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plot spots
Plot Spots are a position on the site to be filled by the members. As a Plot Spot holder staff will use you as a vessel to help steer the Plot of the site. You will be asked to perform certain acts that don't have your character's success or safety guaranteed. We look for unique characters that fit well into the Lore and Plot of the site and have great potential to be change things.Though you will be important to our Plot and Lore, being a Plot Spot holder does not mean you can't suffer an untimely death at the hands of another character.

Plot Spots can be permanently or temporarily earned by doing monumental things IC that force you to be acknowledged. Lastly, only those who have Will of D. or a Plot Spot have the aptitude to use Haoshoku Haki.

Will of D.

The Will of D. is a mysterious thing that has yet to be completely unveiled. They're said to be unique individuals guided by fate to go on to alter the course of the world may it be for good or bad. The World Government is aware of the Will of the D. and the fact those that bear the initial usually rise to become prominent figures. However, they have yet to pinpoint exactly what it means. That said, while they are weary of those with the initial D., they aren't exactly actively searching and eradicating those that possess it. Those who occupy a Will of the D. spot are given 2 in their Spirit & Willpower to start, despite their main attribute. If they choose Spirit & Will Power, it will instead begin at 4. Anyone can have the initial D. in their name, but they won't be true Will of the D. inheritors nor will they get the bonus.

Traditional Plot Spot

While not as grandiose as the Will of the D. these are still open Plot Spots for claiming.

  • Pirate: @Toon
  • Marine:
  • Revolutionary:
  • Vagabond:

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