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1[Bounty] Icy-Hot Patron Empty [Bounty] Icy-Hot Patron on Tue Aug 07, 2018 7:07 am



So this was the world beyond. It took only a second for Madori to appreciate the rare sight he was looking at. He never thought he'd get to see such a view in his life.  In the distant background he could see a dark cloud over a large volcano. Now that was something worth checking out. It was rare for a Logia to run into an abundance of his Logia's element.

However, that wasn't his focus. The scenery was easy to get lost in, but what mattered right now was who was on it. There was something much bigger on the horizon. Even more literal it was over the hill. Madori had tracked his way through the breathtaking lands with an abundance of trees aligned all around the greenest green grass.

Near a pocket of grass and trees almost hidden away, was a large camp. Housing some of the most battle hardened warriors of the Revolution. Not just an encampment of Revolutionaries, this one was more heavily guarded.

He was able to see it by jumped high into the air and using his Magma to launch himself a few meters into the air, able to see over a wide range. During one his jumps he was able to see the secluded camp. What was inside was an opportunity. Madori had to make a name for himself.

He was still considered a nobody but he was confident he could shake the world. There was no better way, than to test his resolve against something much bigger than him. A one Von D. Patron was supposedly in the camp. Madori knew the of her from her bounty. A hefty one at that.

Capturing her would actually be worth it, this trip to Jordsand had poisoned his thoughts about the entire journey. He had hoped to find a fortune. What he had found out that the fortune was built on tools that would end him. The seastone made this trip hard, suddenly not wanting to sell it at all.

He cared nothing for the Rev's and their cause. Only that of the Raiders.


Baby Den Den
+5 Doriki in Endurance (Pug)
+9 Doriki in Strength

2[Bounty] Icy-Hot Patron Empty Re: [Bounty] Icy-Hot Patron on Tue Aug 07, 2018 1:44 pm




[Bounty] Icy-Hot Patron Tumblr_ox3w7gT5mG1s307p6o1_500

Jordsand was a beautiful and ugly place all in one, the flowers bloomed producing an array of unique colours, that clashed with the strange colourful stones that built up the path ways. Even though the unique mineral that could strip away devil fruit powers had been made aware to her only recently, it was obvious that the battle for the strange stone had been going on for some time. The tale of time scarred the island, where tree's should be, only creators remained, charred earth, cold to the touch, stained showed the length of time. Yet new creators had been made, the blackened earth still smoking from the impact. "This place would be beautiful" Melissa said sighing as she looked around. it was a pretty easy place to get lost in, and thats exactly what had happened to her. "Bleugh, I hope the others are okay, Can't get myself back home if they die" She said to herself as she walked on, her hands up at the back of her head, her hips swaying gently with each step. "WHY CAN'T A GIRL GET A SODA AROUND HERE" she shouted after a few seconds of walking, falling to her knees.

As she placed her hands to the sky, she would scrumple her eyes a little, within a clearing, she found herself looking at a man pushing himself through the sky. "Was that....Lava?" Melissa uttered to herself as she stood up, as the small particles of lava fell to the ground she would side step them, "Wow, hot stuff" the Yuki Yuki No Mi user said as she began to follow the trail of splattering lava, as the beautiful young woman bust forward, her lower half dissolved, propelling her into the air with the mini flurry that danced below her. As she took to the sky, she would see what he had seen, the hidden encampment of the Revs, well hidden, if she was still on the ground, she certainly would have missed it, with it's overall size hiding it was an incredible feat.

As she hovered within the air, having lost her view of the man wielding Lava to propel himself through the air, Melissa looked down at the camp, her body dispersing into snow completely pulling her back to the ground outside of the camp, between two large rocks. Taking out her Baby Den Den Mushi, Melissa would call the marine boat that she had come upon. "Heyyy booo, not to sure where I am, but like totally stumbled upon a killer rev base, just a fyi, gonna totally see what happenes If I attack okay?" Melissa said sweetly over the den den. "No, I don't think thats a good I.." "Wasn't asking permission, wank shaft" Melissa said as she hung up the phone.


+5 Endurance [Pugliest]
+5 Endurance [Doriki]
+10 Strength and Power
Baby Den Den


3[Bounty] Icy-Hot Patron Empty Re: [Bounty] Icy-Hot Patron on Tue Aug 07, 2018 3:23 pm



The Magma man looked from his vantage point, gauging the distance between him and the base. Seeing about thirty meters of disance. It was pretty well done for a group to do in secret. He had heard many things about the Revolutionary Army. They were always followed with secrets and mysteries. Fed with the fact that they were actually powerful, enough to do damage to the World Government. Madori was looking around seeing some of the Rev's walking the camp, there were many large tents and only one one level wooden building.

It seemed that this base was to be more than temporary. They were fanned out and had enough people to take on the Marines. Madori was thinking he might have a hard time, but was confident not many of them could take on a Logia of his power. With a smirk on his face he was about to let hellfire loose on the camp. That was until he saw it.

In the sky, was snow. What the... There couldn't be snow, at least on this side of the islands. Madori brow creased as he looked to get a better look. Turns out it wasn't snow, well it was but it was more than that. A woman. The snow flowed from her bottom half and she floated through the sky with apparent ease. She was beautiful. But her appearance was strange and foreboding.

