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16Perila's Gran Voyage - Page 2 Empty Re: Perila's Gran Voyage on Sat Aug 18, 2018 9:49 am



Prisoners and grauds alike was being targeted by him. As he easily was able to slip by using his devil inside him. He was in a fit of rage as he made his way to the battlefield. Looking left and right as the slaves frought for their freedom. How ironic he would see the wing man fly up to the head pirate to fight him. " Perfect target in sight. " However as he was making his way towards the two men preparing to engage. He would spot the large guy the wing girl was with.

Smiling as he usually does before an intent kill he would make his way towards him. As Tyrian was fighting the grauds the last thing on his mind was Arcologia. Good he will be his next opponent and Arcologia plans to show him a real good time. How a death match should truly be.

As his hollow locked on to the large guy they would prepare to lunch at him at max speed. Snapping his fingers they would go into attack mode. As the bombs would target him aiming to hurt him in a major way. They would stop mid way as Arcologia walked towards
Tyrian. Looking at him, " So you think I ain't worth yo time of the day aye? Ok than let's see you escape Drum most hated man. " Looking at him as his negative hollow would float around Arcologia.

The bomb hollow would now truly go after Tyrian all in the name of mad justice. Looking at him as all nine hollow was surrounding him. It would be nearly impossible to stop such an attack without taking major damage from him. " Next time don't over look me don't annoy me. Now witness your spirit away.

Soon the Hollow would lunch at him all nine at 8 meters away. If hit they was sure to cause no less than major to the intent victim.

17Perila's Gran Voyage - Page 2 Empty Re: Perila's Gran Voyage on Sat Aug 18, 2018 11:25 am


Perila's Gran Voyage - Page 2 Delet_2

Mashyuu and Captain G rushed one another, both taking a swipe but Mashyuu was much faster, side stepping before sweeping back in and cutting the man along the hip. It was at that point that Captain G noticed Perila and Mashyuu noticed a large but seemingly weak near by explosion. The Pirate Captain wasn't sure what it was but at this point explosions were a bad idea and needed to be dealt with. Mashyuu needed to trust that Perila could deal with Captain G while he took on whoever caused the explosion.

The winged Pirate rushed towards the blast as the smoke cleared and stood over the downed, winded and injured Tyrian. His left arm was crossed over his chest, hand touching the top of his forehead so that Mashyuu was looking out through his fingers as the smoke from the blast cleared. There was no way that the attacker was fast enough to outrun Mashyuu but the Pirate Captain wasn't in the mood to kill so he opened with a warning. "I don't know who you are, but I noticed your moronic screaming in the arena, and I now realize that you have the ability to move fast. Not as fast as me. Are you as strong? Doubtful. I really doubt you can take a beating like me. If you're a marine these people have been enslaved and you need to help them get to safety. If you're a pirate go loot the ship while the others are trying to fight the slaves. If you're a rev, then you should be helping the slaves as well. If you're anything else you're simply in the way for no reason and need to leave. This is your first and last chance to go away."

Mashyuu's red eyes narrowed in on the man as his left hand left his face, palm opening and his bladed whip sword floated from his waist to his hand. His wrist twisted lazily, slinging the whip around to build momentum and his body tensed and bent slightly, ready to move at the first sign of an attack.

Sorry, not used to having haki yet:

Observation haki: Intermediate: Stamina 8/10

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18Perila's Gran Voyage - Page 2 Empty Re: Perila's Gran Voyage on Sat Aug 18, 2018 6:44 pm

Soundless Void


Soundless Void
Proan view

Twelve minutes after Proan started releasing all the prisoners locked up with his keys the guards that had been set to the lower levels believing in his lie returned faced with nearly sixteen men compared to their three, two guards quickly realized their situation and throw their hands up in the air immediately dropping their weapons while the guard in the front sighed heavily knowing he had just been bested. Minutes later the guards had been shackled and tied up together and thrown into the same cells that they had used to keep the prisoners in captivity for so long and took their keys to unlock even more holding cells at a quicker rate, Proan now leading the mini squadron gave orders for eight of the man to go to the battlefield mentioning "Violet Streak" was fighting for all their freedom and that she needed help while he himself took the other eight with him to the lower levels to help him free the others still locked up.

Back to Perila

As Gustahn rushed towards her she could spot out he had a visible cut on his hips no doubt from the small encounter with Mashyuu, although he was hurt his eyes burned with the desire to kill as he looked directly towards Perila. For  the first time Perila would watch as he dropped the blade he had picked up from the battlefield and grab onto the one that was held at his own waist that Perila hadn't taken note of before, looking at it now the blade held a mysterious energy to it, just the sheath looked eerie as it looked like a elongated cocoon built for a blade with a spike on the left right side pointing upwards, as she watched him near closer and pull it's from its sheath the first thing she would see is that it had the same pointed spike except on the left and it was pointing downwards, the blade itself had mini spikes along its back edge with a purple color to it, a demonic looking creation.

