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1Bounty. (Hunting a Fishman) Empty Bounty. (Hunting a Fishman) on Fri Aug 17, 2018 4:05 am



"So his name is King Nep." Kouse thought as he read the bounty poster, once he docked at the beautiful Lulusia kingdom. He had heard rumours about the magnificent castle in the place called the Emerald district.
Kouse was interested in new things, and this was his first time seeing a castle live, and one so massive. 

His final destination however unfortunately didn't take him there. He was not on Lulusia kingdom for sightseeing, but to take down a troublesome fishman pirate who was currently hiding in Lulusia. 
There were three different areas in Lulusia. The first was the Emerald district, which was where the castle was and where the nobles lived. You even had to be a noble or at least invited by one for you just to get in.
With all these, Kouse assumed that the notorious pirate, King Nep and his large crew of 60, wasn't there.

The second area on Lulusia Kingdom was the Common grounds.
Kouse also, after a few asking around at the docks, had found out that there were countless guilds there, like Blacksmithing, Mercenaries and even a Guild for doctors.
Although it was really tempting for Kouse to go take a look at said guild, he knew he had to stay on mission. He didn't have all the time in the world and even if he need, reports about King Nep states that he won't be staying at Lulusia kingdom for long, he and his crew were simply resting up, getting ready to get back to their real home, and no one knew how long they would be staying at Lulusia.
So when Kouse heard about the unrest with the queen of the kingdom, the frequent raids done in the common grounds and the resulting fear and cautiousness of the citizens living there, especially in accepting new visitors or members to their guild, Kouse quickly marked the area out, realising it would be next to impossible for a group of 61 fishmen to be able to stay hidden there.
Kouse was left with the last district and by far the most likely to be where King Nep and his crew were, Greenie pass, so Kouse chose to go there.

2Bounty. (Hunting a Fishman) Empty Re: Bounty. (Hunting a Fishman) on Fri Aug 17, 2018 4:05 am



Greenie pass was a beauty of a place. It was a large green land, with it's landscape dotted by grasslands, woods, valleys and rivers. 

After a couple of hours of walking, Kouse arrived at Greenie pass.
He took in a deep breath whilst marveling at the sheer beauty of the landscape. As far as the eye could see were green fields. The gentle wind blew his black cape to the right, also his black long sleeve top and trouser, with black sandals completed his attire.

He walked straight to the nearest little town he could find and once he found a tavern, stepped in and took a seat at the bar.
In Kouse's somewhat limited experience in traveling to other towns, he had noticed the presence of at least a tavern in each town he got to, no matter how large or small the town was, there was always a place for a poor soul to go and drink themselves into stupor, forgetting the troubles and suffering for even just a night.
Also, he'd realised that a tavern was the best place to go, especially in a small town, to acquire information. It could be gotten right from the mouth of an individual who'd had a little too much to drink and was a little 'loose lipped', also if that didn't work, there was always the option of slipping the bartender a few belli for some information, they always almost knew something.

"What will you be having." The bartender, a seven foot tall man asked as he swung a towel over his shoulders. "You're new to town?"

Kouse adjusted his glasses. "I'll be having whiskey.....and yeah, I'm new here."

The bartender was pretty well skilled in his trade, and had a glass of whiskey in front of Kouse in less than a minute. 
"So, welcome to this one horse town called Gloucestershire."

Kouse looked up from his drink. "Called what now?" he asked in surprise, the name was simply ridiculous and impossible for him to pronounce, talk less of remembering.

"Ha ha ha, don't worry, even some of the indigenes here don't even know the correct pronunciation, I myself I'm not sure I got it quite right." 
To prove his point, the bartender asked an elderly looking man nearby.

"Yo, what's the town called Bob?"

The man didn't even hesitate. "Glocestirshir." 

The bartender then turned to smirk at Kouse. "See?." Then he stretched out an arm for a handshake. "I'm Stanley, but most call me Stan."

Kouse accepted the handshake. "I'm Kouse, more popularly known as Dr K."
Then the usual question he got when he told people his name followed.

"Ooh! you a real doc?, like a doctor that cures people?" Stan asked excitedly.

Kouse calmly took a sip of his whiskey. "Yeah, I am a real doctor." He replied, already used to such questions.

"That's real cool K, we've got quite the health problems here without a good doc, to help us out with them. So what are you here for exactly?." Stan finally asked, his eyes glanced over the rather expensive looking attire Kouse wore.

"I'm looking for someone Stan, and in exchange for that information I could help out a little."