She was different like him. A Logia. She landed gently in front of the Rev camp base. He certainly didn't want to harm someone that beautiful. But something was telling Madori she was nothing short of dangerous. Why else would she be right in front of the Rev camp? Either way, he hoped she wasn't on the side of the Rev's. She was gonna be in for a hell of a surprise. Madori held his hands up into the sky, aiming for all the tents and the surrounding area. Something like a mortar, magma began to buildup all around Madori till he became shrouded over his arms.

A rather large amount was amassed, and he fired twenty large fists of magma into the sky. They would only take moment to come back down before they showered the camp with meteors. Turning the camp into molten battlefield. No telling how much damage he did he would have to go up close and personal to see. He would use Geppo to jump into the air and would run on the air towards the snow lady and landed a few meters away from her. He could hear cries and screams as the Rev's scrambled to fight after the attack. "I hope you're not visiting. There won't be much left of this place when I'm done with it." Madori said to the snow lady. He glanced at the camp. The rats were all out of hiding now.


4[Bounty] Icy-Hot Patron Empty Re: [Bounty] Icy-Hot Patron on Thu Aug 09, 2018 4:22 am

Lady Sofia


Lady Sofia
"Quite refreshing to have fists of lava rain down on ya, wouldn't you say?" a chill-looking young man said, looking over the camp as parts of it burned down.

[Bounty] Icy-Hot Patron 5weBvcF

"SIR!" a foot-soldier yelled at him. "What do we do, sir?"

"Hold on. Let me get my Photo-Dial. I can't miss this."

"SIIIR, THERE IS NO TIME FOR THAT!" he barked back. "What are our orders?"

"...Fine. Evacuate, and let the people who are already too close work as fodder, so that the rest of you can escape." he mentioned. "Then gather intel, and be quick about it. We can't beat what we don't know about. Also, get a few to Water-Dial this place."

Puru Puru Puru

"Oh, hold on." the man then said, to then pull up his wrist to then tap a little watch-like device on it, revealing a tiny black slug within. "What is it?"

"Melissa is there." a female voice said. "With someone else apparently. Likely the one attacking us with magma, it has to be a Devil Fruit or some ridiculous invention. A Devil Fruit is my bet."

"Got it, darling." he replied. "If it's that Melissa, I know what I have to do."

"D-don't be stupid! D-don't-pppzzt"

He then shut the Den Den with a flick of his wrist.

"Sir, the troops have been ordered for evacuation, and there is a platoon assigned to be bait." the soldier then told him. "What is our next move?"

"We waste their time" he then stated, as he pulled out a hook-shot from a holster on his hip. "And we don't let them escape."

"Sir, I apologize for this, but that plan doesn't make sense." he said. "W-why would we want to keep them here? Here, out of all places?"

"You'll see. Just do it like you mean it." he replied with a wide, toothy grin, before shooting his hook-shot and zooming away.

Burning, yelling, several troops would charge towards Melissa and Madori aimlessly, while a handful that haven't been caught in the destruction would start to go and try to surround them through the foliage, with a few of them communicating what they were seeing through Den Den Mushis to inform about the attackers. If they were seen or attacked, they would open fire with their rifles [Common Medium Artillery].

Within the camp itself, there are a couple men trying to put out the fires that were sprinkled around the area with some Water Dials, along a larger, stronger-looking battalion that is holding guard at the camp, also equipped with generic guns, with another two groups fleeing into the forest behind.


OOC: SHA256 hash just for posterity.

5[Bounty] Icy-Hot Patron Empty Re: [Bounty] Icy-Hot Patron on Thu Aug 09, 2018 4:18 pm




[Bounty] Icy-Hot Patron Tumblr_ox3w7gT5mG1s307p6o1_500

Melissa who had been placed between two large boulders outside of the camp would look up as the light of the lava erupted from above. "Great....heat" Melissa said. Yet she would not move from her position, safe from the onslaught of fiery destruction that rained forth. The lava would burn the tree's, the positioning hiding the Rev base would begin to burn away. As screams erupted, the lava man would land close to Melissa. Seductively draping herself along one of the boulders the Yuki Yuki No Mi user would smile sweetly. "Nope, Just here to make sure these little fuckers don't mess get their hands on that precious rock" Melissa said, gracing Madori with a single wink as she tilted her head. "But, I ain't gonna lie boo, your powers are gonna totally bother me.....soooooo I'll just chill around here while you head over somewhere else, don't want that lava to make this flawless skin break out...or burn" She said.

As Melissa walked around the boulder, she would look to the screaming soldiers who had now armed themselves, a flicker of her body would cause her to vanish. Putting a further twenty five meter distance between the Yuki Yuki No Mi user and the armed rev men. "Perfect" she said as she brought her hands upwards, releasing a flurry of millions upon millions of snow that duplicated itself over and over again, within a one hundred meter radius, built up, with Melissa as the epicenter, thick snow that would cause issue to all those who tried to wade through the knee-high snow, all but the Yuki Yuki No Mi user herself of course. Naturally this would be seen as an assault. Bullets would soon find themselves being shot towards her, though they would find themselves halted by the snow that rose in to a semi dome, protecting her. Melissa was not foolish, though she could utilize her intangibility and would do so if any of the bullets somehow managed to bypass the dome that halted them.

