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Link to the application

Another day in, another day of Elias trying to push the limits of his seemingly sentient plants. Another day in, another day of the various members of the Sky Cleaver trying to be the Area Clearer to avoid getting caught up in the explosive cross fire. Since he had been given that idea that he needed medicine by Kouse and that other doctor, Harley. The vim and vigor his body went through just to try and prove to them that he was perfectly normal in the head was above and beyond the call of duty. He did his very best to show he could handle himself, he could be self sufficient. He didn't need anyone on his side at all times of the day like some sort of guardian.

He was perfectly normal! Right? He was just prone to whimsy. That's a perfectly normal thing to do! There's no question about it. Right? Right. See? Someone agrees. He was perfectly sane, and he had proof. Someone was agreeing with...himself. He just stood there, after having strolled back and forth, making various arm and hand gestures with the air, as if he arguing with some phantasm. Slinking his arms to his sides, he groaned, the glaze in his eyes becoming a morose and sardonic one. He was always smiling or emoting with his mouth in a completely wrong way that expressed his emotion, people normally had to make eye contact with him to tell what it was he was expressing.

Maybe, just maybe, the doctors were on to someth-No! No. No, no, no. That's--That's the thought process of someone who was questioning themselves. Mashyuu told him to stop questioning his own self worth. He was worth as much as he felt. He felt like a few dozen million beli! No doubt about that. He felt like he could tackle any sort of mission thrown his way.

Little did he know, was that he was going to be caught up in a landslide of events that resulted in a bomb scare and a pilfering of seastone today. And with one of the guests on their ship no less! How would he, in his unstable state, handle such a thing? Such a grave mission? Such a chance to really turn the gears in his head at the most inopportune moment? Find out by reading the Adventure of Elias and Perila, The First venture, Mining the Land WITH LANDMINES!

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Soundless Void


Soundless Void
It's been nearly a week since Perila infiltrated the pirate known as Gustahn's ship, due to her injuries she had spent most of that time sleeping to recover from all the wounds she had endured in the  five days she was kept as a prisoner and forced to fight in Gustahn's inhumane gladiator-like fights in a cave pit, although it wasn't what Perila would call smooth sailing her plan had succeeded with a few minor bumps along the road and she was currently relaxing in her bed feeling very pleased with herself for finally being useful to someone, unfortunately somewhere within all the chaos somebody must have taken a photo of her because while Harley was outside she caught a news coo that had her face on it and her twenty million bounty rocked it up all the way to sixty-five million.

Upon receiving that news Perila let out a heavy sigh as she should have known the World Government would find some way to make her actions public, but still, it didn't wane her satisfaction for helping all those people were being kept as mere slaves to a man who had been consumed by his own power. Suddenly Perila's vision was clouded by hair, in the midst of all her life problems in the few months she hadn't really been paying attention to herself and her hair had grown quite a bit longer and was now similar to bed hair, although she was no longer of noble status as far as anyone was concern it was no excuse for her current appearance.

With her body, all healed up with the weeks worth of best rest there was no need for her to remain there so she began to make her way to the shower that the Phantom Raiders used to cleanse themselves in their travels after grabbing a towel, upon arriving she didn't hesitate to turn the water to mildly hot and let the cascading heated water wash all the filthiness away working like any therapeutic spa visit would, after a few minutes of enjoying the water she then reached for the bar of mango scented soap lathering it into her hands and then begun to glide the sods over her body washing thoroughly.

Six minutes later she had properly washed her body and wrapped the towel around her body and headed straight towards her room at max speed so she wouldn't be seen nearly naked, now in her room she would take a look in the mirror to see her hair now went just a little pass her shoulder blades, but her hair would have to wait as she needed to put clothes on before she got too cold. Thankfully Harley had gone out to the town and got her some more clothing as she was in desperate need of clothing that fit her more unique personality, the moment she opened her closet she was delighted to see new clothing and didn't waste very long to put them on. She first started with putting on a cut off white shirt that went just five inches  passed her breast but left most of her upper body revealed, just over it she put on a leather black jacket with long sleeves but the jacket only extended just two inches past the white shirt still leaving her upper body mostly bear, she then begun to glide on black panties with red frills onto her lower body and right after a pair of black booty shorts and then proceeds to tighten it with a light brown belt, from there she proceeds to put on long red-kneesocks that reached just a little pass her booty shorts and then secured them with two black belts on each leg before putting on black three inch heels.

Now with her clothes on Perila begun to work on her hair, she decided to go with something simple, she took a large portion of it forming it into a ponytail and begun  using a  hair tye to secure it, it only took a few minutes  and she then put a red and black striped hairband into her hair and proceeded to put on black gloves that Harley had also seem to get her, there was a straw hat with bunny ears as well that Perila guessed Harley would have thought was cute, out of good will she decided to wear it as well. Now fully ready Perila glanced overeat the corner of her room where Gustahn's blade was placed, she was still slightly afraid of the mysterious energy that seemed to affect the late captain but every since she had it the energy had vanished as if it was never there, cautiously she strapped it to the side of her hip along with Mashyuu's blade and walked out to the deck of the ship.

For the first time in what felt like forever she was pleased to feel the heat of the sun upon her face, she took in a deep breath of the fresh air the world provided and held it in for a few moments before releasing into a relaxed pose. But today she had business to complete, Gustahn was gone, his ship nothing but scattered pieces of burnt wood, and his crew scattered to the wind but what wasn't destroyed Perila hoped was all the supplies his crew had, Perila had to at least try and go get some if nothing but for thanking Mashyuu for his kindness and help, but she needed someone's help.