Gustahn's Blade:
Perila's Gran Voyage - Page 2 058413bed60e512f83704fdfa6507a17

As Gustahn held it in his hand he began to change, suddenly his hand begun glowing an eerie green color as his hair turned black as well as his eyes with his pupils turning green in color, whatever that blade was doing to him it was changing him for the better. Although Perila had her eyes on him he suddenly dashed forward going at a speed her eye's almost lost track of as he thrust his blade straight at her stomach, Perila barely had time to flap her wings as she jumped back now on-guard as she realized he was a better fighter then she previously took him for. The transformed Gustahn didn't give her any time to rest as he once again charged at her but this time with a raised arm intending to slash her from the lower right side to the upper left, Perila now with her battle sense's kicking in block it with her katana but even still the force of his swing was strong enough to push her back a feet, he didn't stop there as he immediately used his free hand and punched her on her left cheek with a wild swing with such force Perila was sent flying a meter away from where they were originally.

As Perila touched back on the ground after being sent a meter away she rolled on the dirt for a few more feet and then finally stopped with light scratches all over her body and felt as if her jaw was dislocated from its socket, and her vision was now blurry. As she lay there trying to get back  up onto her feet she was already beginning to think it was an impossible task to go up against a pirate captain from the very start as she tightened her shaking fist and started telling herself how stupid she was, suddenly an image of her father appeared and she stopped shaking, it was followed by the image of Orion, and then Mrs.Dwindle and then she opened her eyes, and then finally Mashyuu, Tyrian, and Proan, who were risking their lives fighting for a battle she started. Perila then opened her eyes and gave a slight chuckle, yeah she really was stupid, with everyone on her side she didn't have a reason to give up but she did have every reason to fight. Perila then looked over to her side while Gustahn had already dashed behind her and was intending to end her with a downward swing from behind, Perila closed her eyes once more reaching for her blade as an image of her Father, Orion, Mrs.Dwindle, Mashyuu, Tyrian and, Proan came into her mind, Perila immediately turned around opening her eyes as her blade took on a clear glint as she blocked Gustahn swing dead in its path while she was bent on one knee, "I won't disappoint those who I I'm indebted too!" Perila would say before wildly swinging her arm causing Gustahn even in his transformed state to step back a few feet as she stood fully on her feet prepared for round two of their battle.

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19Perila's Gran Voyage - Page 2 Empty Re: Perila's Gran Voyage on Sat Aug 18, 2018 8:15 pm



A easy victory for Arcologia as he down the large man. Looking at him barley able to stay awoke yet not as close to death as he would have hoped. Quickly looking over the battlefield he would see that the rebels was starting to win. Holding up his fingers he was planning on helping the grauds. Just as he was about to send out his negative hollow a bird man flew down. Right in front of the large beaten man. Not looking like a bird but the wings.

Smiling at him he was really not that mean looking. Trying to see if the Mad Hatter was friend or foe. Maybe after realizing how much trouble Arcologia could truly cause. If he was to release his ghost network. Than everyone here would fall under his negative spell.

Looking at the man he would reply. " I'm just a passing face. I'll be taking my leave now I did what I was paid to do. That guy on the floor there yeah he is nearly at death door. All because he is a peon. " He would look as the winged man ready himself as if he was ready to fight. Arcologia knows when to leave a party. So with that being said I'll be taking my leave. The Frost Witch is waiting for me after all. So you best trend lightly little boy. "

He said with a quite cheerful voice. Looking at the wing man. If left alone he would disappear into the chaos leaving the area. Arcologia only wanted to add flames to the fire. He did by besting the rebels third strongest member here. He would look at him with a dreadful stare as he would fade to the back of the battlefield . " Believe you me we will meet again rather its as allies but most likely not. "

If attacked he is surrounded by his negative hollow so yeah it's effects are instant.
[XAttempt ExitX]

20Perila's Gran Voyage - Page 2 Empty Re: Perila's Gran Voyage on Sat Aug 18, 2018 8:35 pm


Perila's Gran Voyage - Page 2 Delet_2

Mashyuu stood by, more concerned with helping the man that had aided Perila in survival than with the clown looking man and once he left, Mashyuu wrapped his weapon around his waist again and checked Tyrian's pulse. The man was alive but out cold and the explosions did a lot of harm to him. Tyrian was lucky that the explosions didn't have shrapnel or he might have ended up dead. Mashyuu glanced up at the sound of Perila shouting and almost rushed to her aid but thought for a moment about what he had said to her before. She needed to learn how to defend herself and she looked like she was ready to do what needed to be done. A knowing smile crossed his face and the Pirate Captain carefully lifted Tyrian up into his arms then winced from the pain in his side. "Damn it you both owe me big time for this..." Mashyuu complained after realizing he had been faking a lot of his day here and was lucky things had gone his way.

