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What Lies We Breathe is a relaxed, Urban Fantasy RP that provides a comfortable place to play for anyone and everyone. We thrive on the nitty-gritty, character-driven plots. (The supernatural life isn't always rainbows and sunshine!)

In this parallel universe, humans unknowingly live next door to the very creatures that are thought to exist only in myth. Supernaturals own establishments, attend classes, and blend with the rest of human society

Modern-day Cordova is no exception. This fictional city in the heart of Colorado is home to humans, psychics, Vampires, and Weres alike. Tensions run high as Humans learn to cope with the fact that Vampires actually exist, not to mention the furry and the undead being at each other's throats almost constantly.

→ Friendly & welcoming 18+ community with no cliques! Come make new friends!
→ Determine the site's overall plot arc via IC happenings (member-driven storylines)!
→ No activity requirements! Post at your own pace!
→ Short applications!
→ Several species to choose from!
→ Levels based on character development!
→ The freedom to create your own IC group!
→ Achievements that you can earn both IC and OOC!
→ Easy to read skins (both Light & Dark skins provided)!

[align=center]{ Home | Getting Started | Guidebook | Wanted Ads | Face Claim }[/align]

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