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1Emri's Trial (Voyage) Empty Emri's Trial (Voyage) on Wed Jul 25, 2018 7:20 am



The assailants would remain hidden within the greenery, though no longer attempting to hide their presence after being discovered, they'd speak back to Judan, as if to entertain their prey.

"Hehehehe, don't you know the dangers of traveling alone? I hear there are bandits around these parts, you're lucky we stumbled upon you." The stench of deception dripping from the man's lips as he spoke in a slippery tongue. The rustling of the trees would confirm Judan's suspicions of multiple enemies in the area, while not having an exact number he estimated it to be at least three men spying on him. Favorable odds for them if they were facing any one of a lesser skill. Judan was already prepared for the encounter and would meet their treachery with his own.

"Haha, lucky huh? Is that so?" He could smell the cold iron they had brandished towards him, their intent well and clear to him.

Opting to make the first move, his right hand would drift down to the handle of Canimo, withdrawing it with a swift ferocity as the barrel whistled through the air as if priming itself for the unnerving bang that escaped shortly thereafter. The rounded bullet would twirl through the air as the machinations of the revolver worked in tandem. Its target was the bandit who saw himself capable enough to taunt Judan from the assumed safety of the shadows. While expecting the sound of flesh being torn asunder by the impact of the small iron construct, the only resulting sound would be that of pierced fauna.

The cancerous laughter from before would spring forth again, obviously amused by the Revolutionary's failings. "Hehehehehe, was that for me?" Judan held firm, doing his best to access the situation at hand. The bandit's ability to dodge his attack with no forward notice lent itself to the idea he was no mere barbarian, it would take a keen eye to notice his intent, or something more. Combining this fact with the cover of the forest gave the thieving group quite the advantage, though it surely didn't guarantee them victory.

Their arrogance was largely misplaced, they were already revealing their hand, and he had yet even drawn from his extensive deck. All of his senses would be committed to remaining aware of their locations and movements, he would have to thin them out one by one before they could overpower him through sheer numbers.

Bored of playing with their mouse, the two of the three would spring forth hoping to make short work of the lone traveler. They both wielded swords of common renown, nothing special to them whatsoever. They would attempt to strike in unison, guiding their blades towards the chest of Judan from both sides. The paltry power pushing their swings forward would make it a simple task for his scales to latch onto to their blades, both arms flaring upwards, covered in the animalistic armor blessed upon him by the Wani Wani no Mi.

A visible surprise would overtake the attacking duo, surprised at how he countered their initial assault. They would be further disenchanted by the attack that followed shortly thereafter. With the edges of their blades gripped by the harden scales that protected his outer forearm, he would quickly shift his arms downward, snatching the blades from their grasps. His arms would quickly cross themselves in front of his chest, building a powerful resistance before they shot out at his sides, his elbows aimed at the same chest area they so anxiously targeted.

The violent collision of the scale bound elbow and the tender flesh covering their chests would end with a gruesome crunch, their chest's caving it from the sudden impact that befell them. Their bodies would retreat, both flying a short ways away from Judan, landing on their backs as they writhed in pain and regret. Their pathetic display of combat would be met with silence, Judan's energy instead spent on removing the swords lodged between the scales on his arms, throwing them a short way in front of him, his preparedness never faltering as one enemy still remained.

His response would be different from what most would expect though. Showing no remorse for the destruction of his comrades, the strangeness of the bandit further displaying itself. "Hehehehe, you're stronger than you look. Fun, fun, fun."


2Emri's Trial (Voyage) Empty Re: Emri's Trial (Voyage) on Wed Jul 25, 2018 9:48 am



A cold chill would feel the air, or more accurately, it would grip the spine of Judan.

Something was different about this one, his goal never faltered in stalking about, making a game of out his encounter with Judan. Paying little mind to the state of his comrades or the fashion in which Judan put them there, his perverse desire never seemed to change. He was here solely for the thrill of the hunt, no payment, no reward, no prestige, simply the feeling of adrenaline coursing through his veins and the satisfaction of victory. Too bad he was placing his will up against that of a natural born predator.

