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1 Dispute: A Prince's Honor Invasion on Mon Aug 20, 2018 3:31 pm



Was told to post a dispute regarding why I think @Kappa 's exit interruption should be voided.

First, the metagaming: Kappa during his exit interruption was able to pinpoint my exact future location, my underworld bounty on Baltigo, as well as using his post to set up hours and of prep time in order to attempt to justify his appearance. I will detail the specifics below.

1. Why he should have no way of knowing where the meet-up location is at the Grand Baltigo Casino. This one is pretty straight forward, the only places where the meet-up location was mentioned was within a letter personally addressed to me and Sakuma Aquaflore, while Kappa attempted to make that public knowledge. Seen here:
Letter wrote:"Noctis Sol. D. Coronus and Devroux D. Alter, please know that an opportunity has been presented to you, courtesy of the People's Prince. Your repeated transgressions and interference has been noted, and a bounty of 50,000,000 Beli has been placed upon each of you, as we are sure you are aware. However, these grievous errors and crimes can be forgiven, should you choose to accept the opportunity. Do know that you are not the only to have made the mistake of crossing the Underworld. As such, the estate of Garrolt Taylor has elected to allow for such problems to eliminate themselves. A man by the name of Sakuma Aquaflore, or 'Scarface', has been found severely lacking in performance during a most critical job. Should you eliminate him and provide proof of his termination, you will be rewarded with a sum equal to your current bounty on Baltigo before it is reset and forgiven. However, do know that an equal offer has been presented to Mr. Aquaflore. In order to expedite this process as well as keep it out of Greater Baltigo, a location within the Nil District has been assigned for your future dispute, which you will find marked below. Please deliver evidence of completion to the steward located outside the upcoming Grand Baltigo Casino, thank you."

-The Eighth Estate

This leads into my second metagaming problem: Kappa's knowledge of my underworld bounty on Baltigo. Kappa in his post stated he was reading bounty posters that had been 'handed to every pirate crew on the island' while in a nondescript bar. Not only does this not make sense for an Underworld Emperor and Kingpin to do in the first place, I had also met with the Captain of the Calico Pirates recently.

Then, after somehow miraculously learning of not only my bounty that's meant to be underworld, rather than public, knowledge and the privately mentioned meet-up location, Kappa manages to reach the Grand Baltigo Casino hours ahead of time and scope out the entire layout. Then he reasons the location was chosen because it was of no importance to Garrolt Taylor, which is incorrect. The Grand Baltigo Casino was made using the investments of every Kingpin on the island and facilitated through the Lordship as mentioned here.

Garrolt Taylor sending out an open invitation to every pirate crew on Baltigo as well as every underworld contact to a building he himself had an investment in as well as every major power on the island makes less than no sense.

Then, after the metagaming, he manages to reason that my body is covered in severe wounds from the fight despite me mentioning the contrary. Kappa reasons that it was due to Sakuma Aquaflore's use of Armament Haki as well as my endurance being one lower than his Power. However, this would only be the case if every hit was at full strength, something that is contradictory to the character description of Aquaflore, who 'conceals his true strength to let the fight last longer'.

Then after all that was the contradictory conditional statements he used to 'attack' me.

@Kappa wrote:If Noctis got within 10 metres, the fishman would state: "Drop your weapons there and show proof of target defeat."

If Noctis didn't comply immediately or the question wasn't asked, Gil would try to chomp him in the middle of the mouth of his thiccest water wyrm.

Not only is there no question asked to begin with, if you assume 'Drop your weapons there and show proof of target defeat' is a question, the attack still can't happen if I don't come within 10 meters. Not necessarily something against the rules, just something to note that doesn't make sense.

2 Re: Dispute: A Prince's Honor Invasion on Tue Aug 21, 2018 11:41 am

Aku Soku Zan


I would've prefered you guys talking this out before I had to come in. I won't be long as the points and concerns have been put out and reading the topic was clear I will be ruling that @Kappa's post is void. However I am not saying he can not join the topic. Why I voided his post is because his actions are a stretch for the situation. Posting in the topic earlier and actually searching for Noctis and Scarface should've been done if you wanted to go with the reasoning you had.

3 Re: Dispute: A Prince's Honor Invasion on Tue Aug 21, 2018 12:17 pm



fair enough, apologies for the lack of effort

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