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1Jordsand Journey [Voyage] Empty Jordsand Journey [Voyage] on Tue Aug 07, 2018 3:35 pm



Elias sat on the railing of the Skycleaver, his arms folded and legs brought together in the classic Indian Pose. His head cocked to the side and gaze turned downward. His eyelids shut and his brow furrowed as he contemplated what was said the other day. 'spend more time with the rest of the crew, stop being so afraid to open up'. That wasn't it, was it? Was he really paranoid of the people around him? Maybe he was just concerned they might just shove him off the crew if the marines became a problem for them. But no, he wouldn't let that be the reason he didn't associate with them. He had just been taking time for himself to write about them. At least preliminary notes about interesting characters he could transfer to his book! If only the captain knew. But, his big brother figure in the captain made it a point that he needed to spend time with at least one other crew mate other than the missing Yuurei or himself.

So who was the first to come to mind? Madori. Why? Because Elias was 'mean to him' He wasn't mean. He just didn't like the fact that someone was made out of magma and practiced their power on plant life, namely punching trees over. It bothered Elias so much that he fidgeted his foot in the air, as if tapping it on the floor while it dangled in the air from his seated position on the railing. His molar teeth dug in to the inside of his cheek as he contemplated the pros and cons of spending time with Madori. Sure he's a nice guy, but he doesn't compliment Elias in any way, in a combat scenario. And knowing how this crew and his luck worked, he was bound to get in to some physical antics the moment he was a mile out from the boat.

In the end, Elias groaned loudly, lying back on the railing with his legs dangling off either side, heels of his palms clutched over his eyes and fingers lacing through his hair. "FINE!" He shouted out loud to himself as he came to the decision and put on a disinterested face before he rolled to the left and slumped off of the railing and on to the deck of the SKycleaver.

"Madori! Madori? Where the hell is he?" He scratched his hair while his hood was pulled up, he would continue to look for the block mop haired man, "Come on out! I want to check out the other island, and you're coming with me! You still owe me for punching that tree on jaya." He really wasn't going to let that go, was he?

2Jordsand Journey [Voyage] Empty Re: Jordsand Journey [Voyage] on Tue Aug 07, 2018 6:33 pm



Madori was boiling. As he usually was, but it was more mental than usual. His disdain for Jordsand was reaching an all time low. Upon reaching the island. He was met with an opposing force like had never seen. All of the enemies he had ever made had reached their hands and ships to this island and was in a virtual state of war. All over the rights to alloy that could be the very end of Madori. He needed some big time pay back. Especially to the Marines for insistent want to control the needs of the people.

He was walking back from a little walk to clear his thoughts. Reaching where they secretly docked their ship. Upon reaching the ramp, he could see Elias up on the rails. And he also was able to overhear him say call him out. Madori looked up to see him conflicted with his inner Elias, but he got the message. "What are you going on about. Still the tree still ey. If I come with will ya drop it." Elias would be in a world of shock if he felt so strongly about a single tree.

Madori was planning something so sinister that the World Goverment would finally take notice of him and his true power. Some trees would not be the only ones getting the raw end of is wrath. And to would also solve his seastone problem in one fell swoop. Madori was also eager to get out and explore the island more. With his scouting it was always something new that he came across. Better take what he can get while he was there.

3Jordsand Journey [Voyage] Empty Re: Jordsand Journey [Voyage] on Wed Aug 08, 2018 12:40 pm



It was a clear sunny day, the waves were crawling gently to the shore, drenching the sand as if showing its anger that it's glorious and seemingly endless acetylene blue had to come to an end.

The ocean was indeed mighty and vast, holding countless mysteries, and with the humming of it's harmonious wave song, it enticed people into spending their entire lives exploring it, and Kouse Arima was exactly one of those people, called pirates, that had given themselves over completely to it's hypnotic symphony.

Kouse had just arrived on the island of Jordsand aboard Sofia's ship. Although Kouse now saw her as an ally, they had both gone their separate ways the moment they docked at Jordsand. She was simply not a part of his crew, so they didn't share goals or missions. Mashyuu, the captain of the crew had given detailed instructions on what to do on Jordsand and firstly, meeting up with the rest of his crew was Kouse's first move. So he did.

