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1 Chasing the Dragon [Voyage, Solo] on Thu Dec 21, 2017 8:36 am




People always talk about how legends never die. Though Lumi likes to take a different approach to the saying, living by the words "Legends never existed." Legends are just something that people end up creating to give them hope or induce fear into the gullible. With that in mind, Lumi has been known to be very skeptical when it came to these urban legends and town rumors wherever she goes, though it's ironic as she's also a legend back in her hometown.

Anyways, presently Lumi's skepticism was pushed aside has something else had peaked her interest, talks about an old swordsman who lived on Drum Island, located in the middle of the two kingdoms. Now, it's said that nobody has ever seen this swordsman but there have been the village liars and crazies who would return, screaming from the top of their lungs that they had met the Dragon. Dragon is what they called him since nobody knew his name. From the alley she was in, Lumi was able to hear a group of men talking about the Dragon and his new story.

"Have you heard? Apparently Dragon is opening his doors...."

"Yeah right. Dragon hasn't taken in a pupil since Salamander, and look where that got him; six feet under."

Tch. The old man is probably just lonely. But what would you expect, his only son was murdered in a drunken fight at a bar. This was semi-big news around the island as it all but confirmed Dragon's existence since his son happened to be real, but that didn't change Lumi's outlook on the whole situation. If anything, it made her even more skeptical.

But apparently, Salamander wasn't alone like his father. He left behind a wife and child, and that's where Lumi had decided to head first for more information of Dragon.



2 Re: Chasing the Dragon [Voyage, Solo] on Wed Jan 17, 2018 12:37 pm




It was like this whole island hand an odd obsession with having one word names. First it was Dragon, his daughter Salamander, and his son Nero. No last names for any of them, even Salamander's wife seemed a bit annoyed whenever she said her daughter's name or spoke of her husband, or so the townsfolk say.

The widow lived on the coast of the Sakura Kingdom, one of the few places that Lumi hated to travel to. The constant snowing of the kingdom often got Lumi sick, so she attempted to stay as far away from the place as possible, not wanting to get those she frequents sick and go through the constant hassle of avoiding almost everyone. It was wasted effort and energy, but alas she was required to go there today.

The house was less of a house and more of a shack, harboring multiple rooms though it's material seemed to be very crude wood. The roof was made of seemingly the same material though it didn't hold up as much the walls did, noticeable via the holes in it. The door was non-existent, instead a hole in the front of the house. The death of Salamander must have really hit the family hard, sending them into a state worse than poverty by the looks of it.

Anyone within a few meters of the house would be able to hear the cry of a child, Lumi assumed it came from her destination. She approached cautiously, stepping into the house over the door frame one foot at a time. The swordsman knocked on the wall as she entered, alerting any person in the home that someone was entering.

The crying stopped.


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