These guys didn't seem like the greatest shots as from her range bullets seemed to miss her left right and center, this could possibly though have more to do with the raging snow storm that encompassed a sixty five meter range which was utilized in conjunction with her snow age skill. Those who were caught within would find themselves unable to go on, the intense cold sucking away their fighting spirit, hindering their vision and forcing their bodies to spasm. "I'm muuuuuch colder than before" she purred ever so gently, her vision seeing through the snow, seeing those running through the forest, trying to surround her, alas though stepping into her territory, that would be the biggest mistake any of them made.

If a member of the assault team where to walk forward into the snow age, even by a single step, They along with seventeen others would find themselves impaled, directly in the kneecaps by thick thorns of snow, the pain of which would more than likely be excruciating. "Which one of you cutie patooties wants to tell me where the Ponyglyph is?" the snow queen uttered, becoming almost invisible within the raging snow storm.

skills used:

Name: Soru
Description: The Soru allows the users to move at extremely high speeds in order to avoid attacks, as well as to attack at higher speeds and with greater power. It was revealed that the principle of this move was to kick off the ground at least ten times in the blink of an eye.
Range: Mid (25m)
Attribute: Speed & Agility - Secondary
Rank: Intermediate
Theme: N/A


Name: Snow Flurry
Description: Via the use of the Yuki Yuki No Mi, the user creates a powerful and vast amount of snow in a near instant. This uses the user as the epicentre of the sudden blizzard which spans up to 65 meters or less dependant on the users wish. Not only an effective smoke screen that forces sight loss due to the vast amount of snow circulating, the temperature drop is sudden when caught in the blizzard, this causes general cold like effects, chattering teeth, rapid shivering and loss of accuracy due to the sudden loss of heat.  Those who have heat based df's will have the capability to ignore this technique completely as would the Hie Hie No Mi User. The yuki yuki no mi user seems to be able to see within the snow storm without any issue. This technique is now much colder than it has ever been. The intense cold able to suck away the fighting spirit and body warmth of those caught within. its main use due to the smokescreen of snow is to reduce the vision of those caught in it by one.  
Range: 1m-65ms
Attribute: Strength and Power
Rank: Advanced
Theme: N/A


Name: Eskimo Houses
Description: The user creates a hut of snow by releasing a vast amount of compressed snow, The shape of the hut varies, generally it is a dome-like shape that can be used as a defense or as a prison for those within. The user is freely able to move through the snow due to their snow form. The Igloo/hut is 40 meters in diameter and the user is capable of creating these anywhere within a 1-100 meter radius from themselves as long as there is pre-existing snow that has been infused with the users own. if no snow is present the user must release the snow from their body. This allows the hut/igloo to be used to trap and protect others without needing to ensnare the user.  At this level of power, the user is able to add six layerings of snow upon the original hut. With six layers in total each layer has an endurance level of 4.
Range: 1-100ms
Attribute: Strength - 4
Rank: Advanced
Theme: N/A


Name: Snow Age
Description: One of the main uses of the Yuki Yuki No Mi is to blanket an area in snow released from the user. With this ability, the user is capable of blanketing a rather large area of snow, at Advanced that being within the medium ranges between 0-100 meters. This technique itself has no offensive capability bar from the intense cold that it causes. The main focus of this technique is to take advantage of the Yuki Yuki No Mi's creation allowing all other skills by the yuki yuki to be used within the large range of this technique despite their techniques original range. The snow amount comes up to the ankles of normal sizes foes hindering movement and generally causing an annoyance.
Range: 100ms
Attribute: Speed and Agility - 5
Rank: Advanced
Theme: N/A


Name: Thorns of Snow
Description: Via use of the Yuki Yuki No Mi, the user is capable of making spikes of snows, these spikes can span from being inches big to almost being the sizes of small hills, the spikes can come from any and all snow under the users control within the given range. The highest a spike can be made is 60 meters tall and the width of a full height spike is at max 30 meters, any other spikes can be made smaller within this range even being small rose like thorns. At advanced rank 18 spikes can be made at one time. If pierced reduces the time it takes for cold effects to take hold by 1. Melissa is able to summon spikes within a 60 meter radius of herself as long as there is snow within the area.
Range: 60m
Attribute: Strength and Power [4]
Rank: Advanced
Theme: N/A


If the opponent has lower willpower, they will succumb to the effects once they are within range almost instantly and follow the mentioned effects on the Cold Effect List.
Most effect will vanish based on how long you were in the snow. The longer you are in the longer the effects last [in one post effects outside of snow last one post etc]

*Violent shivering persists, difficulty speaking, sluggish thinking, amnesia starts to appear, gross muscle movements sluggish, unable to use hands, stumbles frequently, difficulty speaking, signs of depression, withdrawn Post 1

6[Bounty] Icy-Hot Patron Empty Re: [Bounty] Icy-Hot Patron on Sun Aug 12, 2018 1:38 pm



Madori had landed right next to the snow lady and she wasn't the least bit perturbed by his display of powers or his presence. There was something about her that allowed her to be so non-chalant in this situation. Soon enough he would get his answer as well. He had mentioned if she was visiting jokingly, she no course but that she was here so that they didn't mess up a rock. "What kind of rock is that special." He said. Just as he lifted his head to see the soldier were charging towards them.

