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1(Gran Voyage) The Uprising Empty (Gran Voyage) The Uprising on Mon Jul 23, 2018 6:42 pm



GV Approval here:

Arc 1

They were doomed. As soon as he would be to wrap his hands around...

Deep breaths. He thought to himself. Johnny D. Raijin stirred as he tried to come back. It was unnatural what had just happened to him. Almost zoning out and imagining the worse things a living being could do to another. It was the things he had seen inflicted upon innocents. He used to be innocent. Then he realized in life, you were bound to lose it anyways.

His frayed thinking was spurred him to lose focus for a second as he talked to his Captain. Who's voice seemed to echo back into reality, "-you can understand the concern with the recent attacks?"

"Yes sir." He replied quickly. Smooth. No alert to his phasing out of the conversation occasionally.

The Captain went on describing the reason for his mission. Today they were investigating a ring of attacks, to well coordinated for the low-lives they were used to dealing with. "The villagers are scared for their lives. The Marines won't nothing to do with these bandits because of the Queen. Another check mark to the governments non-involvement with the people for political reasons. There were fatalities last time. Find out what you can from the people. Let them know there is hope. And there is help."

The Captain fully believed he was capable of the job. He was right. Raijin was capable, but not out of duty. But of hobby, he made a sport of hunting those who deemed unworthy. These bandits, were unworthy.

"Sir yes sir." He saluted his Captain and grabbed his jacket off the chair in front of him. Then he preceded to leave the briefing room. Captain Romos took a sip of the black coffee on the table as he watched Raijin leave.

"Let's see if your mother is correct..."

2(Gran Voyage) The Uprising Empty Re: (Gran Voyage) The Uprising on Mon Jul 23, 2018 11:11 pm



A few hours later.....


Raijin walked with long powerful strides. Covering ground particularly well, two other people cloaked with a brown covering were struggling to keep up. Raijin being a Mink, and being such a large one, covert operation weren't totally his forte. So he walked into situations as brazenly as himself. He was the shock trooper. When stealth doesn't cut, surely his claws could. This particular shock group was only to get Intel on who was actually planning these small raids on village and villagers when they least expected.

Johnny was treated with a beautiful scenery much like his home island of Zou. He never spoke of Zou to any of the Rev's nor did he want to disclose it. He was taken at such a young age however he still remembered much about island. This was a pleasant reminder of the good times before they went bad.

The two others were Marksmen sent in order to keep an eye on things with Raijin. They were to watch his back while they investigated. The situation was incredibly odd and they needed to precede with caution. They group said nothing as they were naturally fearful of their own leader. His attitude didn't help the tension people felt being such a large being.

Though in time, they fell in line. Though serious he was always about getting results. The winning the war was important to winning the battle. Such events such as Bandits was just scourge on the earth, for people like Raijin to exterminate. They finally came upon a small village that was the first to be hit by the Bandits.

They didn't know much but for some reason it was targeted first and they took most of their valuables as tribute for keeping them alive. For when another village denied the stipulations, they were met with death. It was indiscriminate, the way they cared not for life. It would be the same type of affection he would show these Bandits if he were to run into them.

3(Gran Voyage) The Uprising Empty Re: (Gran Voyage) The Uprising on Thu Jul 26, 2018 5:08 am



Romos and Kilt. The two very skilled marksmen sent to watch the back of Raijin as they both progressed through the outer village border. Romos was a rather large human, but was the softest looking cat you'd ever see. Kilt was woman who for whatever reason, doesn't see herself as a woman but that men were still inferior to her. A complex she didn't see made no sense, but she stuck by it.

It was very small village, not many huts or houses out here. The citizens were all out and about. Getting the bare minimums for the day, water from a well, grains of rice to feed their livestock. Bread and water for the family that couldn't afford to eat it very much either. Raijin's personal vendetta clouded his empathy. He did not feel for these people, however he knew it was wrong. He reared his head up to catch unfamiliar stares.

Minks were rare finds. So of course eyes would be drawn to them. Children pointed up with a awed expression at the large white tiger. Johnny showed no emotion as he brushed past the boys. They were trying to look for a suitable person who might know what had happened. When they were treated with what Revolutionaries called 'luck'.

There was a ruckus on the other side of the village, shouts and frantic cries could be clearly heard. Raijin glanced backwards. He saw the head of Romos and Kilt perk up, the Lieutenant jerked his head forward and they rushed through the village. They turned a corner and they came upon five rough looking individuals, they were dressed in tatters but they had on things that did match their clothing style.

