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1 Chapter 7:The UnderWorld New Dealer. CP on Mon Aug 06, 2018 11:19 pm



The sun was out beaming all around as shiny as can be. Clouds did fill the light blue sky however they was the happy kind of clouds. It was a nice day over this new land Acnologia was brought too. Peaceful it was as if nobody was here to fuck it over. With thier high tech money and what not. Acnologia was here with his captain or kidnapper Melly. However she have gone off some where. But this bother him none as he decided to do the same.

No he was not running off just looking around as his hollow followed him. Looking around there was marine ships and soldiers everywhere he could look. This greatly angered him as they was protecting the miners a sight which also pissed him off. Such a beautiful place of nature will be destroyed. All because of human nature how foolish he thought.

Walking off he who see alot of plant life and a volcano which looked like a mountain. Smiling as he saw the birds in the sky flying feel. Soon enough he made his way into the jungle. still pretty close by the seaside however he didn't pay much attention. Laughing as he saw a live hunt go down. The beast chasing it's prey with such hungry eyes.

A few more marine spotted him however they did nothing to him. As he is protected by the law being part of a warlord crew. This greatly anger him because his bounty won't go up anymore. But he long got over it but still think on it from time to time. Looking over he would see a group of men all wearing army like gear.

They did not favor the marine nor any army he knew of. Maybe they was locals of the island. However he was told no such thing in his briefing reports. "Such a interesting sight indeed. Should I go follow them or no? " Acnologia would say to his hollow whom was by his side. Well they was floating around his head and around his body as they always did.

Twisting his umbrella around he would began to walk behind them. Slowly and quietly as they was making thier round trips. Talking about this and that was lame to him. Until they was stopped by a bigger man whom had 2 guns and swords on his back. He looks at them all and began to smile as he hung up the den den mushi.

"Alright next village is a cosign. If we keep taking the natives we would be rich. 1 to 35 million per human. Hell yeah we will try to get about 50 of them let's go business is booming." Acnologia over heard such a conversation to what appears as a deal of some kind. Maybe this group was more than meets the eye. Maybe they was talking about animals. If not than that could only mean 1 thing in his mind the slave trade.

Note: my gear I will have is my gloves which I can now create and have approved.

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2 Re: Chapter 7:The UnderWorld New Dealer. CP on Tue Aug 07, 2018 12:30 am



The large man stood 7 feet he is wearing a light brown neon vest and army pants. The boots takes on the same appearance as the neon vest. Looking over he would look up. Seeing the small village he would smile. Licking his lips he and his followers was heading towards the village. It was a large sum of men with him at least 30 if not more.

Acnologia would continue to look on at them watching from afar. Seeing the action they was taking as they all arrived at the village. The large man looked over to see the village chief whom stood sum 5 feet. The man looks as he did not want to let the large man and his group in the area. Acnologia would than summon his butterflies to get a clear view of things.

The old man looks at the tall muscles built man and said not a word as the tall man looks down at him. A stare off was in place as the 2 sides was readying themselves. For what appears to be a fight. The natives all had bows and arrows pointed at the small group. Although not truly out dated on technology because of certain other things. These old fashion folk still didn't have the right fire power.

Acnologia began to smile as the 2 starred each other down. As the tall man began to talk, "Old man Benjamin best you move out of the way. Nobody wants a old fart you won't give me the beli I need back. So move or get moved. " The old man looked on not scared at all as the wind blew. He replies towards him, "no matter how hard the winds of fate blows the mountains of destiny will not nor shall not get pushed." Anger grew in the tall man eyes as he pulls out a sword.

"So it's gonna be like that very well. I'll take some of your people just like I did the others got that. " As he looks on the tall man was about to slash him with the sword. Just than a long raven haired girl would yell. "STOOPPP!!! Can't you all see violence is never the answer. Please Saber we've heard of you rampaging from village to village. Leave us be we don't have what you want. This so called sea stone all you outlander come for  is in the other-"  Just than he would Slap her down.

This anger the others as they went on the attack. "Shut it bitch now don't hurt them too bad but fuck em up. " War crys began to come about as was gun shots. Which over shadows the natives bows and arrows. The fighting began to intense as the guns was starting to push the arrows back. Soon houses was set on fire as man. Women. And kids all was being rounded up As Saber smiles on.

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3 Re: Chapter 7:The UnderWorld New Dealer. CP on Tue Aug 07, 2018 1:01 am



Screaming could be heard as more and more kids and women try to run to safety. As each group would lose a certain amount of soldiers. Saber would began to take action quickly taking out warriors from left to right. He looked on as his soldiers started to chain up people. As the chief laid on the ground he would try to get up only for Saber men to whole him down.