His attack had did considerable damage to the camp and they were fully aware that he was there now. But much to their dismay was the lady herself. Before he could squeak out any other words, she disappeared with a speed he couldn't register. She dashed past the rushing Rev soliders aiming to attack them.

She held her hand up in the air, and they were all greeted with a blast of snow that spread in each and every direction. Absorbing space and the entire camp area with snow like weather, it was about hundred meters and it spread quickly. Madori found himself molting himself into lava as to avoid the cold effect, so she was as dangerous as he had proposed. The soldiers were still trying to surround, them and the sphere.

Madori smiled as he charged forward and stepped into the air over the soldier. Jumping ten meters into the sky before charging his hand up with lava. "Dai Funka!" While in mid-air he sent a large fist of magma towards a large cluster of Rev soldiers that would send a large explosion of magma. There would be large area scarred and with molten rocks and magma flaming the area. Surveying the damage he wrought Madori chanced a glanced back at Melly.

The snow fruit user is attacking and shes as dangerous as one could predict. Just who was she?

Name: Dai Funka - Great Eruption
Description: Madori's signature technique. He transforms his fists into pure lava before throwing it forward, like an giant fist rocket. He can extend his arm to attack from a distance with the skill. At intermediate he is able to double the size of his fist, packing more lava in it. The explosion causes volcanic rock to hit the ground, in a method similar to meteors.
Range: Mid 35m
Attribute: Strength-4
Rank: Intermediate


7[Bounty] Icy-Hot Patron Empty Re: [Bounty] Icy-Hot Patron on Tue Aug 14, 2018 4:20 am

Lady Sofia


Lady Sofia
"P-Ponegylph?" one of the soldiers replied. "Are you mad, Shichi-filth? Why would we have one of those here?"

Overall, these men weren't much of a threat at all to Melly and Madori, but they did provide valuable intel to their commander.

"Sir!" one of them called out into their Baby Den Den, as the other men got annihilated behind him, as he recorded what he could with his other hand with a Dial. "They're looking for... A Ponegylph?"

Then, he replayed what Melly said from his shell, into the Den Den.

"Ffffzzzr - Which one of you cutie patooties wants to tell me where the Ponglyph is?"

[Bounty] Icy-Hot Patron 41a2fa9e350d835cc19ba53edffa4368

"Huh?" he replied. "A you-know-what? Why would the-"

"Yeah! One of those things."

"Good work. Keep it up and investigate further." the man on the other side of the call replied. "And keep the communications, always. Intel is everything here - do you understand?"

"W-we've have a lot of casualties, but: yes, sir! We'll try!"


"Melly, Melissa." the Patron then called out, with a soft chuckle, as he strolled into the outskirts of the snowstorm as he tucked a dial-powered hook-shot into its holster on his hip, with what seemed to be space around him undulating like a flag - it was heat. He was emanating a lot of heat.

"You're looking for a Poneglyph, aren't you?" he continued, with a black layer of ambition starting to creep up his hands and sleeves.

[Bounty] Icy-Hot Patron 64075b0cb20553a9ac415eb7306dd4fa

"You could've just asked~" he then called out. "But please, stop this destruction. And let's have some tea. And I can tell you all you need to know about the Ponegylph we have here."

"S-sir!" one of the men with a more ornate suit then hissed, rushing out from further back to go behind him. "W-what are you pulling here? We don't have a Pone-"

"Play along." he whispered back. "And continue with the evac plan - I got this. Continue with the intel-gathering too. Trust me."

"And so, Melly and... Magma-sir? Relax." he then continued with a chipper chuckle. "Settle down."



8[Bounty] Icy-Hot Patron Empty Re: [Bounty] Icy-Hot Patron on Tue Aug 14, 2018 6:57 am



What a beautiful day it was as the Hatter was flying above the trees. Looking both left and right as if he was in a panic. Looking down to see animal doing animals things as he would fly through trees.

"Oh fuuwee just where did my cap'n go always leaving me she is. "  he would say in a moody like pitch. Speeding as fast as he could go he would hear loud bomb noises from a distance. Looking over with his hands over his forehead he would stick out his lips. "What in wonderland is that I've no memory of a bomb testing going on. Could it be-  oh no the cap'n could be in trouble. Should I help?  But truth be told I've no memory of cap'n needing my help."

His talking to himself lead him right to the battlefield without him even noticing it. Looking all around he could see just what in wonderland was going on. As a man which seems to be creating fire but with a closer look mamga. To make matters worse he was eyeing the cap'n.

"I've no memory of such a guy before and clearly he just might be a enemy. Best I spook him off the best way I can. "
Arcologia The Mad Hatter was watching over 80 meters in the sky as he saw both his cap'n and mamga head turn up. Looking on slowly as he looks over to see the red army ( revolutionary army).