Looking around the ship she only spotted Elias, Mashyuu's utterly unique marksmen that she had the pleasure to meet when she found the ship, walking up to him Perila would yell out, "Hey Elias, How you been?" Perila would let him talk before auto answering with "That sounds rough" and then continuing to speak intent on offering him something that might interest him, "So listen, I need your help, there's an abandon pirate ship off the coast just northeast of here, I'm sure it has plenty of supplies to help us out and may even," Perila glance would fall to Elias unique looking plants and back to him, "It may even have top-notch plant fertilizer for your growing project, what do you say~?"

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Perila. Perila. He turned and looked at her when she called him out. Perila? Perila! Right! He was so lost in thoughts that he was forgetting faces and names for a moment. That temporary lapse in memory common for anyone to experience! He was occupied with his own thoughts of adequacy that he had a moment of forgetfulness. So when Perila first contacted him, he gave her a look of confusion, as if he didn't recognize her voice, or her face. But that quickly fixed itself, as he blinked and shook his head a bit.

"I'm fine! I'm fine. Yeah, how about you? Are you fine? I mean, are you okay? You look alright, but, some people worry about their mental health just as much as their physical health!" He was projecting, that much was clear. If he really wasn't fine, how would he face his fiance again, he wondered. But his train of thought was multi-track drifting, like he had been in this place before, when Perila mentioned an abandoned ship.

"Abandoned? Sure, but, what happened to the crew?" A beached ship, that was interesting enough, but what interested Elias was the idea of where the crew went. Wouldn't the crew work to get the boat off the beach? Wouldn't they want to find supplies to fix their ship? Wouldn't there be guards around it? Unless the marines came and got them. But if the marines got them, why would supplies be left? If the marines got them, why wasn't the boat burnt or destroyed?

"Sure! I'm in! Lead the way Perila!" He said, having completely forgotten about everything he was thinking about prior to this point, instead, his interest was on pilfering possible plant parts from the dead ship!

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Soundless Void


Soundless Void
When Elias asked about why the location they were going in was abandoned Perila didn't bother to answer with the truth is that she killed the captain that owned it and someone decided to make the ship explode, but it seemed she didn't have to explain herself as when she proposed the chance of new plant opportunities all his suspicion had been thrown into the wind as he told her to lead the way in an almost excited tone. With his cooperation given Perila smiled at Elias and flexed her back muscle's causing her wings to unfold as she then proceeded to flap them lifting herself into the air, she then grabbed onto both Elias' hands and begun to fly heading northeast to where the remaining wreckage of where Captain Gustahn's ship remained.

As they flew Perila would become interested in Elias enough to ask questions, "So how did you and Mashyuu meet, sorry if I seem rude but you don't seem like the type that just so happened to cause a lot of trouble enough for him to notice you." Genuinely interested Perila would listen to Elias story of his and Mashyuu first encounter as she continued their flight path towards the ship wreckage, rather or not he chose to share it or not after fourteen minutes of flight travel at a moderate speed Perila would interrupt saying that they were closing in on the wreckage and she was taking them down about a quarter mile away from the actual site as she was sure Elias would appreciate not being at such a hight he may not have been adept at saving himself from.

Perila landed Elias on a clear-cut of grass before landing herself and folding her wings in, "This way, but I warn you, the scene your going to see is rather brutal" would finish with a somewhat sad tone, she then begun to walk further northeast and after a few minutes of walking the faint smell of something old would begin to be present in the air, another few minutes the faint smell had become thicker and resembling that to rotting food, proceeding after within six minutes the smell was now all too consuming and anyone could tell it was the smell of death permeating the very air, it would be finally after nearly nineteen minutes of walking Elias and Perila would come upon the beach, but unlike the one she knew this one was very different as it was filled with the dead corpses of her allies and foes alike from the time she set most of the prisoners free. Even now she was still proud of what she has done, yet the deaths of those who she now laid witness to as they laid there dead were also her burden to bear, as she could have planned better, but she didn't and now their hopes and dreams now resided within her.

Blood Battlefield:

Kamikaze! Bonsai! [Grand Voyage] Latest?cb=20140415173824

Taking a deep breath Perila then turned to Elias, "Search as many bodies as you can, they may have ammunition we can use and oth-" Before Perila could finish her sentence she heard a rather shrill male voice yell out "Ugh I think I stepped in one of their guts!" If Elias didn't hear the voice she would immediately tell him to get down so he wasn't spotted but if he so happened to hear it she would just make a lowering hand motion as if telling him to get down quietly, meanwhile, Perila moved on towards the sound of the voices and soon found herself hearing them from behind a large boulder, when she put herself again and slightly turned her head out to peek over to see what she was dealing with and what she saw was a group of five marines's searching the bodies just as she and Elias were about to do.

pulling her head back into cover she looked over Elias way and mouthed to him "Come over here and hide." and then relaxed and took a deep breath while closing her eyes, she begun to remember the time she spent on Gustahn's ship and the battles she fought in the pit, when she opened her eyes they had become more battle focused. Perila then jumped up on the boulder with her hand already on her sheath causing the marine to turn around in sudden surprise and in a slight panic he yelled out in a rather deep voice as if trying to intimidate her, "Who are you!" while pulling out a pistol which also alerted the four others with one having a rifle and one with a blade and the other two with metal brasses, Perila didn't answer causing the others to arm themselves while the one with the pistol was even more panicked and Perila could see his finger was beginning to lightly press on the trigger as he asked again going back to his shrill like voice, "Who are you!?"

The moment Perila saw his finger starting to press even harder with one quick motion she unleashed her blade and quickly dashed the small amount of distance as she jumped towards him slashing the male across their rib as their blood was now on her weapon and the slash was deep enough to instantly kill them causing them  to fall to the floor with their new heavy injury, now that the others knew she was a threat the three close quarter combatants closed in on her while the marine with the rifle got a little further away and bent down before aiming at her. Not wishing to deal with ranged weaponry from afar Perila set her sights on the first and from where she stood she altered her whole right arm that was holding the blade into smoke and extended it thrusting it forward at great speed straight towards the rifle holder giving him the same deadly sword strike as the pistol user killing them which in turn surprised the remaining three as they realized there target was a devil fruit user.

