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1Chapter 12: Ghost In The Sea Empty Chapter 12: Ghost In The Sea on Thu Aug 23, 2018 10:50 pm



Chapter 12: Ghost In The Sea Tumblr_p33hh4CeIK1vz3uwro1_400

"Sickness, insanity, and death were the angels that surrounded my cradle and they have followed me throughout my life. So let's stop pretending that I am normal. Because nobody is truly what you call normal. I mean where there are winners losers must exist as well. How pitiful to say the least. "

Cage would say looking on as a rogue pirate was making a large scene. The pirate ranned into the marine base some how. He is the co captain of a low rank pirate crew. Whom Cage simply beat in pure fashion. Now the second in command has come to break him out.

Watching on as the marine try to put him in cuffs made his day. Eating jelly beans as he looks on.

"WWWHHEERREEE IS HEEEEE!!! " He reached out as Cage look's on. The man began to run around holding out a sword as to fight anyone who would come by him. The marine would draw theirs as well. Outnumbering the man the marine would start to surround him.

He looks on then took off his shirt revealing bombs attached to his body. This caused everyone to move back some. Cage would stand up from where he was sitting. Right on top of a marine tent.

Looking on he was very in a very panic state of mind as he held the trigger. The man had an itchie voice as he said. "Times up now release my captain. Or else we all go boom. " As he began to walk towards the man in a chill way Cage would clap.

Now sporting the serious look he grew tired of people laughing at him. More or less he was wearing his dark piston jacket and boots with metal stars on the back of them. Now having bear fur covering his face. He had on no under shit as his new native tattoos showing. With his crimson eye's he looked on.

With his three eyes open he looks at the man. Still clapping he reply, Jeff of the Hardy pirates give it up. However, I do appreciate your might for coming here but it's over now. You all did well to make it this far, however. All y'all did up until now was pointless. This is as far as you go. " He looks on eating jelly beans while looking at the man.

Jeff looks at Cage who was chilled as can be. As he started to freak out. As Cage was a mere three meters from him. He would try to rush him all the while screaming at him. Cage would then close his eyes and feel the man. Letting off a dangerous energy of some of. He couldn't quite make it out however he did know it wasn't good. Pointing at him Cage would then fire off his jelly bean the moment he opened his eyes.

Not the world greatest, however, he did have more than enough aim to strike the man in the head.

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Chapter 12: Ghost In The Sea 984f7d56b04cc7833650d7cdb21f6c18

looking on at the weeping man the man whom was weeping in front of other man. Was he weak no no the hell he was not. Just who said it was not ok for men to cry. Showing the world you have a heart and soul is what makes us human. Cage would smile as he walks up to the man handing him a napkin. "Dry your eyes they are wet from the crying you just did. So I see you care a great deed for your captain . Yeah I no the feeling all to well I care greatly for mines as well. Look here he was a great pirate well really weak. that is why he lost. How truly I am to tell you such a thing. But go on live your life for him. You see he is going to a land that you cant return you here me."

Jeff looking on at Cage would madly  say," and just what the hell you know. Last I checked you was taking orders from a warlord." Cage would look on as he would smile yet grin. "Eventually, everything connects. That’s a deep-seated belief of mine that lifts me up when I feel crushed by expectations, or isolated by perceptions. That feeling of connectedness seems to be the very breath that gives us the energy we need to keep going in the world, to do meaningful work in freedom.
We are creatures of belonging; we are children of humanity as well as children of the universe. We are here, together; the illusion of separation is what keeps us feeling like we have to do life all by ourselves, chained to a painful existence and constantly threatened with the fear of mortality."

Smiling as he got his point known Cage would end it " so leave here now and go start anew you understand me?" Seeing him run off was fun because at least he was free. Just letting him go was a bold move however the marine gave this base to Alice to protect and in turn she gave it to him.
To look after while she was gone. Cage intended to do just that as he watched the man leave. He would than try to return to his room only to be handed a den den mushi .

On the other end was some high tellers whom wanted to speak with him in private. To which he was wondering why was that at all. Taking his leave he would return to his room and locked his doors . Bing a classic marine bunker room he really did not have much but it was only as he ready him self to talk on the den den mushi. He would wonder just who was calling maybe just maybe it would be his captain with her crazy ass. However as he said hello a man would reply. They say beli is the most spoken word in the world wouldn't you agree Arcologia Cage?"

3Chapter 12: Ghost In The Sea Empty Re: Chapter 12: Ghost In The Sea on Sat Aug 25, 2018 9:55 am




As the villain tried to run Danny was quick to give chase. His speed being increased by his zoan devil fruit. A devil fruit which gives the user the power of a wolf. This has helped him climb the ranks. He is in his twenties more or less a by the law type of person who brings hope to people. Looking on as he chases the man to a large tree the man was out of breath. Danny would laugh as he knew it was only a matter of time for the cuffs to come out. You could not tell him nothing else as he looks on at the man.

The pirate is ironically the third member of the crew Jeff was in. As Danny takes out his cuffs he just knew he was about to arrest him on the spot." You villain tell me was it worth it. Now then it's time to judge your crimes against the world law." Danny said as he reached in to cuff him however the man was not going to go down without a fight. Jumping to the side of Danny the man tried to go for a leaping kick. Danny was quick to react to such a thing in a quick fashion. As he made the right counter to block the kick by putting up his right arm. As the kick came crashing into him he simply laughs "that is all you got how sad."

He would then punch the man in full force causing him to go crashing down. Putting his hand up in the sky Danny looks on as another job well down. Marine captain Danny Song was no joking matter. Taking the man to jail another job well done indeed.

Chapter 12: Ghost In The Sea 13dcfa69bac049db
Cage listens on as the men were talking to him. The men were someone he could not really tell of. However, he did know one thing he heard the voices before. But where just where he could not think of it for the life of him.

"Say quite the mess you been making huh Mr.Hatter? Tell us would you like to continue doing what you are doing and get away with it huh? To get paid for something you do for free. We could make that happen you know." Cage was confused at what he was hearing." Just what do you mean by that?" Cage would ask out of his curiousness. As the men began to smile. "Only we will tell you if you agree to it. Then we will fill you in how about that.

Cage looks on as he walks and sits down as he closed his eyes. That same feeling came about him as if he could feel someone close by. "Very well I'm in so long as my captain doesn't get hurt." The men began to explain themselves, "and she won't that I promise you. There is a bug in our network and we need you to personally tend to the matter. To make a long story short make him go to sleep and not wake up." Cage eyes would go wide as he was in disbelief at what he just heard.

Cage listen on at them,  " just what do you mean what are you all getting at here?" Cage waits for the group response. " Listen we will pay you large amounts just to check this bug out understand me?" Cage began to smile a joker type of smile. " Very well count me in I will take him out."

He then would cush the den den mushi as he stood up. Looking over at the piano he would go and sit down to pay it. He began to sing a song so beautifully done.

