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Sire Puffer


Gran Voyage Type:Story
Gran Voyage Name:The Retired Underworld Brokers
Gran Voyage Location:Sandy Island
Level: 1
Gran Voyage Description:
Having been betrayed by the Underworld Brokers that he had trusted for years, all of them sold him out whether it was to gain something in return or because they were jealous of his money earnings at the time. Sire Puffer plans to get revenge on these individuals who have now retired out of the business and not having seen Puffer for two decades, there guard has been down and at ease without even putting a thought to what they had done to his career.

Puffer not only plans to getting rid of the traitors that sold him out, but also joining the Crazy heart Pirates mafia crew, along with acquiring a pet along the way.

NPCing: N/A
Enemies: 5


+ To eliminate the five former bosses'/associates

+Joining The CHP Crew (I already discussed with Cut that I can already be joined into the crew. I just want to make it into a story.)

+Introduced To The Black Market

+Gaining a pet

Lady Sofia


Animal friend is fine, but a more permanent bond than that would require a player-owned NPC. Approved with that provision in mind.

Feel free to GV for it as an NPC or to request an animal-shaped Grunt, though. (I know animal player-owned NPCs are a thing, unsure about animal-Grunts, but maybe its possible and it fits what you’re looking for here).



Alright this was strictly a story voyage, in future please state the stats and capabilities of the NPC's involved as we changed up the voyage registration template for that reason.

This was really well paced. I enjoyed the bits where Puffer just had a cool kind of crazy going on until he finally snapped when he'd met Jackal again. The bits with the energy steroids, they'll have to remain strictly story- based until a scientist develops them for you, which will have to be a PC one. Even if you decide to pick up the Scientist occupation, that's fine. The characters though hollow at parts, and the tournament quite cliche, it definitely shows your story-telling makes up for that.

You sustained a Moderate Wound to your arm and a minor wound to your hand, you can seek a PC or NPC within the story to fix yourself up. A recovery topic can be either within a voyage or maybe a story topic or even an NPC recruiting.

Now down to the rewards:

1/2 of Requirement for joining the market acquired.
Beli: 40,000,000 (Think of this as your joining bonus xD)
Prestige: 2 (You made quite the noise)
Doriki: 0 (Since I had no stats to gauge these NPC's strengths by, I really can't say whether you grew or not.)
Bounty: 10,000,000

@Lady Sofia
@Grace Vermilion

Sire Puffer


Need 2/2 Bumped

Amelia Velts


Kaito assessment is pretty spot on, yeah? 2/2 Approved

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