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1[V] An Ordinary Wench Empty [V] An Ordinary Wench on Thu Jul 26, 2018 7:39 am

Boudica Morgan


Boudica Morgan
Life on the streets of Red City were tough, especially for the people that had to live in the shadows, like Boudica did. Many districts were ruled by kingpins, most of whom were morally repugnant and willing to play dirty. Boudica had been living in District 2 ever since she was banished from the Kuja homeland of Amazon Lily, and it had been a tough existence, with every day being a struggle for survival. For young, attractive women like Boudica, living in District 8 meant that you could be kidnapped at any moment. District 8 was notorious for its numerous human smuggling rings, and they operated pretty brazenly in daylight, simply because what remained of the law enforcement simply accepted that they were no match for the countless gangs that ruled the city.

As Boudica trekked across the concrete jungle that was Red City, she encountered countless down-trodden homeless folk, who were often the victim of gang violence and human trafficking. Boudica knew their plight all too well, having been homeless in her first year in Baltigo. Boudica had to turn tricks to survive, and she never earned enough money to escape the cycle of poverty and homelessness, as all of the money that Boudica earned went towards staving off starvation and paying “protection money” towards a gang, a form of extortion exercised by the exploitative gangs towards defenseless women like her. At times, Boudica had felt like a slave towards the gang that claimed her as their “territory”, a shameful way of declaring her non-human and as part of their property, rather than an actual human being.

Boudica grew up as a perennial outsider, she never “clicked” with the other kids, and her meager existence as an orphan pushed her towards a life of crime even as a mere child. She grew up at an orphanage that felt more like a prison than a home, where strict rules and harsh punishments were applied liberally to the children that resided there. Boudica started to yearn for freedom, to live as she wished, and she felt as though Amazon Lily was too small for her dreams. Boudica wanted to be the Queen of Pirates, not just of Amazon Lily. She had grown to resent the island that had trapped her ambitions and kept her down for 18 years, and she was determined to leave at all costs.

Boudica had stolen a number of items and goods in order to prepare for her journey off the island, but she was caught by the local law enforcement, and brought in front of the Queen of Amazon Lily, who banished her from the island that both raised her and kept her captive. Boudica had mixed feelings about being forced to leave, as she had wanted to leave on her own, but Boudica felt a sense of intense excitement about getting the opportunity to explore the world outside of Amazon Lily.

WC = 486

2[V] An Ordinary Wench Empty Re: [V] An Ordinary Wench on Thu Jul 26, 2018 7:41 am

Boudica Morgan


Boudica Morgan
Unfortunately, upon arriving in Red City, a technologically advanced city ruled by strife and disorder, she realized that freedom had its perks and drawbacks. With no money, no friends, and no skills, she quickly realized that she had no choice but to turn to prostitution to survive. She had wanted to join a gang but all of them rejected Boudica, as she was both Kuja and a woman. As she worked the streets, a gang solicited weekly payments in exchange for “protection”, which was a complete farce, as the gang could not have cared less what happened to the women they were supposed to be protecting.

Boudica was still working the streets to this, but she had figured out that robbing her clients could be more lucrative, and she had been doing exactly that for several years. However, it was an inherently risky activity, as prostitution was solicited by people from all backgrounds, from Marines to Revolutionaries to Gang leaders, and it was at times difficult to tell what people exactly did. Not to mention that she could be recognized if she stayed in one area for too long, and as such, Boudica alternated between districts in order to avoid being caught by the men she scammed.

On this particular day, Boudica was in District 8, the district infamous for human trafficking, and one of the most dangerous districts to be in for her. Kidnappings of women were much more common, and if she wasn’t careful, Boudica could end up a slave at a Human Auction House or another evil establishment that profited from human trafficking. Boudica preferred to avoid District 8, but she had recently had little luck in the other, safer districts, as she had started to be recognized as a prolific robber of johns in Red City, especially in District 2, Boudica’s base of operations.

However, the people in District 8 were less informed about matters such as this, as they were an even shadier lot than in most other districts, somehow. Boudica was sitting on the sidewalk of a decrepit street, where the roads were crumbling and the nearby buildings had graffiti spray-tagged across almost every possible surface. There were some other girls on the exact same street, one in particular caught Boudica’s eyes. She was a young girl with bright green hair, who looked too young to be out on the streets like this. Two gruff-looking men popped out of a corner and stood next to the girl, grabbing her hands and dragging her away, to her resistance.

Boudica wasn’t sure of what was going on, but she felt compelled to help out the girl. She couldn’t sit by idly as a girl was being kidnapped and sold by human traffickers right in front of her eyes. She quickly ran over to the girl and her two captors, before stabbing both men in the back with her dual short-swords, before they could react. As the two men quickly fell the ground, Boudica grabbed the right hand of the girl and urged the girl to follow her, “Come on, you have to follow me, we’re in a lot of trouble!