Thinking of wonderland which is his Alice the room began to tun into a ballroom. To which he and Alice are dancing as he sings. Alice looks at him as she asks him what makes him happy. As he looks at her with such a perfect smile. He too looked on at her with a sad smile. With this in his mind, he began to sing. She kisses him, " hey if you could be anything in the world what would you be?"

Chapter 12: Ghost In The Sea A98aff1aafb43ac8b077a7319d236666

Soon she would join him as they sing and dance the night away.
Cage tends to enter Wonderland when bad thoughts enter his mind. But for the first time in a long time, he feels wicked. As the ballroom would soon fade away tears would fall down his cheeks as his eyes glow red. Reality was a sucker indeed as he now knows what is what.

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Wip yeah oh
Chapter 12: Ghost In The Sea 36160538_247312659382997_2956084376175116288_n

Cage tend's to escape to wonderland when a storm is passing by. He was told to do something he knew was not justice. Confused yet still understand everything from beginning to end. Cage knows what he must do to avoid what they call dark justice. As he walks out of the marine base as boots click every time they hit the stone ground of the island. Unlike before Cage would have said no to such a request but he now knows what he must do in order to get what he wants. Follow these so-called rules until it is time to act to break them

As marine soldiers go about their day Cage would now leave the marine base station to the west and head toward the east. He was told to take out its marine captain there at any cost. Danny Song was a man he crossed path with on more than once. But to get rid of someone who does true justice was damn right evil. However, why go against the law that is ordered but to make a long story short. The government the rebels even the pirates they all have one thing they keep them one in the same. They have soldiers who would die for their cause.

Cage would think these thoughts as he walks towards the east station base. How will he go about this simple he will go towards the base at night and that's when he will strike. More and More powerful he has become however he is still far from his glorious self he needs to be. Looking up as the sun prepared to go down he would active his ken haki. An ability he unlocked the moment he realized what is reality and what is not. He would check around the base. As he hid behind a tree to get out of view of the night shift soldiers.

Chapter 12: Ghost In The Sea Tengen_toppa_gurren_lagann_kamina_wallpaper_by_manyueru-d9mybyj

"To be or not to be is have I put things. I will be back soon  I am going to go pick up the other kids. So I will see you when I get back." Danny looks as he messes up his little brother's hair.  knocking his hand away as he looks up at him. " Hey big bro everyone says you gonna be the next hero of the marine. That would be so cool I really mean that." Danny looks at him then smiled as they both began to laugh after he made a funny face." Listen, lil bro, it is not about being a hero it is about doing the right thing. Now I'm off make sure you listen to Lt Cherry you got that. He looks up at Danny with his bottom lip poked out." If you say so but she so by the books geez."

Chapter 12: Ghost In The Sea Kamina_and_simon_tengen_toppa_gurren_laggan_by_alfalol-d8bferu

Soon Cage would watch as Dany would leave. He could have attacked right there. Or after following him, however, then he decided not to. It would be best to wait this out. "Something tells me this is gonna change me for better or worse.

5Chapter 12: Ghost In The Sea Empty Re: Chapter 12: Ghost In The Sea on Sun Aug 26, 2018 5:57 pm



Chapter 12: Ghost In The Sea Alice-wonderland-anime-wallpaper-ipad-mini-3

It was a golden afternoon as Alice stared forward, her eyes not focusing on anything in particular at the moment. Her fair hair was tucked behind her ears so that it would not accidentally drop into the cup of tea that rested just below her though by this time the tea was nearly gone and the cup was quite dirty. She suspected they would be changing places rather soon: something she hoped would occur a bit faster for her current position forced the sun directly into her eyes. Because of this, Alice found it difficult to see what sort of madness the March Hare, Hatter, and the Dormouse were currently involved in as she sat at the head of the overly large table situated in the March Hare's garden. Despite this difficulty, Alice preferred to be a good distance away from the party as she was now. The dirty china and silverware were the only, yet effective, shield from the madness that was currently ensuing.

The Dormouse was asleep as always, his dreams carrying him to nonsensical adventures deep in a well where three girls were surrounded by treacle. In between squints, Alice noticed Hatter and the March Hare were hard at work on one of their many "experiments" that often involved tea one way or another. Of course, the two were much too far away for Alice to be able to make out exactly what new concoction they were in the process of creating. However, had she been able to witness the account, she would have been staring at a plate that was now beginning to crack with a piece of cake on top. A clock was conveniently shoved within the desert's center completely covered in butter and jam. The March Hare was coating the strange new creation with honey while at the same time Hatter poured some tea on it. They were lucky Alice was not able to see exactly what they were doing otherwise she would have been reprimanding the two while at the same time adding subtle insults.

Chapter 12: Ghost In The Sea Aa8a6901383bd5bd0f4602555104f7c0

"It's alive!" Hatter exclaimed as the gizmos within the clock were beginning to spring out, demanding freedom, causing the cake to appear as though it possessed a mind of its own for a brief moment. Hatter's sudden exclamation sent Alice jumping out of her seat, not out of fear but out of curiosity and utter annoyance. Seeing Alice rise from her purple cushioned chair, Hatter threw his arms wildly in the air, exclaiming "Change places!"

"Change places!" the March Hare repeated as he practically shoved the Dormouse along. With the Dormouse being so small and the March Hare's force being so great, this action nearly injured the poor creature or, at the very least, almost sent him flying across the table. However, the March Hare did manage to put the Dormouse in his proper new place at the table and once the March Hare's action was complete, the Dormouse slipped into another slumber, showing no signs of being bothered by what had just occurred.

Chapter 12: Ghost In The Sea Randis-albion-ipcjo

While the Dormouse's eyes were drooping as he passed into the deep, almost never-ending void of sleep, Alice moved to her right so that sun was shining on her back. Her rotation did not seem to make much sense for to her right was where Hatter had been currently sitting while Hatter and the March Hare literally walked around the table so that they were now on Alice's left. Then again, their methods were mad and Alice was forced to comply with such madness. Although it was nice to be out of the sun, Alice was a bit disappointed that she would now be forced to sit so close to the March Hare, the Dormouse, and Hatter. Luckily, the Dormouse was a decent barrier to separate herself from the March Hare and Hatter.

In order to hopefully save herself from the madness that would no doubt begin to ensure at any moment, Alice divulged to her thoughts once again. She fixated on the March Hare clad in a scarlet coat with brown pants, complete with an orange bow tie. Alice could not help but to think the March Hare required someone, a maid perhaps, to pick out his clothes for him for they did not match at all. However, she reasoned, his bright yellow hair (or was it hay on top of his head?) would distract anyone from noticing the clash of colors that decorated the March Hare's body. Besides, Hatter's clothes were no better: large green shoes, green pants, an overly large orange jacket, a blue bowtie, and that ridiculous green hat with a card reading "For this style 10/6" nestled behind the blue brim

Chapter 12: Ghost In The Sea Bloodccover

Alice stared at his unusually large, round nose surrounded by freckles; his white hair resting just passed his ears. Alice's original train of thought began to briefly run on another track as she wondered why Hatter's hair was so unusually white. He certainly was not old enough to have such white hair. Perhaps the coloring was due to his constant hat making for her sister often told her hatters were mad because they made so many hats. Something to do with mercury she believed. Or perhaps her sister had said Venus? It was one of the planets was all Alice knew. If hat making could cause a person to go mad, perhaps it could change their hair color too.

