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1V Crafting III Empty V Crafting III on Mon Jul 30, 2018 10:05 am



The Titan Building was quite lively. It had been a mere week after the defeat of Red Dawn and it felt like the trio had been connected since birth. The newly made guild leader, Odin had already established himself a presence around the Common Grounds. By taking down the top mercenary guild. Titan had already risen through the ranks. The guiding having received tons of jobs.

Currently, Odin sat in his lab as he heard the “party” going on outside. After establishing the basis for his Gas Mask, he was thinking of what else to craft. On the table in front of him lay a single telescope. It was a unique creation by someone of unknown origin. That allowed the user to see for great distances. Odin felt that he could make a variation of the small object. Mostly people located in a ship’s bird’s nest used it, but Odin was thinking of making it more modern. The idea that he currently had was attaching two telescopes together and replacing the lens with more thicker and stronger ones. This would allow the user to see even further than before. And with not having to close one eye to see through a single lens. The user’s vision would have more focus while viewing through the equipment.

Moving his hand, Odin would pick up the telescope. Using his free hand, he would pull it out from its shortened state. Extending it too full length. Turning it in a full circle. He would examine the structure and the integrity of the object. It was made out of stainless steel with a lens crafted from many layers of glass. It was a wonderful creation indeed, but it wasn’t fit for the world that was slowly increasing with technology. With a quick thrust, Odin would connect both the table and the telescope. The telescope instantly breaking in pieces from the sheer force of Odin’s strike. Moving his hand through the rubble, Odin would come to pick up the large piece of glass that had set inside of the telescope. It was large, about three inches in diameter and a thickness of two inches. If he wasn’t so strong himself. He might would have said that the glass was heavy. But of course, even he couldn’t tell with his immense strength.

Putting the lens back aside on the table. Odin would pull out his trusty white coloring pencil, along with a sheet of blueprint paper. He would click the small pencil against the table. His mind pondering on how to start the outline for his new creations. The Binoculars. After figuring out how exactly the invention was going to look. Odin would begin drawing. His hand moving delicately over the blue paper. At first, he would draw a single telescope. After he drew that telescope, Odin would draw a single piece of material that connected the first telescope with the next he was about to draw. It wouldn’t take long for Odin to complete the sketch of his invention. After about an hour, he had drew up a complete sketch of the binoculars. He would eye the paper. Trying to decide if there were any errors in the future product. After seeing that there were none in view. He would lay back in his chair and lean back.

“Soon, the Revolution will cleanse this country of its Queen. And will lead the operation to do it.” muttered Odin as he thought of the future. He wasn’t a man who thought much of the future. He usually only focused on the things that happened in the present, or even the past. Focusing on the future could lead to being too deep in your thoughts. Most didn’t want that, but Odin had a mission to do. And unless he looked into the future every now and then. He would never be able to complete his goal. In the distance, Odin could hear the ticking of a clock. As if to further give details on his previous thoughts. Sighing, he would lean further back in his chair as if he wasn’t at the max already. A few more inventions before he could begin an act of treason within Lulusia Kingdom. The Binoculars and Gas Mask being one of the few things he would create. An act of terrorism was about to make its way soon. An exact time wasn’t known, but it could come.

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