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1New Waters  Empty New Waters on Fri Aug 10, 2018 4:24 pm

Aku Soku Zan


Aku Soku Zan

New Waters  Art-dragon-eternity-dragons-of-eternity-the-port-ship-pier-town
Hannibal was at the helm of the Enforcer; a stoic expression on his face. He had a uneasy feeling but wouldn't show it. As is was just a feeling and held no true weight right now. He tossed it aside as just nerves really. During the journey here he began to think to himself about those that he had brought with him. Commodore Lu Dahn and untested Ensigns. There were going into a situation that was worse than Sandy Isle. Hannibal liked to regard this as a unnamed war. A place where multiple factions were within a altercation that costed lives. In Hannibal's eyes this was sad and disgusting. He had grown to learn that certain things should just be left within the hand of the World Government; and in this case the Marines in their task of securing this new material.

There would be nothing of any true importance until they would arrive to the main island. Idle chit chat and what not could occur but there would be no point in that. During the sail two more ships would join them flying the same flag of the Marines. Hannibal kept his grip firm on the steering wheel of the ship. Their ships were more grandiose than his own. Their size being almost double that of the second enforcer. Hannibal didn't envy them but couldn't wait till he was the one to own a ship such as theirs. Commanding a large number of promising Marines that could help change the world for the better. It made him realize he should be proud of the ensigns coming with him and Lu Dahn. Some of them weren't under either of their command but were accompanying them on the journey to Jordsand.

The three ships would pass a smaller island before making it to the main island. Spotting a Marine vessels partially destroyed. The wreck wasn't new. You could tell from just looking that it had been there for a while. 'That probably isn't the worst sight we could see.' Hannibal would think to himself as he would turn his gaze away from the wreck. They edged closer and closer to the Main Island. And then suddenly someone from the other ship would jump over to the enforcer. Utilising some technique to keep airborne until they landed onto the wooden deck.

"Man, it really is you! The Hero!"


"My Bad, my bad! I am Captain Ryon. Member of G-9. We were looking over at this vessel and wondered who was it was commanding it. We tried to den den you guys, but no answer. My Commanding officer almost blew you guys up till we spotted you. I came over to confirm it and...." He would begin to fidget around as he searchined himself. Finally he'd bring forth a Den Den mushi and make a call.

'Blowing us up would've been really excessive. But that just shows that people have been impersonating Marines. Gotta be careful about that.' Hannibal would think to himself as he would wait for whoever was being called would answer.

Finally someone would answer. A brief exchange between Ryon and the Female voice would occur before it would be shifted to Hannibal. "Commodore Uchi you and Commodore Ricchi are to join us upon our arrival to the base. I've been assigned with gather everyone with a rank higher than Commodore for a meeting. "

"Will I be able to assign those under me to do some tasks?"

"What? No, let me finish speaking. Everyone arriving must not leave the area we have occupied. We don't want to have anymore weaklings getting killed for nothing. "

"I think they are pretty exceptional. Though their ranks may not show it they might even rival us in terms of combat ability. "

"What!? Do not speak such crap. You disrespect me with such a claim. "

"But I speak nothing but the truth! Honest."

"Prove it."


"Everyone won't be allowed to leave the main Island due to the meeting being held. It is said to be a long one that will take more than a day. So, how about we arrange something for our Ensigns to do while we are busy."

"Like what?"

"A small tournament."

"oooh! Kinda wish I could join it. But, seems like something they could do. Would strengthen bonds and help them grow before actual battle."

"My thoughts exactly. It will also show you that the only unit here now that has superb skill belong to me. I will set this up so when we arrive things can be handled and we can just head right to the meeting. Ryon stay on their ship till we dock. You will need to save your energy."
And with that the conversation with the unknown Commodore would be concluded. Her fire was strange but Hannibal liked it. It reminded him of that long legged Commodore he fought side by side with on Sandy Isle. And Hannibal also didn't need to do anything to make sure the others were not slacking off while he was in the meeting with Ricchi. He was a bit worried though. Captain Ryon just seemed like a different breed. How he stood and how he walked over to a barrel to sit on was different. It was strange to say such a thing to gauge someone's skill. But Hannibal gauged everyone on different things when he hasn't seen them actually fight yet. And most of the time his gauge was accurate.