Retracting her smoke arm to connect with her body Perila was now ready as the remaining three marines split up surrounding her from three different sides, the first one that came up was the swordsmen who swung his blade down in which she dodged by sidestepping out of the way and doing a horizontal slash right where their gut was located and then kicked them into  one of the two with metal brasses knocking them down, taking the opportunity to attack the other one snuck up from behind her and attempted a right hook, Perila being able to hear him ducked down and did leg sweep causing them to fall before thrusting her blade straight at their heart to kill them instantly with little pain. The only survivor left who had been knocked down pushed his dead comrade out the way scared as he tried to get away, Perila pulling her blade out of her recent victim flicked the blood off before sheathing it, she then moved at a almost blurring speed cutting the man off before using kicking him with less than a quarter of her strength sending him to the floor and then immediately proceeded to tower over them pressing the long end of her heel softly into their neck as she said, "Don't move."

She whistled loudly before saying, "Elias it's okay to come out now, I need you to check the dead marine's bodies for anything that might be used to track us." The marine held down by her tried to protest there was no such thing but Perila wasn't hearing it and instead pressed her heel to silence him once again.

Skills Used:

Name: Razor wind (Kamisori-fū)
Description: Percila outstretches her katana in front of her and thrusts it at her targets slashing them on their left or right rib. Depending on the distance Percila will turn her whole arm but her hand into smoke to extend the reach of her attack.
Range:  Short 1m-15m
Attribute: Speed and Agility- 4
Rank: Intermediate

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"And away we go!" He shouted while thrusting a fist up to the sky as he was picked up by Perila, avoiding punching the girl in the face. After which he held hands with her the whole time he flew, moving his legs through the air as if he were cycling, humming to himself nonchalantly, even though they were high up enough a simple drop would cause some serious injury to his legs, his precious commodity known as walking easily snatched away if Perila wanted to rob him of such a treasure. You don't know how good it is to be able to walk until you are dropped and get a few compound fractures by landing feet first in a tree, you know? Thankfully, she was more than an ally, even being friendly as to not drop him! Maybe he shouldn't be so paranoid about people understanding his past.

So when she asked him how he met Mashyuu, he told her a little story on their way to the doomed ship. "Well, I was on Jaya for two thirds of a year. No one really wanted to talk to me or do anything with me. Mostly because I'm the son of a noble right? And my dear old dad wants me brought home, alive, so he pays out of pocket to anyone that can snatch me up. Marines and bounty hunters are more than happy to hunt down any leads on me yeah? So the whole cycle repeats. Ever since I left my home, I swapped my position on different crews, always cast as the stowaway, or the kidnap victim for some reason. Some pirates just don't appreciate a good bard or botanist anymore I tell you! It's like, wait, I'm off track! Right! So. Island to island, marines and bounty hunters would hunt down those crews, who would abandon me at the first chance they got, and I would have to sneak on to another with some sweet talking!"

"That whole thing continued, for nearly three years now? Anyways, I'm rambling. Am I rambling? Is this story any good so far? Sorry, I'm having troubles with thoughts lately! I'm normally a lot better at this I swear, this is the first time this has happened to me! Please don't drop me. Right! So, I have a bad reputation among pirates across all of the Blues, Elias Weltenbauer, the Black Spot Incarnate. I'm a mark of death to any pirate crew that picks me up. Mashyuu doesn't care about that because he's pretty much a back water bumpkin on the affairs of the world, doesn't even know what a Celestial Dragon is."
He kept speaking the whole time they flew, going off on little tangents here and there, only to multi-track drift back to the main point.

"So, I eventually made it to Jaya, where I met Mashyuu and Kouse on the same day. I got thrown out of a window. Head first. That hurt. And I rolled across the ground and nearly bumped in to Mashyuu while the guy that threw me through the window got sent flying to another part of town by one of my special Greens. He thought I was unique, he didn't know about my past, and now he's probably gonna get a bounty spike eventually if the marines find out that I'm a part of the crew, regardless of my standing with them. Dad just wants to make sure that I have a wanted Alive poster, and will bribe anyone he can to make sure that I am brought home from whoever I am allied with or not, just so I can be married off and he can climb the social ladder! So, that's my story so far!" He declared as they came toward the wreckage.

When Perila suggested that he might see something gruesome, he just walked on in toward it, "Doubt it!" But as they were about to search some bodies for some loot like some second rate adventurers looking for any sort of crafting material to sell at the local shop, the voices of some others could be heard. At first, Elias was about to waltz on in, before Perila got his attention and he waltzed on over to her. His modest height kept him hidden from sight thanks to the size of the debris, and he crouched down next to her, twiddling a couple of pop greens between his fingers.

She went out and did her thing, while he stayed in hiding. It sounded like the marines were either dead, or unconscious, except for one. When she called him out, he called out back to her, "I'm fine over here! Thank you! Let me know when everyone's asleep!" He really didn't want to be seen by marines. His tone had gone from jovial and ecstatic to downtrodden and concerned, a mood swing having hit him when a stress trigger of being potentially discovered by some marines with a pirate were being flipped. He would, however, come out whenever Perila decided to knock out the last marine.