Speaking of hats-or, at least, thinking of hats-then there was the ever-present green hat covering the top of Hatter's head. Why Hatter required such a large hat, Alice never knew. What was the purpose, she wondered. Perhaps he simply enjoyed wearing large headwear. However, such a solution seemed much too simple in the mind of the twelve year old. No, no, it appeared more likely that Hatter was hiding something under his unusually large top hat.

"But what sort of thing could you hide under there?" Alice mused in the corners of her mind. Knowing Hatter, it was most likely a teacup or a teapot...something to do with tea. Then again, that would mean he would have to balance such delicate china on his head all day. Was Hatter capable of such a feat? She had read books of women in Africa who could balance large pottery on their heads but it did not seem likely Hatter could accomplish such a task. After all, he was rather clumsy at times.

Chapter 12: Ghost In The Sea NwSLyZY

Or suppose he was hiding something of value to him beneath it? A pocket watch perhaps? But Hatter seemed to already have a pocket watch that constantly needed repair for one reason or another. Unless of course, he kept a spare pocket watch. Unfortunately, Alice deemed this theory highly unlikely since if there were another watch below his hat, Hatter would have undoubtedly broken it by now.

Alice was becoming so curious in such a short amount of time, conjuring theories here and there, she wondered if she ought to ask Hatter directly.

"Oh but that simply wouldn't do," Alice told herself as that was much too rude of a question to inquire. So instead, Alice was forced to contain the current pondering her in.

Chapter 12: Ghost In The Sea Aph_soldier_side_by_virus_ac74
"Alice?" Hatter inquired as he was pouring Alice a cup of tea. Alice snapped out of her little daze and stared up at the man with the mysterious hat.

"Yes?" Alice returned as her peripheral vision caught the other guests at the mad tea party. The March Hare was also staring at her with a puzzled expression present upon his face. Alice did not even bother to sneak a peak at the Dormouse for she knew he was probably asleep (which he was).

"I was just wondering why you were staring at me for so long. I know it's hard to hear this but you do know you're only twelve right?" Hatter replied coyly, a smirk slowly appearing on his face. However, as Hatter had said, Alice was only twelve and did not fully understand what he was hinting at. Seeing Alice's confused expression, Hatter continued, "I'm afraid you're a bit too young for me. But maybe if you give it a couple of years, I might reconsider." Alice felt her face turn pink at Hatter's comment out of embarrassment. However, her eyes quickly became fierce in an attempt of self-defense against her current humiliation.

"That is no way to speak to a girl!" Alice retorted, her temper flying. And she had thought her own question was impolite! Such an impolite, imbecile Hatter was; a complete and utter lunatic who possessed the manners of a monkey!

Chapter 12: Ghost In The Sea Anime_yanks_volley_fire_by_lordcavendish-d55rqvm

"No need to become so offended: I was merely humoring you Alice," Hatter replied, slightly irritated that she would take something so seriously. He could not possibly imagine what tea parties were like in England with her. They must have been the most boring of tea parties.

"That wasn't the best joke, I'm afraid," the March Hare muttered under his breath, sympathizing with Alice as she folded her arms across her chest in a huff. "Enough of this! Pour me some tea Hatter!" the March Hare stated a little too loudly as he waved his empty cup in Hatter's face. Hatter became distracted by this, much to Alice's liking, and proceeded to pour the March Hare a fresh cup of tea. However, only a drop of tea fell out of the teapot and into the March Hare's cup. Hatter frowned at the teapot and shook it a bit, thinking perhaps it was clogged by a piece of bread or some other treat. Yet, all of Hatter's shaking was in vain as nothing came out of the teapot.

"What is the matter with this thing?" Hatter questioned as he peered into the spout.

"We're probably out of tea," Alice suggested rather timidly, still looming over the previous conversation. However, Hatter was much past such things and was more concerned with the mysterious disappearance of his tea.

"Out of tea? Nonsense! It's only just six o'clock," Hatter protested. For, he could not fathom that eventually, the party would inevitably run out of such supply as though there was a never-ending void of the tea he loved so much.

"It's been six o'clock for about three hours now," Alice replied, reminded of the fact that it was always six o'clock for Hatter due to the "murder" of Time. "I'm surprised the tea has lasted this long."

"There is more tea inside," the March Hare chimed in, having learned by now he needed a very large supply of tea for each and every day.

"I shall go get some then," Hatter answered, relieved that there was more of the soothing liquid at their disposal. For, what would they possibly do with no tea? Why, he hadn't the slightest idea and was rather afraid to even consider such a possibility. "I will be back momentarily." With this proclamation, Hatter gingerly brought several teapots inside the March Hare's home with the intention of refilling every one and successfully bringing the entire set back to the overly large table. As Alice watched him depart, still irritated, she was reminded of her curiosity regarding Hatter's hat as it appeared to remain perfectly intact despite his juggling.

Chapter 12: Ghost In The Sea Original

"What do you suppose is under that hat?" Alice inquired passively, not realizing she had stated her question aloud.

"Hm? What hat?" the March Hare returned, tracing his finger along the rim of his empty tea cup, waiting for Hatter to return as soon as humanly possible with the tea. Of course, being a hare, he could have gotten it done much faster as speed ran through his veins. Yet, the March Hare would undoubtedly have to make a few trips for he simply could not be expected to carry all the teapots Hatter had managed.

"Why, Hatter's hat of course," Alice answered, perking up now that she was able to converse about the subject openly.

"He hasn't got anything under his hat," the March Hare replied passively as though this were a rather silly question.

"Well, have you ever seen Hatter take off his hat?" Alice asked thoughtfully.

"No..." the March Hare answered rather cautiously.

"Then how do you know there's nothing under there?" Alice continued. The March Hare opened his mouth as if about to speak however quickly closed it upon realizing he had no response to give. Feeling rather stumped, the March Hare rested his chin on his hand, thinking over what Alice had said. If Hatter had nothing to hide then surely he would be willing to take off his hat? Yet, he never did remove his hat, did he? Therefore, as Alice had theorized, there simply must be something under his hat!

"You are absolutely right!" the March exclaimed rather suddenly, banging on the table as his cup nearly fell to the ground. The Dormouse jolted upright for a moment as the noise rattled through his ears.

"You most certainly are," the Dormouse replied sleepily despite the fact he did not know what the current conversation was about before falling back to sleep.