Arrival to the main island would soon happen. It had been a week since they had stable land so this should put a smile on everyone's face. For those that weren't topside during Hannibal's talk with the unknown Commodore what they would be doing would be told to them by Ryon if they wanted to know why he now joined them on the vessel. And once they would lower the ladder someone from the unknown Commodore's ship would come up them. And tell them where to go. And this is where everyone would split up. Commodore Uchi and Commodore Ricchi were directed to the largest building in the area, that sat in the middle of it. That is where the meeting would be held.

Everyone else would be told to head to a open field, that has been dubbed the training grounds. They did not have to fight if they didn't want to. Though it would be recommended to participate it wasn't really required. Hannibal would look at them a bit different and his opinion of them would slightly change but he wouldn't hold this against them. Regardless more than just two units would be participating today, and tomorrow if people enjoyed it. Three total fights would occur at the same time. This tournament wasn't really a unit v. unit ordeal. Everyone was to seek the only number one spot there was. So that meant fights between those in the same unit could occur.

The turn out for this was large. The majority of people not at the meeting or on guard/patrol duty were here. Only those that had better things to do not in attendance. This tournament was something no on thought of setting up due to the state of Jordsand but it was refreshing. Combat that couldn't end with your death or the death of your comrade.

ooc: for the fights I will control the actions of the guys just for a little bit. There also isn't a post order right now unless you guys. So if one of you posts for a reaction from your opponent and the others haven't. I will drop a post for you if it doesn't affect anyone else.

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2New Waters  Empty Re: New Waters on Tue Aug 14, 2018 7:34 am



As the ship approached mainland, Jo began to become more and more excited. She may have only been an Ensign, but that didn't stop her from dreaming big and grand. The water shimmered under her imagination as she began to picture herself locking up the leaders of the Revolutionary Army, and the big pirates, the ones that could retire her for life, like Kaito or Ai. Of course, she would never retire, not until she could no longer fight. She loved the combat too much, it was invigorating when she really put her heart and soul into the conflict. However, when the other ship began to flag them and communicate, it made her heart pound and hair stand on end. She got to fight? With permission?!? Nothing better could have happened!

Jo walked up to Hannibal, with a smile and a salute as her unkempt and innapropriately buttoned marine shirt fluttered in the breeze. One button was not enough to hold her cleavage entirely, yet it was enough to not be indecent. Her unfortunate habit of individuality did not fit the marine lifestyle.
"Excuse me, Commodore, are there any rules we have to observe in this brawl? I don't wanna be disqualified and be unable to join you!"

Her cheerful demeanor was not false, she was legitimately cheerful. Who could be upset when they have a chance to really duke it out with their peers? She was all sorts of excited and almost a bit jumpy. I'm not sure you could be to excited, but she might fit that bill.

3New Waters  Empty Re: New Waters on Tue Aug 14, 2018 11:05 am

Aku Soku Zan


Aku Soku Zan

New Waters  Marine+HQ+Meeting

Before he'd leave and join the other High Ranking Marine officials he was stopped by one of the individuals that came with him. She asked him about the tournament that she was to be participating in. At first he thought she'd ask to not participate and join him, and he was glad she didn't. Not because he didn't like her, as he felt no way about her. But because he'd have to tell her no to such a request. "Honestly speaking. I don't really know any of the details He'd begin to tap his chin as he think. Maybe killing and maiming are out of the question. I due assume they'd explain everything else when you get there. After that comment he'd begin to continue his walk toward the Main building. After a couple steps he'd stop and turn his head slightly so that he could see her.

