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1Royal Flush Empty Royal Flush on Fri Jul 27, 2018 10:05 am



Voyage Approval: Here

Raijin wore a large brown cloak that covered his extremely giant body. He was trying to be inconspicious. Something he was never good at doing. But today he wanted nothing to be left to the imagination, so he gave it his best try. Hiding his large snout behind cloak was laughable but from a distance it would work.

He was waiting in an alley between places of business, a food store and a shoe store. Raijin was with another Rev as well. They were merely waiting for their contact to show. The contact was the reason for Raijin's shady entrance into the Common Grounds.

The man would be the third party initiate between a Nobleman in the Emerald District. He wanted to exchange information, but for a price. Speaking of price Raijin needed beli for a venture of his as well. He was helping Judan could help him out when he arrived.

Rajin leaned against the wall and thought of the gameplan. The contact had reached out to him because of his connections within the Revolutionary Army. Being Lietuenant he was able to see more and do more than the average soldier.

The Nobleman was especially interested in being a regular contact. As if he wanted a long relationship, possibly to further his own career. Or something else was happening behind the scenes. The Queens dangerous moves against the guilds was known all over the Kingdom, not it seemed as if she was biding her time. Raijin would work his way up to the Queen. If they were lucky, they could deal a massive blow against her. And lower her influence and power.

2Royal Flush Empty Re: Royal Flush on Sat Jul 28, 2018 8:09 am



The hybrid would drop down from the roof of the food store into the shady confines of the side alley, his landing leaving an audible thud more than loud enough for the enhanced senses of the Tiger Mink. His decision to traverse the Common Grounds by rooftop rather than streets was to better conceal his movements, this was a rather secretive meeting after all.  

In hand would be a small sack, filled with the pre-agreed amount of Beli that Judan was to provide. Thought a bit reluctant to pay an unconfirmed informant, the reward was worth much more than the risk. Besides, if things turned sour, they could always just find the informant and take the Beli back, plus interest. "Where's your guy? I took the scenic route just to give him extra time."

The words coming from behind Raijin as Judan stepped towards him, his senses still primed for any possible unknowns that could occur. The Common Grounds had proved to be quite the interesting and dangerous place as of late. Being unprepared was as good as being dead it seemed, and his penchant for living was a little too high to let the unknown be the death of him.

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3Royal Flush Empty Re: Royal Flush on Sun Jul 29, 2018 12:00 am



There was pause in the air. Suddenly a thud could be heard from behind Raijin. His large ears twitched under the large brown cloak. It seemed that Judan had arrived. Two Revolutionaries were in the Common Ground city, which was dangerous enough as is. The Guilds brought unnecessary attention to the place and it made it hard to move in city. Something Raijin would have to deal with eventually. He would need not only the Nobles but the Common Ground Guilds to play a major role in this operation.

It all would start with his contact. Judan came up behind him asking where his contact was. He also handed him a bag filled with beli for the contact. As if on cue. Down the alley it was as if a man materialized out of thin air. The man walked forward, the shadows hiding his presence however his silhouette could be seen. He was easily the size of Raijin, sporting a black cloak to hid his presence as well. He came within a few meters of them.

And it was Johnny who spoke first, "Thin man. This is my partner Judan. He's here to oversee negotiations."

"Negotiations will be short. There is only one thing we require from you." Thin man said, his sounds cackled and old. But filled with a certain malice that was indistinguishable.

Raijin eyes narrowed as he listened to his strong initiative. "We need this man to be removed." He took a small picture out of his cloak, and gave it so that Judan and Raijin could see it. The man looked familiar but there was nothing there that stood out. "He is the clients brother. He has outlived his usefulness. This will be payment instead of beli which we have plenty of."

"He wants us to kill a noble? And his brother on top of that. That'll take sometime to setup. However we want a guaranteed face to face meeting next time. And his seal."

"We are ready to provide an assurance to complete the job." The cloaked man also reached into his jacket and removed a small envelope. "All the information you need on the whereabouts and routes he takes daily. Complete this and you'll have my client in your debt."

Rajin looked back at Judan. It sounded like a crazy deal, but this would be their only chance to get on the same meeting ground with a Nobleman. However, Raijin liked the deal. "Just a moment." He turned around to Judan and said in a whisper, "They had this in the bag already. But sounds like our only play right now. I'm agreed to it. What say you?" He asked Judan.

4Royal Flush Empty Re: Royal Flush on Sun Jul 29, 2018 9:49 am



"I don't trust it." A stern tone to his voice as he spoke only within earshot of Raijin. A reasonable concern honestly, something about it all seemed off.

"Let's think about this for a moment, the relative of the client just so happens to have al this information wrapped up and ready to freely hand out? Not only that but they promise us an audience and support and we don't know who they are or what they look like. Even your informant is clad in secretive garb." His eyes shifting to the cloaked man as he spoke, making sure to never lose track of his position or actions. Nothing about the situation sat well with him at all, it had too many variables.