Gold bracelets but tattered robes, swords that didn't match the luxury of some of their items. This mix-matching was clearly done by taking things that didn't belong to them in the first place.

They seemed to be bullying two ladies who were clutching a jewlery box. Standing outside of their home they were obviously very frightened.

One of men who had dark colored hair, and a face that showed little remorse was speaking to them, "If you don't hand over the box, you're gonna make my guys angry. You won't like them after that. Hehehe."

"I assure you. You won't like us when we're angry." Raijin said stepping into view. Grinning and jeers stopped as they looked up and saw the three Rev's looking at them.

"Who the hell are you?" One of the men squinted and his eyes opened in realization.

"I think I've seen him before definitely," he said pointing to Raijin. "He's Johnny D. Raijin. With the Revolutionary Army!"

"A big shot I see." The other man continued.

"Leave them be, and come with us. We have questions about your actions against the citizens here. Refuse and you will be brought in by force. We will only ask once." Raijin ordered the group with a growl. He looked intimidating but the group was banking on their numbers.

"Why don't you try your luck!" They all in yelled in agreement.

"You heard him." Raijin said to Romos and Kilt. He too prepared to speed towards them. They were about ten meters away, he would have to cover ground quickly to take them by surprise.

4(Gran Voyage) The Uprising Empty Re: (Gran Voyage) The Uprising on Sat Jul 28, 2018 12:51 am



Kilt busted pulled out two Revolver pistols and aimed them at the group but did not fire. There were civilians who were starting in the way and they needed to be protected. Romos dashed forward to protect the women. But it was Raijin who make the first attack. With a quick movement which was easy to miss, Johnny stepped down ten times as fast as the eye could see with both of his feet. "Soru." Raijin said before kicking off. He moved as fast as he could and dashed forward covering the distance between them in only a few seconds.

The bandits were caught off guard by the sudden burst of speed shown Johnny. He appeared in front of the one leading the harassment of the girls. "Shigan." Johnny said pointing his finger out into the mans throat. He curdled and grabbed for his throat, a hole the size of Raijin's large talons gushed blood. But before the bandit could fall, Raijin was already taking aim at the one next to him. He stepped sideways to the man only a meter and dove forward sending two more jabs to the mans chest. They both pierced his chest and he was injured severely.

Then almost simultaneously, an electric shock erupted around both men and they were singing with the current. Shaking with the intense shock vibrations. They fell to the ground and moved no more. The other were beginning to panic. In only a few moments they had knocked down two of their men. This man had earned his bounty alright.

Romos had reached the women and moved them to their house, out of harms way. Raijin jumped backwards and smiled. The other three bandits yelled out more belligerent insults. They removed their swords from their sheaths. But the Minkman roared, stopping the men in their tracks. He used Soru to dash to his left. Just as Kilt said, "Eat lead bitches!" He let off five shots, three from his right gun and two with the left.

Two bodies dropped. Both gun wounds to the abdomen area. Clean shots not enough to kill but they would die after the bled out. Raijin appeared back in front of the last standing bandit using Soru again. As he appeared he freaked out the last bandit he fell to the ground in fear. "I'm sorry I surrender!" He said pleading for his life.

There was no expression on Raijin's face. "You aren't sorry yet. Tie him up, and bring him back to base." Johnny said to Romos. The women were overjoyed and praised Raijin for helping them. Most of the villagers came out to celebrate their newfound liberation.

Raijin ignored the cheers. He didn't need the praise however he needed them to be strong so he added. "We will rid you of those wish to see you decline. And never to prosper. The Revolution has begun!" He added with a defiant roar. And the villagers all cheered in unison.

5(Gran Voyage) The Uprising Empty Re: (Gran Voyage) The Uprising on Sat Jul 28, 2018 1:19 am



Arc 2

A cold blast of water blasted the face of the prisoner. He awoke abruptly, spluttering water out of his mouth from the sudden splash. The prisoner was in room made to look absolutely like a hidden off the grid cell. There were no windows, no chairs, no bed, just a pole. A pole the man was chained too. He looked around trying to get his bearings but all he could see in his water blurry eyes, was something very large and white.

His cleared and he was just able to see a large furry fist slam against his face. Rocking his jaw he heard an audible crack. The prisoner took the hit and grunted in pain as his head was hit against the poll. The large white figure began to walk back and forward, almost pacing as an animal would do its prey.

"Now that I have your attention. Lets begin the interrogation."