"What do you think is under his hat?" Alice inquired, now excited that someone else was convinced there must be something under Hatter's hat. "Perhaps he keeps an animal of some kind," Alice added thoughtfully as she imagined Dinah possibly hiding under the hat, curled up in a ball on Hatter's head. How funny that would be, to have a cat or some other creature on top of one's head all day

"Well it certainly isn't a hare or a rabbit for that matter," the March Hare added. He would be able to sense such things if it were so, being in the same family as rabbits and being a hare himself. At least, he believed his statement to be true. After all, being as mad as a March hare, there was no telling what was fact and what was pure nonsense with him.

"A squirrel possibly?" Alice offered.

"Definitely not: a mouse most likely."

"Or a Dormouse!" Alice teased. "Do you suppose it would be alive or dead? After all, wouldn't we have heard it by now if it were alive?" Though the question was rather morbid, Alice could not help but to venture to ask such a question as curiosity was getting the better of her.

"Dead, definitely dead," the March Hare returned. At this time the Dormouse was slightly awake, catching bits and pieces of the conversation. Unfortunately, his traveling in and out of slumber caused him to believe Hatter hid a dead Dormouse under his hat. He opened one of his eyes, seeking possible sanctuary. Quivering slightly, the Dormouse slowly began to make his way towards a teapot Hatter had left behind. While Alice and the March Hare continued to discuss the contents of Hatter's hat, the Dormouse slipped inside the teapot. There was a bit of residue at the bottom of the tea-provider but the Dormouse did not mind this one bit so long as he was hidden from Hatter. Oh, how could he not see this? A mass Dormouse murderer was right under his nose for as long as he could remember! And to think he had tea with this fellow, slept peacefully while a sinister man menaced over him! He simply had to find a means of escape or he would surely be Hatter's next victim!

I don't think he has an animal under there," Alice was saying, changing her theory once more. "I think he is balding and is hiding his missing hair under that ridiculous hat. Just like father's guests." Although it was very rude to mention her father's guests hiding their bald heads under a hat and occasionally reluctantly taking them off when entering the house, Alice could not help but to present some evidence for her hypothesis. After all, it would not be a very good hypothesis if there were no facts to support it.

"Well, it's obvious there is another portal to your world there. If you can transport through looking glasses and rabbit holes I don't see why you can't travel through Hatter's hat." The Dormouse, meanwhile, was much too frightened to say anything, let alone pay attention to the odd conversation; his heart thumping wildly as he remained hidden from the rest of the party.

"Why would I want to travel through his hat?" Alice inquired, loathing the idea.

"Well there is only one way to find out what is really there: we've got to dehatterfy him," the March Hare proclaimed triumphantly.

"Dehatterfy?" Alice questioned. Dehatterfy? She had never heard of such a thing and quite frankly, neither have I. Was it related to "defying" or "demideify"? Or perhaps it was in some relation to "butterfly".

"Yes! We simply remove his hat," the March Hare explained, realizing Alice did not understand what he was talking about.

"But he never takes his hat off," Alice countered.

"Then we take it by force," the March Hare insisted. One of his ears suddenly tilted slightly. He froze, staring at nothing particular; his eyes significantly wider than before. "Quiet now, here he comes," he stated suddenly. And, sure enough, Hatter was approaching the table, fumbling with an astronomical amount of tea in teapots of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Quite a bit of tea spilled onto the grass (the grass did not mind this of course and received the tea graciously) as Hatter juggled forward. The March Hare and Alice were silent, exchanging glances towards one another as Hatter began to set some of the china down gently while others came crashing onto the table. A few drops managed to make their way on Alice's face. She coolly wiped them away: managing to refrain from an explosive response.

"Well, if this tea doesn't get us through the rest of the party, I don't know what will," Hatter remarked, thinking he had brought forth an ample amount of tea when Alice knew full well this tea would only last a few hours at best (which would not lead to the end of the tea party). "Oh, I missed one," Hatter stated as he noticed the teapot where the Dormouse was hiding. The Dormouse's tiny heartbeat frantically-even faster than before-, praying Hatter would not gaze into the pot. Hatter reached for the teapot lid for what seemed like an eternity to the Dormouse. Once the lid had been removed, the Dormouse nearly stopped breathing altogether. Luckily, the Dormouse's prayer had been answered for Hatter merely poured some tea into the pot. The Dormouse struggled to stay afloat as the tea came crashing in on top of him; fortunately, the Dormouse was used to such abuse and managed to stay secure in the pot with tea surrounding him as Hatter closed the lid.

"I say Hatter, pour me some tea!" the March Hare stated, waving his teacup just as he had done before the previous discussion of Hatter's unusual hat.

"Why certainly," Hatter replied. While Hatter began to pour the tea for the March Hare, Alice propped herself up in her chair with her knees, leaning as close to Hatter as possible. She quietly tried to gently pull Hatter's hat off while he was distracted. The March Hare stared at her action with anticipation. However, this provided to be a dead give away as Hatter turned around to see what the March Hare was staring at. Alice quickly removed her hands and sank back into her seat in order to give the appearance that she was not resting on her knees.

"Is something the matter?" Hatter inquired when he turned completely around but saw nothing except Alice acting queer as she sat on her knees.

"Nothing is the matter," Alice stated as innocently as plausible while the March Hare was attempting to slowly take off Hatter's hat. Of course, Hatter remained unconvinced by Alice's statement.

"Alice, if there's one thing I know, it's when you're lying," Hatter remarked as he frowned; his hand resting on the table.

"Well...I just...I," Alice replied, his intense stare causing her to fumble with her words. Despite her fumbling and pleading eyes, Hatter continued to press her for information. However, before she could crack, Alice saw Hatter fall forward for the March Hare had lost his balance while attempting to dehatterfy Hatter. This happened much too fast for Alice to move out of the way causing a domino effect consisting of the March Hare, Hatter, and Alice as they tumbled to the ground. Hearing the crash, the Dormouse timidly poked his head out of the teacup. The March Hare lay quite comfortably on top of Hatter who was struggling to keep himself from falling on top of Alice. Luckily for Hatter, while Alice felt very awkward being underneath him, this was not her greatest concern: for she was much too busy staring at his hat that still remained on top of his head despite the tumble! The March Hare was also fixated on the miraculous hat which could defy the laws of physics: so much so he did not even consider getting off of Hatter.

Of course, the oblivious Hatter found his position to be uncomfortable as well as extremely awkward. Because of this, he began to rise from his current position without even bothering to ask the March Hare if he would be so kind as to remove himself from Hatter's back. The March Hare hopped gracefully off Hatter just in the nick of time. Once Hatter reached his full height, the Dormouse hid his head back into the teacup, not wanting to reveal his location.

"What was that all about?" Hatter questioned his good friend the March Hare before turning back to Alice who was still on the ground. "And don't think I've forgotten about you." Seeing as Hatter was a good deal upset by all that had happened, Alice thought it was best to confess their intentions. For, as irritating as she found Hatter to be, she did not want to upset Hatter in any way even though she found the inhabitants of Wonderland to be easily offended (with Hatter being no exception).

"Why, we just want to know what is under your hat Hatter," Alice replied as timidly as possible. Hatter became rather confused by this, providing a puzzling expression as he stared from Alice to the March Hare and back to Alice.