"Furthermore, there's nothing to actually confirm this informant is actually connected to the nobles. It could just be a ploy put in place by one of the guilds, or another party altogether. We could turn out as scapegoats for an assassination plot with no actual backing or support." This ploy seemed to be constructed in a way that was easy for the outside party to gain and even easier for Raijin and Judan to be thrown to the wolves.

And in the end, Judan never outright denied the opportunity. While he had no problem voicing his concerns, it was a struggle for him to entirely reject the mission. His time spent on Lulusia Kingdom made him realize how much of a change this place truly needed, and if this actually came to pass, this would be a great step towards that change. While definitely at a disadvantage, they weren't completely lacking leverage.

"Check to see if there's a seal on the envelope and let's determine if it ties to a noble house. We will also take in his scent and keep track of him, as insurance that we're not being fleeced for Beli and we can find him if anything goes wrong." Hoping that his concerns registered with Raijin and that he'd be on board with his suspicions, Judan would allow Raijin to make his move, it was his informant after all.

5Royal Flush Empty Re: Royal Flush on Mon Jul 30, 2018 6:50 pm



Raijin mulled over Judans thoughts on the situation. It was definitely all too fishy with little to no blow back on their part but plenty to blame on the Revolution. Raijin checked the envelope, on the back of the letter he was surprised to see a seal. Not just any seal, it was a seal to one of the Noble houses in the Emerald District. This was impossible to come by and could have only been given by the holder of the seal.

Raijin showed the seal to Judan and said, "They just may be serious." Thin man was here perceptive, for he spoke on their feelings.

"I assure you. That seal is our resolve to do great things."

Raijin turned around and acknowledged his clever timing. Then looked back to Judan, to say, "You're right, the seal was the deal. I'm sure they are up to something but I think we can go along with it." The White tiger mink shifted slightly. The Thin man was unnerving but he was feared around the underground. He got the job done.

The seal would be their proof that if they flipped, they would investigated for it anyways. There's no doubt the Queen would tear them apart just from allegations alone. There was much to fear from the power of the Queen and her control over the Kingdom. Raijin would find out their nefarious plans soon enough. That offing the brother was just first part of a much large plot. At the moment, all Raijin could see was a dangerous bet. One he'd be willing to wager.

6Royal Flush Empty Re: Royal Flush on Mon Jul 30, 2018 7:53 pm



A rousing turn of events. Things actually shined in their favor, if only slightly. The seal on the envelope a symbol of something more than just status and connection, it displayed opportunity. "A legit noble huh, maybe there's something to this after all." Obviously they weren't out of the woods yet though. Not only did they have to succeed, they had to make sure they did it right. They could let the narrative slip from their fingers and become nothing more than pawns for someone's bigger schemes, they had to leverage themselves during the entire ordeal.

"Were in." Assuring his partner of his compliance with the dangerous gamble. To get a little, you had to give a lot, and they would give everything they had.

"I figure it's best we don't drag this on any longer than we have to." Turning his back to both Raijin and the informant, he'd take a few steps away from them before leaping up towards the building, preparing to depart. They had little time to waste with their plots reaching new heights, and the possibility of them being caught grew with every second they spent together.

"Oh yeah!" Judan would call out as the stood atop of the same building he dropped from at the start of their meeting, turning to look at Raijin once more. "There's 15,000,000 million in that bag for you Raijin, don't let that walking stick fleece you!" A hearty laugh ringing out as he disappeared from sight, off to the next phase of his goals.


7Royal Flush Empty Re: Royal Flush on Mon Jul 30, 2018 11:19 pm



"We're in." Judan had added his two cents, after seeing the seal. The key ingredient to a new dangerous venture. With that Judan had agreed in starting this business relationship. Where they would doing the middle work for their bigger plans.

Raijin turned his attention to Thin man and said, "We agree. Along with a face to face after the deed is done. "

"Agree." Thin man said. "I will be lent to you as a liaison for this mission. We are serious on the matter. "

"You'll be hear from me. "

"I'll be waiting Raijin."

Thin man turned back around and walked down the long alleyway from where he first arrived. And just as eerie as he had arrived. He disappeared into thin air. Raijin guessed there was more than one reason why he was referred to as Thin Man. Sensing the meeting over. Judan took back to the roofs, scaling the walls like they were nothing. Before he took off however he looked back down to Raijin.

Informing him that there was fiften million beli inside the bag that Raijin assumed they'd need for the exchange. After the turn of events they did not need it for that anymore. Judan had said he should. Thankful Raijin saluted to Judan who disappeared. He was thankful for the back up and the donation, he could always use more money.

He tightened his cloak and started to make his way back out the alley and started headed back to headquarters. Raijin would have to some serious planning if all of this was to workout exactly how he wanted.


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