"Do I have to catch you or are you going to come to me?" His words prodding at the pride of his adversary, seeming only to be banter but in truth a ploy to gather more information on the savage. Hearing his voice would further reveal where he was hiding, requiring less effort on Judan's part to track him.

"Anything worthwhile is worth the work, hehehehehe." His words playing about towards Judan's back, about seven meters from his current position.

Leaving little time between his statement and his assault, Judan would use as much speed as he could muster to leap backward, claws at the ready as his right arm drew behind him. The momentum behind his arm would grow as it thrust forward towards the last known location of the bandit. His fate was determined to be the same as his brothers, at least in Judan's mind. Once again, his expectations and reality would find themselves on two separate paths.

Instead of soft flesh spreading underneath the strength of his claws, a hardened, structure would stop his attack in its tracks. Though not supported by the full force of his strength, the fact his attack was stopped was a definite surprise, his eyes attuning themselves to the visuals that appeared before him, his eyes digesting the answer to his shock. Ethereal energy would clad the forearm of the bandit, the smirk of victory peering behind it.

Though far from the perfect defense, the feeling of cracks and slit in the energy field present within the receptors of Judan's sharpened claws, it was enough to grant the bandit safety from his onslaught. In short turn he would swing the arm forward, using its protection to add strength to the swing, forcing Judan back. Taking a brief moment to compose himself after his abrupt landing meters away, the situation would be assessed with a calm haste.

It would take but a brief dive into his memory banks to recall his encounter with this energy before, though the previous user displaying a much more potent handle on the rare skill. Still the revolutionary was aware that it would be no small task in dealing with the newfound nuisance. "Haki huh? You're just full of surprises." Enlightened on the name of the mysterious force, little more than that was known by Judan, its true usage, and capabilities still unknown to him.

"Hehehe, so you know of it. You should be more afraid than you are if that's the case." The ravenous drip of pleasure seeping from his words as he sprung from the safety of the trees into the same clearing Judan shared, forgoing the benefit of secrecy for a direct confrontation. A glistening force would continue to radiate from the single arm that it clung to. Judan would show no signs of fear, fully intent of dispatching the barbarian and continuing on to his original destination, a smirk would creep across the lower half of his face.

"So you decided to come to me after all."


3Emri's Trial (Voyage) Empty Re: Emri's Trial (Voyage) on Wed Jul 25, 2018 8:13 pm



The bandit would rush towards Judan, the same arm from their previous encounter exuding the vibrant energy known simply to him as Haki. Judan took note of the fact the energy only seemed to exist on the single arm of his attacker, prompting him to test out a theory he had. The mark of the crocodile's hunt was studying their prey's habits, this fight would be no different.

As he neared Judan, his Haki clad arm would drawback, an obvious attempt to amplify its striking power. Though the bandit's mastery over Haki was far inferior to the level Judan previously encountered in his past, he still had no intentions of underestimating the mythical force his adversary brandished against him. Putting himself in harm's way with the intentions of blocking the attack was deemed unfavorable in his mind, instead opting to sidestep the lunge coming his way. He would purposely step tot he side opposite of the Haki covered arm, a necessary step in confirming if his theory was correct or not.

As his feet dug into the ground after the abrupt sidestep, a single leg would raise, thrusting forward towards the exposed midsection of his prey. Bingo. The sole of his shoe would collide with the rib cage of his attacker, causing noticeable pain as his trajectory quickly shifted as a result of the impactful force. His body would go careening through a nearby brush, worse for wear to say the least.

"Hehehehe, it seems as though you're a one trick pony." Judan would speak mockingly as he imitated the laugh the bandit seemed so fond of.

