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"We both know how this'll end for me, Kahseh."

"Don't speak like that, Bunda. We'll find a village soon and we'll get you all fixed up."

"No, boy. This is not just some petty scratch. Even with this useless cloth around me I can feel the wound getting infected already. I just pray to the gods that I don't die before you get somewhere safe."

Kahseh looked at Bunda. His arm was underneath his shoulder and around him whilst his other hand had bee moving away the loose branches that were in their way. "Err. Your life won't end this way, I promise you."

An hour has passed since the duo began walking through Rosada passage. Before this they killed pirates and before that they encountered someone who could help them both with their goals but they were far from that man at this point. There was nobody else who could help them and they hadn't seen any villages yet. You would think that at the heart of the island that there would be people living here, it was such a beautiful place...still not one village or person and from the looks of it there would be no turfs to come. Things weren't looking so good for Bunda but they had to keep moving. What other options were there? The older man grunted with each step he took. When Kah looked over at him again he could see that he began to sweat. His skin was becoming more pale too. "Here, drink this." Kahseh took the flask that was hanging from his waist before popping it one with his mouth, putting it to Bunda's lips to give him a drink. That was the last of his water too.

Dammit. No much longer now until Bunda would drop. Still the two of them continued forward silence.

2A New Friend | II.-III. Empty Re: A New Friend | II.-III. on Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:37 am




"You've been a good friend, young Lord..." Bunda began. Kahseh shook his head, not trying to hear the words that were spewing from his lips. The navigator was speaking like his lie was over. He had no faith that he would survive. "You know, when we left home together after the government and their Chinjao pets killed our people, I didn't have much faith in you. You aren't like your father, shit in fact you're everything he could never have been but perhaps that's the type of man our people need. You're a good man and I'm glad *cough* that the gods allowed me to come this far with you. I know as of late we haven't been seeing eye to eye but know that I love you like I loved my own sons. *cough*"

Kahseh was speechless for a moment. He looked away from his injured friends but still continued to walk with him as they began to reach a river. "Bunda... thank you...for everything. You're a loyal friend to me and my family and I couldn't think of a better person to start my journey with. I love you too, my friend." That was all he could muster at the moment. Bunda's little speech hit him off guard, it hit a place in his heart that not even the sharpest blades could touch.


The two stopped as a bird roared. It's voice boomed throughout the area, making it clear that this animal was no ordinary creature. The duo looked at each other in surprise. "At the end of the river, by the waterfall...that's where it's coming from." Kahseh nodded and walked along the water path with his friend. The elder man continued to grunt with each step but soon they arrived at the waterfall. K sat the man down under a tree before rushing to see the glorious creature that called out. He peered over the waterfall but made sure not to be too nosey. What he saw was both beautiful and disheartening. It was a majestic like avian with golden feathers and moreso looked like a mixture between a dragon and a bird. The creature was huge compared to the other lives around it. "Gods.... this is the most beautiful creature I've ever seen and it's being attacked by more of those Dyke Pirates we fought." The woman were down below, fighting the creature and using rods with hoops around them to hold the creatures neck.


It tried to fly but only one wing was flapping correctly, the other probably badly injured. "My...that thing sounds glorious *cough*." The navigator began. When Kah turned back to see his companion, he was holding his chest, sweating bullets as his eyes dimmed. Soon after he began breathing heavily. Kah stood quiet for a moment, thinking about what he would do next.

"I have to save it. " He stated as he turned back before equipping his bow and arrow.

"How many ladies are there?"

" I see twelve. I'm gonna shoot them all from up here, my bow can reach beyond that." Soon after Kahseh moved closer to the waterfall until he could see the entire scene perfectly. No doubt that they'd see his arms and his boy but perhaps not his face, his hair or the rest of him. When he was close enough he released a bow, striking one his targets in the neck. "What the hell?!" When the woman fell the others looked around frantically, picking up their bows and looking for a place to aim. "Dykes! Take cover!" Kahseh quickly placed another arrow in his bow before releasing, piercing another woman through her chest.