"Oh! And try to do your best! I don't care if you win or lose, but count yourself out!" An with that strange type of peep talk he'd turn back around and begin to walk once more. His arrival took only around ten minutes. Walking into the five story building and heading to the fourth floor. It was evident that focusing more on this place was done when they first arrived. It more than likely was where everyone had said upon arrival. And once they had this holding they started to erect more buildings that would serve other purposes. Living quarters, Dining Halls the works.

He and others would arrive around the same time. Hannibal would take a seat closest to the board with information. Others would go out of there way it seemed to sit away from him. It was fine and he understood why. His race, Three Eye'd Tribesman, was something that already had circulated through the Marines. Many regarding him a less than even with his accomplishments. Decorated or not. Hero or not. Marine or not. He was a member of a race that was blamed for the current state of this world. As things grew worse the blame would be pushed more and more in their direction.

Upon the arrival to the training grounds some fights would already start. They all were eager and with this being some amusement they wanted they didn't want to pass it by. Inquiring about the rules of these bouts would be easy. You just had to ask someone. Those participating had already been decided. Not showing up would cause your team to take the lose. So G-6 already wasn't looking so hot. As only one person from their ship had arrived. And it was time for their fight. If arrived she'd be met by Captain Ryon. He'd explain to them that the fights were like your typical Marine fight. You wouldn't kill or maim your opponent. Dirty tactics are allowed but aren't encouraged. The main focus of this was to get better so harming your opponent too much would cause your disqualification. If Jo agreed to that they'd be shown the spot they'd be fighting in with Ryon.

Those not fighting crowded around the three that were. Forming three different circles. Each being around twenty meters in circumference. Giving up was allowed at any time.

Captain Ryon was Jo's potential opponent.  He stood at the epicenter of the circle with a dropped guard. He was ready for anything that came his way however. His abilities being 2 in all attributes. He would not make the first move as his opponent had that privelange.

ooc: Kaito's PC(Playable characters) name Jackal. And Ai47's PC is name Bazil. If you are talking about those two.

4New Waters  Empty Re: New Waters on Sun Aug 19, 2018 8:06 pm

Lady Sofia


Lady Sofia
"The old follow-the-Marines huh?" Anna Blue chuckled, as she drove the Dawnbreaker through the isles, deliberately following her fellow Marine ships from a safe distance.

"Yeah." Sofia replied, besides her helmsman. "Commerce is so tough when there's gorillas everywhere. It's nothing like Momoiro. Or Drum. Anywhere, really."

"You mean guerilla." the little Marine underlined. "Guerilla."

"That." the noble replied, looking aside - not really wanting to admit that she got it wrong.

She then looked out to the scenery they were sailing towards, finding a Marine station of a sort further ahead where the other ships docked at.

"Fancy having some cafeteria food?" Sofia then asked.

New Waters  Tumblr_o8bxsjVB1A1v9m8wao4_400

"Sofs." Anna then stated. "We really should get a cook by now. I hate that goddamn cafeteria food, and you know it. C'mon."

"I know, I know. But just for now, OK?" the other replied with a chipper clap of her hands. "C'maaaaun, maybe we're lucky, and it tastes real good!"

"I sure hope so, Sofs."

The duo disembarked and after having Anna do her salutes and presenting the papers that Phillipa Sofia was under Sabaody Marine protection (with Anna as her bodyguard for this), they went into the cafeteria to eat, as they have done many times before in other Marine stations.

After Sofia finished up with her bowl of gray oatmeal (or was it actually a bowl of wet papier mache?), and Anna not having any of it yet again, the noble went over to the front desk, to then pull out a handful of Baby Den Den Mushis from her purse.

"Hello there, Lady Sofia. How's it going?" the Marine behind the counter greeted, to then raise an eyebrow and glance at the Mushis. "What's this about?"

"I had, uh, some spare Den Dens from doing some shipments." she explained. "I know getting stuff into Jordsand can be hard, so I'd like to share some of these with you guys."

"Ah. I see. Well, thank you, Sofia! I'll... Give them to one of the higher-ups, I guess." the guy replied, as he inspected them more closely, looking at the label engraved into the casing. "Huh, 'Lady Sofia Den Dens'? Cool."

