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1 Birth by Storm: Phase 1 on Sun Jul 22, 2018 10:45 pm



For all things that mattered. The weather was the one factor that was out of the hands of mortals. To be a sailor you had to remember that the sea was merciless. It would take the lives of any who should claim themselves superior. However it was how legends were made.

Johnny was waiting on top of the deck spectating the waves smashing against large Caravel ship. A troop of Revolutionaries had been called to carry out a mission of utmost importance. During their briefing before they set out to sea.

Their spies had picked up heavy Marine activity on an island called Jordsand. Mining a material called Seastone. It held the powerful ability to effect Devil Fruit users.

This was huge information, the spies even told them the route of a large shipment of this Seaston, they could catch them in the open and raid the ship. But they were warned that there was a Commodore on board.

Thats why the brought Johnny D Raijin, Lieutenant of the Revolutionary Army. A tall and powerful Minkmen of the Tiger species. He was perfect for this mission. His utter disgust with Marines made him a prime enemy.

So it was Raijin who was leader of this mission along with another officer. They were under direct orders from their Captain. To quickly take off and after that ship. They had some time before their ship was to intercept the supply ship.

Johnny was waiting for another to show up on the deck . He was said to possess a particular set of skills that would be detrimental to the mission. They would be the more skilled fighters on board.

2 Re: Birth by Storm: Phase 1 on Wed Jul 25, 2018 7:25 am



Kokoro Jaken’na

Kokoro Jaken’na waltzed up rather calmly, bumbling onto the dock in his usual haphazard manner. He’d overslept a tad bit. With his flask in his right hand, his left hand positioned behind his head, looking as if he was digging between his locks of hair to get a good scratch at the back of his scalp, stretching, scratching and yawning all at the same time. A slight tear jerked out of his eye in woken comfort, as he wiped it away. Yawning a little more, he continued the unbalanced walk, looking up at the ship which he was about to board. Looking up to his pleasant surprise he would spot Raijin amongst the medium capacity ship.

"Ooo ! A Tiger-Man!", admired Black as he leaped upon the ship with one bound of his powerful legs, landing on the deck surprisingly delicately despite just wobbling all the way up the docks. "When they told me you were a fearsome beast, I thought they were speaking of a man!", laughed Black as he addressed Raijin directly, completely excited that he was teamed up with a Tiger-Man. Black twisted the cap off of his flask and began to chug his sake. The Oni Killer sake burned extremely good going down his throat. As a small stream of the formula would roll off the side of Black’s mouth and down his chin, he was sure that Raijin would catch the scent of the deadly drink and it may burn his nose hairs away. As he emptied the flash, Black would stumble back a tad. He would instantly hold his flask out like a sword, both hands holding it like an imaginary hilt, swinging the make-believe sword around.

"Thunder! THUNDER!!! Thunder CATS!! HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!", screamed as he held his flask over his hand in the air, pointing the imaginary sword directly upward. Suddenly belching with a burp that could cause a second degree drunkenness, Black would laugh as he threw his flask down, lighting a self-wrapped cigar and placing in his mouth with his left hand, sticking out his hand for a firm handshake with Raijin.

"How are you,  Lieutenant? I’m Kokoro Jaken’na but you can just call me Black"

3 Re: Birth by Storm: Phase 1 on Wed Jul 25, 2018 10:26 am



At long last the rest of the cell was forming. Raijin was eager to begin their journey, he had never thought something like this could happen. The fact they now would have means to combat the Devil Fruit users terrorizing the rest of the world. The Marines were the real culprits and they were entirely to strong. Especially with their ability to hoard the fruits for the World Government. A large man came into view and was beginning to make his way on to the ship. He gave an exuberant greeting, also commenting on the fact that he was a humanoid tiger. The Mink was quite used to this, it was the first thing anyone said after leaving Zou.

The man was drinking and almost a little beligerent. Which was fine, as long as he was fine to fight. Raijin's nose was able to pick up the very strong liquor. His nose wiggled as it filled his nose up with the smell. This why I don't drink. The all smell pretty bad except wine, but he would have to deal with it.

"How are you, Lieutenant? I’m Kokoro Jaken’na but you can just call me Black" The man spoke to Raijin.

"Black. I'm Lieutenant Johnny D. Raijin. I'll be heading this mission off. We can leave immediately. We know the supply ship should be on its way. Lets move out." He directed most of the rebels on the ship to start preparing for departure. They threw the sails up and Raijin began to walk towards the stern, putting his hands on the steering wheel he looked out into the sea. The grunts were able to get the ship going and the heroes were on their way to capture the Marine transport ship.

4 Re: Birth by Storm: Phase 1 on Wed Jul 25, 2018 1:31 pm



Kokoro Jaken’na

It was like clockwork. When the tiger roared, these men jumped. Black was taken aback by the spectacle. As men scrambled to set the stern, man the helm and catch the wind, Black would simply watch. He’d never truly sailed himself, only ever having a little dingy which never got him that far.

The man never liked sailing, yet sailing itself was the pleasure of his life. The sea, the sun, the cry of the birds all melted away - leaving just freedom. Black recalled lying on the ground, in the middle of that god-forsaken brothel, pretending to be sleep to avoid servile work and abuse.

But this ship’s moving form, upon casting crimson by the rising sun, cascading over the elixir of the sea. Though Black never noticed the salty air at the time, it is that seaside aroma that made his freedom apparent. As the ship began along, the wind breezed through Black’s hair. He looked over to Raijin asking, "So you said the Marines’ Supply Freighters are carrying some stone that can somehow outdo the fruit of the devil?" Black rubbed his chin for a moment.

"With something like that we could overcome those sailing boy-lovers and the childish pirates!", laughed Black as slapped his hand on Raijin’s shoulder, laughing extremely healthily. "All we gotta do is take them all out and take their entire supply, huh, Raijin?", laughed Black once more, as he cracked slightly. He was finally waking up, as he stretched once more, taking yet another flash out of his back pocket.

5 Re: Birth by Storm: Phase 1 on Fri Jul 27, 2018 10:38 am



They were gaining ground pretty fast. The winds were perfect for sailing, the weather was not a problem. And the sea itself was steady and good enough for one to sail through. If the sea was more reckless and crazy, they would need a Navigator. However that didn't seem to be the case, they were able to handle the sea as it was merciful to them. Something Johnny was loved and hated about the sea. When it was calm, its beauty was told throughout time. Always impervious to the sands of time, however you couldn't say the same about its bad side.

Able to turn from beauty to straight ugly. Crashing winds and terrifying waves, were just the tip of the iceberg. There sea had natural disasters where there was no escape, there was only the skill of the ships driver and the sea Gods themselves.

Today they would be challenged not only by the sea. But the Marines as well. It had been sometime since Raijin had tangled with the Navy. It was the Cipher Pol mission that had put his name on the map, lucky to survive that encounter he had made it a point to avoid them. They were extremely dangerous and they had no regard for him personally. He assumed this pressure was intensified by his mother. A top official in the World Goverment. He had heard she was no longer working behind the scenes and has shown up on Drum looking for him.

But he was out hitting the Marines in the nose. As their supply came into view. Black was still active and was still drinking. Asking Raijin about the target in question. "Yes they have an ore able to curb the powers of the Devil Fruit. This can be a huge win for the Revolution. And all we gotta do is...take them out." Johnny said pointing to the ship about fifty meters away now.

"Men prepare for battle!" Raijin's eyes narrowed as he stood behind the wheel directing the ship. The Marines would have this guarded heavily. Time to raid.

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