Saber would smile as he slaps the old man. "No please stop it I beg of you. " Saber would look to the girl as she grab hold of him. Saber would grab her by her hair. "You so pretty damn I'll tear yo ass up miss thang thang. I can tell you what I'll let some of them go if you drop yo draws. Or I can take it. " She looks at him clearly terrified at what he was doing and about to do.

Her face expression clearly scared right now as she trys to hide it. "Please leave us along we've done nothing to no one. " He looks at her smiling as the old man was being held down. "Tell me who are you and why do you try so hard to protect everyone? " As he grabs her hair tightly she would say, "I am Kilala daughter to the high chief and you will rue the day you came here."

Smiling at he thinking on what she said. He would slam her to the ground. Forces her to turn over as he pulls up her dress. As she would scream Acnologia would see this. Right than and there he would do the unthinkable and you know what her. This led others to follow suit to the other women. "Nooooo!!! Kilala my daughter you fool I'll kill you all." The old man eyes would glow yellow however he was knocked unconscious.

Acnologia would sneak by them as the rape feast was in place. Seeing the kids cry as the slavers take the others away. He would go towards the crying kids. He would smile at them as they looked at him still scared. Soon he would began to knock them out 1 by 1.As hours would go pass Saber and his man would leave. Acnologia would come out of hiding to look around to see such a mess.

Looking over to see the high chief laid out and Kilala trying to cover herself. The shame she just went through was something else in it's own right. Acnologia would began to walk around the panicking women and remaining men. As they try to put the fire out. Some would go towards the high chief to check on him. Also they was trying to comfort Kilala. Acnologia would walk up to her as his gloves was on him. He pulled out his cards and said, "no matter how strong you are it's meaningless without power behind it."

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4 Re: Chapter 7:The UnderWorld New Dealer. CP on Tue Aug 07, 2018 1:36 am



Acnologia began to laugh at them as everyone was staring at him. Kilala clearly was more than upset but she stood up to not show weakness. Looking at him she would go on to say, "I'm sorry we cannot afford a cicrus right now. There is too much going on please forgive me. " Acnologia looks on at her as her weeping voice was indeed a dire thing to hear.

He smiles at her clearly nobody knew who he was here which was a good thing. "You are brave without a doubt however you are weak as well. You will end up dead if you do not gain power. To put it smiply those without power will be crushed as you've seen first hand today. You must not give in or poor young Alice you will be no more. " She looks at him and bravely gave a smile. "My name is not Alice I'm Kilala nice to meet you mr.

Acnologia looks on as the village began to get themselves back together. Putting out the fire and helping the injured all while Saber celebrate his victory. Listen everyone my father is still unconscious we have to ready ourselves to save our people. Without his might we are weaken but not weak. Please we don't have much time." Acnologia couldn't help but laugh at the wannabe leader. She still had much to learn he would sit down as night fall came about.

Back at Saber ship he would eat and drink to victory as his men did as well. Laughing and cheering for him they was to set sail in 3 days. However he wanted more beli so he needed move slaves to sell. Listen up my employer needs more slaves so we will go hit up that lame ass village 1 more time what do you say boys. "  The crowed cheered for him as they all agreed to such a thing. Getting ready to go back the next day they would rest.

Back to the village everyone was trying to sleep as grauds was walking about. Kilala would see Acnologia sitting by himself and began to walk over towards him. "May I sit down seeing you here all along must be lonely. " Acnologia began to laugh, "hey what's so funny. " Looking at the moon he would response by saying "you are. Even after what you went through here you are putting on a smile. To top it off it's not a fake smile its all real " Looking back at him "why would someone fake such a thing either you smile or you don't you know. Can I ask you something who are you? "

He looks on at her "its never about who you was but who you are now. With that being said to you hear me out. I admit that in the past I've been a nasty they weren't Playing when they called me, well, a dick. But you'll find that nowadays I've mended all my ways. I repented seen the light, and made a switch. To this end I fortunately have a little power It's a talent that I always have possessed and dear lady, please don't laugh I use it on behalf to make people  miserable,  negative ,and depressed so pathetic. " she would look at Acnologia and began to laugh. He would smile at her as well.

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5 Re: Chapter 7:The UnderWorld New Dealer. CP on Tue Aug 07, 2018 3:10 am



The 2 would sit and talk about memories past as they was forming a bond. Laughing on and on as Acnologia tells her funny jokes. The looks on her face was priceless as can be. Smiling all and all Acnologia would stare at the moon causing Kilala to do the same. "Can you tell me what's it's like? " She looks at him, "what's what like?  You have to say it first you know sillyhead. " He would smile as he says so softy, "you know to have friends and a Ohana that would kill for you. "

She looks at him almost pity like as she grabs his hand. It was cold as if it was never held before. He quickly snatched away from her. However she would grab his hand again and this time start to rub it as to heat it up. "Your hands are freezing but to answer that question is extremely hard you know Killing is wrong. People would risk it all for the right thing. That is all I can tell you. " Acnologia looks at her as he could see she was broken inside yet hides it.