The man seemed to perk up to listen but his body language showed with his constant shifting. The shivering was due to the cold, they were underground and this part of the facility was the coldest. It was Raijin's favorite interrogation room. One only he could stand to tolerate. The place was entirely to cold for humans to remain in. This was no qualm to him, but an advantage.

"Who has been organizing the bandits into a coalition?" Rajin said stopping his pace in front of him and he peered into his eyes with his yellow ones.

6(Gran Voyage) The Uprising Empty Re: (Gran Voyage) The Uprising on Sat Jul 28, 2018 1:56 am



The bandit was scared now, it seemed that he was stuck between a rock and hard place. Turns out however, this was the hard place. And the white tiger man before him, was the rock (Can you smeeelll). He looked up without any resolve, "I don't know. I'm just a grunt!"

Rajin said nothing but bent down and bore his merciless eyes into his for a few seconds. Then he brought up his right index finger and placed it on his shoulder. He pressed in quickly using his talon and punctured a hole all the way through his clavicle. The prisoner yelled out immediately shaking in pain. Then there was slight electrical shock into it as well. Clutching his mouth together it made the pain twice as bad.

Johnny Raijin stood back up and began to speak again, "Again. Who is organizing the bandits together?" The man looked at Raijin with fallen eyes, he had no Willpower to resist Raijin's torture techniques.

"...they will kill me."

"If you talk now we can promise you a life after, but if you don't talk. I can't say the same."

"Alright alright. All I know is the mans name is Gonshiro. Hes big time, came from Baltigo and started running things. He came to us and gave us an incentive. Money and power. He strong armed us into joining, now we're under the Kraken Bandits. We get orders to raid certain villages at certain times. But hes held up in a settlement he built not far from the village we were at. But its north almost to the away from the Common Grounds. But thats all I know I promise. I've never been there or met him."

The prisoner was sincere he did tell everything he knew. Raijin also believed him with his quick honesty. However, Raijin still reached over to the mans head and grabbed it from top to bottom with both hands. "All you know pain and misery. No more!" He twisted his hands and broke the mans neck.

His head fell lifelessly to the his chest. Raijin got up and without looking back and headed out the room. Then went into the other room that could be scene through a glass panel into the interrogation room. As he walked in he heard. "Just as brutal as always Raijin. I'm usually against killing prisoners but he executed civilians. This was called for." There was another man in there that was watching the whole thing. Revolutionary Captain Roldo James.

"He deserved to die. Besides we got what we wanted a possible location and the man with a name now. Time to search up on this Gonshiro." Johnny replied.

7(Gran Voyage) The Uprising Empty Re: (Gran Voyage) The Uprising on Tue Jul 31, 2018 10:15 pm



"That won't do we'll get massacred."

"They're bandits! They have no means to stand to us!

"You mean to rush in on with so little intelligence. This is ab-"

"Quiet!" Raijin's powerful voice echoed throughout the chamber. There were five people sitting among a rusty brown table. A large circular room built and molded to be a briefing area, it was warmly let with lights all around so that everyone could see clearly. Lieutenant Raijin had been the only one standing up. There was a serious expression on his face as his voice hushed the two soldiers arguing. At the top of the table was a man.

Captain Romos was waiting patiently for the room to calm back down. Raijin sat back down and nodded for the Captain to continue. The two soldiers apologized. Romos cleared his throat and said, "Like I was saying. Their base is fortified, more than I originally thought it was. They are armed with pistols and swords so they have been busy. We must find a way in without mass casualties. How the layout of the entire base is blocked off by the mountain.

There's no way but through the gates. They seemed to have built a large camp over hundred meters large and seemed to number in the twenties."

Raijin joined in, "As you know there is only five of us on base right now. We were supposed to be running low ops missions but this is something different. They outnumber us, and we can't wait for reinforcements. Word would have gotten around with the defeat of the bandits. And answer why they did not return after their run in with me. However, I have a proposal."

Captain Romos was grateful for the Mink taking the initiative and listened attentively. "Go ahead."

Raijin nodded and leaned forward, "My plan is to attack Gonshiro directly. However the only way we'd stand a chance is if we exploit a weakness.

"They thought they were choosing this area for strategic purposes. But they were wrong. Limiting raid movement against them, no surprises. Or so they think. There leads a path to mountains right over their camp. However it stops pretty high above but we'd be to scale the rest of the way down."

"How will that work?" One of the soldiers asked.

"Once we land, we can take advantage of an area that probably won't have a lot of guards. And would probably house Gonshiro's tent. They won't expect a small troop scaling the mountain to attack them."