3A New Friend | II.-III. Empty Re: A New Friend | II.-III. on Wed Aug 15, 2018 10:58 am




"Dykes, up there!"

The dykes from below looked up to see the lengthy arms of a man who wielded the weapon they were being attacked with. Quickly Kahseh released another arrow killing another one of their members. The four dykes that had their own weapons aimed their weapons at Kahseh's position. "Shoot!" their leader shouted. At that very moment Kahseh leaped back, just missing the array of bullets that had his name on them. Quickly he put another arrow in his bow. "They see ya, huh?" Bunda began as he forced himself up. He slid his back up the tree and with the arm that wasn't holding his wound he lifted himself.

"I figured they'd run away or somethin' but they must want this creature really bad."

"You want to help this creature right? Let me help. *cough, cough*"

"No, you just sit tight, Bunda, I can hand-"

"Nonsense. I'm going to die anyway so I wanna at least die fightin." Kah nodded at his decision. How could he decline that? Vikings believed that dying in a fight was the most honorable way to die. It was a gold ticket to secure their spots in the land of the gods in their eyes.

"Very well..." he whispered with a saddened tone.

"I'll distract them, you finish them off. They have guns so we'll never be able to save that creature otherwise. On my go.." Kahseh nodded once more before moving over to the right of where he'd been shooting the women. He released another arrow, killing another one immediately but the Dyke pirates continued. "To the right!!! Shoot!!" Once again K leaped out of their way. Now only one shooter remained. Bunda breathed heavily as he looked over at Kahseh with a smirk.

"I figured I'd die by the hands of a woman, the gods foreshadowed it." With that, he sprinted as fast as he could to the edge of the river before leaping. "Farewell my friend!" he shouted. The Dykes put their attention on the falling man as he shouted, shooting at him and hoping to hit him. There wasn't enough time for Kahseh to grasp what his friend had just done and again he released an arrow, killing the last shooter. Bunda landed in the water with a splash. "He's in the water ladies! Get em!" The leader shouted sabot 3 of them ran forward. Bunda hadn't come up yet but Kahseh continued shooting his arrows at the women that charged towards his companion managing to only exterminate two of them. His focus then went back to the other 5 women, killing only two more before they realized that the archer they were aiming for was not the man that jumped into the water. Bunda on the other hand bursted from under the surface of the water before climbing onto the land beside him. He drew his sword as a Dyke approached him before fighting her. The blades belonging to both of them clashed back to back but the woman in the end pierced her blade through Bunda's chest. Kahseh wasn't quick enough to protect his friend. It was only after that he was able to shoot her with one of his arrows and deliver a killing blow. Bunda fell to his knees, then to his face.

The white haired viking leaped off of the edge and landed into the water, resurfacing and getting onto the land just as his friend did.


The avian wailed as it pulled back, breaking the grip that the pirates had on it. The lord knelt beside his mate and flipped him over only to see his lifeless eyes. Tears began to swell up. All he could do was pick the corpse up and hold him as tears ran down his cheeks. "Fight no more Dykes! Let's go!" The last three women jetted. "I'm sorry, Bunda. I didn't mean for this to happen to you." gently, he used his hands to close the eyes of Bunda's body before gently putting him down onto the ground. Anger filled him as he lifted his bow and aimed it at the fleeing women. He wanted to kill them, he really did but the tears in his eyes made his vision too blurry. What was the point? Kah dropped his bow and fell to his knees again to pick Bunda up again. "I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I'm sorry..." he repeated in a whisper. His only friend was gone. The creature stretched out it's wings, one still injured from what just occurred. The Avian shook it's head before spotting Kahseh and moving towards him. Still, he was crying, not even caring about what the creature would do to him. The rain began to fall as the creature approached, purring. Kahseh looked up at the bird with tears. "Go!" but the creature remained. "Leave me!!" he shouted at the creature. Still, the creature wouldn't move. With no other option Kahseh ignored the Avian and continued his mourning.

Although he lost Bunda, he may have just gotten another friend.

Voyage Complete

~ EXIT ~

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