View

Elias was placing another shirt full of seastone on the cart, the two-wheeled vehicle almost filled to the top would be no doubt hard to pull by either Elias or Proan to the outside, luckily neither would have to as even with the alarm blaring both looked towards the double doors that suddenly flung open with a group of seven marine's pouring into the room with the one in the forefront yelling, "Are you the V.I.P's?! Where are the two guards that were assigned to you!!?" Proan fixed his tye as his face clustered up into a deep scowl clearly showing his anger, "DAMN RIGHT IM THE V.I.P!! YOU'RE FUCKING MEN LEFT US HERE AFTER THE ALARMS STARTED GOING OFF!! I ASSURE YOU THIS WHOLE DAMN BASE IS GETTING REPORTED WHEN IM BACK IN MY OFFICE!!"

The marine clearly taken back by this but didn't know how to exactly respond, after a moment of silence the man behind him took a step forward and spoke softer but still yelling trying to be heard over the alarm, "WE'RE SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE, BUT SIR THIS BASE IS UNDER ATTACK WE NEED TO GET YOU OUT OF HERE!" Proan continued to fix his tye to the point it became disheveled and messy as he tried to portray the notion of being so angry he wasn't aware of his own actions as he kept up the deep scowl, "THEN GET ME OUT OF HERE!! AND SOMEONE HURRY UP AND GET THE CART MOVING!! MY ASSISTANT IS AN INCOMPETENT WEAKINGLY SO HE CAN"T DO IT." Just as Proan commanded the most muscular marine started to move to the back of the cart and maneuvered it onto one wheel to get it moving, while Proan and Elias were surrounded by the remaining marines as they began to move to head towards the front exit.

Captain Ortiz View

Captain Ortiz was speed walking down the halls of his own base observing the small cracks in the wall do the multiple explosions around his post, anger still fueling his movements as he was heading closer and closer to the location that the marine had given him earlier, just as he turned the corner he discovered a knockout marine whose leg had been caught by a chunk of falling rubble, The captain stopped momentarily and then walked over to them and with one hand grabbed the chunk and throw it off his soldier and then carried them over to the wall and put them up against it. Suddenly the Captain's inner senses tingled and the world went black as a red slightly blurred out figure appeared about twenty meters away from him, "Bastard! Are you planning to kill my men!?" The Captain immediately began rushing at his top speed towards the location of the intruder.

Perila View

The marine that had been to their side rolled before using their arms to push themselves off the ground and go for the sniper rifle, Perila wanted to stop them but she didn't have time as the two other marine's closed in on her from both sides with the one to the right having their left hand on the floor as they swung their right leg around for a low sweep kick, while the  marine to her right was attempting a chop to her chest, but the male who was attempting the sweep kick was closer and if he hit first she would lose her balance and fall down causing the chop to actually aim for her neck instead which might knock her out.

In order to prevent both of this Perila did a small hop in the air to avoid the low kick sweep and then immediately wrapped her wings around her body, when the chop came it had been somewhat softened in impact by her feathers although she flew back a few feet before pressing her feet back onto the ground to stop herself. Not hesitating Perila ran back to the two while the third man had succeeded in grabbing the sniper rifle he was unequip to shoot with, while his shaky hands attempted to aim true on Perila she kept moving towards the other two, when one of them swung a fist at her she blocked it with the spiky side of her blade impaling their hand before dragging it down causing the spikes to tear through their skin as they stepped back holding their hand in pain, Perila spun her blade in her hand and stepped forward slashing the men across the side of their ribs just as the other marine was closing in Perila extended her left ring scooping the man she had just slashed forward causing the marine to punch his own ally, she then pierced her blade straight throught the first one who's muscle resistance had been weakened allowing her blade to pierce throught both man.

Perila stood there for a moment wondering if the man was going to shoot her but it seemed his aim had still been to shaky and his own frustration caused him to throw the sniper away as he began to crawl away trying to get to safty, Perila slid her blade back out of the two men and flicked their blood off. She started to walk towards the marine who was crawling intent on finishing them off as she was not about to let him just freely escape after the trouble they caused her, but before she even got close a sudden blur took her by suprise only to be overthrown by the feeling of a her face suddenly feeling as if it had been hit by steel before she flew back with little resistance all the way to the other side of the wall where she eventually crashed with a loud thud as she grunted from the pain.

