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1Medical Volunteer [Topic] Empty Medical Volunteer [Topic] on Thu Aug 23, 2018 12:52 pm

Lady Sofia


Lady Sofia
Sofia was at one of Jordsand’s Marine Stations as usual, and after having eaten at the cafeteria (as usual, it’s a horrible habit of hers) she was at their medical bay, helping out as a volunteer (again, as usual). At this point, she was quite known among the Marines, especially those at Jordsand. However, she knew that she wasn’t going to be able to be here forever, once she was done with the business ties that she had here, it was going to be time for her move on and get to another island to expand her economic empire.

So, for that, she had been looking to make contacts for new islands, looking for new business opportunities - Marines that would be soon sent off Jordsand and to a new place to be posted at.

As she patched up Marines with gauze, she liked to make some small conversation, to see if they could be one of those potential contacts she was looking for. After all, it wasn’t too uncommon for injured Marines like these, which could need some time to recover, to be sent off to less intense jobs. Jordsand was in a constant state of war after all, and only Marines in fighting shape were actually useful.

“So.” Sofia started off, as she wrapped a Marine’s arm, carefully. “What’s your name? I’m Lady Sofia.”

“Sofia, huh? Nice name.” he replied. “Why… aren’t you in a Marine uniform? Are we outsourcing medics now?”

“Ah, no. Not really.” she chuckled. He must’ve been someone who didn’t know her yet. After all, she was just slightly famous, but not a real celebrity just yet. “I’m a volunteer” she admitted. “Just here to help you guys out.”

2Medical Volunteer [Topic] Empty Re: Medical Volunteer [Topic] on Thu Aug 23, 2018 12:52 pm

Lady Sofia


Lady Sofia

“Oh. Wait.” he then stated. “Lady Sofia? Are you some kind of noble?”

“Yeah!” she chuckled out. “Noble of the island of Sofia. Small, quaint island, over at the Blues. I’m quite far from home, heh.”

“Lady S-sofia!” he then stammered out, trying to get up and salute, but failing to as the gauze around his wrapped arms stopped him from doing it. “I can’t let a noble treat me, I-I… I’m here to serve you, not the other way around.”

“Don’t be…” Sofia started off, pushing him back down into the bed. “...Silly, now! You need to rest! You can’t be useful to the World Government now if you’re all beaten up now, with all of this blood around… No. You need to rest. And you’ve earned it as the brave soldier you are. So, seriously, just stay still. It gets hard to treat you otherwise! Heh.”

The Marine blinked flusteredly and looked to a side. He didn’t really know how to react to a development like this - he had always assumed that nobles were above them, somehow. It was so weird to see one of them actually going to do this sort of them, to take care of them, even.

“I’m Jake Hansel.” he then stated, introducing himself. He wouldn’t forget his manners, she had introduced herself, and so would he. It was basic etiquette. “I’m from Karakuri Island” he added, figuring that he would, given that Sofia also added details about where she was from.

“Nice to meet you, Jake.” the noble then replied with a smile. “You’d be… sent back there, yes?”

It was a bit of a blunt question, but she had to know. After all, this ulterior motive was one of the reasons why she was here, volunteering. Her social standing among the Marines was one of her priorities, and she had no time to lose in making those contacts.

“...Yeah.” he replied. “I’m going to be put off-duty for a while. To recover.”

“I might see you there, then.” the noble grinned.

“W-what, really?”

Sofia nodded. “I’ve been looking for a new place to explore. And Karakuri has been one of those places I’ve been looking forwards to check out. Maybe you could help me out with getting there? When you have to go there yourself too, of course. I don’t want to bother your own schedule too much now.”

“Ah, yeah. Sure.” Hansel replied, blinking, trying to shrug, but with his bandages stopping his movements again. “Might as well, you know. I… appreciate it.”


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