"Hmm, fair enough. Who you lookin for?"

"Ever heard of a fishman named King Nep?"

The moment Stan heard the name, his expression suddenly turned serious, and his voice was lowered to a whisper.
"Yes, I do. What reason do you have for searching for him?."

Kouse wasn't the least disturbed by Stans sudden change, but still calmly sipped his whiskey, then would look directly at Stan.
"I'm here to capture him, normally a pirate doctor, I'm a bounty hunter today."

Stan's expression changed from one of caution, to surprise, then relief.

"Alright, I don't know where he is exactly, buy think I might know where a member of his crew frequently visits, but first I'll like to see how capable you are as a doc, there are a lotta phoney doc's out there."

Kouse adjusted his glasses as he finished up his glass of whiskey.

"That will not be a problem, show me the patient." Kouse said, confident in his abilities as a doctor.

3Bounty. (Hunting a Fishman) Empty Re: Bounty. (Hunting a Fishman) on Fri Aug 17, 2018 2:09 pm



Stan's hair was bright yellow, Kouse suspected it must have been dyed that colour, he wore brown shots, and a blue short sleeve top, with red sandals. Making him look somewhat ridiculous.

He and Kouse walked silently for a couple of minutes before arriving at a little hut.

"The patients in there, got a nasty injury in her leg, could you help her?"

Adjusting his glasses, Kouse would nod at Stan and walk straight into the hut, confident that he was capable of tackling any kind of leg injury.

The sudden stench of rotting flesh hit Kouse like a wave straight in the face the moment he stepped into the hut, causing his previously confident footsteps to falter, it was due to more of surprise than disgust that made Kouse instinctively cover his nose with his cape.
There was no window, the only opening in the hut was the door, which was closed shut until Stan had just opened it. Hence there was little to no ventilation. 

Kouse didn't back down though, but took another step further into the hut, he vaguely realised that Stan didn't follow him into the hut.
That step was enough for him to finally see the patient. She was half naked, covered in sweat and delirious. 
But it was the sight of her leg that finally caused one of Kouse's rare frowns to pop up.

She had sustained an injury to her leg, deep and wide enough that it couldn't heal properly without some dressing and maintenance, but also wasn't big enough to be fatal.
But right now though, it was fatal, and would kill her in a matter of days, if not hours.

Kouse adjusted his glasses as he took a closer look at her leg, his mind already in full doctor mode, the smell all but forgotten.
With what Kouse saw, he estimated that the injury had occurred, six to eight weeks ago, all the while left without proper treatments. The leg was completely infected from the knee down. Kouse's expression became worse as what he might have to do to save her life passed through his mind.

Kouse immediately crouched down beside her, quickly opening up his medic kit, and withdrawing an anesthetic syringe, he was about to jam it straight into her then stopped. He had to get her permission first!

"Hey....hey!. I'm Dr K." Kouse said frantically, but was only replied by a few groans.

He didn't try again, but jammed the syringe into her, sending the drug straight into her bloodstream, once the drug takes effect, she would feel no more pain, from either the injury or the surgery Kouse was about to perform.

4Bounty. (Hunting a Fishman) Empty Re: Bounty. (Hunting a Fishman) on Fri Aug 17, 2018 2:38 pm



He took out his scalpel from his tool kit, and began cutting open the patients leg, down to the bone.

Kouse had to find out if even attempting to save his patients leg was possible. He had to check if the bone itself had gotten infected.
A few minutes later, Kouse had his answer, and it left a bitter taste in his mouth. 
This was going to be the second patient he'd have to amputate. Simply due to poor medical care, this lady would never walk again. Kouse sadly looked at her sleeping face, she couldn't be more than 20yrs old. The need and importance of a state of the art teaching hospital on Jaya; his currently ongoing project, was never more apparent to Kouse.
He reached out to lightly stroke her blonde hair, her red lips and light skin, although now partly discolored due to sickness, showed signs of a lady that was once a beauty.

Kouse drew out his sword, it was the only thing he had on him, string and sharp enough to make a clean cut, straight through the bone.
Positioning himself and his sword right above her knee, Kouse would raise his sword high and swing right down, cleanly cutting off the infected leg.

Blood rushed out of the resulting wound, but Kouse was a skilled and experienced doctor, and quickly went to work stopping the bleeding and dressing,patching up the exposed part.