His knees bent a bit and wings flapped, sending Mashyuu and Tyrian up into the air with a bit of a twist. He flew closer to the battle Perila and Captain G. were having and called out to her. "Hurry up and take this guy down! I'm gonna take your friend here to my ship to get looked at. He's not in great condition. If you're not behind me in five, I'm coming back for you!" Mashyuu shouted then took off for the ship, happy to help Perila without stealing the glory of a fight from her.

Sorry, not used to having haki yet:

Observation haki: Intermediate: Stamina 7/10

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21Perila's Gran Voyage - Page 2 Empty Re: Perila's Gran Voyage on Sun Aug 19, 2018 8:31 am

Soundless Void


Soundless Void
Gustahn  growled at her, not in anger but more so resembling that of a beast keeping his distance Gustahn extended his right arm holding his blade behind him and then with a powerful movement of swinging his blade sent a flying slash heading straight towards her, Perila who had a rough introduction to this type of attack was well prepared for Gustahn to have it as well considering his new strength, yet still all she could do was put her blade forward as she blocked it. the flying slash was so powerful that even though she blocked it Perila found herself being forcibly moved as she had to press down on the ground to stay on her feet as she kept moving back from three, five, seven feet past allies and enemies alike as her being grounded kicked up the sand causing a sand cloud to form as she was being moved, Perila then tightened her arm muscle's before swinging her blade upwards re-directing the flying slash attack towards the air while being surrounded by the sand cloud.

Gustahn's flying slash attack:

Perila's Gran Voyage - Page 2 815f4f9902211a1af6378ca3566f706a

Perila immediately dashed out of the sand cloud heading straight towards Gustahn at max speed and then thrust her blade forward intending to pierce him which he blocked with the side of his blade, he then spun around backwards and then used a quick step to lunge the small distance forward with a leap as he  tried to slash her straight down the middle, but Perila had used the sharp edge of her own katana to block his strike.

Perila then flapped her wings while doing a front flip over Gustahn as he went with a swing from his right to the left and slashed him across his back making him emanate a grunting sound before he  turned around and used his right leg and kicked her right into her stomach as she landed pushing her back a few feet, he then performed another quick step and slashed her just right above her stomach diagonally now making Perila grunt in pain, he attempted to swing again horizontally but Perila used her left leg kicking him in his lower left leg throwing off his balance as she immediately jumped back as he swung downwards into the sand, Perila seeing a chance didn't hesitate as she extended her arm with smoke and thrust her haki enchanted blade straight at the same cut Mashyuu had left on Gustahn body cutting even deeper into his flesh that made him cough up blood and then retracted her arm, and for just a moment she could see his black eyes flicker back to white before his eyes went black again as Gustahn let out an audible pained animalistic growl.

Proan view

Proan who had taken the eight-man to aid him for a quick sweep of releasing all the prisoners kept in captivity had gone successfully as he and his eight-men now found themselves at the lowest holding cell where all the tough prisoners were held and released them, now with everyone free they didn't hesitate to say farewell for the guard as their kindness only went so far and they feared the possibility of being recaptured and punished for this escape. Proan didn't care though, he kept up the promise he made with Perila AKA "Violet Streak" as he loved to call her instead.

Now that his real promise was out of the way it was time for him to do what he always wanted to do for a long time and that was to explode the ship to high hell. Proan before he became a guard was actually a worker for a company that contributed explosives to the marine forces all over the world, but unfortunately the place of his work had been raided by Gustahn and his crew nearly two and a half years ago and he was stuck working for him as a lowly guardsman every since despite his knowledge of explosives and how to build them. With the rebellion however unlike the rest he didn't just see the opportunity to escape, but the prime chance to get a little payback for Gustahn underestimating his potential despite being a member of his party by force longer than most and willingly before he left, although he had confidence in Violet Streak, he didn't know if she could defeat the captain so at least this way, either way, his might would be severely crippled compared to before.