Thinking to himself this can not be the real her. Looking back up at the moon he would lay on her lap. As she rubs his hair every so gently with love and care. "  There was a time when I was alone
Nowhere to go and no place to call home
My only friend was the man in the moon
And even sometimes he would go away, too."
She looks on at the moon rubbing his hair still. Realizing it is longer than what it appears. "Hey Acnologia you have a friend in me ok. So you best not never forget that. "

Thinking to himself she was such a lovely soul and could easily get hurt. Closing his eyes Alice would appear to him yet she said not a word. She would only smile as she hands Acnologia a paper and pen. He would began to write up blue paints. He would open his eyes as the sun was up. Getting up not realizing his hair was all out thanks to Kilala taking it down. Looking around to see he been moved to a nice warm bed. Getting up he would head outside to see what was going on.

Looking over to see the high chief up and ready for arms. Kilala was pleading with him not to cause war. "Father we can call the marine we must not do this. " Benjamin looks at her clearly anger by her actions. "Do you think I'll forgive them for what they did to us to you. I think not I'll show them the power of Benjamin the bull. Beside I tried that and nothing " Soon he would faint as his health was not up to par. Kilala rushes to his side as fast as she could. Acnologia would watch from afar as he would soon vanish from the scene.

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6 Re: Chapter 7:The UnderWorld New Dealer. CP on Tue Aug 07, 2018 3:38 am



Kilala looks on as her father was too old and ill to even walk let along fight. He looks on at his daughter and smiles as he rests his eyes. Speaking to her, " daughter I will need you to be strong for me for the village. " Acnologia was now in the woods building a fire as he makes a camp fire. Taking sticks he began to rub them together to try and create fire. As he took his gloves off he would began to tweak them. As if he was trying to improve them.

Back at camp Kilala and the others would rush her father back to the bed. Just as a loud boom was heard outside as Saber had returned. Kilala and the others would jump to action as Saber men went right to work. The village warriors soon went to arms another battle started. Kilala would pick up a gun from a fallen soldier of Saber and aimed it at him. Looking on as he started to walk towards her. The gun shaking in her hands she was too afaird to use it. "Go on kill me I dare you your father killed all the time. Can you not do it like him could you? "

She looks at him as he slowly grabs the gun slapping her down as he took it from her. "Bitch don't you ever point a gun at me got that" She began to smile as she looks up at him remembering what Acnologia told her. Never forget to smile even in a demon face smile. "My father was alot of things but a killer is not 1 of them. He protected this village with his bull power ability and you will show him respect. " He looks at her as the village warriors lost again.

More and more people was being chained up for the slave trade. Acnologia was in the woods near by so close in fact he heard it all yet continued doing what he was doing. The small battle and even the cry for help however he remains there cooking his dead meat to eat it. Meanwhile Kilala looks up to Saber and bites him as he knocks her down. "You crazy Bitch I'll kill you got that. " Soon he began to hit her again and again and again. She would raise up yet get knocked down again and again and again. This caused her people to do the same only this time gun fire was getting shot at them.

As she fell down he looks at her and laugh out loud. "To think I let you taste this you crazy ass bitch. Anyway best I get going I got more than enough now so long you sorry excuse for a high chief. " He would say as he ranned off. The village now recovering from this attack was now a defeated sorrow of a place. As Arcologia came back to the village the moment Saber left. He would look around he saw Kilala and went to her she would grab his leg softly barley with any strength. "Hey rabbit justice just like her right. " She would smile as she was trying not to close her eyes. Acnologia would look on too the madness at hand.

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7 Re: Chapter 7:The UnderWorld New Dealer. CP on Tue Aug 07, 2018 4:00 am



Flash back

Acnologia looks on as Kilala shows him a dance routine over and over again. Did he get it maybe maybe not however he did enjoy the show. He would get up and walk to her as she was about to do it again. "Tell me why do the slaver keep coming here. Do you all not have power to fight back? " She looks at him and with a sad tone smile and says, "my father was our power. He could turn into this monster of a bull. Noone could take him on you know. However he is now weak and can't fight anymore. We put all our trust in his might and now we paying for it. "

Acnologia smiles at her as he began to walk on his hands. After listening to the story he smiled and jumped on a large rock. He soon jumped diwn and punched it causing it to break. To her amazement she looks on at him. "How did you do such a thing?  That was down right amazing. " He looks at her with glee, "oh that was nothing I could teach you a thing or 2. I knew a woman once upon a time she called me rabbit my code name and she was Alice. I see you could be just like her. "

He began to show her how to relax her body and move with the flow. To be powerful you cannot be weak at all in any situation. The bond the 2 made was as if they known each other all thier lives. Showing each other things they never knew. Kilala smiles at him because he was so awesome however he refused to tell her about his past self.