In a couple of minutes, the blondes leg was properly cleaned and bandaged. 
Kouse would sit down once it was all done, a light trickle of sweat would flow down his neck.
He hated doing this, cutting off parts of someone, just to save their life. It wasn't something Kouse believed in. 

There were countless emotions going through Kouse, but it wasn't enough to overwhelm him, the reason he was here in Lulusia kingdom, in Greenie pass was the capture of King Nep. His own part of the deal was complete, now it was left for Stan to deliver on his.

Kouse heard the slow footsteps, approaching from the door, at his back. He knew the footsteps belonged to Stan, so he didn't bother looking back, but kept watching his patient, whilst a million thoughts went through his mind.
The world of medicine was at the brink of making great progress, and he was determined to be one of the more important individuals to make that happen.

So Kouse didn't see nor anticipate the hard knock from behind, which instantly knocked him out cold.

5Bounty. (Hunting a Fishman) Empty Re: Bounty. (Hunting a Fishman) on Sat Aug 18, 2018 4:06 am



"Yo, bro. He ain't waking up."

"Damn, how hard did you hit him Stan?"

"umm I guess-."

"Goddamnit, just pull out a nail, that should wake him right up."

Kouse was jolted awake, the sudden and intense pain caused by his fingernail being pulled out by a pair of tweezers served to clear his head and get him back to focus.
The first person he saw was Stan, with his fake bright yellow hair, ridiculous shorts and a pair of bright red sandals that completed his bizarre attire. 
Kouse looked closer, and was that a tinge of guiltiness written on his face?.

Kouse was disgusted. Not at Stan, but at himself for failing to detect his act, before he got slammed in the back of his head. Kouse prided himself in his ability of deduction. As a trained doctor, he depended highly in possessing an eye for the little details. On Jaya, he had made a little game of seeing how much he could find out about a person, just through a look, he had gotten pretty good at it too, or so he thought.

He suddenly tried to get up, his disgust was high and he couldn't seat down calmly anymore, but try as he might, he couldn't, he was restrained.
Kouse looked down, he was tightly strapped to a chair, ropes tied both legs to both sides of the wooden chair. Both his arms were also tied to both sides of the chair handles. He couldn't move.

The moment he realised that, the other two individuals in the room, finally came into full view. 
Kouse's eyes widened instinctively in surprise, they were both fishmen. He had found the crew he was looking for, but it was also safe to say, that it was not in the circumstances that he would have liked.

"We had a deal Stan." Was the first words Kouse said. The finger newly without a nail, still hurt like hell.

Kouse's only reply was a vicious right handed blow to the face from one of the fishmen, effectively smashing his glasses. Fishmen were clearly stronger than your average human, as the blow hurt like hell.

"Speak unless spoken to." Fishman 1 who had just thrown the punch said.

Fishman 2 then followed up with a punch of his own, to Kouse's stomach, then another quick one to his chin.

Kouse's entire body now was hurting and throbbing, as a light trickle of blood flowed out through his nose. 

"I, I think that's eno, enough." Stan stammered, obviously perplexed by the rough handling of Kouse.

"Shut up Stan." Fishman 1 said before sending a right handed punch straight into Kouse's stomach again. Meanwhile Fishman 2 quickly opened Kouse's tool box and 'fished' out the scalpels and syringes in it.

"Alright Dr K, you'll be answering all our questions, or we'll cut you all up." Fishman 2 spoke up, still admiring the extremely sharp blade of one of the scalpels.

Kouse stilled himself, although he necessarily didn't have any secrets he wanted desperately hidden, he wasn't planning on just caving in and being a properly whipped prisoner, certainly not after a single nail and a couple of punches.

Fishman 1 suddenly started laughing. "That Joke works every time!" He turned and took up a scalpel of his own, then turned to look directly at Kouse, his eyes wide, filled with madness. "We honestly don't need any answers from you. We'll just torture you, and when were done, we'll simply kill you. That's if you're still alive when we're done."

6Bounty. (Hunting a Fishman) Empty Re: Bounty. (Hunting a Fishman) on Sat Aug 18, 2018 1:36 pm



Kouse watched as Fishman1 approached him holding a scalpel and decided to finally use his devil fruit abilities to get out of this problem. He had previously made up his mind not to use it, only when he absolutely needed to. He'd slowly realised how dependent in it he had gotten.