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Soundless Void


Soundless Void
"I'm fine over here! Thank you! Let me know when everyone's asleep!" Is all she heard Elias say and she lightly sighed to herself while the long end of her heel was still pressed against the marine's neck, turning her attention back to him she begun to ask questions, "Who sent you and why? You better answer quick or your breath may permanently be lost to you forever." A few moments passed and the marine simply looked up at her with a face of utter contempt which she meant by pressing the heel further into his throat that made the marine chock and started to flair around before he ultimately hit her leg which she understood was him  trying to give up and she lightened the pressure, he took a moment to take some deep breaths and then begun to speak, "Just a couple of days ago a huge battle raged here with a member of the revolutionary army who freed a bunch of the people under a pirate known as Gustahn rule, however, the ones who were sent free are still criminals under the World Government and a good portion of them were captured for their previous crimes,"

After the marine said that Perila kept her gaze on him but mentally blanked out from his words,did he just say all the man she bothered to free were just recaptured by the marines on the island anyway? The marine was still talking and Perila simply thanked him for his information while pressing the  heel of her foot into his neck gradually, she could feel him struggling as he tried to get her off but she was fuming with anger internally and his struggle felt as if it was a mile away.

End of Act 1

Act 2: Hell to pay

Perila stood there for about a mintute with the thought of all the people she freed once again behind cages just as she had been in Gustahn's ship before she realized the marine under her heel had long since stopped struggling and stepped off of him walking back to Elias, while she did so her anger only seemed to boil with each passing second as she imagined all those men who thought for sure they were going to go back to their lives were now once again captive and this time unlike before they would have no freedom for possibly the rest of their lives, Perila wasn't just angry that all her hard work had been dashed by the dogs of the World Government who had already destroyed her home and killed her father but she also couldn't stand the thought of the men she freed now paying for crimes they were forced to commit by someone else.

Just as she walked passed Elias she immediately spoke to him, "Change of plans, I'm taking you back to the ship." If Elias asked why she would tell him she was going to go to a marine base and destroy it with her own hands and free people in captivity there, if not she would simply stay quiet about her intentions and started to unfold her wings and  flap them in order to take flight for the ride back home so she could plan, but before her feet even lifted off the ground a voice coming from their right would speak to Perila in an amusing tone, "Ah, the Violet Streak of the arena is as fierce as ever, even  upgraded her fashion sense."

The voice was so familiar that on instinct Perila turned around and she couldn't be happier to see that it was Proan the guard who had helped her free the prisoners in the first place, Perila winged folded back in as she did a quick dash over to Proan and gave him a tight hug in which was meant with the sound of him grunting and then giving her a back pat as he joked, "Come on Violet Streak, I can see your fierceness draining from you as we speak!" Perila pushed him in a light-hearted manner in which he meant with a smile, but as she looked at him her face twisted in confusion, "What are you doing here...I thought everyone was captured by the marines?" Proan face dimmed to a bit of sadness before he sighed and ran his fingers through his hair, " I was going to scavage off the poor souls left on the battlefield, as for the people taken by the marines no everyone love, you see after you freed us the slaves decided on what to do from there, some decided to stay with the ship and repair it while others decided to move deeper into the land in hope to find allies to take them off the island. Needless to say, a good portion of the people that were captured were sent off the island immediately to face for their crimes so only me and a good portion of the fighters remain on the island sadly."

Perila let out a low growl in anger, "The damn World Government, we can't let them get away with this..." Proan gave a light chuckle, "There's the Violet Streak I know, always so fierce and willing to put herself in harm's way for others. Actually, I didn't stop you to have a little chat and reminiscence about the past...We need your help." Perila curled an eyebrow at Proan and then spoke saying "Go on..." in which he continued, "You see we have about twenty-seven men ready to fight a good fight to make the marine's pay, however, there's a problem. Inside the base that took our friends, there's a commissioned marine, despite our force nobody is strong enough to handle that type of marine manpower...all except...well you." Proan would finish that last part cautiously as if to not step on a landmine. Perila took a deep  sigh as she thought about this, she wanted to help them, heck even if he hadn't shown up she would have done it anyway, but Perila was no fool, she had meant a commisioned officer on Skypiea and they were well above the regular forces when it came to raw combat capability, "How many marines are we talking not including the commissioned officer?" Perila would ask Proan, "From our scout's reports were talking about a platoon of about "32-39 marine's"

Perila lightly suckled on her teeth, "That's too risky, if we do this we gotta do this another way head on, and it can't just be about reducing their manpower, there's about a hundred or more so marine's being recruited every day, we gotta hit them where it really hurts." Perila thought about it and Proan seemed to be thinking too, Perila turned towards Elias taking a moment to really look at him which would create a slightly awkward energy in the air before it hit her and she let out an audible gasp as she whispered the word, "Seastone."

Proan looked at her for a second and she repeated herself explaining more, "Everyone who came on this island is interested in seastone, I bet the marines have already mined a whole bunch and have it all locked up in that base ready to get stolen." Perila would say excitedly as she spoke, Proan gave a sly smile as he responded, "I'm guessing Violet Streak has a plan in mind?" Perila smiled and nodded her head in response, she then looked over at Elias who she was sure at this point would be confused on what is going on but Perila would make it clear as possible and offer him a choice, "Elias...I can't ask for you to go along with us, I think my plan may work but it runs the risk of exposing you as a pirate or worst, If you want I can take you back to the ship, so what do you say?"

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Elias leaned up from his hiding spot after Perila disposed of the final marine. Standing up on the tips of his toes, he lifted a hand to his brow and let out a long drawn whistle. "Woooow, he did NOT choose the right words!" He said so flippantly, before he absconded off in to the wastes of the ship, going to rummage around for the promised plant materials for research. There were no promised materials actually. He just thought she said that, and, well, this was going to be quite the awkward encounter.

When the new person came out of hiding, Elias immediately jumped, and pulled out his slingshot, pulling back on the elastic band, while there was no seed in the basket, waiting to be released. At first, he was just a little startled that it might be another marine, but soon after, he lowered his weapon, even though it had no ammo loaded in it.

The two got in to a conversation he didn't really follow. Something about slaves, something about mining operations, something about seastone. That part he got, he knew what this island was all about, and what the importance of the seastone was.