As he walked towards the sky cleaver, the thought of Draki the marine captain he had killed sometime ago passed through his mind. 
Kouse knew the marines would be on Jordsand, aiming to both secure more of the sea-stone ore for themselves and restrict the pirates from getting it.
Adjusting his glasses, Kouse tapped his sword lightly as he came up to the sky cleaver, he was much better using it and his devil fruit ability now, and he would use all he knew to take down anyone who tried to stop he or his crew's goals, especially if they were marines.

Finally, he would hear the voices of Madori and Elias, going on again about 'the tree.'

"You two going on about the tree again?" He would say the moment he came on board the ship whilst adjusting his glasses. "And I'm also interested in checking out our surroundings."

Since he landed on Jordsand, he'd been interested in exploring the area more.
Well doing it with two other people would certainly more entertaining.

4Jordsand Journey [Voyage] Empty Re: Jordsand Journey [Voyage] on Fri Aug 10, 2018 12:09 pm



Elias had his arms folded the whole time, glaring at Madori who asked him to drop it. "Not really, no, for now, sure, but in the long run, you're still just one giant pile of toxins." He took a moment to think about what he said and then added a correction on to it, "What I mean is, you being made out of magma, or lava, or whatever, you are just a natural source of airborne pollutants that are only going to suffocate life, both animal and plant." He had no problems with Madori. He only had a problem with the very thing that Madori was.

When Kouse made himself known that he was coming along, Elias just waved at him to follow along. "The more eyes the better!" He declared with a complete shift in tone and emotional state. It seemed that his Mania was getting worse day by day. After gathering up his little entourage, Elias walked up on to and down the gang plank, where he would start making his way for the closest spot on the first island where they could cross over to the second. He didn't have great feats of strength like flying, or jumping great distances. Instead, he relied on finding a spot to use his trampolia and using that to cross from one point to another.

While they walked along, Elias would hop up on to a series of rocks, his arms extended outward to balance himself as he went from one stepping stone to another. One foot off of the stones as he hopped, hopped, and went along. How jovial he could go from being so confrontational, Elias was something else. Some might chalk it up to him being whimsical, but a doctor, a doctor might see a legitimate medical problem.

When they came to a point between the two stony islands that was close enough, Elias took out one of his trampolia seeds and threw it on the ground, making it expand outward. Right after he would jump up and land on it, propelling himself through the air over to the other island where he would land in a tree. "See? Trees are your friends!" He shouted out at Madori, the islands were roughly two hundred and fifty feet apart at most, but here, the islands had outcroppings where they were just under one hundred feet from each other.

5Jordsand Journey [Voyage] Empty Re: Jordsand Journey [Voyage] on Mon Aug 13, 2018 7:46 pm



Sojima listened to Elias's explanation of his distaste for the very thing that he had become. Made sense. Being made of Magma only had one real purpose, and that was of destruction. There wasn't a thing Madori could do to escape the nature of his power. However he took it in stride. The explosive and heated mindset of his brain matched his amazingly dangerous abilities. Maybe some of that would rub people the wrong way.

Kouse was one of the few. He had showed up at the docks and scowled at them going on about the tree. He also expressed interest in the island around them. "No doubt to find new ingredients for your craft." Madori suggested to Kouse as they prepared to head out.

Elias hopped down from the rail and he was the one to lead the way. Madori nodded and the trio set off. They shouted their goodbyes to the grunts, so they could let them know they headed out. They had den den's on them just in case as well. They walked for a while enjoying the small talk and the scenery. It was an amazing sight to see. And island pretty much preserved from the touches of many. The trio came upon a cliff between two islands.

Elias cleverly used his own devices to figure a way across. He used the seeds he covered around so secretly. The trampoline one he shot at him before, he found it distasteful. But he jumped on it and sure enough it sent him sailing across the gap into a tree. He could be heard saying that trees were friends.

Madori couldn't help but chuckle as he walked to the edge and expected it himself. He walked back a few meters to prepare for a running jump. Then he took off running to pick up full speed, he jumped off the cliff and sailed through the air. He put his foot down on air, and suddenly kicked off of it. He continued this feat kicking his way over to where Elias landed. He landed himself and looked at Elias in the tree. "Correction. They're your friends." Madori grinned and waited for Kouse to join them.