"Well, fishman. You should have also tied up my wrists." Said Kouse as he instantly flicked his fingers, activating his 'ROOM', spreading it into its max range of 35meters.
Without a moments hesitation and with another flick of his fingers, his already drawn sword that was laying on the floor 20meters to his right, flew up and cut both shocked fishmen arms clean off, sending two pairs of arms and two scalpels clattering to the flow. 
Kouse wouldn't stop there. With another flick of his fingers, said sword made another sweep, cutting through both legs of the fishmen. Kouse would then, using his abilities, cause the chair he was strapped on, to rise high up, then smash it down to the ground, breaking it and getting himself free.

His eyes would scan the two fishmen who's still very alive but severed body parts kept shaking and flopping about the floor, all the while screaming in terror.
Then Kouse would finally turn to look at the awestruck Stan. 
He had never seen anything like what Kouse just did. Manipulating things without touching them was always a pretty cool trick, even to Kouse, but to Stan, it was godly.

"Doc-, doctor, have t-, to believe me." Stan began pleading. "They made do it."

Kouse reached up to adjust his glasses as usual, but there was nothing to adjust, the fishmen had broken it. This also served to further irritate Kouse, he felt uncomfortable without wearing one, not that his eyesight was bad or anything. Kouse had always enjoyed wearing glasses, ever since he was a young boy. He copied everything his father did, including wearing a pair of glasses.

"Don't even try to escape Stan." Kouse shook his head as he turned and cut off both heads of the Fishmen, then tossed Fishman 2's screaming head to Stan.

"Shut the hell up!" Kouse would yell at Fishman 1's head. He rarely yelled, but when he did, it was effective and it was effective here, as both heads fell quiet quickly.

"Tell me where exactly your boss King Nep is." Kouse said in a much lower tone. Both heads hesitated for a moment to give a response, so Kouse added. "Or I gouge out your eyes and force feed them to Stan over there."

That was enough to coax them to spill the beans. 
Apparently, King NEP and the rest for his crew were in a secrete hide out, hidden In a nearby forest to the east of the town.
Kouse along with Stan and the two fishmen heads spent a couple of hours walking there.

"What will you do when you get there Dr K, are you planning on taking down his entire crew?." Stan would ask as they walked to the forest.

"Maybe." Kouse replied.

"And what plans do you have for me, once you succeed in getting King Nep?"

"Don't worry, You'll find out, when it happens." Kouse would reach out to roughly knock both severed heads, tied in a sack. "Talk again, and your head joins theirs."
Kouse didn't blame Stan for the betrayal, he knew that he only did it to protect himself. This kind of situation wasn't new in Jaya. There were a lot of weaker people who became the dirty workers for the stronger ones to get protection.

"Were here." Fishman 1 would say just as a dozen fishmen, all armed to the teeth, appeared, surrounding Kouse and Stan.

Kouse didn't even blink as he tossed the two severed heads at the fishmen. "I've had enough fun for one day, take me to your boss, or suffer the same fate."

It didn't take much persuasion from Kouse to get them to agree to take him to King Nep, especially after seeing two severed heads talking like all was normal.
Although he had to surrender his sword, Kouse was finally going to meet his main target. He wanted this bounty business over with already, he was quickly getting sick of Lulusia island.

7Bounty. (Hunting a Fishman) Empty Re: Bounty. (Hunting a Fishman) on Sat Aug 18, 2018 3:06 pm



King Nep wasn't one who got  excited when people came searching for him. All through his life, countless people had tried to take him down. He was a vicious fighter, who took great pride in his raw strength and high willpower. 
He was one of the most talented Fishmen out there, but his growth as a pirate had been restricted for a long time by him working under a crazy female called Diana. 
Finally escaping captivity, he quickly acquired a new crew, persuading 
promising them great things, including taking back his home, fishman island. It was a bit of a disgrace, running away from home like a coward, but it was necessary. They had to regroup, rest, plan and train, to stand a chance of successfully taking back Fishman island.

But it was still a new crew and their faith in him, already weak, could easily vanish completely. He had to show them his power, show them he had just what it took to lead them. 
So when he heard of Kouse Arima(Dr K) was hunting him down, excitement coursed through his body.
He immediately requested for Kouse's bounty poster, and to his added surprise, saw that his bounty was so similar to his at 60,000,000 belli. Nothing would show his power and ambition to his crew better than him actually taking down someone of similar bounties in a one on one fight.

So the moment Kouse appeared before him, King NEP had already made up his mind on how he would be dealing with him.

Kouse instantly recognised King Nep. He was by far the most muscular and largest of the other fishmen in the large room. He also sat in a well decorated and elevated chair, at the opposite side of the room.