Proan began to head towards the room where the cannon balls were stored that were hollowed out and filled to the brim with gunpowder with an easy to lite fuse, most didn't attack Gustahn as his force was massive even before coming to the mysterious island of Jordsand allowing the cannonballs to gather up dust as he prefered to subject the few who opposed him into his force rather than straight out kill them. After fifteen minutes he made it to the room with a cart to haul the large black mass's around the ship after putting a large can of gasoline on the cart as well and a pack of matches in his pocket.

With great difficulty, Proan made his way back to the bottom of the ship and then proceeding with even more great difficulty take out the cannonballs one by one simply dropping them onto the floor not to close to his own feet just to get them out of the cart, now with the hard part done he smiled with great pleasure as he started to pour gasoline all over the cannon balls and then begun to make a very thin trail as he worked his way back up to the deck of the ship with the gasoline, throwing the can down the ship he then took out the matches and easily lit one and dropped it to the beginning of the thin trail he made admiring his work, but he didn't linger too long before getting off the ship himself as he wanted to watch Gustahn's ship burn from a more discreet and safe location.

Back to Perila

Gustahn despite now heavily injured still moved as quick as he did as he dashed towards her before Perila landed her blow albeit now there was blood gushing from his hip wound, whatever mysterious powers the blade had it seemed to control his mind allowing the natural limiters of the human brain to be altered, but he was still flesh and blood and one could only take so much until their body would begin to break down on them.

As Gustahn rushed her Perila once again tried to aim for his hip wound by extending her arm with smoke, but Gustahn curled his arms over to that side as he used the sharp edge of his own blade to block hers as he continued to run causing sparks to fly about as their blades screeched against one another, once he was close enough Perila could see his muscles visibly tighten for attack that made him cough up a lot of blood but nonetheless he  completed the motion as he let down a powerful swing that despite Perila blocked forced her down to one knee as the sand around them lifted into the air by the sheer force of the swing that made the blade Perila had been using crack at the very force.

Gustahns crazed downward swing:

Perila's Gran Voyage - Page 2 D2506a47efc0b2e32a5b51f6887c623fa28771d8_hq

As Gustahn kept pressing down the blade Perila was cracking even more under the pressure, realizing her blade wouldn't hold out on its own she surrounded it in thick smoke to protect it from further damage, however despite doing that Perila  let go but it was a diversion as she immediately rolled forward to the side of his hip wound and closed her hand forming a mini spear and thrust it straight into his wound, Gustahn's eyes flicked from black to white repeatedly as his eyes moved to look towards Perila as he kept a tight grip on his blade with blood flowing from his mouth before he opened it to speak, "F...uck you!!" he would spit out before Perila took her hand back out and thrust it back in this time twisting her hand around making him scream out as he chocked on his own blood before pulling her hand back out.

Gustahn stood for a couple of seconds before stumbling back a few steps and falling onto his back with raspy breathing, poised to end it, but suddenly a massive explosion happened that made her nearly deaf as she turned around to look where it came from only to find Gustahn's ship blowing up and being left in flames.

Gustahn's burning ship:
Perila's Gran Voyage - Page 2 Ivan_Constantinovich_Aivazovsky_-_Exploding_Ship

Suddenly the world around her went black around her and from behind she felt malicious intent, in response to the feeling of such evil Perila suddenly turned around only to get stabbed in the stomach by the very tip of Gustahn's blade as he held it in his hand while looking her in the eyes as the light was fading from them, Perila coughed up a bit of blood while at the same time Gustahn's grip let go of his blade and it fell down. Perila stepped back a few holding the wound as blood lightly flowed from it, the battle was still raging all around her but the rebels outnumbered Gustahn's remaining forces five to one and without their captain and a ship to leave their island there wasn't much for them to continue fighting for very long, Perila did her job anyway and it was time to leave but she wasn't leaving empty-handed as she felt some pride even in all the chaos she orchestrated albeit not all the way, looking around the prize was obviously Gustahn's blade but looking at it's demonic state Perila didn't want to touch it yet she understood that it had some mysterious energy to it.

Despite her troubles on it she slowly bent over taking the blade into her hand but just as she did so the blade begun to crack in appearance and then shattered as it became an entirely different blade replacing the dark purple color with red and the sheath becoming a tiger like design as if before was all an illusion, with the blade in her hand Perila started to rapidly flap her wings and started to airlift with a smile that she finally done something on her own terms and found herself ready to return to the Phantom Raiders pirate ship where Mashyuu and Tyrian were waiting for her.

Gustahn's blade upon Perila taking it into her hand:

Perila's Gran Voyage - Page 2 Kisspng-monster-hunter-4-ultimate-longsword-katana-5af2f0fe3bcad0.1131103015258708462449


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