19Kamikaze! Bonsai! [Grand Voyage] - Page 2 Empty Re: Kamikaze! Bonsai! [Grand Voyage] on Wed Sep 26, 2018 7:58 pm

Soundless Void


Soundless Void
Elias and Proan

Proan made quick steps as he and Elias were escorted down the hallway by the marines, he took notice that only three of them held any weapons and assumed that Perila had made some headway in disarming most of the building before starting the assault, he gave a side glance to Elias so he would notice as well, they were quickly interrupted by the lead marine speaking to him " WE'RE APPROACHING THE EXIT FOR THE OUTSIDE!" When they got to the door they entered from Proan had to block his vision for a moment so they could readjust to the natural sunlight, now that the alarm was  no longer blaring one of the Marines spoke up, "Thank god, that noise was making me de-!!"

Before the marine could finish his sentence a bullet shoot pierced through his head and he dropped lifelessly to the floor, from the direction of the bullet shot in the urban jungle a mini army of twenty men started closing in onto the base, the fifteen marine's already outside begun shooting towards them while the intruding force shot back, however, with a good portion of their total forces stuck inside leaving only twenty-two in total to fight the threat the odds were against them. A few marines started to get shot down while others took cover, Proan and Elias knew they had nothing to fear but nonetheless  took cover to maintain the ruse of just being a CEO, while the majority of marine's shot back in an attempt to quell the invaders Proan dug into his pocket and moved around his finger to locate the switch, once his finger set upon it he switched it up and another explosion happened, this explosion caught some of the marine's off guard and the intruders took advantage of this fact and managed to get more reducing the twenty-two down to fourteen.

As the twenty-one men still approaching kept their march forward the remaining marine's started to march back trying to get into the building for safty, at this point putting their own lives before the CEO who had made it abundantly clear he didn't care for them, with no clear cover to get inside the building even more of them were cut down one by one until only a couple were left, Proan and Elias who were cowering in fear the whole time remained where they we're until rough hands grabbed them pulling them out of their cover and messing up their crisp a suit appearances, as one grabbed Proan he looked to see Rajen staring him into his face as he brought him close to whisper into his ear, "Glad to ssee you ssafe!" before yelling out, "WE GOT TWO LIVE ONE'SS HERE!! TAKE THEM BACK TO THE BASSE AND LETSS SSEE WHAT WE CAN GET FOR THEM! TAKE THEIR PRECIOUS SEASTONE AS WELL!!" The man cheered as they knew the mission was a success as they pushed and shoved Proan and Elias forward while the two smiled as they knew they had successfully pulled off the plan, but Proan was a little less happy as he worried for Perila.

20Kamikaze! Bonsai! [Grand Voyage] - Page 2 Empty Re: Kamikaze! Bonsai! [Grand Voyage] on Thu Sep 27, 2018 6:25 am

Soundless Void


Soundless Void
Perila Vs Captain Ortiz View

"Captain Ortiz!" the marine cried out happy to see his commanding officer as he thought he was surely about to die, but the Captain wasn't in a position to chat and console one of his soldiers and spoke, "Get out of here, get to safety." The soldier was well aware that in such a fight his presence may only prove to be a nuisance and obliged to his Captain's orders running off to get to safety, Perila who had been blown back to the other wall quickly recovered although she had an aching pain in her jaw by the sudden and unguarded punch given to her, but as she took in the sight of the Marine Captain she slightly cracked her neck while talking, "I'm guessing your the commanding officer of this place?" The Captain didn't speak at first and simply observed the person before him, and then he realized who it was, "I know're that revolutionary that took down the pirate Gustahn and his forces, I guess we should be thanking you for taking down one of the many pain in our ass's."