6Jordsand Journey [Voyage] Empty Re: Jordsand Journey [Voyage] on Tue Aug 14, 2018 11:16 pm



It only took the first sentence from Elias, for Kouse to become suspicious of his mental state. Being a doctor for so long had made Kouse's intuition and eye for detail spot on, and he detected a possible problem with Elias, but he was not quite sure yet if it was a serious enough problem to require professional help, or simply just him not taking things seriously and just being a happy,hilarious guy.
Kouse had seen a few patients with frequent mood swings, but it almost always led to something much more serious if left unchecked. 
First it was just changes from happy to sad, then slowly it became more intense, extremely happy to extremely sad, soon enough said patients sometimes even became even suicidal.
Mental healthcare in the world right now was still at its development stage, and taking a closer look at Elias from now on would be Kouse's first priority.

"Yep, they are!" He would answer Elias, matching his sudden enthusiasm, then turn to reply Madori. "Of course, I've been studying making several potions lately, even succeeded in making one." Kouse would pause for a moment to hop off the ship and begin walking through the island with the other two before he continued.

"With the mixing of several herbs, and countless hours of trial and error, I was finally able to make a potion able to greatly speed up the healing process of an individual." Kouse adjusted his glasses as he kept on talking. "With further testing, I found out it could be administered either orally or directly into the blood stream, and like they say, 'a potion is only as good as it's ingredients, so I'm hoping to see something good on this island."

The island was a beauty, lakes, mountains and waterfalls dotted the landscape. Kouse squinted his eyes a bit, spotting a smoking mountain off in the distance. Apparently, the island also had active volcanoes.

Then the trio arrived at the cliff between two islands which was just large enough for his 'ROOM' ability to help. 
But before he could make use of it to transport the three of them over, Elias used one of his amazing seeds to grow a weird looking plant that took him safely over the cliff. 

"That's just stunning!" Kouse would shout out at Elias who was safely tucked in a tree. 
Then Madori showed his own 'new' skill, literally walking on air!.

The crew he was in, was truly filled with individuals possessing amazing abilities.
With a flick of his fingers, Kouse activated his 'ROOM' ability, and would instantly swap positions with one of the loose boulders around the very edge of the island.

"Well, that was some-."

Kouse's statement would be cut off by a small group of 5 suddenly running out of a nearby bush, all armed to the teeth and looking menacing. With their apparel, they were obviously pirates.

7Jordsand Journey [Voyage] Empty Re: Jordsand Journey [Voyage] on Sun Aug 19, 2018 4:35 pm



Elias corrected Madori's correction, "Wrong! Without trees, you don't get to breathe! Honestly. How did you get through life with that power without realizing that? I mean, yeah, you're made out of magma, or lava, or whatever, but, someone slaps this seastone or whatever it is on this island on you, and you're back to a normal human." Elias said with a grimace while his arms were folded, resting his gaze on Madori.

They all crossed the gap from one island to the other in their own unique ways, and it reminded Elias that he was a little behind in terms of raw power potential than the others. They had those devil abilities. One could rearrange anything and everything in a given area. Another was a walking volcano. Elias was more on the utility side of things though! It gave him hope that he could bridge some gaps himself other than just physical gaps.

Just as Elias was climbing down out of the tree, five pirates came rushing at them, apparently dead set on either keeping them off of the island, or taking them for whatever they were worth. Getting another Trampolia seed ready, Elias turned and tucked the seed in to the sling of his slingshot, pulling back on the elastic. "Why is it, whenever we go out, people want to constantly attack us?" He asked Kouse and Madori, before letting go of the sling, sending the seed out at the charging men, who didn't even see the projectile due to its minuscule size.

And it hit the ground in front of them as they came charging out, sending the plant growing upward and outward as it looked so ostentatious to the world around it. So conspicuous, so out of place. The men couldn't even double back in time as that bouncy sap dome grew up out of the ground and sent them back and through the air, leaving Elias to take a step back and fold his arms to admire his handiwork.

Not only had he just dispatched five men, they were disarmed and airborne, making them prime targets for the others. "Anyways, like I was trying to say, trees are a major help to the world, you can't go getting rid of them all you know." He said in a dismissive tone, just brushing away the thought of the ambush.

8Jordsand Journey [Voyage] Empty Re: Jordsand Journey [Voyage] on Mon Aug 27, 2018 7:12 pm



The air was rigid with stale ale, must, and bad decisions. This overpowering smell met the Phantom Raiders as they landed on the other side. They were speaking to one another, getting their bearing together to continue on there trek. When they were suddenly met with five people. They were armed to the teeth with drawn swords. Meaning this was not supposed to be a pleasant encounter and went straight to robbery. They were obviously pirates, but under what flag it wasn't obvious.