His suspicions had been confirmed, and not a moment too soon either. The bandit he faced was only capable of exerting his control of Haki over a single part of his body, seeming to favor his right arm more so than anywhere else. While a no doubt powerful ability, it was far from unbeatable. "How did you learn to use Haki?" He'd inquire as the bandit slowly rose from his splayed position. The arrogance he previously displayed now replaced with frustration.

"You simple boy! You don't even understand what it is you're asking!" Forgoing answering the question that was directed towards him as he steeled himself for another round of battle. A deep inhalation would remove the frustration that only moments ago radiated from his body. Calming himself before advancing towards Judan once again, his assault would mirror that of the one from earlier.

Arrogance was an infectious disease, it crept into you and subjected your sensibilities to the thoughts and actions of the unwise. The man-beast saw the attack as nothing more than desperation, the bandit too stupid to concede to the better fighter and simply lashing out in hopes of some miracle. This line of thinking was nothing more than sheer arrogance. Judan would intend to react in the same manner as he did before, focusing on the glossy right arm.

As the clenched fist of the Haki covered arm was sent toward Judan, he would begin to parry in a similar fashion to before, this time planning to exploit the same opening presented to him prior. The best fighters could always notice the tells of their targets, and Judan was showing one judge tell. With the closing in of the fist, his eyes would never leave it, already beginning his sidestep, except, he couldn't.

Mysteriously, sharp pain rang through his side, the same side he was trying to dodge towards. Oh, what a turn of events. In truth, the bandit had already anticipated Judan's every move, creating a feint with his right arm, he would dissolve the Haki covering it at the last moment and shift it to his left leg, knowing that Judan would only focus on his right arm. The impressive kick would send Judan into the trunk of a nearby oak tree, its massive form the only thing stopping him from flying through it, further into the forest.

Blood would sprout from his mouth like vomit upon impact, there was no way for him to hide how potent the attack was. His body would reel in pain for a moment as it registered the damage it had suffered from the kick and subsequent collision. Such a fucking idiot, even amid the numerous feelings and sensations registered in his mind, the one that rung above all others was the fact he fell for something so simple.

A few more spurts of blood would be coughed up as he rose to his feet, wiping the streak of blood dripping from his mouth with the back of his wrist. His eyes trained on his foe with a newfound resolve, wholely determined to surmount this obstacle and finish his goal.


4Emri's Trial (Voyage) Empty Re: Emri's Trial (Voyage) on Sun Jul 29, 2018 10:41 am



"Impressive. Your lifeforce is raw but incredible."

The venomous laughter of the bandit absent from his previous statement, choosing to actually acknowledge the incredible will and essence that bore from the revolutionary's being. Judan didn't fully understand what his words meant but respected the praise from one warrior to another. Nodding in response as he did his best to hide the persisting pain, the sense of advantage seeming to shift once again to the bandit. There was no time to be frustrated nor doubtful, this wasn't the end of his journey.

"It's not often that I do this." Slits growing over his eyes as a third lid grew, the shape of his pupils thinning to slits. The beast was finally awakening.

His frame would more than double in size, a black tint covering his body as the darkened scales built upon him layer after layer. A bulking appendage would extend from his backside, heavy in composition as it slapped against the forest floor with an intimidating thud, leaving ruin where it smashed apart twigs and branches. Fang upon fang would protrude from his mouth, muscles in his jawline refining themselves to increase his biteforce. Two his sides, two massive claws, easily capable of separating flesh from bone. He had transformed into a prime killing machine, much to the surprise of the woodland thief.

"You're a devil fruit user?!" Surprise heavy in his tone, naive to the fact he was combating a Zoan user. "Your lifeforce is even stronger now! You're perfect for the art, join me and I can teach you!"  A tactic employed by the bandit to try and garner a new powerful ally, dangling the promise of new knowledge and power. A powerful bait for many seeking new abilities, Judan included.

A very clever plan from the bandit, he was well aware of Judan's knowledge of Haki, though he was certain he didn't know how to utilize it. If he did he would've used it to defend himself by now. All that raw, untamed potential, going to waste. He could prosper on two fronts, sparing himself the potential outcome of death and gaining a new pawn of considerable strength, it was the smart play overall. How unfortunate that his attempt would end in futility.