"Don't flatter yourself, I didn't do it for you guys. Those people didn't deserve to be enslaved and captive by another so I simply liberated them, then you and you're forces go and recapture some of them and even send them to prison, I got a bone to pick with you." Captain Ortiz grunted back while tightening his fist, "DON'T GET COCKY," The Captain would gloss over his hair with his right hand to calm himself down before continuing, "likewise, I didn't come here to thank you, you just attacked a World Government facility, not only that but you just killed a couple of marine's. As Captain Ortiz of the Marine forces, I came to take you down and send you on a one-way ticket to the new prison facility Impel Down!" Perila spun her blade around in her hand and gripped it with both hands as her right foot went forward and her left leg back slightly bent as she pointed the tip of her blade towards the Marine Captain, "Then we have a mutual understanding, my name is Percila Du'var, and I'm going to become the greatest Skypian swordsmen that ever lived." The marine dug into his pockets and pulled out black gloves with studded metal bulbs on them and started slipping them on and then got into his fighting stance, "Captain Ortiz M.Kelvis, I'm going to be the Marine that crushed that dream of yours to bits."

There were a few moments of silence and then with a burst of speed they both closed in on each other with Perila attempting a slash only for it to be blocked by Captain Ortiz putting his arms in an X-formation as the sharp edge of her blade was stopped by the row of studded bulbs on his gloves, they both jumped back but Perila immediately took quick steps to go right back to him and swung her blade forward as she bent down for a low sweep, Ortiz jumped but Perila followed up by spinning around and jumping into the air gripping her blade with both hands as she attempted an overhead strike, Ortiz moving slower than her dodged by rolling to the right but not before getting the side of his arm lightly cut,but as soon as he got back onto his fist he pumped his muscles into his right fist and swung right at her side, Perila only had time to put her blade in the way but even then the force was so strong that she was pushed back three meters as she stomped her feet on the ground as they made a skidding sound, before she shrugged off the continuing force by swinging her blade upwards into the air.

They had only exchanged a couple of blows but it was rather clear that while Captain Ortiz was the stronger in physical terms Perila was the faster, Perila didn't have time to dwell too long on it though as now the Captain was on the offensive, he rushed upon her with a palm strike in which she tilted back, but then he proceeded with a spinning elbow with his left arm causing Perila to block it with the spiky side of her blade but the captain didn't pay any mind to it, Perila had been distracted and the Captain took the chance to unleash a double palm strike and because she had hesitated it slipped through and she was blown back five meters as she rolled on the ground until she finally came to a stop and skidded upon the ground upon her knees causing them to slightly heat up from the friction only to see the Captain had suddenly disappeared.

Perila then noticed something was looming over her as her shadow was overlapped by another, she immediately rolled backward without looking only to see Ortiz crashing down onto the floor with his fist cracking the tile with pure physical force, Perila outstretched her arm with smoke and grabbed her blade quickly and reformed it back to her body, then spat out a bit of blood from accidentally biting her tongue in her effort to evade his attack. "You revolutionaries are always so pesky to take out like flies constantly buzzing around." Percila chuckled as she stood back on her feet, "I will rather be a fly being free, then a dog that wags it's tail to its master's every order."

Captain Ortiz didn't appreciate her comment as he rushed forward and did a stepping in sidekick with his right leg, Perila blocked it with the spiky side of her blade and then used her left leg to do a low sweep while his balanced was half, sending him toppling to the floor as she flicked her blade back and then jumped back as he quickly rolled over, Perila would have loved to keep going but she could hear the sounds of marine's not far off and she was sure he heard it too and was actually stalling her, she then began to sheath her blade as she put one hand in her pocket and the other where the switch for the red bomb was, "Sorry but looks like this is going to have to continue some other time, I gotta go." Ortiz pumped his muscle's as he leaped forward, "No you don't! You're not leaving my site!!" Just as he did that Perila threw her bomb right at him at a slightly tilted angle so that it goes to the ceiling while with her other hand flipping the switch causing the bomb to explode.

The explosion created a hole in the ceiling while the rubble fell down on top of Captain Ortiz, at that moment Perila didn't hesitate to turn herself into smoke and escape out the ceiling, several seconds later using his raw strength Ortiz busted out from the rumble angry, but Perila was already gone, in his anger he punched the wall leaving an even more visible crack then last time as his reputation as  a marine had been just made a joke, Captain Ortiz vowed one thing, he was going to capture Perila Du'var one way or another.


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