"My hat?" Hatter questioned as he motioned towards it. To think people would be so easily fascinated by such a trivial part of his life.

"Yes, we know you've got something under there: don't try to hide it!" The March Hare exclaimed, pointing accusingly at him.

"But there's nothing under my hat," Hatter answered simply as though it were ridiculous to assume something was under his hat. Of course, the March Hare knew better than to accept his sly lie.

"Is it because you are bald?" Alice could not help but to question-even though this was a very rude thing to ask-as she arose from the ground.

"Nonsense! He's got a portal under there!"

"There is nothing under my hat I tell you!" Hatter insisted again. However, the March Hare was certainly not convinced and leaped towards Hatter in an attempt to grab his hat. Alice jumped in place, not expecting the March Hare to be so violent. Of course, she remembered it was indeed March and should have expected as much from him. The Dormouse once again peeped out from within the teapot in order to witness the scuffle. The March Hare had sent Hatter falling back onto the ground, the two struggling for control: Hatter desperately attempting to keep the March Hare's hands off his hat. But, the March Hare possessed the upper-hand, or foot I should say, as he kicked Hatter's hat off the top of his head with both feet, sending it flying across the lawn.

Alice, the Dormouse, and the March Hare held their breath as they stared at Hatter without his hat, attempting to soak in every detail. The March Hare even moved back so that he may get a better look at Hatter without his hat. Though there was not much to take in for the hat was clearly empty and all that remained on top of Hatter's head was the remainder of his white hair.

"There's nothing!" the Dormouse squeaked with enjoyment, suddenly at ease that there was no dead Dormouse to be found. How foolish he had been, to assume his dear friend Hatter was a mass murderer. He may have been many things-mad for one- and he may have abused the Dormouse on more than one occasion but he certainly would never kill him or any Dormouse for that matter.

"Of course there's nothing: that's what I told you!" Hatter exclaimed in irritation as he snatched his hat and placed it back upon his head.

"I'm terribly sorry Hatter," Alice said as Hatter got to his feet: though whether she was genuinely "terribly sorry" she was not entirely sure; she merely stated such since it was the proper thing to do.

"I am sorry for tackling you: I don't know what came over me!" the March Hare added, his ears folding down out of guilt. Hatter merely frowned at both their remarks as if pondering how to respond since he was still quite upset about the whole affair.

"Well, I suppose I can't blame you," Hatter sighed. "You are rather mad."

"Quite," Alice agreed.

"I was talking about both of you," Hatter returned.

"Mad as an Alice," the Dormouse remarked, now beginning to fall back into sleep, sinking back into the teapot. Alice folded her arms as a frown became present upon her face. She most certainly was not mad! However, she could not be mad for very long as she was relieved all was well again.

"This calls for a celebration!" the March Hare remarked, taking a teacup off the table and raising it in the air. "To our undeniable madness!"

"Here, here!" Alice replied despite her personal discrepancy.

"A celebration such as this deserves a bit something extra, don't you think?" Hatter inquired as he momentarily removed his hat in order to pull out a chocolate cake filled with candles. The March Hare and Alice stopped dead as they stared at Hatter with wonderment. "What's the matter?" Hatter asked, not sure what the fuss was all about.

"You said there was nothing under your hat!" Alice blurted out. How was this possible? This defied the laws of...of everything!

"Yes: there was nothing under my hat at the time," Hatter explained as-a-matter-of-factly. Alice and the March Hare stared at each other in utter bewilderment. Before Hatter had time to say anything more in response to their expressions, the March Hare tackled him once more in an attempt to see what else lied in the portal within Hatter's hat.

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Why hello there friends how are all of you. May the universe bless your hearts. Did you see the pictures did you get the image yet. As my IC Arcologia Cage does his dirt. His mind tends to enter his most beloved place wonderland. Fool ya huh. The pictures show just what was happening to the marine soldiers there. The songs are to be played while reading it truly makes or can break the mood. Anywho welcome to my wonderland.

Smoke would be everywhere as the remaining soldiers tend to the last fire and other soldiers. The ones that were able to walk out of that hell alive. Arcologia went in and pretty much laid waste to the marine best. As Danny returns the look on his face was pure sadness. As he looks around before jumping into action to help his comrades. Seeing so much destruction he wonders who could have done such a thing and fast.

The kids he was with was scared of what they saw. As tears began to come about however Danny was quite to tell them that this was just a drill. Leading them to the safe haven of the base. He would allow them all to go in there until he returns. As he leaves them he would begin to smell the air as a familiar scent was about. "Lt" he would begin to follow the smell amongst many others. As he would look around within the bunkers he saw someone nailed to the wall.

The look on his face was unthinkable as he quickly rushes over to her. Slowly but surely he would remove the nails in her arms and get her down. As he covers her wounds with covers he looks on at her with weeping eyes. "You know men are not supposed to cry." A sudden painful smile would come about her face. As he looks he replied " who told you real men are not supposed to cry. Whoever did this I will rain justice down upon them. I promise you that do you hear me."

She would continue to smile, " he was the Mad-" she couldn't really talk as her throat have been crushed. To say what she said so far was a feat on its own. " Mad wait mad who mad what can you tell me? Hey, Lt Laya wake up that's an order damn it. " Unfortunate she would pass on because of her wounds. As he stood up he would pick her up and lay her in the bed. Next, he would then go and help out the rest of the other soldiers.

As hours go by night would turn into the day as he wonders where his little brother is. He would go to the mission control room and go to the monitors. Danny looks on as he put in his password and views the footage of the night before today.

Arvologia would enter from the east side gate. Using his big bang attack to blow down the brick wall. This cause the alarm to go off. As many soldiers came to see what was going on. As Arcologia began to attack they were confused. As he was supposed to be on their side. However, he was on his side. Soon he began to release his hollow which would be sent through any and every one. However, once the hollow would phase through someone the bomb will come right behind them.

He did not say a word not a single word as he began to slaughter them by the dozens. A wicked laughter would come about as he easily took out the marine grunts. Some even went for the guns of their fallen comrades however Arcologia made quick work of them too. Arcologia would than make his way into the bunkers there he saw Lt Zen. He would look at her and from the camera, Danny could see her yelling at Arcologia.

Soon he witnesses the fight break out Zen tried but could not land a hand on Arcologia. He would start to ball his hand up as he watches on as Arcologia beat the living hell out of her. He would then pick her up by the neck and began to choke her. As Dante Danny little brother watches from behind the bed. He would move back and caused a picture frame to fall. This noise caught Arcologia attention. As he looks that way he crushes Lt Zen neck. Dante would look on but could not move out of fear.

Soon Arcologia would pick up the toolkit and grab the screw nails. Putting Lt Zenn up on the wall he would force the screws in her shoulders hanging her up. Onto the wall as he looks back over at Dante. He would quickly write "HA" on the wall next to the heavy breathing Lt Zen. He would smile as he went after Dante next. To which he knocks unconscious and as he was dragging him out. He would look at the snail camera and smile. The video would end with the duo leaving northbound of the base.