Present Time

She looks at him as he picks her up badly beaten she was. Acnologia was clearly anger yet did not show it. She began to try and speak as Acnologia laid her down on a bed next to her father. "Hey did we drive of that man and his gang? " He smiled, "yeah we got them good the marine came and took him away. " She slowly smiles, "awesome juice. " She closes her eyes to sleep as Acnologia balled up his fist. Looking on he made his way out the house looking to the sky.

He gave a big breathe and was on his way towards the slavers. Walking pass everyone they looked at him clearly hoping he win as he left. Looking over he mad his way through the woods and by they ship. There he saw people in cages and chains but he cared nothing for that. Just his target at hand. Looking all over he smiles as he see Saber on the ship. With all 3 eyes pointed at him looking mean. He would close his eyes as he sat down. He would soon get up and make his way to the ship.

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8 Re: Chapter 7:The UnderWorld New Dealer. CP on Tue Aug 07, 2018 6:02 am



Loading up the ship docks the soldiers was doing as Saber was looking over a map. Marking his way back to the trade market he was laughing with such glee. As the soldiers began placing the villagers into the ship. Acnologia would than fly over head in arrive on the ship. He was literally floating next to Saber looking over his shoulder to read the map. Acnologia began to speak to the man as he was confused. "Damn maps they get harder to read every year. " Without even looking over Saber reply "tell me about shit crazy. "

He would than look over to see Acnologia jumping back. Seeing that Acnologia snuck up behind him was a shocker. Acnologia was able to land on his feat before the man could turn around. Looking at Acnologia he points his guns at him. As he signal for his men to come. Surrounded by them Acnologia would smile as he looks at Saber. "How the hell you get on my ship? " Acnologia looked confused "I flew up here it was that simple. " As Acnologia tried to walk towards him bullets began to rain on him.

However they went right though him causing the grunts to get hit by they own bullets. As other jump out the way the marine nearby would take notice of the gun fire. As Saber looks on he was able to duck from the gun shots. Shocked at what he just saw. "What the hell are you a demon. " [color=#0033ff]" A demon no. That is too much of mercy for you. I'm somebody who you will never be able to touch a hollow of a man and you will die this day. Why because Grim is here. "[color=#0033ff]He looks over to see the marine have arrived just as he looked back to see Acnologia gone. As Acnologia wakes up in the woods he smiles to see Saber remaining men. Go at it with the marine in a losing battle. Acnologia would soon return to the village. Upon returning he would see the village folk in mourning. As night fall came about they was burying the people whom lost thier lives this day.

Seeing the bodies of so many lost had Acnologia to think he could have stopped all this. If only he acted sooner things would have been different. However he just did not see it that way. As he looks to see Kilala being wrapped in her buriel clothes he would smile. As he knew whomever he love will die a fate they should have not been given. Soon she was placed in her grave and just like that Acnologia was alone again. Alone because he just couldn't understand himself.

He would stand over her grave until night fall came. Opening up his sake he would pour some out laughing a little trying not to do what they call crying. "You know our souls must have met before at least 1,000 times I'm sure of it. You was my soul met you remained me so much  of your past life Alice indeed. I know it sounds crazy but I am crazy so yeah. A soulmate is an ongoing connection with another individual that the soul picks up again in various times and places over lifetimes. We are attracted to another person at a soul level not because that person is our unique complement, but because by being with that individual, we are somehow provided with an impetus to become whole ourselves.Seeing you again a piece of your soul was all I needed and with that being said I can tell you this. "

Acnologia began to dance as his heart pumps more and more fast. "People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soulmate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life. I open up to you that means something and with that being said I thank you. I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. I love you not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of me. I love you for the part of me that you bring out.”  

With that off his mind and heart he would leave as the Mad Hatter eyes was watery. Arriving back at the marine base camp Acnologia would enter into the holding cells. Unlike other prisons these cells was to hold them for a moment until the war ships came to take them away. However Acnologia was easy able to get through thanks to Melly crew power. Smiling as he enters Saber cell still even he had to give up something.  Bribing the marines there he was able to get in. Looking at a sleeping Saber he summoned his hollow "welcome to wonderland "

Once Acnologia returned to his room after finishing off that bastard. He received a letter that smiply said welcome to the underworld

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