They seemed to mull it over but nodded in the end. Captain Romos also nodded. "That sounds like it might work. The art of surprise might bring us victory. Lets hope on. it"

8(Gran Voyage) The Uprising Empty Re: (Gran Voyage) The Uprising on Tue Jul 31, 2018 11:34 pm



The cold did nothing to daunt his spirit or his body. He willed himself endure the cold. They had been marching for the better part of the day. So that when they finally reached the hidden path they were able to see their objective. Down from their view it was obstructed slightly with trees, but they had eyes on the camp. J.J the sniper, was the one who was so vehemently against going in head first started to prep his equipment. His job would to cover the teams back when things got of hand. They believed that with the element of surprise and the Captain's strength along with Raijin. They would annihilate them.

The four man team would be two swordsman and another pugilist like Johnny. This was the crack team they would need destroy these bandits once and for all. They did seem highly organized for brutes. Testament to Gonshiro's ability to mobilize them.

With the team all set they began hook their equipment up, and when they were all squared shoulder to shoulder. Romos gave the order to go. They began to descend down, climbing down as quietly as they could. It took longer than they expected, the terrain down was horrible and caused them to stumble on the way down. But they finally made it to the ground.

They were next to two large wooden huts. These constructs took time to build, shows they planned to stay for a long time. They landed unseen and moved behind one of the buildings. Raijin analyzing the situation could see that one of two large huts was bigger and more extravagant. He pointed to the building and nodded. They all received the gesture. That must be where he was sleeping.

However it had no windows on the back or the side. Which meant they were forced to go through the front. Very strange. Raijin found the situation odd, but there was nothing they could do now. They peered around the buildings. There were a few guards around but they were like fifty meters away from the huts. Something Gonshiro must've instructed, he liked his space.

It was actually easy that they all just waltzed into the front door not know what to expect. Raijin stepped forward and opened the door. They walked in surprisingly to see a man sitting cross-legged staring into a wall filled with a white flag. He was fully armored in some extravagant armor he had never seen before.

But what alarmed Raijin was the pressure in the room. He felt killing intent. It was almost overpowering. He had never felt anything like it. This man was bad. He figured Gonshiro to be a jock of a man. A bully. This was a different picture painted in Johnny's mind.

They had been had, he knew they were coming.

"Johnny D. Raijin. I never thought I'd get this opportunity to kill my greatest foes son."

Raijin's ears perked up as he began to notice the situation going on. "You're just making this easier for us. Whatever else you have to say is irrelevant."

However Captain Romos was experiencing a much different tone. His looked as if he...knew something else. Before the final thought clicked in his head, so did the cogs of the machine. "He is not Gonshiro , he is no simple bandit. He is a Ronin Warrior from a distant land much different than here."

"You are correct Ramos. Silver told me all about you." Silver was the codename for Raijin's mother, however he did not know that at the moment.

Romo's eyes flared with a certain unmistakable rage. "You dare to speak that name in front of me!"

"I dare." The man now identified as Sendo. "She's given up on both of you. That means, your finally mine for the taking."

"I orchestrated the bandits to kill , raid, rape, and pillage all the villagers you see. They said you would investigate, such is the true nature of your actions. You would at least try to save others. I knew you'd find information leading here. To this very moment. So that...I can kill you."

He unsheathed a beautifully crafted Katana and pointed it at them. "You all will suffer to me."

9(Gran Voyage) The Uprising Empty Re: (Gran Voyage) The Uprising on Wed Aug 01, 2018 11:04 am



"What is your major malfunction?" One of the Rev soldiers asked.

He was voicing the same thoughts that was in everyone's head, albeit with different words. Raijin seemed unfazed by the death threat and he was used to hearing such things. However especially mentioned something about one of his parents. And also he received information on John from a 'Silver'.

"I don't care about your vendetta. You've made your bed for us already. Now we put you in the ground."

"Ah...but you will." He started to move, but is movements were unlike anything Raijin had ever seen before. He almost seemed to move like a blur. One second he was across the room, the next his blade was moving inches away from from Raijin's chest. He is much smaller then Johnny so he had to point high, which allowed Captain Romo's to use Soru and dash forward to counter him.

He appeared on the side of Sendo and batted his sword hand upwards. Sendos hand shot upwards and the rest of the Revolutionaries began to react. Raijin prepared a Five pronged Shigan attack aiming at the armored chest of the Ronin. But he managed to turn away from it which he used the momentum to kick Romos clear across the room. "He's strong!"