"Oh no oh no oh no red powers could he be working for the Red Queen?" Soon Arcologia The Mad Hatter would slowly make his way down. As the mamga head guy would look back at his cap'n the Hatter would land in between the 2.

With his black business suit on with a top hat and his 2 hollow beside him each on each side of him. He would look to the mamga head guy. With a large smile yet grin he would say, " just why do you look at  my cap'n with such a devilish look?  Could it be you are testing her might?  If so I will have to keep you far away. Because if you don't than I'll assure you that you will  fall so deeply into depression you will welcome  death. "

He said with a smiling grin as his hollow would fly around the floating man.

Name: Spirit Away
Description:Allow the user to leave his  conscious mind state to form with his hollow. To create an astral projection version of himself at the cost of leaving his body defenseless. He is able to fly and even phase through things. more or less he will be transparent as objects will be able to go through him and vice versa. He will be able to move silently. He cannot summon his hollow at this rank. However he will be accompanied by his 2 trademark ghost. Which are void at this rank. Seeing that user has linked his mind into such a fork causes him to leave his body defenseless while he can free roam.
Range: 100m+
Attribute: Speed- Current Attribute Level
Rank: Intermediate
Invention Name: X Gloves
Invention Class: D
Invention Description: Iron cyber gloves are gloves that look like iron gloves but really are cyber forge plastic. A material that is nearly as hard as iron. But is as flexible as regular plastic.
Crafting Points: 10
Invention Capabilities: The gloves can be upgraded each costing the said amount for each rank. However at this rank the gloves are encased with snail phone wires an a data chip which allows the user to turn off the radio transmission of snail phones in a 10 meter range


9[Bounty] Icy-Hot Patron Empty Re: [Bounty] Icy-Hot Patron on Wed Aug 15, 2018 1:06 pm

Aku Soku Zan


Aku Soku Zan

[Bounty] Icy-Hot Patron 5_210

"Heyyy booo, not to sure where I am, but like totally stumbled upon a killer rev base, just a fyi, gonna totally see what happenes If I attack okay?" Melissa said sweetly over the den den. "No, I don't think thats a good I.." "Wasn't asking permission, wank shaft" Melissa said as she hung up the phone.

The Man to receive that call wasn't alone. He was on his ship with five others. Those other five each having their own vessel near this one. The Men and Women under them being diligent in keeping their eyes out on the water and nearby Islands. Prepared to only interrupt their superiors if they feel it is needed. A few of them, such as Hannibal, had come from the Main Island were the bulk of the Marine force was. Converging with the others that had come from one of the other smaller Islands. Hannibal was relaying information that he had gained from the meeting the others weren't able to attend. This talk had taken a break and side conversations were being held until a call would come in.  Her finding of a Revolutionary base was great news. Her however wanting to go alone was something they didn't partially agree upon; especially when she didn't want to disclose her location. But with the title she had been given by the World Government forcing her to not go alone or share details with them wasn't within their power. They had to let her do what she wanted. And for that most wanted to not go and assist her. They knew the Island that she was on but the specific location wasn't known to them; and it also seemed like it wasn't even known to her. Her call can created a brief conversation about the system she was apart of.

"I will never understand why the World Government introduced the Shichibukai system. Giving such power to  disgusting not the smartest of ideas. It is going to end up blowing up in our faces. And if she wants to tangle around on Island six alone, let her."
Marine A.

"You can't look at it like that. Powerful pirates are now under our control. There is no longer a balance. The World Government now is a true unmatched super power."
Marine B. The last comment made by Marine A would not get a response. They would simply, except Hannibal, nob their heads in agreement when he said it.

"No." Marine C.

Marine B.

"With the introduction of this system we've created a third power within the world. If we are not including the rebels, which I assume is the case. Though, the Shichibukai are allied with us. They are their own entity now."
Marine C.

"Is that how it is?"
Marine A.

"Well, that is just how I see it."
Marine C.

"I understand. But back to what we were discussing."
Marine B.

"Actually, before we get back to that. I would like to make a request."
Hannibal would allow them to speak as he didn't feel any particular way about the Shichibukai system. With it being so new there was no real telling if it was a good thing or a bad thing for the World Government. He didn't recognise the voice and mannerism of the one that spoke. He had spoken with her on Marineford and also fought with her against the dangerous, but now deceased, Juego Patron.

"And what is that?" Marine A.

"That you call her back. I would like to go and assist her. Or at least bring back some of the Revs she will defeat for questioning. Even though I've fought by her side against Patron and can confirm her skill. I have somewhat of a uneasy feeling." Hannibal would say as he would stand up from his chair. Just like the Shichibukai he wasn't really asking permission for anything. Regardless he would head over there and search for her. As he also had a few questions he wanted to ask her. It dealing with the object that they had gotten when on Sandy Isle.

"Are you sure Commodore Uchis?"
Marine B.