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Danny cuts off the monitor as he had he seen enough. Clearly mad as he made his way towards the north gate of the base. Balling up his fist he began to walk forward. All was not well with him as he was not listening to any higher up orders given to him. Only one thing was on his mind and that was to kill. The man who caused his entire base to nearly if not fall to their knees.Taking mental notes of just who Arcologia was and what he could and couldn't do.

However, he discarded most of the information after all Intel had it he was on their side. " So he is in control of some sort of mood controlling devil fruit via through his so-called ghost. Ok looks like I'll be in for the long one." As he looks and sees a hollow in front of him. He would stop for a moment and realized it was one of Arcologia's. He would begin to follow the hollow. As the one in front of him faded he saw a new one.

Waiting to see which way it would go he soon would see it turn right. Looking at it was heading towards a narrow road which was cut off by the forest. He would soon take off at his max speed to give chase to the hollow which was moving just as fast. The hollow would soon take him to a cave entrance. There he would walk inside as the hollow would fade out if existence. He began to smell around picking up the scent if his brother. He would dash that way at full speed.

Arriving to see Arcologia sitting down on a boulder as his brother laid there. Beaten but most likely still alive. His eyes filled with anger as he looks at Arcologia. The Mad Hatter just sat there well aware of the man who stood in front of him. He would give off a small laughter as his hollow flew around the cave. Creating both negative and bombs in a repeated matter. Looking at Danny he would say. " So did you come to save this marine grunt here? He talked of you with such high respect. Either you his teacher or kin. But it matters not you both will be dead soon."
Chapter 12: Ghost In The Sea 5990eb9e1d87d6611185c57402981e1a254cd9da_hq
The man looked at Arcologia as he grew to six feet three. A hybrid form of his devil fruit. A wolf of the wildland making him a wildland wolf devil fruit user.
( In human base form his stats will be all two however as he becomes his hybrid form they all will become three.)

Chapter 12: Ghost In The Sea Hidan.600.1216321

Arcologia would smile as the man became a wolf of such might. Looking on as he sent his bombs at him the man would dodge them. Even though their speed was on two different levels. His animal senses let him evade things before they would hit him. He would then leap at Arcologia who was by his bother. This causes him to jump back in order to better space him and the Wolfman. Running at the same tier speed now it was as if the wolfman was getting stronger. But a wildland wolf tends to increase its speed over a chase. But just who he thought was the prey.

Smiling as Arcologia was five meters away from the Wolfman. Danny would look as Arcologia started running towards his brother. "NOOOO,!!!" he would yeah as he gave chase to him. His speed was started to outrun Arcologia not quite faster but more or so quicker. As he leaps and jumps on him. His head was clearly way bigger than the Hatters as he tried to bite down on him. Aiming right at the neck giving off a very anger growl. But it seems Arcologia strength seems to be the better power. Because he was able to stop the Wolfman by grabbing his mouth.

Really it helped as his strength now was matching Arcologia's in power. But knowing how to counter him made all the difference to Arcologia. However, as he was trying to bite down on him he quickly summons his hollow punching him in the mouth he would send it down his throat. Next, he would make it explode in the Wolfman's belly. A war cry was let put as Danny would soon fall back holding his stomach in pain. As Arcologia stood up he would view his right arm to which he used to attack him with. It was ok seeing as to why just happen. Danny took most of the hit as his arm was no more than bruised from it.

Looking on he would then walk towards the boy as Danny tried to get up. Anger in his eyes as Arcologia picks up the boy. Soon Danny would stand up with a loud roar as it echoes throughout the cave. "You beast from hell you've completely lost it haven't you? It matters not ill be taking this one to add to my collection. You see he will be the first of my male dolls to go along with my Allison ones." As  Danny was walking closer his fur was being raised by his muscles. Looking on at the Wolfman as blood was coming out his mouth. Arcologia would smile seeing how a beast like he truly became.

Now from the explosion he took at point range, he was near death in more ways than one. This instinct is known as a sort of the last line of defense in all bio beings ( no really people and animals can get stronger for a short period of time. It is called. Adrenaline so please go look it up. ) Arcologia would smile as the Wolfman came lunching at him. No words are given as he was now six feet five. Arcologia would than hit the boy over his head as he took off running with him.

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Give me time

Chapter 12: Ghost In The Sea Kamina.%28Tengen.Toppa.Gurren-Lagann%29.600.406462
Quick to give chase Wolfman Danny was as Arcologia was near the cave entrance. He would throw the boy who was about light as can be. As the enraged Danny looks on he would roar yet again. Arcologia would begin to smile just as the Wolfman grabbed him. This greatly shocks Arcologia as the boy fell down outside in front of the cave. Danny would now be far stronger than Arcologia all stats now reaching four as his strength began five. Just the moment. He would then bite Arcologia throwing him far into the air. He would then yell at him " You going down clown your time is up."

Arcologia would smile at the sudden change of events as he came crashing down nearly twenty feet. " Time he says I remember my Alice and her not knowing time and that damn garden she was so small then." For a brief moment, he would doze off to a better wonderland.

There was a table set out under a tree in front of the house, and the March Hare and the Hatter were having tea at it: a Dormouse was sitting between them, fast asleep, and the other two were using it as a cushion, resting their elbows on it, and the talking over its head. `Very uncomfortable for the Dormouse,’ thought Alice; `only, as it’s asleep, I suppose it doesn’t mind.’

The table was a large one, but the three were all crowded together at one corner of it: `No room! No room!’ they cried out when they saw Alice coming. `There’s PLENTY of room!’ said Alice indignantly, and she sat down in a large arm-chair at one end of the table.

`Have some wine,’ the March Hare said in an encouraging tone.

Alice looked all round the table, but there was nothing on it but tea. `I don’t see any wine,’ she remarked.

`There isn’t any,’ said the March Hare.

`Then it wasn’t very civil of you to offer it,’ said Alice angrily.

`It wasn’t very civil of you to sit down without being invited,’ said the March Hare.

`I didn’t know it was YOUR table,’ said Alice; `it’s laid for a great many more than three.’

`Your hair wants cutting,’ said the Hatter. He had been looking at Alice for some time with great curiosity, and this was his first speech.

`You should learn not to make personal remarks,’ Alice said with some severity; `it’s very rude.’

The Hatter opened his eyes very wide on hearing this; but all he SAID was, `Why is a raven like a writing-desk?’

`Come, we shall have some fun now!’ thought Alice. `I’m glad they’ve begun asking riddles.–I believe I can guess that,’ she added aloud.

`Do you mean that you think you can find out the answer to it?’ said the March Hare.

`Exactly so,’ said Alice.

`Then you should say what you mean,’ the March Hare went on.

`I do,’ Alice hastily replied; `at least–at least I mean what I say–that’s the same thing, you know.’

`Not the same thing a bit!’ said the Hatter. `You might just as well say that “I see what I eat” is the same thing as “I eat what I see”!’

