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1[V] Old Scars Empty [V] Old Scars on Tue Jul 31, 2018 7:45 am

Boudica Morgan


Boudica Morgan
After Boudica had agreed to join the Calico Pirates, Boudica left the group for a little while, telling them that she had personal business to take care of. Specifically, Boudica had to reconnect with Janiyah, one of the women that Boudica and the Calico Pirates had rescued from Mother’s brothel house. Janiyah had a special connection to Boudica because the two of them were childhood friends at one point, with both girls being orphan misfits that struggled to fit into Kuja society. Boudica was banished at age 18, and Janiyah was banished at age 20, and both of them ended up in Baltigo at different times.

Boudica was not sure exactly what Janiyah had done to get herself banished from Amazon Lily, but it was a severe punishment, so Janiyah had to have something serious to get banished, even if she were a shunned outsider like Boudica. She left the deck and went towards where some of Mother’s girls were waiting. Boudica hoped to see Janiyah there, although she was still facing quite a bit of anxiety over facing Janiyah again.

Two years ago, when Janiyah first came upon Boudica, begging for help, Boudica turned her down, because she was too busy focusing on keeping herself alive. Living on the streets of Baltigo had hardened Boudica,  and she had forgotten what it was like to care for somebody, a feeling that Boudica didn’t rekindle until she met Lori, a girl she rescued from the Goliach Famiglia. It was only after Boudica began to care sbout Lori that she felt an immense pang of guilt over leaving Janiyah to fend for herself.

2[V] Old Scars Empty Re: [V] Old Scars on Tue Jul 31, 2018 8:00 am

Boudica Morgan


Boudica Morgan
It was this same guilt that led Boudica to search out Janiyah. She had devised a plan to rescue Janiyah in a stealthy manner, but by her luck, Jackal and the Calico Pirates were startling a full-blown war with Mother, and they were going to rescue Mother’s girl as part of their battle. Boudica fought with the Calico Pirates, feeling guilty that she wasn’t able to do more for Janiyah two years ago. After a short-term victory, the women were rescued, including Janiyah, and Boudica was now mentally preparing herself to meet with Janiyah, worried that Janiyah might hate Boudica’s gut and never want anything to do with her, which Boudica thought was a fair response, but she still hoped that she could rekindle her friendship with Janiyah.

Boudica entered the room, pushing open the wooden door leading into the room where Janiyah was situated. Janiyah was talking to some other woman who had also been rescued from Mother’s crutches, and they all seemed cheery and happy, celebrating their newfound freedom. Boudica hesitated, wondering if she should let Janiyah celebrate, without bothering her. It was a heavy topic to bring up after all, apologizing for having led Janiyah to the awful circumstances that she endured for two whole years. Boudica blamed herself for Janiyah’s predicament, and she could not see any reason for why Janiyah would bother to forgive Boudica. After all, Boudica had acted so selfishly and callously, to her only friend. Boudica thought that it must have felt awful for Janiyah, to be turned down by somebody she considered a good friend like Boudica.

3[V] Old Scars Empty Re: [V] Old Scars on Tue Jul 31, 2018 8:14 am

Boudica Morgan


Boudica Morgan
After hesitating, Boudica decided to leave the heavy conversation for another day, or possibly never have the conversation at all. She was worried about how the conversation might go, after all, Boudica was not exactly known for her high emotional intelligence. Having never had any real friends aside from Janiyah when the two of them were much younger, Boudica was slightly socially stunted, especially in the realm of normal, friendly interactions with other people. Having been a loner her entire childhood, then a prostitute when she first came to Baltigo, and now a wanted murderous pirate, there weren’t much space in Boudica’s hectic life for slumber parties and romance.

As Boudica was about to ascend into the deck, somebody had grabbed Boudica’s hand. She turned back and saw that it was Janiyah, who was grinning ear-to-ear. “Why are you sulking around in the corner, Boudica? It’s good to see you! You look so healthy!” Boudica was pleasantly shocked at the warm reception that she was getting from Janiyah. It felt like seeing an old friend again, and it was then she realized that it exactly the situation, Boudica and Janiyah were old friends reuniting once more. Boudica was too surprised to speak, so Janiyah started speaking again, “Are you alright, Bo? You look like you just saw a ghost. It’s just me, your old friend Janiyah, don’t tell me you don’t recognize me! You know, I missed you so much. I was really worried for you, but it looks like you’re doing better than alright!

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4[V] Old Scars Empty Re: [V] Old Scars on Tue Jul 31, 2018 8:53 am

Boudica Morgan


Boudica Morgan
After a long pause, Boudica started speaking again “Oh wow, it’s great to see you again Janiyah, I really missed you too. I never thought I’d see you again. I am so sorry for last time, I was so dumb, I should have helped you. I don’t know why you’re being so nice to me, I thought you would absolutely hate me guts for what I did. I wouldn’t blame you either, I hate myself for abandoning you like that too.” Janiyah’s mood suddenly became more serious, but she hugged Boudica right after, embracing her tightly. “You know, Bo, it’s all behind us. I’m just really happy you came for me. Me and the girls were so happy when Jackal and the Calico Pirates came, and when I saw you earlier,
I couldn’t believe my eyes. But I guess it wasn’t that surprising, after all, I always said you were destined for great things. Now that I think about it, being a pirate suits you perfectly!

Boudica started speaking again, saying “Thanks, I’m so sorry for treating you so badly back then. I don’t have any excuses for what I did, but I did want to make things right, and I tried to do that by rescuing you from Mother. But you’re right, I decided to be a pirate, and I think I’m throwing my lot with the Calico Pirates for now. They seem pretty cool, after all, they did rescue you. Besides, I need to help them take down Mother for good, otherwise none of us are safe.” Janiyah nodded in agreement, and said “Okay, well you should go back up out there and start planning, me and the girls will be taking it slow down there. Love you, Bo!” Janiyah said, before descending back into the room. Boudica felt very relieved that Janiyah had no hard feelings about what happened 2 years, and her focus shifted towards defeating Mother, so that the two of them could permanently put this chapter of their lives behind them.

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