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Over the pass few days, Odin had thought of many inventions. Some that could benefit the world and others that may help destroy it. Three of those inventions were some that Odin put great detail into. Unlike his other thoughts, those three were the ones he planned to use during his time in the Kingdom. You see, Odin’s Cell was much more a squad then a crew. It was currently only composed of two people (not including himself), but those two people were strong enough to do some damage. There was a Mink that was as quick and agile as a cat. As well as a man who seemed to always wear a man. Judan of the Wild Storm was a man of immense mystery. Anyway, Odin had thought of these items in order to further increase the power of the Black Ops Squad. To many, it may seem like that Odin was creating these objects to help other people. However, that was only a ploy to make both the company’s name and guild grow.

The equipment that Odin was about to issue out into the world was to simply benefit his cause. After their manufacturing, Odin would give out the inventions to those in his squad free of charge. The inventions granting them the ability to do a lot of things that a regular person wasn’t able to do. With the Binoculars, they would be able to see far and wide pass the Emerald District. As they spied on their prey waiting for the correct moment to attack. With the Gas Mask, they would be able to roam into dangerous territory without the harm of being affected by poisons. Whether they are from themselves or the enemy. And with the sleeping agent, he and his squad would be able to take people out without causing much commotion. However, Odin’s plans wouldn’t be complete until he crafted his final invention. Of course he had just previously made an agent that caused sleep. But that agent needed a canister, and that was what he was going to make.

Messing around with a piece of metal. Odin would attempt to make a small object that could hold the liquid. The metal would act as some type of bullet that the user could put in a bamboo stick and shoot it. However, the bullet itself was quite complex. It needed to be made so that once it impacts with something. The liquid would travel through the needle as if someone was injecting the agent. The details were rather boring, so he didn’t really want to dwell much in them. His hands would press hard against a piece of thin metal. Rolling it to the point where it would appear as a small tube. If one was to look closely, it was about the size of a D Battery. With enough room on the inside to hold a small amount of liquid. About the same amount that could fit in a bottle cap. The amount of liquid that could be held wasn’t much. But due to the liquid’s sheer power, much wasn’t needed to cause sleep. Hell, if anymore was to be injected in a target. A coma could be induced easily.

Deciding not to go off track, Odin would continue shaping the metal. Using a blowtorch, Odin would seal the small piece of tube shaped metal. Leaving only a small hole open where he would place a needle inside of. After welding the metal together, Odin would maneuver through his work bench for a spare need. After finding one, he would place it inside of the tube. He didn’t put all of it inside of the tube, as he didn’t want it to get held up by the bottom of it. So, only a small amount of space was left between the bottom of the tube and the needle itself. Enough to shoot all the liquid in the tube through the needle. After placing the needle in the tube, Odin would once again pull out the blowtorch. This time sealing the needing in the tube.

His task was complete. Observing the object, Odin would see that he had done a fine job. A fine job of creating trash that is. You see, Odin had forgotten one very important detail. How was the canister going to be able to inject the agent in someone when hit? And how was he suppose to inject the agent within the canister itself. He would throw the small piece of metal to the other side of the lab. He would grow in frustration. Odin hated sitting down for long periods of time. And hated it even more when he didn’t get anything correct on the first try. However, he knew that this invention would be the breakthrough for him to gain control of the next area. Sighing, he would pick up another sheet of metal from the table. Repeating the process, this time Odin would drill a hole in the bottom of the canister before placing the needle in. After drilling the hole, he would fill it up with a cap that could hold the liquid in. Similar to a champagne bottle. After capping the hole, Odin would place another needle on the opposite side. He figured that with the impact of the needle hitting something. The momentum would cause the agent to seep through the needle and into the target.

So, he wasn’t completely wrong with his first try. He just wasn’t thinking straight after figuring out he had done something wrong. Holding the piece of metal up. Odin would smile at the thought of his working being done, for now. “Weeks I have been thinking of inventions. Now it is time to craft multiples of them and send them throughout the world. Soon the face of Titan would be plastered all around the Grandline.” said Odin, as he referred to the symbol of both his company and Guild. The symbol of a spikey haired man with many limbs. Displaying the human anatomy.

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