`You might just as well say,’ added the March Hare, `that “I like what I get” is the same thing as “I get what I like”!’

`You might just as well say,’ added the Dormouse, who seemed to be talking in his sleep, `that “I breathe when I sleep” is the same thing as “I sleep when I breathe”!’

`It IS the same thing with you,’ said the Hatter, and here the conversation dropped, and the party sat silent for a minute, while Alice thought over all she could remember about ravens and writing-desks, which wasn’t much.

The Hatter was the first to break the silence. `What day of the month is it?’ he said, turning to Alice: he had taken his watch out of his pocket and was looking at it uneasily, shaking it every now and then, and holding it to his ear.

Alice considered a little, and then said `The fourth.’

Chapter 12: Ghost In The Sea Alice-in-wonderland-drawings-anime

`Two days wrong!’ sighed the Hatter. `I told you butter wouldn’t suit the works!’ he added looking angrily at the March Hare.

`It was the BEST butter,’ the March Hare meekly replied.

`Yes, but some crumbs must have got in as well,’ the Hatter grumbled: `you shouldn’t have put it in with the bread-knife.’

The March Hare took the watch and looked at it gloomily: then he dipped it into his cup of tea, and looked at it again: but he could think of nothing better to say than his first remark, `It was the BEST butter, you know.’

Alice had been looking over his shoulder with some curiosity. `What a funny watch!’ she remarked. `It tells the day of the month, and doesn’t tell what o’clock it is!’

`Why should it?’ muttered the Hatter. `Does YOUR watch tell you what year it is?’

`Of course not,’ Alice replied very readily: `but that’s because it stays the same year for such a long time together.’

`Which is just the case with MINE,’ said the Hatter.

Alice felt dreadfully puzzled. The Hatter’s remark seemed to have no sort of meaning in it, and yet it was certainly English. `I don’t quite understand you,’ she said, as politely as she could.

`The Dormouse is asleep again,’ said the Hatter, and he poured a little hot tea upon its nose.

The Dormouse shook its head impatiently, and said, without opening its eyes, `Of course, of course; just what I was going to remark myself.’

`Have you guessed the riddle yet?’ the Hatter said, turning to Alice again.

`No, I give it up,’ Alice replied: `what’s the answer?’

`I haven’t the slightest idea,’ said the Hatter.

`Nor I,’ said the March Hare.

Alice sighed wearily. `I think you might do something better with the time,’ she said, `than waste it in asking riddles that have no answers.’

`If you knew Time as well as I do,’ said the Hatter, `you wouldn’t talk about wasting IT. It’s HIM.’

`I don’t know what you mean,’ said Alice.

`Of course, you don’t!’ the Hatter said, tossing his head contemptuously. `I dare say you never even spoke to Time!’

`Perhaps not,’ Alice cautiously replied: `but I know I have to beat time when I learn music.’

`Ah! that accounts for it,’ said the Hatter. `He won’t stand beating. Now, if you only kept on good terms with him, he’d do almost anything you liked with the clock. For instance, suppose it were nine o’clock in the morning, just time to begin lessons: you’d only have to whisper a hint to Time, and round goes the clock in a twinkling! Half-past one, time for dinner!’

(`I only wish it was,’ the March Hare said to itself in a whisper.)

`That would be grand, certainly,’ said Alice thoughtfully: `but then–I shouldn’t be hungry for it, you know.’

`Not at first, perhaps,’ said the Hatter: `but you could keep it to half-past one as long as you liked.’

`Is that the way YOU manage?’ Alice asked.

The Hatter shook his head mournfully. `Not I!’ he replied. `We quarreled last March–just before HE went mad, you know–‘ (pointing with his tea spoon at the March Hare,) `–it was at the great concert given by the Queen of Hearts, and I had to sing

“Twinkle, twinkle, little bat!
How I wonder what you’re at!”

You know the song, perhaps?’

`I’ve heard something like it,’ said Alice.

`It goes on, you know,’ the Hatter continued, `in this way:–

“Up above the world, you fly,
Like a tea-tray in the sky.
Twinkle, twinkle–“‘

Here the Dormouse shook itself, and began singing in its sleep `Twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, twinkle–‘ and went on so long that they had to pinch it to make it stop.

`Well, I’d hardly finished the first verse,’ said the Hatter, `when the Queen jumped up and bawled out, “He’s murdering the time! Off with his head!”‘

`How dreadfully savage!’ exclaimed Alice.

`And ever since that,’ the Hatter went on in a mournful tone, `he won’t do a thing I ask! It’s always six o’clock now.’

A bright idea came into Alice’s head. `Is that the reason so many tea-things are put out here?’ she asked.

`Yes, that’s it,’ said the Hatter with a sigh: `it’s always tea-time, and we’ve no time to wash the things between whiles.’

`Then you keep moving round, I suppose?’ said Alice.

`Exactly so,’ said the Hatter: `as the things get used up.’

`But what happens when you come to the beginning again?’ Alice ventured to ask.

`Suppose we change the subject,’ the March Hare interrupted, yawning. `I’m getting tired of this. I vote the young lady tells us a story.’

`I’m afraid I don’t know one,’ said Alice, rather alarmed at the proposal.

`Then the Dormouse shall!’ they both cried. `Wake up, Dormouse!’ And they pinched it on both sides at once.

The Dormouse slowly opened his eyes. `I wasn’t asleep,’ he said in a hoarse, feeble voice: `I heard every word you fellows were saying.’

`Tell us a story!’ said the March Hare.

`Yes, please do!’ pleaded Alice.

`And be quick about it,’ added the Hatter, `or you’ll be asleep again before it’s done.’

`Once upon a time there were three little sisters,’ the Dormouse began in a great hurry; `and their names were Elsie, Lacie, and Tillie; and they lived at the bottom of a well–‘

`What did they live on?’ said Alice, who always took a great interest in questions of eating and drinking.

`They lived on treacle,’ said the Dormouse, after thinking a minute or two.

`They couldn’t have done that, you know,’ Alice gently remarked; `they’d have been ill.’

`So they were,’ said the Dormouse; `VERY ill.’

Alice tried to fancy to herself what such an extraordinary ways of living would be like, but it puzzled her too much, so she went on: `But why did they live at the bottom of a well?’

`Take some more tea,’ the March Hare said to Alice, very earnestly.

`I’ve had nothing yet,’ Alice replied in an offended tone, `so I can’t take more.’

`You mean you can’t take LESS,’ said the Hatter: `it’s very easy to take MORE than nothing.’

`Nobody asked YOUR opinion,’ said Alice.

`Who’s making personal remarks now?’ the Hatter asked triumphantly.

Alice did not quite know what to say to this: so she helped herself to some tea and bread-and-butter, and then turned to the Dormouse, and repeated her question. `Why did they live at the bottom of a well?’

The Dormouse again took a minute or two to think about it, and then said, `It was a treacle-well.’

