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1[Bounty] Martin Smash Empty [Bounty] Martin Smash on Fri Aug 03, 2018 6:52 pm



The inn was quiet save for the soft music floating around it. It could be heard throughout the one floor inn, only a few rooms within. It was warm and a great place recommended by the all the locals. That's why Raijin was so displeased with the coming events. This place wouldn't survive the night intact.

Raijin stood on the outside of inn. There was a man inside that he needed to step out. It was almost night, the sun was still up and the sky was clear. There was nothing stopping this encounter. Raijin had finally found and tracked down an illusive terror to Lulusia.

Killing everyone that came across his path indiscriminately. Even killing a child. Johnny found this last front more than enough for him to confront. Mass murderers were common in this world. However even they condemn the murder of the highest innocence.

So meticulously Raijin searched the lands, but no one could hear no head or tail of this man. Until now...

He was also waiting for his backup. There had been nothing like the horror stories that came back about the victims of Martin Dallas. Notorious for literally smashing his victims either into pieces or the ground. No telling what allowed him to do this but it scared local police and even some of the armies men away.

They did not try as hard to find him less they loss their life in the process. Raijin feared no such thing. His Willpower wouldn't let him step down from a man like this. Leaving him free to do as he pleases like the Queen allows. Not anymore.


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2[Bounty] Martin Smash Empty Re: [Bounty] Martin Smash on Wed Aug 08, 2018 10:05 am



There was a loud roar all of sudden. Raijin's ears twitched as they heard the roar. His narrowed and his brow frowned. It seems trouble had managed to find him instead of him looking for him.
There was a large thud and then a crash, which had put Raijin on high alert. He started for the door, but as he reached for it, he was thrown backwards with a solid object.

It hit him hard and caused him to roll several meters backwards with the object. He came to a skidding stop and Raijin quickly got on his feet to asses the situation. There was some dust obscuring the face form the inn. But Johnny looked down to see what had hit him. It was the bard that singing within in the in just a few moments ago. His instrument was plastered and broken against his stomach and he as knocked out cold. A young man who didn't deserve this.

Out stepped the man yelling loudly about bad music. "That lil shit played a song I didn't want to hear."

"Then you should have left....Martin Dallas.: Raijin said nodding his large towards Martin.

Martin looked flabbergasted, "How the hell you know my name Cat?"

"You're coming in with me. Dead or alive."

With that it was Martins time to laugh," Raijin.

"Who are you supposed to be?"

"Lieutenant Raijin, of the Revolutionary Army"

Martin planted his feet down in anger as stepped outside fully. "Damn Rev's think you can take up the place?"

"No. Just want to take you."

3[Bounty] Martin Smash Empty Re: [Bounty] Martin Smash on Wed Aug 08, 2018 10:34 am



Martin grabbed his knees as they were planted into the ground. "Taking me was your worst idea."

Martin yelled and charged forward straight to Raijin. The Mink moved quickl. The bard was out cold and he had to get him out of the way. Raijin managed to scoop the boy by his feet as able to toss him out of the way in time. But he would not be able to get out of the way in time. So he steeled himself and stood his ground like and ox. "Tekkai"

Raijin felt something break as the mans fist pummeled into his stomach. There was a cackling sound, the sounds of Raijins electro Tekkai taking effect. Though it hurt, Raijin was able to send a shock into the hands of the Martin. Using both his hands to try and smash Raijin they were now temporarily paralyzed. Martin took a few steps back. Not used to seeing someone withstand one of his hits before.

Raijin crouched slightly and dashed forward using Soru. He moved at full speed, to catch the man off guard. Before the paraylsis wore Raijin prepared his final attack. "Shigan Madara!" Raijin aimed high and aimed low. The sent many Shigan point attacks into the man. Raijin counted and it was ten. Using all his fingers.

Raijin pulled his hand back to expect the damage. He moved no more, and blood began pouring from his wounds. It seemed as if Martin's nodded his head down and he was talking the full damage from his attack. It looked like Raijin won.

4[Bounty] Martin Smash Empty Re: [Bounty] Martin Smash on Wed Aug 08, 2018 10:49 am



However, that was the case. He almost didn't catch but wasn't quick enough to stop him. One of Martins hands weren't paralyzed at all. Then he swung with such ferociousness, that he had never been hit so hard in his life. Raijin literally flew into the air. Flying a almost ten meters away, Johnny flew into a small home, breaking it slightly.

That....hurt. Hes to strong. No wonder all his victims were crushed and the pieces were indecipherable Raijin had received MAJOR damage to his face and body. The crash was hard, he was glad he didn't break into anyones house. But only one punch and he almost put Raijin out of commission. How the hell can he still be standing. A ten point Shigan causing major damage. He was still trying to truck. Ignoring the powerful electro in his body from the Shigan. Looks like Raijin needed to hit him again.

He struggled to get off the ground after Martin sent him flying. He was pretty beat up from those Shigans to the chest. Almost the same as getting shot with a pistol. How could he lay another hit on him. He to was took Major damage to his chest and back. He had one last chance.

"Try hitting me again. You'll regret it." As with all hardheads, he obliged.

He started to run to cover the ten meter stretch. Raijin timed it right, and said Soru. Using Soru he was able to dash forward and catch him of guard once more. He struck out only once, putting one finger into the mans kidneys. Another electro shock he couldn't ignore, and this one brought him down. It wouldn't kill him but he'd definitely need some medical help after this. And maybe him. But not now. He bent down to pick the large man up. And went to take him to be turnt in.


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