The group all tried to exchange blows with Sendo, the swordsman moving in front of Raijin to protect against the deadly strokes of the Sendo. It was nigh impossible for them. They were outclassed in almost every category. No. Raijin was looking at how they were dealing with him and he was putting more pressure on them with his attacks. Then he started to get serious, after large clang Sendo was sent skidding back.

His face obscured with a demon mask, but his eyes spelled out his killing intent. He sheathed his weapon in front of the two swordsman. Did he give up.

However, that did not seem to be the case. For Sendo muttered, "Kyo-Ken!"

He did it again. Disappeared, but he reappeared behind Raijin and the swordsman. They were confused, until the felt it. His blade had found its way onto the Mink's chest, blood scattered into the air. The Ronin sheathed his weapon and Raijin fell to the ground but he managed to catch himself. He couldn't say the same for the swordsman. Their throats had been cut to where no Doctor could fix.

They bled out next to him, and he could only stare in disbelief. Sendo appeared again in front of Raijin trying to deal the finishing blow. Raijin used Soru, kicking backwards to avoid the stab. He flew backwards with no control whatsoever over the direction he was going. He flew into the wall of the cabin and Romos was back on his feet. The kick he had given the Captain must've been much more dangerous than he had originally thought. Romos eyed his swordsman, dead. He had only been incapacitated for only a minute. He had killed two swordsman in under a minute.

This man was to dangerous. Raijin was now thinking they had been had. How could this have happened? "Your men are dead Captain. You will follow them into the afterlife. And you," he said looking at Raijin. "You will be last."

"I will rip your throat out!" Even with moderate damage to his chest he still stood. He felt something in him, almost similarly to how fear made him feel. But it wasn't exactly fear, it was the exhilaration of fight or flight. The very real choice between life and death, that he had no choice but to choose. Or it would be chosen for you.

Something was unlocking within him. Raijin and Captian Romos both used Soru, a move he seemed to be unable to keep up with completely. They both appeared on each side of Sendo, and they both sent a hard kick to his stomach. He went sailing backwards, rolling on the ground. They couldn't see it but he smiled.

They continued to fight and both parties were taking damage. Without Captain Romo's Raijin would have been at a loss and the mercy of Sendo's beckoning. Raijin was beginning to tire but he held himself against Sendo by using Soru to dodge his fast attacks. And Captain Romo's was waiting for his big hit. It came when Raijin caught Sendo off guard and was able to land a strong punch that would send him flying towards Romos.

He was prepared, forming his hands in a particular stance. Then he said, "Rokugan!" There was a concussive blast of air that shot from Romo's hands. It shattered the armor of the Ronin and it hit him in the back. He was sent hurtling through the wall of his hut and it broke the entire wooden wall. Sending Sendo falling into the darkness. They both hurried to the wall and peered out.

His body was under the debris of wood, and it was moving. They finally thought that they had finally beaten him. However, the wood began to move slightly. Then an small explosion of wood as Sendo stood straight up. Revealing a jacked body with many cuts from the past and bruises from the present all over his body.

This was Captain Romos trump card. And Sendo tanked it. With seeing this miracle, Romos made his mind up. "This mission was a failure. We never had a chance Raijin, this was setup from the beginning. I can't tell you more but your mother is the one who released a Kill on Sight order for you. She said she wouldn't before. Now...even I don't know why she sent Sendo of all people."

This new revelation was something unexpected to Raijin. Romo's knew his traitorous mother. Something he thought was secret to everyone but his brother. But Romo's had one more thing to say. Sendo seemed unperturbed by the attack. Even exhilarated as he started to make his way back to them.

"I need you to run Raijin. This mission wasn't a mission. They are after you. You cannot fight them right now."

"Sir I can't just leave you."

"Thats an order! Go now!" Romos said as Sendo disappeared again. They both jumped out of the hut into open space. "I'll hold him off while you run. J.J will give you cover. Sendo appeared again trying to sink his blades teeth into Raijin's neck. Raijin ducked and rolled away while Romos grabbed his back and performed a wrestling move, pulling him from behind and crashing him head first into the ground.

This the cue. Raijin ran the only entrance that was there. They were expecting tons of bandits, but thankfully the main force was not here. But a few guards. They were alerted by his presence and stood to oppose him. A few shots from sixty meters, put those bandits into the ground. Raijin escaped barely with his life. Beaten thoroughly and through. He would have to mount a rescue for Romo's if he was still alive which he doubted.

For some reason his mother had ordered him to die all of a sudden. His revenge wasn't done yet. He met up with J.J at the bottom of the path as they had planned. Only two survivors of the battle against Sendo.


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