`There’s no such thing!’ Alice was beginning very angrily, but the Hatter and the March Hare went `Sh! sh!’ and the Dormouse sulkily remarked, `If you can’t be civil, you’d better finish the story for yourself.’

`No, please go on!’ Alice said very humbly; `I won’t interrupt again. I dare say there may be ONE.’

`One, indeed!’ said the Dormouse indignantly. However, he consented to go on. `And so these three little sisters–they were learning to draw, you know–‘

`What did they draw?’ said Alice, quite forgetting her promise.

`Treacle,’ said the Dormouse, without considering at all this time.

`I want a clean cup,’ interrupted the Hatter: `let’s all move one place on.’

He moved on as he spoke, and the Dormouse followed him: the March Hare moved into the Dormouse’s place, and Alice rather unwillingly took the place of the March Hare. The Hatter was the only one who got any advantage from the change: and Alice was a good deal worse off than before, as the March Hare had just upset the milk-jug into his plate.

Alice did not wish to offend the Dormouse again, so she began very cautiously: `But I don’t understand. Where did they draw the treacle from?’

`You can draw water out of a water-well,’ said the Hatter; `so I should think you could draw treacle out of a treacle-well–eh, stupid?’

`But they were IN the well,’ Alice said to the Dormouse, not choosing to notice this last remark.

`Of course, they were’, said the Dormouse; `–well in.’

This answer so confused poor Alice, that she let the Dormouse go on for some time without interrupting it.

`They were learning to draw,’ the Dormouse went on, yawning and rubbing its eyes, for it was getting very sleepy; `and they drew all manner of things–everything that begins with an M–‘

`Why with an M?’ said Alice.

`Why not?’ said the March Hare.

Alice was silent.

The Dormouse had closed its eyes by this time, and was going off into a doze; but, on being pinched by the Hatter, it woke up again with a little shriek, and went on: `–that begins with an M, such as mouse-traps, and the moon, and memory, and muchness– you know you say things are “much of a muchness”–did you ever see such a thing as a drawing of a muchness?’

`Really, now you ask me,’ said Alice, very much confused, `I don’t think–‘

`Then you shouldn’t talk,’ said the Hatter.

Chapter 12: Ghost In The Sea 64943a2a713ae2b2845cf1169caed755-500

This piece of rudeness was more than Alice could bear: she got up in great disgust, and walked off; the Dormouse fell asleep instantly, and neither of the others took the least notice of her going, though she looked back once or twice, half hoping that they would call after her: the last time she saw them, they were trying to put the Dormouse into the teapot.

`At any rate, I’ll never go THERE again!’ said Alice as she picked her way through the wood. `It’s the stupidest tea-party I ever was at in all my life!’

Just as she said this, she noticed that one of the trees had a door leading right into it. `That’s very curious!’ she thought. `But everything’s curious today. I think I may as well go in at once.’ And in she went.

Once more she found herself in the long hall, and close to the little glass table. `Now, I’ll manage better this time,’ she said to herself and began by taking the little golden key and unlocking the door that led into the garden. Then she went to work nibbling at the mushroom (she had kept a piece of it in her pocket) till she was about a foot high: then she walked down the little passage: and THEN–she found herself at last in the beautiful garden, among the bright flower-beds and the cool fountains.

Chapter 12: Ghost In The Sea Mad_hatter_by_queenofhearts3

His eyes would open as his ken would active Arcologia would snap back to reality.

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Chapter 12: Ghost In The Sea Kamina.%28Tengen.Toppa.Gurren-Lagann%29.600.406462

As he stood up Arcologia could very well see Danny by his younger brother. Trying to wake him but the boy is just too weak to open his eyes. Danny now but in his human form, he is now very much weaker than what he was moments ago. With such power, he could have ended Arcologia but his love for his brother stop all that. Because he was more into saving his brother than anything. Which isn't at all a bad thing it's just he could have waited.

Arcologia was ten meters behind the duo as Danny face expression showed he heard him walk up. Looking back over Danny now badly hurt stood up. He began to scream as he forced himself into his hybrid form yet again. However, he was much too weak to keep it up. At that very same time, Arcologia would summon his most powerful attack. Looking at him he smiled as this bomb could level houses even some ships. Looking at the Wolfman Arcologia ten foot hollow was something to behold.

Soon he would begin to laugh at Danny using the last of his strength would lunch at him. " Guess what Danny you can go to HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!" Danny would roar as he active his buso haki. "MAD HATTEERRRRR!!!"
BOOM! Was heard as it woked up Timmy smoke everywhere yet it was starting to clear. A loud thump sound could be heard within the white smoke. As Timmy stood up he slowly would walk towards it. Like a six sense he could feel his brother life force slip away.

Looking on in horror as Arcologia repeatedly hit the now dead Danny. Whom took the full impact of the Big Bang Attack. "Stoppp please Stop I beg you." A hyperventilating Time would say grabbing the bloody left hand of Arcologia. As the Mad Hatter looks on at him he would have a flash black to when he fled Wano. Standing up grabbing his hair crazy like he watches as Timmy cried over his dead brother.

Soon he would see a vision of him crying over the dead former CP5. "Alice, Mouse, Hare and Time oh no oh no oh no I let you all down."

Soon Arcologia would leave them there as he left.

3 days later

A now calm Arcologia would enter into his room but soon realize something was off. As he looks around he could see the shadow people again.
Chapter 12: Ghost In The Sea 13dcfa69bac049db
"Hello, again Arcolgia Cage if that's your real name. You made quite the scenery wouldn't you agree. We have asked you to take out just the captain however you took out his entire station. Well, most of it anyway thank you now we can resume our business." Arcologia looks on as he grins,  "I did what I had to do nothing else nothing more." Laughter soon could be heard from the shadow men " indeed you did my friend indeed you did. Anyway, we will be keeping in touch we will get along just fine. Take this jacket as well it is a symbol of our thanks to our name our gain and our shame. See you around Lo- I mean Arcologia."

His eyes would widen as they were about to say his birth given name. Looking on he would watch as they faded away seeing a dail of some sort. He looked to see a black coat with red clouds on them. With a name tag that read to _____ ( that will be hidden for now). Balling up his fist he took the coat as a package was there as well. Timmy was now holding on to his brother glasses clearly anger. But just what could this mean.

The shadow men would talk with each other.
" It seems he will become a threat indeed."
" I agree if he was to lead that warlord than he would be consider a supernova given the things he has done up till now. So what do we do my brothern?" After all his bounty should be in the one hundred thirty to fifty million range.
Simplyy we don't know what he is planning as itstandsd if he was to leave now. We would have to send in at least three rear admirals or one viceadmirall. So we will keep him on the payroll. His devil fruit is an extremely dangerous one and one we will need."

They would then toast with drinks while laughing.

Name: Big Bang Attack
Description: This very skill allows the user to create a 10 foot hollow bomb version. Its impact explosion is 15 diameter and 15 meter high. Such a force could do great damage to buildings.
Range: 50m
Attribute: Power - Current Attribute Level
Rank: Current Skill-Set Rank

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