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1 Haki on Tue Dec 12, 2017 12:31 am



Haki is a mysterious power that is found in every living being in the world. It is not that different from the normal senses. However, most people do not notice it or fail to awaken it.

A character must be taught Haki or have Haki awakened through intense shock as seen in canon. There must be 1 Page of content per haki awakening taking place in a topic. Each type of Haki must be awakened. Haki can only be awakened upon having Tertiary in Spirit & Willpower.

Like Skills, Haki has levels, but all styles of Haki operate on the same one. To unlock these levels requires two things; a certain level of Spirit & Willpower and purchasing the level itself in the Shop. Prices are listed in the shop.

  • Novice: Requires Tertiary in Spirit & Willpower. 6 Haki Stamina.
  • Intermediate: Requires Tertiary in Spirit & Willpower. 10 Haki Stamina.
  • Advanced: Requires Secondary in Spirit & Willpower. 20 Haki Stamina.
  • Master: Requires Primary in Spirit & Willpower. 25 Haki Stamina.

Busoshoku/Armament Haki
Busoshoku Haki is a form of Haki that allows the user to use their spirit to create, in essence, an invisible armor around themselves. Notably, this form of Haki can be used to injure Devil Fruit with immunities to certain forms of damage, such as Logias and the Gomu Gomu no Mi user. Limbs count as head, each arm, each leg, and torso, six in total.

  • Novice: You can coat a one object, may it be a limb or a melee weapon. Lowers damage taken by a single stage. i.e. Major to moderate.
  • Intermediate: You can coat three objects, may it be limbs or  melee weapons. Lowers damage taken by a single stage. i.e. Major to moderate.
  • Advanced: - You can coat six objects, may it be limbs, melee weapons, or projectiles. Lowers damage taken by a two stages. i.e. Major to moderate.
  • Master: You can coat your full body in addition to two additional objects, may they be melee weapons, or projectiles. Lowers damage taken by a three stages. i.e. Fatal to moderate.

Kenbunshoku/Observation Haki
Kenbunshoku Haki is a form of Haki that allows the user to sense the presence of others, even if they are concealed from view or too far to see naturally. Additionally, while active a person can feel the killing intent of another and use this sense to be alerted when an attack on their person is being made.

  • Beginner: 15m radius.
  • Intermediate: 30m radius.
  • Advanced: 75m radius.
  • Master: 150m radius.

Haoshoku/Conqueror's Haki
Haoshoku Haki is a rare form of Haki that cannot be attained through training. Only one in several million people have this ability. This type of Haki allows the user to exert their willpower over others to knock them unconscious. All levels of Haoshoku Haki on this site allow the user to discriminate between who they effect as long as they are aware of their presence. Can only be used once every ten rounds of posting. Unconsciousness lasts for 2 post.

  • Beginner: N/A
  • Intermediate: N/A
  • Advanced: 50m radius knocks out all with Spirit/Willpower less than user.
  • Master: 100m radius knocks out all with Spirit/Willpower less than user.

Haki Stamina
For every style Haki you use in a post, you consume 1 point of Haki Stamina. i.e. Buso and Ken haki in one post you use up 2 points. After 3 post of not using Haki, you regain 5 points of Haki Stamina. Haoshoku Haki cost 10 points of Haki stamina to use. You can sustain Busoshoku Haki or Kenbunshoku for 5 post max before you must go on a 2 post cooldown. These operate on their own timers. i.e. you can use Busoshoku Haki on post 1-4, then activate Kenbunshoku Haki on post no.4 Continue to sustain Busoshoku for the 5th post, while continuing to keep up Kenbunshoku haki for the remaining 4 post.

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