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Skills Used: N/A
Current Haki Stamina: 10/10
Word Count: 0,000
Word Count: 00,000
WC Requirement: 00,000
Comments, Concerns, Etc.: I might put all my spoilers here

The Pirate sat still, stars and black dots formed in his vision while he felt parts of his body swell from bruises, lumps, strikes, and knee shots. His eyes started to drift shut, he was sure he had a concussion and wouldn't be doing any fighting for a bit. Great, and Harley just patched me up. She's not going to be happy about all this. He thought to himself and started to fall back when a small, sweet voice that he recognized hit his ears. His arms shot back and supported him from toppling backwards. "Sofia? How did you come around from behind? Are you faster than the guy I fought because nobody noticed you coming back? Or am I that injured that time's just moving faster to me than it actually is?" He muttered until she psyched him up. Using that, Mashyuu stood up and reached his hand out, pulling his weapons over towards him again. With a kick of his foot, he threw his cane blade scabbard up into the air and inserted the sword into it. "Alright, lets go. I don't want to be here longer than I need to be. This entire thing has caused me nothing but annoyance and issues."

As quickly as his body could take him, the Pirate Captain met up with Harley again at the Cream Pirate's camp. There he collapsed to his knees and Harley rushed to his aid. "What the hell Sofia!? You didn't offer him first aid or anything? You made him walk!?" Harley reached into her doctors bag and pulled a small light from it. She flashed it in Mashyuu's eyes and they didn't dilate at all, as if the light hadn't effected him in the least. Harley glared at Sofia and finally felt anger well up in her lungs. "Look at you! Not even a dent on you! Did you even thank him for helping you?! You left him to die!? I can't believe you. What kind of leader are you? You're a doctor and you didn't bother to try making a stretcher or something for this guy? What did you do? You walked across a field and talked to some marines. Life is hard, its gonna get worse. People you don't help and take care of are going to remember that when you need help!" Harley shouted but Mashyuu reached up and grabbed Harley's wrist. "It's not important right now. Lets just get out of here. Sofia do what you need to do then meet me back at the Skycleaver to drop off the sea stone." Mashyuu instructed.

Back at the Skycleaver, Harley had Mashyuu hooked up to some tubes that fed liquids to him so that the pirate wouldn't have to get up out of bed for a bit. He was in a dark room, curtain drawn on him while Haley sat outside the area writing notes down on a clipboard. "Mild concussion, bruised bones. He's gonna need to stay in bed for a week at least." Harley muttered then set the clipboard down and wandered up to the main deck of the ship to wait for Sofia to arrive. Once she had Harley took the sea stone from the woman and heaved a heavy sigh. "Look, I get that you want to make everyone in the world get along. But this was a bad idea. You got people hurt. I'll make sure this gets to Mashyuu but he's injured and can't be disturbed for a few days at least. IF you need anything you're gonna be on your own. I can't help you while I'm taking care of Mashyuu and Sky is acting as the guard of the ship for the time being."

©️ Coding done by Hero Yamamoto

Lady Sofia


Lady Sofia
Sofia shrugged as they arrived to the camp with Mashyuu, after hearing Harley. "It's unfortunate, but I had to make a call. I considered that it's better to have Mashyuu beaten up but safe, than out there with wounds that I can't tend in a reasonable amount of time - it's going to take days for him to recover anyways, right? Look at these bruises, and the rest of him. So, what really mattered was to get him out of this place, which I tried to do the best I could: to have Mashyuu himself get himself out, because he's one of the strongest people we have around."

After talking to the Cream Pirates and giving them their share of the seastone - a sackful, she got over to the Skycleaver and dropped off the other heavy sack of seastone there.

"I understand" she then mentioned, in response to Harley. "I just have a different approach to things, I believe, and it's unfortunate that it's had to turn out this way."

Sofia then tapped the sack of ore. "Anyways. No risk is without it's reward. As mentioned, I am going to take nothing of these profits here, it's all for you and Mashyuu. I think it's fair after all, he's the one who has gotten the most injured here."

Little would she know that the World Government would try to honor her for this "generous" deed soon later on with some gifts of their own, because in the World Government's eyes, who had brokered this plan was Sofia herself, because of what she had to talk with the Marines.

Then she would nod. "I'll stick around for a bit and help take care of him, if that's alright. It would be a bit unfair that you'd have to take the burden of this, it was my idea anyways to prioritize getting him out of there and treat him later than treating him at the spot."


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