WC = 524

3[V] An Ordinary Wench Empty Re: [V] An Ordinary Wench on Thu Jul 26, 2018 7:44 am

Boudica Morgan


Boudica Morgan
The girl complied and followed Boudica, struggling to keep up with Boudica’s speed. After running for a few blocks, Boudica turned around the corner into an alley, where she entered into a backdoor. Inside was a small storage space where Boudica temporarily lived and hid out in. The storage space was cramped and filthy, likely abandoned by its previous owner, but Boudica had found it and been using it as a temporary base of operations whenever she is in the area. Boudica peeked out the door and made sure nobody had followed them, and closed the door when she was satisfied. The girl looked frightened and shocked, and Boudica genuinely was not sure what to do next. The two of them had to leave the district as soon as possible, but it would be a dangerous journey. The gangs had spotters all around the district, and they ruled the streets. It was a small miracle that the two of them were even able to make it to the hiding spot in the first place, and they would need a lot more luck to get out of the district alive.

Boudica brought out a cloak, and placed it in front of the girl, “Here, wear this, your green hair is going to be an easy giveaway. We have to leave the district and we need to do it as stealthily as possible. Those guys, they aren’t going to stop until we’re both in a ditch six feet under.” The girl took the cape from Boudica’s hands and placed it over her head, concealing her bright-coloured hair. She started speaking, “Thank you for saving me, my parents left me here with some strange men and they said they were taking me away for my first client. I tried to stop them, but they threatened to hurt my family…

Boudica felt a tinge of sadness for the girl, who seemed to have been abandoned here by her family. It wasn’t uncommon for poor families to sell their daughters to the gangs here in the 8th District, and it seemed as though the same thing happened to the green-haired girl in front of her. Boudica broke the silence and said “It’s no problem, what’s more important is that you have to get away from District 8. My name is Boudica, what is your name?” The girl replied in kind, “I guess you’re right, my name is Lori, it’s nice to meet you, Boudica.

Boudica felt a weird sensation, she felt protective over Lori, the younger girl she had rescued from a human trafficking gang. She emphatized with Lori, while she was never sold off by her family, she was left here in Red City to fend for herself in a strange, unfamiliar world, by her people, the Kuja Tribe. It was a feeling of abandonment that stung, despite the newfound freedom that Boudica had obtained. Boudica wondered if it was her maternal senses, something that she had never experienced before. Surviving in the streets of Baltigo had hardened her, she betrayed allies when necessary, and she knew better than to never get attached to anybody else, but it was if Boudica’s emotions had gotten the better of her, as she was knowingly letting herself get attached to Lori, even though it was a bad idea and Boudica knew that it was a bad idea.

WC = 560

4[V] An Ordinary Wench Empty Re: [V] An Ordinary Wench on Thu Jul 26, 2018 7:48 am

Boudica Morgan


Boudica Morgan
Boudica started speaking once again, and said to Lori, “Anyway, we have to get going. The faster we get going, the less trouble we will probably run into.” Lori nodded in agreement, and the two of them started walking towards the exit of the small, cramped storage space. Boudica peeked her head out the door and exited the space after confirming that there were no murderous gang members waiting outside of the storage space. Boudica gestured towards Lori and the two of them ran onto the street, trying to avoid direct eye contact with any strangers, and trying to move in a way that wouldn’t draw any unnecessary attention.

As the two of them had walked several blocks, Boudica noticed several men following her and Lori. As she pulled closer to a corner, another two men popped up and pointed their swords at Boudica and Lori. The taller of the two men spoke up and said, “Hold it right there, you two gals. I heard you two caused a bit of trouble for us earlier. We gotta deal with that, don’t we?” Boudica whispered to Lori, “On my signal, I want you to run away as fast you can. I will take of these idiots, you have to trust me. Don’t look back, it’ll only slow you down.” Lori looked as though she was about to start crying, but she nodded and gave a look of determination to Boudica.

The tall man started speaking again, saying “Luckily for you two, you’re such pretty girls. We might let you off the hook with a few broken fingers, before you start working for us. Aren’t you two so lucky? If you were anybody else, you’d both be dead right now.” Boudica replied to the man, “You know what, I think I’ll pass. I’ve tried working for other people, but I didn’t quite enjoy it. I think I’m more of an independent contractor, you know?

The man smirked and said, “I sure do like girls who put up a fight. Get ‘er boys!” The four men that were following Boudica and Lori suddenly charged at the two girls, with weapons drawn. Two of them had a sword and the other had an axe, none of them seemed particularly strong, but Boudica knew that if she got drawn into an extended battle on their turf, more and more reinforcements would come, so it would be better to take them down once and for all. Boudica signalled to Lori, who darted out of the field, before Boudica used her Devil Fruit powers to meld a large hammer made out of mochi, before striking the four men with it, sending them hurtling towards a building on the side of the road.