Perila asked Elias if he would go along with her, or if he wanted to duck out of it now. Clutching the crux between his thumb and index finger to his chin, he went in to thought on how to address that. "I have an idea!" He went off to go behind some of the wreckage, and took out one of his seeds. Using the Sargasso, he threw it straight at the ground so the weed like plant could stretch across the ground and some of the wreckage. The next five minutes were spent with Elias grabbing frond after frond of the stuff, rolling it up and around his body.

He came out, arms spread in a grand fashion as he presented himself in a make shift ghili suit! It wasn't the most disguising of disguises, but his reasoning was this, "Now no one will recognize me!" Dammit Elias, why do you always have to make things weird?

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Soundless Void


Soundless Void
Elias once Perila asked him about where did he want to go considering the situation he began to think while placing his thumb and index finger to his chin, within a few moments he yelled he had an idea and quickly went back to the wreckage meanwhile Perila and Proan waited with blank faces as there was a silence in the air, five minutes later Elias popped back out but he was wearing a ghillie suit he seemed to make with the surrounding area as he boldly said no one will recognize him, Perila and Proan both had a sweatdrop roll down the back of their heads as they both mentally thought "But your completely out of place..."  Not wanting to discourage her friend about his...unique outfit Perila simply cleared her blank expression and said, "Perfect Elias!" Looking towards Proan she then gave him an assuring nod that they were ready in which Proan nodded back, "Alright follow me, the hideout is not far from here."

Now with the party in agreement Proan lead them through the urban jungle of Jordsand about two miles deep far from the shore and more towards the center of the island itself, eventually after forty-two minutes of walking the trio reached a thick group of vines in which Perila could hear the sound of water flowing from beyond, Proan taking the lead just used his right hand to move them out of the way, Perila hesitated for a moment but decided to do the same and use her right hand to move the vines and walk pass as well. When she got through she was still in the jungle but it was a large clear-cut and in front of her was a small boardwalk located over a stream of water connected to a waterfall in the distance while on the other side of the boardwalk was old buildings that looked like they had been there long before anyone currently on the island had set foot on it, Proan who was in front of her smiled widely as he said, "Welcome to the Gustahn resistance hideout, or what I like to call GRH!"

Jungle Camp:

Kamikaze! Bonsai! [Grand Voyage] Jungle_concept_by_happy_mutt-d5tk9lg

Proan kept walking forward while lightly waving his hand for Elias and Perila to follow, he lead them to the biggest buildings front door and knocked three times starting from the top right, to the bottom left and then back to the top but on the left side, after a few seconds of waiting for Perila could hear the sound of the doors locking mechanism being undone and then the door opened wide back it appeared pitch black inside, Proan once again gave Perila and assuring nod and then entered first in which she followed him without hesitation as he had already proven himself as an alley she could trust but rather or not Elias entered would be completely up to him. In the darkness of the building Perila could hear plenty of light breathing and movement but seconds later the lights turned on revealing a group of twenty-seven men surrounding them but leading a path to a large table with a map placed over it, one of the men of the table who had several noticeable scars on his face and thinning black hair looked over to them with a scrouge on his face while his arms were folded over his chest talking with a lisp, "Is thiss her Proan? ...the one they call "Violet Sstreak?" Sshe looks pretty harmless other than that blade at her waist."

"Oh yeah unless you're interested in going toe-to-toe with her I suggest you take my word for it Rajen, but it has to be later we don't have a time and a lot to discuss our plan." Rajen intervened, "We already have our plan discussed." Proan rebutted, "We used to have a plan, however, that plan will have heavy casualties and it will be for nothing as we only have thirty-one members here and were up against the marines who have more in a single base, and if we factor in that they may have reinforcements close by our attack will be for nothing and we will lose more than whatever we gain from the attack. But Violet Streak has a plan, as it was her plan that got all of us out of Gustahn's captivity in the first place I think we should at least listen to what she has to say."  Rajen looked at Perila and then glanced back at Proan who was looking directly into his eyes, a few moments passed and he sighed and throw up his hand as if saying "go ahead"

Catching onto his cue Perila stepped forward to the table and coughed to clear her voice and then spoke, "So I'm going to give it to you straight, with our numbers a straight assault will lead almost all of us to the slaughterhouse. However, if we do this the right way we will have little casualties and be able to land a decisive strike on marine power on this island." There were murmurs from the surrounding area but Rajen was the only one who spoke, "Go on." Perila continued, "Everyone on this island is here for one purpose, Seastone. The marine's as one of the largest factions present on this island have spared no expense in order to make sure they have most of this new limited resource and to keep it out of everyone else's hands as much as possible, so that stands to reason that if someone were to take theirs It would be quite a setback to what they accomplished on the island." There were more murmurs from the surrounding but now Proan asked, "How the hell are we going to do that?"

"Proan you once told me that you worked for the company that provided the marine's their explosive weaponry right?" Proan nodded and then Perila continued, "Then your the main point of this plan, we dress you up real nice and my friend here will escort you to the marine base as your assistant where he will pronounce you as the CEO of the company where you have personally made the trip to take a portion of the seastone back to the main building of the company to start weaponizing the seastone, once you have it I will begin an inside assault on the building where they will have to split their attention on me while a small group escorts you and your associate outside. Once you make it outside however our man will be ready to ambush the group that leads you out where they will help you retrieve the seastone."

Proan asked, "How about you, how are you getting out?" Perila answered back, "I will have you make me six easy to detonate bombs in which I will place five throughout the base before I begin my assault and one on a ceiling, once your all out and safe I will detonate them and use it as a distraction to make my escape via airway, are we all good on this plan?" Unlike before there were mostly nods as everyone was okay with a plan that didn't need them to do anything until the very end, but Perila looked back at her friend in his Ghillie suit, "This may be your last chance to back out, are you with me?"

