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1 Ignition Stone - Part 1 [Voyage Registration on Wed Jul 25, 2018 12:44 pm

Phoebe Dabria

Phoebe Dabria
Voyage Name:Ignition Stone - Part 1
Location:Lulusia Kingdom
Participant(s): (Group
Description: A group of malious Pirates are robbing a common folk establishment in the Common district, and they have no sense of decenty.

Phoebe finds herself instinctively getting involved, and thus finds herself outnumber several other Revolutionary join the fray. 

The enemy weapons will appear to do more damage to buildings due to containing sea prison stones. 
Beat the Pirates, Join the crew and realize the existence of sea prison stone.



I'm assuming this is related to the BBS event since you're referencing Sea Stone and that's the only way to go about it at the moment.


Phoebe Dabria

Phoebe Dabria
Complete Link

Also would like to have it confirmed that i stole his shirt and that he needs to buy another one to rp with one if possible. Note: Ignore the seas stone part, we didn't finish that aspect as time ran out. Just a standard robbery stopped.

Winged Menace


Winged Menace
So I'll be your grader for this. Well in my opinion despite the situation it was written in a way I felt was more comically relief than anything, your descriptive detail was nice although the combat scenes were lacking quite a bit of detail to enrich the story, other than that there weren't many grammar errors so good job.


6,000,000M Beli

+1 Prestige (You caused quite a commotion  engaging them and people will remember your face.)

9,000,000M Bounty (Like I said caused quite the commotion but as a citizen what you did was technically illegal and you are considered a threat to the public.)



2/2 needed @Kaito, @Lady Sofia @Melly



Nice topic, interesting read.

Wingeds rewards stand.

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