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1 Question about the Buki Buki no mi on Thu Dec 21, 2017 12:21 am

Yesterday I was given some advice to try and reserve the buki buki because it can make any weapon according to the wiki and description. So I wanted to ask if making high grade meito weapons is possible with enough mastery. Been having some trouble with skills since it seems like anything that deviates from the canon is denied. Doing a gran voyage for a permanent fruit is a no no. e.e

p.s my character is a swordsman who can just use meito abilities by gaining the weapons,but it did sound like fun to have an unlimited arsenal of variable weapons. But I'm scared to make the reservation without a few staffers confirming or denying this type of power. :3

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2 Re: Question about the Buki Buki no mi on Thu Jan 25, 2018 7:16 pm

The wiki does state, that the user of this fruit can create any type of weapon, from the anime, what we have seen is that she has created swords, guns, canons, and even a giant battle hammer I believe. But as far as special abilities go, I don't think she could do something like Kinomon, the samurai sets his swords on fire, or how Zoro's sword is cursed, etc. I believe it's only the basic weapons, but that does mean any basic weapon. which there is plenty of in this world LOL

but thats just my input, i'd wait for a moderator to give you an official answer.

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3 Re: Question about the Buki Buki no mi on Thu Jan 25, 2018 7:21 pm

The question Ding had was in regards to the Meito system on the site. Ding wanted to know if the Buki would be capable of creating weapons that could be classed under different Meito grades - Wazamono, Ryo Wazamono, O Wazamono, and Saijo O Wazamono. If the Buki was capable of this, it would then allow Ding to make use of the Swordsman occupation abilities through use of the fruit; meaning Ding wouldn't have to actually claim a physical Meito grade weapon.

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4 Re: Question about the Buki Buki no mi on Fri Jan 26, 2018 3:11 pm

That would have been super swell lol.

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