The ringleader seemed to have commanded the man next to him to chase Lori, but Boudica sent a large volume of mochi flying towards the man chasing Lori, trapping the man to a building, with the mochi’s sticky property. The ringleader laughed and said, “A Devil Fruit user, this’ll be fun. Maybe you’ll be more useful than expected! After all, I heard that if you eat the body of a Devil Fruit user, you get their powers! I hope you’re delicious!” Boudica thought he was absolutely crazy, and drew her weapons, the Marbtach, the dual blades that were Boudica’s weapons of choice.

WC = 557

5[V] An Ordinary Wench Empty Re: [V] An Ordinary Wench on Thu Jul 26, 2018 7:52 am

Boudica Morgan


Boudica Morgan
The man unsheathed his longsword and charged at Boudica. As he got closer, he raised his longsword in the sky, and brought it down on Boudica with overwhelming force. Boudica parried the attack with both of her blades, but the man was strong, and she lost grip of her two blades, dropping them to ground. Boudica jumped back, trying to put some distance between the two of them before the man struck again. The man said to Boudica, “I want you to remember the name of the man who will kill you today. My name is Ottabio Mercer and I work directly for the big guy, and man, am I going to get a big promotion after I get your Devil Fruit!

Ottabio once again charged at Boudica, but Boudica dodged his strike, before doing a sidesweep and knocking Ottabio off his feet. She quickly ran towards her weapons, that were now on the ground, and picked them up, just as Ottabio regained his balance. “Oh now you’ve really done it. I am going to tear you limb from limb, send a message to other whores like you, that you can’t mess with Ottabio Mercer!

With her weapons drawn, Boudica was determined not to let this be the end of her. She had struggled so hard for the past 4 years, it wasn’t going to end today, not to somebody so pathetic like Ottabio. The tall man once again charged at Boudica, this time preparing a slash from the side. Boudica dropped down the ground, rolling to dodge his attack, before stabbing the man in the leg, drawing a good amount of blood from him. The man screamed in pain, but he regained his composure quickly and swung his sword at Ottabio. Boudica created a barrier made out of Mochi to counter his attack, but the sword went through the Mochi fairly easily, although Boudica once again dodged his attack. Despite the sword cutting through the Mochi, it still stuck to the sword, and Ottabio was struggling to take his sword out of the Mochi.

Boudica used this opportunity to create a hammer out of hardened mochi, before swinging the hammer at Ottabio. The man abandoned his sword with the created Mochi, dodging Boudica’s attack, and throwing a heavy punch at Boudica, which landed squarely on her face, sending her staggering backwards. Ottabio gathered his palm together and raised them the sky, preparing to land a final blow on Boudica, but she barely managed to dodge his attack, jumping back. At point blank range, Boudica summoned an overwhelming volume of mochi, sending it flying towards Ottabio, who was taken back the amount of force that the mochi had gathered. He was sent flying back to a building. Weakened, he struggled against the mochi but could not find the strength to break free.

As Boudica gathered her swords and walked over to Ottabio, preparing to end his life, more gang members showed up, and Boudica cursed herself, getting ready to escape this scene. This was exactly the type of drawn-out battle that Boudica wanted to avoid. But before she left, she yelled out to the depraved bystanders and the incoming gang members, “My name is the Red Succubus, I have taken down this pathetic man today, and one day, I will be the Queen of the Pirates!

Boudica darted across the streets of District 8, hoping that her taking down Ottabio would quell any short-term desire to hunt her down. Boudica entered the boundaries of the next district as if she had just finished a marathon, full of happiness and pride for having taking down a strong high-ranking gang member. She no longer felt like the helpless 18 year old that she was when she came to Baltigo. Now she was one of the predators, not just the prey, and she felt damn good about it.

WC = 645
Total WC = 2,772

Name: Tubaisteach Ord (Devastating Hammer)
Description: Boudica transforms her hand into the head of a hammer (4 feet wide with 3 feet length) using a large volume of hardened Mochi, before slamming the hammer into her opponent.
Range: Short (15 meters)
Attribute: Strength & Power - 2
Rank: Novice

Name: Glic Ardachadh (Sticky Elevator)
Description: Boudica gathers her palms together and unleashes an overwhelming volume of extra sticky Mochi (the size of the initial “elevator” is 7 feet by 4 feet) against her opponent, causing blunt damage if a direct hit occurs, and trapping the opponent in the sticky, strong substance.
Range: Medium Range (30 meters)
Attribute: Strength & Power - 2
Rank: Novice

Name: Duilich Sgiath (Resolute Shield)
Description: Boudica places her palms at the front of her body and forms a thick, sticky (2 meters tall and wide) barrier made out of Mochi. The created Mochi is thick enough to absorb small bullets and absorb weak physical blows, with the secondary effect of making it difficult to dislodge back the weapon or limb from the sticky substance.
Range: Contact
Attribute: Endurance & Durability - 1
Rank: Novice

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