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Elias offered two thumbs up to both Proan and Perila as he presented his makeshift outfit, though, with all of the sea weed covering his body, his thumbs weren't even visible. He just looked like a bog monster lifting up its arms. Some low budget power rangers monster that was bound by the cardboard and clunky costume it was made out of! From there, their walk was a lengthy trek, nearly three-quarters of an hour! And the sound of rustling leaves and fronds were the one thing that kept them company the whole way, Elias' suit jostling about with each step he took.

At the resistance camp, Elias was sagging down finally, his arms lowered to his sides, slumped forward somewhat, dragging his feet along the ground rather than lifting them up anymore! Walking through a jungle environment in a ghillie suit wasn't really a wise thing, now was it? He wasn't wise to begin with!

He lifted up his arms and waved them back and forth when Perila looked at him to enter the building, "No thanks! I'm gonna go study the moss around the waterfall!" He said with a somewhat exhausted voice, walking off while Perila had her meeting.

From there, he went around the camp, specifically around that water fall, collecting any sticks that he found. People looked at him like he was some sort of weirdo. He was. There was no question about that. But he was determined to do something with those sticks, and that wouldn't be revealed until Perila came out, and tried to speak to him.

The suit was standing there, the same way he had been standing there when she went in to the building, but it didn't give any sort of response to her. Thirty seconds went by before any sort of concern could be considered. If she tried to check in more depth as to what was wrong with Elias by touching the suit, the sticks that were holding it up would tumble down, leaving it in a lump on the ground!

Elias would come from around the corner, carrying a plate of food in one hand, the other holding a cup filled with water, "Awww, I just finished setting that up." He whined a little. He could be told the plan, and he would be more than happy to agree, so long as he was told how he was going to be presented to marines without being tied to pirates. He would only agree to this if they could come up with a plan to keep his identity from being discovered or his allegiances!

[End of Act 2]

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Soundless Void


Soundless Void
Act 3: Sneaky Invasion

When Perila turned around Elias wasn't actually there and she had been talking to one of the men that had already been present in the room as he looked at her with a weak smile as he lifted his hands to give her a fluttering wave, giving a weak smile back to the man Perila then excused herself to go find Elias. Once she was back outside she looked around and saw Elias ghillie figure not too far off at the waterfall, when she made it over there she began speaking, "Elias, you missed the strategy meeting," for nearly thirty seconds there was no response and movement despite Perila calling his name multiple times, finally worried she tapped the figure and it seemed to fall apart.

Just then Elias came around the corner disappointed that his suit fell apart, but with little time on their hands she ignored his sadness and gave a recap of the plan, he seemed to agree but was worried that he may seem like he was aligning with the pirates, Perila would ensure him that at the end it would look like he was captured rather than he was apart of it and that seemed to be agreeable to him. Although Elias didn't seem to want to enter the building Perila explained beforehand that he would be lead to a smaller one where there was a group of man that would give him fine clothing and told him to take a shower, rather or not if Elias took it or not wasn't the problem but he did have to wear fine clothing as it was all part of the plan, even if Perila and the others had to force him into them while Proan would do the same.

After some time where Elias and Proan were properly dressed Perila, Proan, and Elias along with five out of the twenty seven-man who were also finely dressed to look like guards dragged along a large mining cart would travel out of the safe area and head towards the marine base where they would stop a half of mile away from the actual base in which Perila would recap the plan to Elias and Proan, "So lets go over this again, Elias your performance here makes and breaks the plan, you need to convince them that Proan is the CEO of the company that makes their explosive products and that you and him are there to take a cart full of their seastone for the purpose of weaponizing it, if you get in you need to order the man to surround the building along with the marine's while you and him get inside so they can sabotage their secruity from the outside, I can't help you in this phase of the plan as I'm the most wanted so your on your own for this part while I hide in the cart, don't' worry thought I won't get caught on my end." Perila would say as she lifted the tarp for the cart and got in while putting it back up again to hide herself leaving it to Elias and Proan to get them inside.

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"I know I missed it. I went to find a snack, and then I found some sticks, and then I made my armor stand so I could display my great marvel of botanic engineering. Want some?" He offered some of the food, utterly oblivious, or rather, flippant, to the situation and the world around himself and Perila at the moment.

After being told what the game plan is, he nods and nods, then lifted up his index finger, "Before I go get gussied up I have a few complaints. Complaint the first: someone hold on to my jacket, if it gets hurt I'm sending you flying from the pond to the top of the waterfall via one of my plants. Complaint the second: I've read enough books about this type of situation, how do we know we aren't gonna stumble across the actual CEO? What if they know what he looks like? Do we have information on this guy? Complaint the third: Seriously? I made that camo suit for nothing? And now I'm just getting pushed off t-Oh hi there."

He said while he was ushered off to another building so he could get dressed up and brought out, dressed up as a CEO's assistant. While he was being pushed off, his toes were off the ground, so the heels of his shoes wedged in to the dirt, making a parallel pair of streaks in to the dirt while he was guided away!

When he was brought back out, Elias was wearing glasses, that had no rim around the top of the lenses, leading them to have a more librarian look. He wore a sweater vest, a tucked in tie underneath it and a breathable dress shirt. Slacks over his legs and a pair of well to do dress shoes. He was fixing that thick leather belt around his waist before he looked up at Perila, showing his hair had been fixed up, combed, even straightened out while the bangs were held back with a hair pin, giving him a rather distinguished and intellectual look.

"I look like a daft bean counter for some marine codger. Seriously, I got tired of looking like this on my home island. Can we go blow whatever it is we need to blow up? So I can have my jacket back? And put my hair back to normal?" He pushed up his glasses with a gloved finger, showing that he was wearing pristine white gloves now.