"Yes, at least try calling her twice if you can. No telling if she is already in the heart of battle. If she answers can you tell her to give me a Water Seven esque sign?" And with that he would leave the Captain's quarts of Marine A's ship. That being where they were holding their meeting. His ship, Enforcer two, was anchored to the right of this vessels. The other ships doing the same. The only difference now was that with Hannibal on his vessel and the anchor raised his ship would begin to cut through the waters. Island six was his destination. To keep track of which Island was what they were all given a number. Other information is given after that number to signify what branch or group is currently there. There was more information that is given but right now that wasn't of any importance. It was relatively small compared to the other Island so having to search for a long time wouldn't need to be done. And Hannibal was sure he'd get some type of sign of where she was. She was a Logia type like him and could produce something similar to what she had done on Water seven. That would be the best way to help him find her. With his current location it would be some time before he arrives(One post) to the Island. Since he was by others at this time. His ship was manned mainly by a few grunts and not one of the prospect for greatness that he had brought to Jordsand.

Race Doriki Bonus. And +2 Doriki to perception.

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[Bounty] Icy-Hot Patron Tumblr_ox3w7gT5mG1s307p6o1_500

It would seem the shit storm of events was somewhat interesting. The snow around Midori would melt from his lava, while those who entered into her realm began to falter from the intense cold. Melissa would stand within the middle, as she was about to make another move, her ally, Acno would appear, along with two of his hollows. Though Melissa was not silly, in a battle her eyes were on the prize, taking everything in. That is when she noticed that the ally of hers not only you know...FLEW! What she really noticed was the lack of the snow building around his feet as he landed upon it. "Leave him, he's a hotty, in more ways than one" Melissa said as she winked to her "friend" As she spoke, her den den mushi would ring, though its body continued to shiver, over and over as it rang.

"Speak" she said. The den den mushi would speak, though static would be more evident than the voice itself. She barely heard the voice, even as she put the den den to her ear. "Damn cold" Melissa said as she shook the thing. Not many had her number, so it was obvious that this call was the marines. ..."Water seven sign" was one of the few things that stuck out. A smile curved upon her face as it cut out. "Den Dens won't work" she said. It was well known that they had a bit of an issue in the cold. As she placed her den den back within her pocket, she would look up and around, "Melly, Melissa" A voice echoed outward. Melissa would look to the voice, a frown upon her face, snow filled through the air harmlessly higher and higher. The rotating snow storm still spiralling around. Melissa would see the man who had spoken. "How does a fine ass little rev member like you, know my sexy little ass" Melissa said, waving her hand as the snow storm halted before shooting into the air, the snow on the ground remained while the snow that made up the snowstorm would create a figure high in the air, wide and wonderful, a middle finger showing exactly where they were fighting. The same symbol she made to the marines all those months ago.

"How about you just point me in the direction of that beautiful precious stone and I'll just be on my way Mr.........? Sorry sexy, whats your name?" She asked, her hand upon her hip, winking at the strange man who was rather very pretty, "How about you join me too, I'm starting a little crew of my own and this strange guy" she said pointing to Acno. "Is not really my type"...her eyes would gently move towards Acno. "Whose got the bigger dick?" she asked curiously, cocking her head, a wicked seductive smile on her face. Don't let those smiles confuse you, her eyes had already noted the snow melting close to the strange man.

@Lady Sofia

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If things couldn't have gotten any weirder. It did. A man, or spirit, flew into the air with creatures that could only be ghosts. He glided through the snowstorm and landed beside them unperturbed by the heat coming off of Madori or the cold around them. His face was translucent in ways he had never thought possible. What manner of power is this? Madori really had other matters to attend too. They had done considerable amount of damage to the Revs with their surprise attack they had no idea was coming. However people were showing up out the woodworks. Guess this place must've gotten found out like he did, from the air.

Not many people that could fly, but here there were three people who could grace the skies. Albeit temporarily for Madori but it was still his flight. The ghost/man stood beside them and he immediately began to speak to Madori, spouting some nonsense about his captain, referring to the snow lady next to them, and that he wanted him away from him.

The pause of the moment was anything but shock to Sojima. In the middle of a battle for their lives, was a ghost man and a snow lady, one was dangerous, the other obviously worked for her. However Madori wasn't intimidated by anyone, or anything. His flared up and peered back at Acno, but said nothing to him. But instead said, to Melly, "Who the fuck is this creep?" So she was a Captain. Of what Pirates?

She mentioned for the ghost man to leave him alone, adding a innuendo do that made Madori's eyebrow raise. At the same time she received a call on her den den and spoke to someone over that. Taking advantage of the snowstorm her powers were causing. Madori looked into the sudden whiteout over the area and saw stragglers attempting to enter the zone and do them more than harm.

However they heard a voice collectively through all the confusion and yelling. "Melly. Melissa."

The snow lady next to him reacted instantly. There was a man walking unfazed by the cold, an indication of his fucks given and also his strength. She was surprised that the man knew her name, meaning she was known by Melly or Melissa. How did he know her? A question for another time. Then she pointed out that she was still after that Poneglyph, even Madori began to be interested in this rock. It must've been something for the Revolutionaries to have in their possession. Melly out of pettiness of the situation created a snow middle finger to the Revs. It was funny to Madori honestly. Would have done the same with his magma.

