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The night was young and the environment cold. It wasn’t long ago that Odin had made the blueprints for both his Binoculars and Gas Mask. Those two future inventions would likely change the balance of the world. The technology being able to see in the far distant and allowing the wearer to become immune to gas like poisons. Though, those two inventions were only used for support based missions. Over the few days after crafting the blueprints. Odin had thought of a agent that would make someone go unconscious once it was injected. There were many agents like it in the world. However, Odin also wanted to create a way for the user to shoot the agent at a person. The latter most likely being explained in the future.

Currently, Odin was scouring Greenie Pass for Valerian. A pink plant that resembled the large blossom trees that could be found all along the pass. The plant acted as a sedative that induced sleep after consumption. Odin was going to extract the trace elements in the plant, so that he could make his own play on it. With his large feet making imprints in the ground as he walked. Odin made sure not to step on any plants. He didn’t want to mistakenly step on the Valerian and crush his hopes of extracting the sedative. He was told by the many villages of Greenie Pass that the herb could be found in mostly dry areas. The herb being a member of the cacti family. Odin had already crossed the barrier that separated forest from village. With his walking, he would only go deeper inside of the forest.

As he maneuvered around the thick growth of trees and plants. He looked for spots that were more hot than others. Especially spots where shade wasn’t present. Though, even when he did find those spots. He would be met with moist mud from the previous rain showers that had occurred prior. So, the rain either killed off the Valerian or the herb simply didn’t grow in the moist ground. Soon, an hour would pass as Odin travelled around the forest. The hulking figure finally appearing in an area that wasn’t as shady, nor wet. All around him were many plants and flowers that resembled one another. He didn’t specify in the identity of certain plants. So he knew that it would be hard to find the one he was looking for. The only thing that separated Valerian from most herbs or flowers was that the petals were as small as a fly. And sat on top of a stem that could reach a maximum of two feet in height. Most assume that it wasn’t a herb, but weeds.

Odin didn’t care too much for what it really was. The only thing he knew was that it was able to benefit his needs. Anyway, touching, smelling, and looking at almost every plant that resembled the Valerian. Odin would soon come to encounter the herb. He knew what it was both due to its height and color. Though, the thing that set it off the most was the smell. It smelled like old milk. The smell itself was enough to cause Odin to double back. His body shuddering in the process as he tried to regain his senses. For such a little flower, it packed a huge punch. A smirk would appear on his face. Digging his hands in the dirt. He would tear the roots of the herb from out of the ground and place them in his herb bag. As minutes passed, Odin he collected nearly a whole field of Valerian. The bag he carried had become noticeably heavy due to him holding it up with two hands.

Now it was time for him to go back to the Guild Hall. He was contemplating on just dragging the bag back to the Common Grounds. But felt that if he did that it would rip. Then he would have to go and grab another bag. After that, who knew what would happen to the herbs that he left behind. Ignoring the heaviness of the bag, Odin would begin his ascent into the sky. The flapping of his wings flattening the terrain around him as he jetted off back towards the Common Grounds. He seemed to walk everywhere nowadays. His wings barely got any exercise. Do to this, as he flapped them he could hear them cracking. He would close in eye in both pain and relaxation due to the muscles being used. Within a few minutes, Odin had found himself once again back in the Common Grounds. It didn’t take long for him to enter the Guild Hall and carry his baggage to the lab.

After entering the lab, Odin would proceed by cleaning the dirt off both the roots and flower petals. After cleaning the herb, he would place them in a bowl and beat them with a hammer. Crushing them, turning them into what looked like oat meal. After crushing the Valerian, Odin would place them in a pot of water connected to a system of tubes that led to a single flask. Boiling the crunched pieces, Odin would extract the sedative inside the herb. The dark green liquid traveling from the pot and being cleaned as it made its way into the flask. An hour would pass before the whole process was done. Holding the flask up, Odin would eye the liquid that was gonna help him take the country away from the Queen’s grasp.

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