"No problem!"

After that short trip, Sofia and Anna got back on the Dawnbreaker, and continued their business transports across Jordsand.

"So, what were you doing there at the counter?" Anna asked. "Giving out Den Dens?"

"Yes. Keeping a good relationship with the Marines is important." she noted.

"You mean, kissing their ass as usual." the tiny one replied.

"...Can you not call it that? It's diplomacy. A gesture of friendship. Plus, sometimes it's just my own merits that happen to benefit them too, I don't always do it to -"

"Kisssiiing aaaaasss." the Marine insisted, interrupting her.

"Quit it!"

"Give me lunch goddamn it!" the tiny one blurted out, changing the subject.

"...Oh. Sorry about that." the other then chuckled. "I'll, uh. Get you something nice on the next island. Promise."


OOC: Leaving 3 Baby Den Den Mushis from my inventory for you guys to do whatever with, hopefully keep them lol. They got my contact so hit me up with a call if you want. Enjoy!

5New Waters  Empty Re: New Waters on Sat Aug 25, 2018 10:24 pm

Professor Sad


Professor Sad
The journey on the ship had been uneventful, apart from some choppy waters. Although he had glimpsed at his squad mates, rather normal looking humans for the most part, and even though he wanted to talk to them, especially to apologize to his commander for his late arrival, he always found himself held back, be it by his naturally loner demeanor or the fact that he never really fit in. And so spent most of his days sleeping, only waking up to get food to eat, while he spent his nights reading by gaslight and training rigorously. His arm had fully healed, and so he spared no time into pushing his body once more to the limits, the moon his only companion as he did so. Days and night passed like this. That was, until one morning, when he awoke to get his breakfast, he found a letter had been slipped under his door.

Once he had opened the letter, the insides of the ship had felt claustrophobic, and with a haste unlike other, he made his way on the deck, brazen chested except for his white coat, a garment he would sleep and bath in if he could. Renero stood motionless over the side railing, the sea breeze weaving through the fur of his bare chest, the white cloak of justice that hung on his shoulders waving with the wind. His hands held a typed letter, his grip iron, not wanting to lose it to the wind yet gentle enough as not to wrinkle the paper.

His eyes were not on the nearly typed words but on the swaying sea below. He had no need to look at the letter anymore, having already read it dozens of times. His lips moved wordlessly, the words echoing over and over in his mind. “Captain Renero.” He could not help but smile at those words, even though the whole thing felt so unreal. While in his eyes the incident on the Seatrain proved how unready he was, it seemed to higher ups he had performed his duty “with great prowess and remarkable ingenuity”, so much so that they have seen past what many saw that made him a blight to the marine ranks.

Maybe he had simply been unlucky till now, having met mostly people who have harboured such ideas even though they were in the minority; or maybe he had gotten lucky and his actions had caught the attention of the minority that did not hold such ideals. The matter was settled, out of his hands and he had no complaints, not that it would have mattered. He gently folded the paper, his gaze finally moving from the faraway waves, as he slid it securely back into its envelope once more, as he turned his back on the vista; his mind still wondering and reeling from the reality of it all.

6New Waters  Empty Re: New Waters on Mon Oct 08, 2018 7:29 pm

Professor Sad


Professor Sad
As he turned, he slammed into a charging figure; ramming straight into his midriff. Although the force of the impact didn’t even stagger Renero, it couldn’t be said the same for the sprawled out boy, about five years of age, dressed in the uniform of an errand boy, a small brown box laying on its side next to him.

He found himself unsure what to do, not being particularly fond or good with dealing with children. He extended his hand, yet the boy seemed too preoccupied rubbing his knee with a grimace, so Renero went for the dropped package instead, a distance away from the incident; thankfully having not fallen overboard.

It had no address from or to nor name on it; a box small enough to fit in the palm of his hand, neatly wrapped up with a string bowtie, the label reading simply “Lady Sofia Den Dens”.