He figure came closer and he was able to be seen now. Some little punk by the looks. He spoke to Madori as calm as anyone could ever be. His smooth demeanor was pissing Madori off. Especially when asked Madori to calm down.

"Calm down you say? Is that surrender? 'Do you want me to stop slaughtering you is the question you are looking for. Ask....again." Madori said menacingly, with his body heating up exponentially.

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Lady Sofia


Lady Sofia

"Oh. I know a lot of things." the man then chuckled, in response to Melly's question. "Knowledge drives a lot of things, don't you think? Like you. And the Marines. And the. World. Government."

"I'm Jalin Patron." he then said, introducing himself at Melly's request, glancing for a moment behind him to try peek at the retreating movements of the others through the flora. "And, join you? Why - of course! Just, let's arrange all of the details calmly-"

"Oh, I will ask again." he then said, answering the Magma man with a risen finger and a calm, smug grin; as his other hand adjusted his jacket, turning on a certain small device hidden within. "If you kill me, you won't know where the Ponegylph is, now wouldn't you? Isn't that why you're here? Sure. Destroy these little houses, burn it down to ash."

"But where is the Ponegylph? Was it here at all? Underground? Underneath your own magma?" he added, still assuming that Madori was the Shichibukai's accomplice, with him looking for a moment at Acnologia too. "Amusing thing about indiscriminate attacks - You might've just screwed your own chances at what you've come here for."

He would then pull out a dial from his pocket and attempt to produce a round table and chairs for all of them, made of what seemed to be liquid metal.

[Bounty] Icy-Hot Patron NKL83JV

"So please, let's sit down." he added solemnly, gesturing invitingly to the seating. "Information's pretty dangerous - it has to be handled carefully. Calmly. And we've got all of the time in the world, after all."

"Yes, what's the emergency?" the Marine tele-operator would say, as he picked up the phone.

"I... I think...I've finally pieced together what it says he-" emitted the Den Den, with an expressionless face, and a female voice.

"What? What are you talking about?"

"-eciphered the Ponegylph. Are you recording this, Jalin? It's a big moment."

The Marine then went silent. It was a recording of some sort. His eyes then darted around, until he found his notebook on the desk, and he pulled it in towards him, and pulled out a pen from his breast pocket.

"Here I go. First Canto. 'There is a certai-FFFFZPTTTttt..."

The Marine's head then turned to the Den Den, finding it crushed in the hands of his superior's, with its bodily juices oozing through their fingers.

"Don't listen to that, Ensign." the man declared. "Don't. Listen. To. It. And find the source, quick. Some bastard is sending the same recording to every goddamn Marine Station on Jordsand."

"W-why, sir? What's going on?" the tele-operator then asked.

"Don't ask questions." the higher-ranking Marine hissed. "And obey. Do as you're told now, quick! We don't have a lot of time here!"

"Y-yes sir!"

"...And." the man continued, wiping his hand with a handkerchief. "Check if our evacuation routes are clear."

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He looks at the mamga man but was not afaird of him. As if he could get hurt as he was now. But he did float back once he saw how hot the mamga man was turning. Angry at this other guy whom was calm and collected just as he was. Looking over he put two an two together seeing Melly must know this guy.

He began to speak as if Arcologia was not even there how foolish. However he was no match yet. But still the way he was now he would look even the strongest in the eyes. Smiling at the man he would fly up the moment the chairs came about. He would than yell "Shut The Hell Up you piece of crap. You talk alot of this and that but you are without a doubt foolish. Do you really think this legendary stone would be destroyed. So easily than why is it legendary?

He looks diwn at the group especially Melly "hey cap'n just what are you aiming at if the stone in there let's take this guy out and rush the base. The Mad Hatter would than fly towards the strange man looking at his chairs. He would start to smile as he looked back at the man. " Tell me what kind of devil lives inside of you? I'm curious you know I want to see if you are good enough for my collection."

Arcologia smiled at him as he knows how to play a poker face as well. The fact of the matter is to off this guy. He just wants to know when will they do it. Looking back at the group behind him he wonders who is the strongest of the four. But right now he needed to get back to his real body to activate his devil inside him. He smirk, " hey rebel its your call better yet say not a word. Hey mamba man hey cap'n let's take him out. Time is a wasting he could be stalling you know. "

With this The Mad Hatter was prepared to return to his body if need be.

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Aku Soku Zan


Aku Soku Zan

The Island would come into view but there was no real way for him to pinpoint where Shichibukai was, at this time. That was fine and he didn't expect her to really answer when they called her back. Hannibal was not the type to underestimate his enemies. And felt that the Revolutionaires were full capable of causing the Shichibukai trouble; since she did tell them she was heading in alone and didn't know her location. That showed that even the Shichibukai didn't know about the area where the Revolutionaires more than likely did. "I hope she is fine." Hannibal would mumble to himself as he would remove his hand from the wheel of his ship. He'd drop anchor a ways(seventy meters) from the Island that everyone else was on. His Men(grunts) were told to keep a eye out for his return and also for potential enemies. If a enemy ship was to get in range they were to retreat to the Main Island. Regardless of the location of Hannibal.