"I'm gonna leave m slingshot and seeds in your care, so, be careful with them. They don't take well to strangers. The seeds that is. They're sort of alive."

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Soundless Void


Soundless Void
After giving Elias weapons and seeds to the rest of the man who was hanging back until the order was given Proan would slightly lift up the cover on the cart and slide in six tennis ball looking objects as he whispered with worry and caution in his voice, "These are the easy detonation bomb you asked for, I hope you know what your doing in all this." Perila smiled from the vague darkness of the cart she was in and then gave Proan a glance, "I'll be fine Proan, just worry about your end and everything will go our way."

Now that Perila had received everything she needed once she got inside the group of five men moving the cart while Proan and Elias were in front begun to move towards the camp, once within a quarter mile of the camp the marine's would notice their presence and would keep their weapons aimed at them if they made any sudden or rash movements that showed even an ounce of hostility, once they made it to the base entrance the one in charge would ask them to state their business in which Elias would answer, if the marine didn't buy Elias explanation then plan B was for Proan to make a scene by taking out a den den mushi where after a few seconds Rayjen voice would answer and Proan would act out explaining the situation as if he was actually talking to the owner of the explosive company that made the marine's explosives, once he was done Rayjen would be  loud and bold as he made the claim of threatening to stop all business with the world government for their insolence.

Not wanting the wrath of anyone high enough to report this too if they were indeed the company that supplied their ranks or simply because they believe they couldn't do anything even if they tried the marine's let them in but first gave an inspection check where they began to check Proan, Elias and the five men, the moment Perila heard them stepping close to the cart she was in she would turn tuck in the explosive bomb under her butt and lay semi-flat in the cart as she turned her whole front into thick but airy smoke so that the moment the marine opened it he would be hit with a blast of foul smoke that made his eyes water but otherwise to him the cart would look empty allowing him to give it the passing check and allowing the group to go through, it would be at that point Elias was to give the order to the five men to stay just outside the base but be within it's walls as he and Proan went inside the actual building.

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"Alright, I have one last complaint before we get to work: what if they make their own bombs?" Of course, research had been done, they went through a third party for their bombs, just because of the amount of effort it takes to make and ship bombs in between islands out on the Grand Line. With that pushed to the side and out of the way, Elias could easily assume the role of the hype man, the assistant, the one who did the talking. And oh boy could he do the talking.  Tapping the side of his head, looking at everyone, he gave them a look of pure jubilation.

As they approached the outpost, the mine had been built around. It looked like a small scale fortress, with a grand rampart acting as a sort of gate and beacon, showing where people were to go down in to to start mining. Around the immediate area walls were erected, and several lines of tents were set up for the purpose of bathrooms, housing, and eating. So the place was set up like a legitimate marine installation.

The moment that the two gate guards spotted them, their rifles were raised. The brims of their hats casting shade down on their faces, and the way they aimed their weapons made them seem like nothing but faceless, darkened out soldiers, without a face and without a care for whoever it was that was approaching them.  Elias was the first to make the move.

Putting his hands up, he would speak to the marines, "Easy there boys! We mean no harm! We just have a new beefed up shipment of safe explosives for you!" The way he said that with the smile on his face just got them the sound of the guns being cocked, primed for firing. "Well, I should have worded that better. Sorry sir! Looks like we won't be selling to them." He said with a sigh, hanging his body downward, arms dangling toward the ground while his head dipped down as well.

Turning to Proan, Elias offered some form of condolences, "ANd here I thought you'd recognize the face of the man that runs the company you are getting your explosives from! C'est la vie!" After that, the call on the den den mushi was made, and irate voice came out the other end.

After a short debacle of exchanged words, Elias would enter in to the encampment with Proan, waving goodbye in a cheeky manner to the gate guards. "Oh yeah, I'm gonna need my boys to stand out here. Watch over the cart and make sure no one nicks the merchandise, right? Right. Peachy! Alright! Take us to your leader and we can get to talking, unless you want to actually BEHAVE." he said with a narrow eyed gaze on his face, and his arms shrugged out to his side, a big grin across his face.

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Soundless Void


Soundless Void

"No, you damn assistant! We need the cart, the men stay to ensure us extra security you imbecile! You know what? Just stay quiet and let me do the talking, I outta fire you for making these many mistakes." Proan would say while fixing his tye rather angrily, although he wasn't actually mad at Elias it was all just Proans way of further implanting his status as the CEO of the explosive company to any of the marine's watching, while the five men took stiff guarding stances like any bodyguard Elias and Proan were lead inside by one marine and had another marine tugging the cart along from behind them, there was no communication between the groups as Proan had made it clear that his persona was not to be messed with and the marines were not so willing to mess with him either, and Perila who was still in the cart kept herself focus while listening so she could transform to smoke at a moments notice in case someone got curious again.

After a few minutes of walking down a long almost blank white corridor, they stopped short of a double door made of refined mahogany wood while the door knobs were polished to the point the silver let off a reflective glow, the marine in the front stood up straight and knocked on the door three times while the marine who had been pushing the cart took a piece of his shirt and dabbed the sweat off his forehead, with a commanding yet soft-spoken voice from behind the door Proan heard the words, "You may enter." The marine then took the silver doorknob and turned it slowly before pressing against it to open the door leading to a room that other then the desk looked like it hadn't even belonged to anyone. The marine sitting at the desk quietly looked up at Proan as he put down the pen he was using to write up reports with, his almost silver like eye's penetrating Proan's skin threatening to pierce into his soul, the marine then let out a sigh of relief as he took his right hand and glossed it over his shady brown covered hair before giving Proan a half smile, "Forgive my rudeness CEO...." Proan answered, "CEO..Proan of makeshift fields, and don't forget it."  the marine blinked a couple of times and then continued, "Right CEO proan, my name is Captain Ortiz M.Kelvis the commanding marine officer of this base, how may I help you?"