"Welcome Dr K, I just finished reading your bounty poster, and found out our bounties are similar!. King Nep would start speaking. "I know you're here to capture me and turn me in for my bounty, ain't you?"

Kouse would nod once. "I am." 

King Nep would then stand up and begin walking slowly towards Kouse. "Well, you've got quite a good bounty yourself. How about we have a one on one battle, winner turns the other in." He offered to Kouse.

King Nep took a look at the average sized Kouse. He had no bulging muscles, had no ranged weapons. All he saw Kouse have was only an ordinary sword. These facts further filled King Nep with confidence in his victory.

"Nice idea, that'll make things far more simple." Kouse replied. 

"Splendid. Give him back his sword!." King Nep commanded as he took up his humongous battle axe and closed the distance between him and Kouse further.

Kouse bent down to pick up his sword, only for King Nep to suddenly charge at him, swinging his large axe, straight down, aiming directly for his neck and a one shot kill. 
He was large and strong but slow. His huge weapon was obviously also not built for speed but for destructiveness, so it was easy for Kouse to sidestep the attack. 

He not only had time to sidestep the surprise attack, but also to send a quick but deep slash to his waist, then jump quickly, away.
The 38 fishmen all formed a large circle round them, watching quietly, not panicked but hoping for their leaders victory.

With a shout of pain, King Nep rushed Kouse again, this time swinging his sword in a horizontal slash, aiming to slice Kouse into two, from the waist. But again, the attack wasn't fast enough for it to bother Kouse much. He could have easily dodged and countered again, but Kouse foolishly wanted to test his strength against King Nep and used his own sword to block his axe swing.

The sheer force from the axe, sent Kouse flying straight through the air and crashing into the floor. King Nep didn't stop to give Kouse the time to recover his footing but charged him again, swinging his massive axe down, aiming for the finish.

Kouse just rolled out of danger in time, but the force from the swing caused the axe to sink into the floor. The few precious seconds wasted by King Nep to try to pull it out from the floor was enough time for Kouse to jump up and swing his sword down, cutting off the arm that wielded the axe clean off, then putting his sword to the neck of a one arm King NEP. The fight was over.

King Nep knew that he had grossly underestimated Dr K's abilities and accepted his defeat.

"Alright." Kouse would say as he activated 'ROOM' his devil fruit ability. He had successfully defeated King Nep without the use of his fruits ability. But now that he was defeated, Kouse had to ensure he both stayed alive and couldn't plot an escape until he could turn him in.

The first thing Kouse did the moment his "ROOM" engulfed King Nep was to cut off one of his legs and toss them into his sack.

"Well, you're boss lost. I suggest you all scram." Kouse would say quietly to the 58 crew members still watching in surprise. "He'll be of no use to you all anymore."

This was enough for them all to disperse. King Nep had gotten into a voluntary one vs one battle and got defeated. The winner would turn in the loser for his bounty, simple.

Kouse would then patch up the still bleeding arm and bandage it, then would still using his devil fruit abilities, take out King Neps heart and toss it into his sack,  before asking Stan who still remained, to carry him.
King Nep had lost an arm and a leg. The leg, Kouse would return once he turned him in for his bounty. The arm however was lost forever.

With that, Kouse and Stan with King Nep slung over his shoulders, walked off to turn him in. 
A cloud momentarily obscured the sun, making the surrounding area darker, as if it was signaling the fall of the great King Nep.

Name: ROOM 
Description: A spherical spatial barrier around the user, signified by a light blue aura, which then gives him the power to identify the exact location of things within the blue sphere. Kouse can move all objects with little or no effort wherever he wishes by moving his fingers, whilst being in said 'ROOM'. All living things can't be moved. Range: Subject to ROOMS range. 
Attribute: Strength and Power- 2 
Theme: N/A 
Rank: Intermediate 

Name: Amputaté 
Description: The user cleanly cuts his target without actually harming them. The separated body parts maintain a connection... meaning the owner of the severed body part can still feel it or is still affected by what happens to it. Internal organs can now be instantly removed, undamaged by Kouse. This aids the user in his medical operations, such as by cutting his patients into pieces so as to methodically remove hazardous objects or substances from their bodies, and rejoining them together. A bladed object is required by the user to do this. Also if someone has Busoshoku haki active and is ranked higher than the rank of the ope ope no mi, you cannot cut them. Range: Subject to ROOMS range 
Attribute: Strength and power- 2 
Theme: N/A Rank:

(Exit. Claiming King Neps preserved heart)

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