Elias said his piece to Madori who only nodded, before he quickly showed why he was chosen as their Marksman. He armed his slingshot and pulled back and let loose. Whatever the plant was called, Madori was used to seeing it and knew what it could do. So he prepared his own attack to aid Elias. His hands began to glow and looked towards the sky. His Pop green turned into some trampoline plant and propelled the group into the sky. They grunted and yelled in unison.

Madori's right arm extended turning into a giant magma arm, and it shot through the air as a molten fist. "Dai Funka!" He managed to sweep the fist over in the air and slap them back into the ground, and Madori brought his hand down as well. It the ground and exploded with meteors. Madori could have caused more devastation but he kept it low only to destroy their enemies.

After incinerating them Madori spoke to Elias, "Even magma is natural." He turned back to normal and fixed his cloak. "Lets continue on."

9Jordsand Journey [Voyage] Empty Re: Jordsand Journey [Voyage] on Fri Sep 07, 2018 11:49 am



Kouse rolled his eyes at Madori and Elias's constant and never ending arguments. It didn't matter where they were, whether relaxing with a drink whilst sailing through the seas or on a mission under a hot and blistering sun, they would bicker.

The rest of the crew had quickly gotten used to it and learned to enjoy it in fact. Wherever Madori and Elias were, there was always an argument around the corner, mostly about something to do with the importance of natural life.

Kouse could've handled the pirates himself, but he let the other two take them down, it also seemed they were both somewhat heated from their bickering seeing as they both rushed to smash the unfortunate but foolish pirates that rushed them.

"I don't know Elias, I wouldn't be so naive to say it's all just coincidence either though." Kouse would reply to Elias's question as he watched him bring out his slingshot and shoot one of his fascinating and fast growing seeds which immediately sprouted a plant that threw all five pirates up into the air.

Madori didn't hesitate for a moment before he used his trademark attack on the pirates, promptly incinerating them all before they could hit the ground.

"Well, you two dispatched of them quickly enough." Kouse adjusted his glasses as he and the rest walked on.

It didn't take long of walking before they arrived at a wide green valley, dotted by countless different and rare plants.
There was a lake to their right, several mountains still in the distance ahead and to the left of them.
The large green trees with their various and constantly chirping birds completed the beautiful scenery the three phantom pirates found themselves in.

Kouse enjoyed the beauty around him, but he came for something else.
With his eyes peeled, his tweezers in one hand and his duffel bag in the other, Kouse began carefully examining the various plants around the area, in search of some rare medical plants that he hoped he would find on Jordsand.

"I'll be checking out what kind of plants this island has to offer." Kouse said as he moved off a bit from both Madori and Elias.

10Jordsand Journey [Voyage] Empty Re: Jordsand Journey [Voyage] on Fri Sep 07, 2018 7:12 pm



Even while they fought the ambushing pirates, Elias and Madori bickered. Mashyuu was right that Elias had a problem with the crew, well, sort of right. He only had a problem with the one man that could be a danger to the planet itself. The two always butted heads, as if there were some sort of rivalry between him and Madori. Even in the middle of a fight they clashed with each other on a mental level. Granted, their clash was superficial as they seemed to work well together as a team.

"Yeah, and I'm happy it keeps us all warm and snugly, oh, wait. It doesn't The blasted stuff is a death sentence waiting to happen! You are literally a walking pile of liquid stone! You're a glorified lava lamp and a cataclysm waiting to happen unless you keep that wild brain of yours reigned in!" Elias spouted on about brains that weren't right, there's the pot calling the kettle black.

"As for you!" He dramatically pointed at Kouse, dialing back to what they had said earlier, "It's because of a few things! First, this island's rumors spreading through the grand line. Second, I seem to attract this kind of attention!" He sighed and leaned backwards, letting his arms dangle toward the ground while his hood fell off of his head, and his gaze looked up at the clouds, his stomach pointed skyward while his spine popped several times as he stretched and groaned.

After he stood back up and righted himself, he would follow along with Kouse, "I'll join you magic man! Lava Lamp, you coming? Or are you gonna look for more things to burn you pyromaniac?" Whether or not Madori would come along, Elias and Kouse would stumble across something over the next ridge.

A marine encampment. Apparently, it was being used to watch over any captured pirates on this island! As noted by the three boats kept in the little alcove with jolly rogers flying from their masts. It was an impound and makeshift prison, they were trying to keep pirates from getting a hold of the sea stone!

"Right. Well. Sucks for them." He said in a flippant and disinterested manner, his emotional state having swung around dramatically again.

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