"That's an incredible offer. I'd love to be able to control that kind of power." A genuine desire in his voice as the thought of gaining a power he knew he'd encounter again flashed in his mind with each passing moment. His eyes would close gently, almost as if he was contemplating the decision that laid before him. To his surprise, instead of visualizing thoughts and fantasies of power, he would notice something of an even more fantastic nature.

A vibrant color would dance in front of him, a sort of aura. Upon first look, he couldn't understand what his playing out in mind's eyes,  though a moment of clarity would help him decipher his vision. The aura would hold a form, the same visage of the bandit that stood before him. The sight brought on familiar sensations of a previous encounter he had with a Haki user long ago (HERE). It was as if he could read the aura, giving him the sensation of desperation and envy, as well as treachery. Was this what the bandit was feeling?

His eyes would open with a cold sternness, seeming to stare right through the Haki user. Finally ready to give his answer to give his answer, he'd speak firmly. "I just can't sell myself short, my parents were slaves to the schemes of others, I will not follow their lead." The gap between them would be swallowed in mere moments upon the end of his sentence, his Primal Hunt covering the ground with incredible speed. He'd appear to his prey's side, his hulking frame sending a vicious fight into the face of the bandit, the force behind it spinning his body around violently. The impact was a shock to him as he had to act quickly, planting his arm into the ground to keep his body from being thrown into the hardened earth beneath him.

Adrenaline would drive his response, much like an animal trapped into a corner, he would do everything he could to try and survive the onslaught of the Wani Wani no Mi. Shifting his momentum back towards Judan from the crouched position he was forced into, the same right arm he favored from before would be covered in all the Haki he could muster, aimed at the midsection of the giant crocodile that loomed over him. The swift strike would mean to be his deciding factor, attacking in the opening left from the lofty hook Judan had just delivered.

"Die beneath my will!" His battle cry echoing throughout the forest, a smattering of passion and fear melding together into the knuckles of the heavy thrust. To his desire, the fist would collide with the scaly underbelly of his enemy, a clean shot. A smile crept across his face, sure that he had dispatched the Zoan user with the full might of his assault. Another swing in the pendulum would prove him wrong, however. Two monstrous claws would grip his outstretched arm, shifting his smile to an opened mouth expression of terror.

He would look up to the sight of a wincing Judan, the strike as true as it could be, the pain he felt was real, severe, but his will to win drove him beyond it. His goal was to capture the man, holding him close in order to ravage his body with the natural weaponry of his full crocodile form. The bandit froze in shock, making the ordeal even easier. Without warning, the same tail that emerged from his back would be moved with a frightening precession, lunging forward to pierce the chest of the bandit, separating bone from bone and flesh from flesh.

A splatter of blood would escape from his mouth as his wide-eyed expression remained, though the life in his body had already escaped, the remaining corpse falling limp on the end of the tail. A flick of his tail would remove the body from its end, landing a short ways away from where Judan stood. His frame would begin to shrink back down as he reverted to his human form, falling to his knees as the process neared it ends, succumbing to the pain he had suffered from the lengthy battle.

"Ugh ... not yet ..." Forcing himself to his feet, carried more by his spirit than anything else. One last once-over of the area would reveal that he had dealt with all of the bandits that saw him a suitable hunt. Without words, he would continue on the path he originally walked, following the guidance of the villagers to the destination the bandits tried to keep him from.

The journey would prove rough with his injuries, though he had already covered the majority of the ground between the village and lady Emri's home before he bandits interrupted him. He would arrive outside the front of a small home, rather mundane in nature yet tucked away in the dangerous lands of Greenie Pass. As he neared the structure he would notice an elderly woman standing outside of an open door, her eyes closed as she revealed nothing more than a smile.

"Oi mino, I've been waiting for you."



DIALOGUE - Bandit, Lady Emri

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