“Is this for me?” Renero asked, wanting to confirm that the package was truly his, not a simple accident that resulted in a misunderstanding. The boy wordlessly nodded. “Thanks, dismissed.” Renero replied, too intrigued with the little package to take his eye off it as he walked off; the boy seemingly too much in too much pain to do get up and leave, although it probably was more likely he was aggerating the degree of his injuries to take an extended break.

Renero had no idea who this Lady Sofia was, nor why she gave him a Den Den, if that was what the package truly contained after all.

7New Waters  Empty Re: New Waters on Mon Oct 08, 2018 7:30 pm

Professor Sad


Professor Sad
In the quiet of his room, Renero turned the box in his hands, holding up to scrutiny as if trying to find some hidden flaw or secret mechanism in the cardboard, to no avail. The box did, in fact, contain a Den Den, Although he was still puzzled by the identity of this Lady Sofia. Renero was not particularly popular with women, in fact, he was not popular with anyone at all, so the idea that he maybe might have forgotten who this Sofia was highly unlikely.

He took the Den Den in his hands, inspecting as he did to the box, yet it looked like any other Den Den he had ever seen, maybe a bit smaller but nothing particularly telling of tempering or some nasty joke. It even came with a strap, albeit a bit small for him, to carry the Den Den on the wrist.

The last item that was in the box was a small roll of paper with a number on it; a number to punch in the Den Den to call, possibly to the titular Lady Sofia. Yet before Renero had any more time to ponder about the Den Den and this mysterious lady, an unending hurried knocking came from behind his door. Getting up from the desk, Renero opened the door, finding himself face to face once more with the errand boy, who now seemed completely healthy and in healthy spirits.

“Urgent letter for you, Sir.” The boy said, before running off without giving time for Renero to answer. Not that Renero cared too much, his mind now occupied with the Letter. Giving it a quick read, it seemed like the time for idleness was over. His presence was required on the field and urgently.



8New Waters  Empty Re: New Waters on Wed Oct 10, 2018 11:46 am

Aku Soku Zan


Aku Soku Zan

New Waters  Marine+HQ+Meeting

The meeting was something that he wouldn't forget about. The words the Marine in charge spoke were filled with pain and sorrow. Those he lost were close to him. And it was even more evident that someone that could've been a relative or lover had been harmed in some way as well. It was sad. The information of the current state of Jordsand was a focal point. How many had been lost? And the overall goal of the Marines presences here. It was insightful. Causing himself to want to strike out alone. Relaying this information to other Marines to let those, mainly Lu Dahn, that he would be handling things alone during their time here.

Upon his arrival to the enforcer two, he would be alerted that he had a gift onboard within his quarters. It having been brought after it was given. The reason he would be given the item wasn't really important. Going through the process of getting contacts would be an annoying one. As the Den Den Mushi had to meet each other. Also, there was a chance this wasn't a good thing. There already was moles within the ranks of the Marines. That stole information of his abilities. A revolutionary posing as someone kind and giving could've brought this. In an attempt to steal more information from him and those, he spoke with.

Hannibal was an extremely cautious person when it came to many things. Due to things that happened within his life. And though this gift wasn't someone kind he didn't really think so.


9New Waters  Empty Re: New Waters on Fri Oct 12, 2018 7:11 am

Soundless Void


Soundless Void
So since there was no voyage link given I will post rewards here. So the idea of the thread was to do a tournament between allies which clearly didn't happen so I will be demoting this voyage to a regular topic as it wasn't really a social between you all nor was it a voyage with a plot.

As for the actual writing, Hannibal took on the role of narrator and did his part well enough with little to no grammar errors, but although he set it up well Tsyko only commented once and quit, then it was Hannibal turn to post again which he once more set it up which then Sofia posted, her only contribution to this giving away den den Mushi's and then exited in which Professor Sad received them and questioned the nature of the package before also exiting. To me, it seems the only people who actually get anything is Hannibal and Professor Sad.



Professor Sad:


+3 Den Den Mushi's

Lady Sofia:

-3 Den Den Mushi's

@Hannibal (You need to add your own money to your character)

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