Proan scoffed at his words as his face twisted into disguise, "Are you fucking serious?! You're the commanding officer and you don't even know when an important V.I.P such as myself had arrived nearly eight minutes ago to help your forces out?! I outta make a recommendation to your Fleet Admiral to get you removed for your insolence!" Ortiz who hadn't been informed about this news at all sat in his chair stunned until the marine who had escorted them through the base walked up and whispered the situation into his ear in which Ortiz made a knowing face now that he was caught up on the situation properly, "Forgive me for my insolence CEO Proan, due to the opposition on this island news that isn't centered around protecting our forces and supplies are, scarce. Anyway, I've been told you're here to take a small load of our seastone to run it back to your company to test the capability of it with explosive's, correct?"

"Your one phone call away from getting fired for your stupidity.." Ortiz took a deep breath and once again glosses his hand over his hair and then proceeded to look towards the male marine who lead them in, "Have they already been check for any weapons and the like's?" the marine soldier nodded and reported they had no such things on them, "Well then, by all means please escort them to the seastone supply room so that they may be on their way. Hopefully away from us..." Captain Ortiz would mutter the final part under his breath.  With his order the marine lead them back out of Captain Ortiz's room back to the marine with the cart and explained that they were now heading to the seastone supply room, not having the chance to take a longer break the larger marine sighed disappointingly as he took the cart into his hand as once again his partner lead in the front while Elias and Proan were in the center and him in the back pushing a cart that the marine soldier had no idea was a bit heavier due to a body being inside of it, but for the three of them the real mission was only just beginning.

End of Act 3

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Soundless Void


Soundless Void
Act 4: The Escape Hatch

Proan View

It's been fourteen minutes since the marine's lead him and Elias or as rather his "assistant" down the halls of the white and blue stripped marine base to lead them to where the sea stone is, suddenly they came to an abrupt stop to double doors and the marine who had been leading in the front spoke up after a long silence in a husky country accent, "Inside is the seastone material yall our here for, My comrade and I  will wonder out here and keep on the lookout for stranglers while you collect your material." Proan scoffed at the marine's remark, "I'm I to assume that I'm so unimportant to you and your commanding officer that you only muster two guards to keep me safe from those ruffians out in the jungle?!" At this comment the other marine spoke, "It's not like that sir, right now are forces are spread throughout the base to make sure nobody invades from any angle's, I assure you even though its just us two at the moment, you have the protection of every marine on this base." Proan, "Good, now open up the cart so we can begin our real "mission""

Perila's View

As she listened to the conversation Proan was having with the marine guards she soon realized the whole point was Proan's way to find out if there were anymore marine's heading there way, luckily it seemed this isn't the first time they encountered an attack on their base and the commander officer Ortiz decided to counter this problem with spreading his forces throughout the base to cover more bases, however for Perila and her squad this situation was more ideal.

As Proan said the word "mission" Perila understood that was his way of signaling her, when the man began to lift the cover Perila's hand shot out wrapping her fingers around her neck as she began to choke him, as the other marine was just about to scream out for help Proan had come up from behind him and wrapped both arms around their neck, he then jumped up and tucked his legs in causing the marine's spine to crack at the unnatural weight taking it down and the lack of oxygen, once both Perila and Proan were sure they were properly knocked out they ordered Elias to open the door.

Once the door was opened Perila and Proan dragged the two marine's off into the room and placed their bodies behind one of the large carts of seastone, "So far so good aye "Violet Streak"?" Perila then started to undress the skinny marine, "So far, but the hard part is just beginning, for me anyway, just make sure you load as much seastone as you can before this base goes to shit." Proan saluted Perila as he and Elias began putting the seastone into their cart while Perila got undressed and put on the Marine's uniform to disguise herself.

A minute later she was fully dressed in a basic marine uniform, as she fixed the marine hat on her head and then put the six bombs given to her into her pockets having three in each, she wished good luck to Elias and Proan on their end before heading to the door, but before she got their Proan stopped her and took out two small switches one being red and the other black and put it into her hands, "This is the detonator for the bombs, when your ready just flip the red switch and five of the bombs will go boom, flip the black one and it will explode alone. The bombs themselves are sticky on the back so there stick to any surface you attach to them as long as it's not water or oil." Perila appreciated the rather important information and gave Proan a nod of thanks before heading out. Now out the door, she looked both ways and decided that going the opposite way of the commander's office was the smart decision as she would get noticed a lot faster being caught by him, as she walked down the halls only greeting fellow marine's with a nod she wondered where she should put the bombs, she already knew she would need to put one on a ceiling where she chose to reveal herself so that left her with five others.

As she kept walking it was obvious at least two of the bombs should go in their weapons/and ammunition room, in an assault like this it was common practice to disarm the enemy from being able to fight to their full capacity. With that in mind, Perila began to make her way to the weapons room of the base, along the way she got a good amount of stares as it seemed a Skypian marine was rare, surely because of the current situation of her home in which she still worried about every day, upon arriving at the weapons room she looked around taking note of all the weapons, she herself didn't need one but she did take a second to marvel at the Marine's taste in weaponry, too bad she was planning to blow the room up so nobody could use it.

Taking a moment to look for the best place to set the bomb Perila set her sights on the ceiling near the front and the back of the room, although initial she planned to set every bomb but one onto the ceilings it seemed that now that she had time to think it was best to set all of them in that way as the crumbled interior would fall onto any unsuspecting marines and also block the passageways to stall forces that she would surely be coming to swarm her later on, Perila quickly took out one of the bombs and used her wings to slowly lift herself into the air as she set one bomb behind a few guns on the far end of the room and then another right above the door so that when it blew it would crumble behind it making it nearly impossible to open the door without significant strength.

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