He took a rowboat to the Island. It didn't take him long and if he wasn't bothered he'd arrive in a reasonable time. He'd pull his rowboat past the sandy beach and to the tree line, resting it there. He didn't know what direction to take so he would head forward. The most dangerous place on this Island would be near the Volcano that rested in the center of it. And that also could be the safest, in his mind. If he was to have a base of operations he'd go with a place that many wouldn't choice to venture to. Hannibal would find out he is wrong in this assumption soon(in one post) as the camp that everyone currently were in was in the way their but not as close to the volcano as he hypothesised. If he wouldn't be met with any resistance as he traveled he'd arrive with no problem.

As he walked through the forest he'd stop, something strange catching his eye. Walking over to it and kneeling down he'd place one of his fingers on their neck, searching for a pulse. He would find one and come to a crossroad. There was someone seemingly unconscious out here all alone. He didn't know who they were. Or what allegiances they held. He understood that where he was going was dangerous. But leaving them here was dangerous. Examining their body more closely their attire and overall appearance wasn't something he considered a Marine having. So that left three options. A civilian(Miner, Exploder, or etc.), Pirate, or Rev.  It would make sense for him to be any of those three. Hannibal would look at his face a little more, "Hold on a second." Hannibal would just stare at the Man's face for a few more second before it hit him. This guy was famous. A famous pirate. Hannibal didn't know his name but knew his bounty was on the high side. So, with that in mind he would place his hand on the Pirate. "You have to the count of three to wake up." He would begin to count. "One. He'd slap him in the face. Two. He'd slap him once again, this time a bit harder. Three." If there was no response he'd make sure this Pirate was neutralized. If there would be no response he would make sure that this Pirate would not prove to be a problem later on. Just like his attempts to slap the Pirate. He would attempt to place both his hands on the Man. With Hannibal large hands he would, if successful, be able to grasp both the man's wrist with one hand. And both his ankles with another. And following that he would begin to chill the parts that he was making contact with. If successful he wouldn't do anything else. Making sure that all enemies Rev or Pirate was a task all Marines were given upon arriving to this conflict heavy area. And the only exceptions would be, for Hannibal, if the situation was one he had to avoid. His journey to the area forward would be resumed unless he had to stay in this spot. Unknowing to him the amount of distance, in meters, that he would have to transverse would be over seventy. With his speed a light jog should be enough to get him where he wanted/needed to be.

Skill Attempted to be Used on Ghost. :

Name: Ice Time Capsule
Description: The User sends a wave of ice along the ground. Anything it hits is frozen in place. No matter the size of the inflicted target the amount frozen will, at max, be one limb per use. The range is only on how far this wave of Ice can travel along the ground. The width of this was is only 5m. This skill also be performed via simple contact instead of being fired outward.
Range: Short 1-15m or Contact
Attribute:Strength & Power

Used x2

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[Bounty] Icy-Hot Patron Tumblr_ox3w7gT5mG1s307p6o1_500

Melissa would sigh ever so softly, it would seem whoever this man was, he was too nice. With some strange dial he produced something akin to a cloud that flowed into a table and chairs. "How strange" Melissa mused as she began to walk forward. The magma guy was beginning to heat up, the snow melting more and more. "Geez hot stuff, could ya cool it down a little" Melissa would say as she walked twenty meters forward, still putting a relatively large distance between herself and Patron. "Patron, Patron....ugh that name like so totally sounds familiar, but I just like can't even place it" she said as she halted her walk at twenty meters. "Now dear, I'm a Schichibukai, I'm not exactly like suppper dumb to sit on some strange contraption." Melissa said as she brought her hands upwards, the snow rising into her own set of chairs which she pleasantly sat upon. "Acno, maybe its best for you to do some exploring" Melissa said nodding her head towards the forest. Surely there where reinforcements somewhere, with his unique...abilities, he was best suited for such a job, hopefully her dimwitted crew member got what she was saying without her having to say too much.

"Poneglyphs are indestructible, I've researched them for years, I've actually found one recently, got all that information right in my little noggin" Melissa said smiling, this would probably come as a shock to many around her, it was rare, very very rare for someone to be able to read the unique language found on those stones without actually having that third eye. Though her new crewmate, the ghost-like man, on the other hand, was of that clan. "As for location, yeaaaah I guess I gave up the ghost on that one, shoulda just acted as if I knew right?" The yuki yuki no mi user said with a laugh. "Maybe I am sillier than I thought" She said shaking her head as she sat upon her chair of snow.

"OOOOOOH PATRON" She said standing up as if she had just been struck with lightning. "Thats the name of that guy I helped beat" she said putting a balled up fist into the palm of her hand in a kind of "HUZZAH" moment. "So your like.....his gay nephew or something right?" she asked, tilting her head, her eyes never leaving the young man. Probably not the smartest thing to come out and say but hey, Melissa wasn't really that well versed at keeping her mouth closed when it needed to be. "So hows this gonna work, you gonna come at me, or we gonna come to you?" she said curiously tilting her head, that smile still painted upon her face.

@Lady Sofia

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