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1 Crafting Suggestions on Fri Jul 20, 2018 1:49 pm



Throwing out some suggestions/updates to the crafting system. I have potential crafts to pre-existing non-combat occupations which lack them and offered two new occupations with crafting potential. I’m only gonna post the Clss D crafts just to get an idea of if they will fly and if so I’ll post the higher levels.

I also think a rule being introduced for custom occupations can further help craft in that if a custom occupation has any relation to a pre-existing occupation it should/can follow the preset crafting guidelines.

Class D - Basic Crafts: These can be anything you can imagine taking minimal effort to produce. Their quick and convenient but not held to the highest regard of mastery.

  • Navigator - Capable of crafting basic log poses, log poses crafted at this level can start with one island’s magnetic field already tuned (has to be the island the log pose is crafted on)
  • Archaeologist - Capable of crafting basic treasure maps that reveal a hidden location on a specific island that can be reached through a voyage, the rewards of the treasure can be a combination of two (2) of the following: 20,000,000 Beli, Common Grade Weapon, One store item equal to or less than 15,000,000 Beli.
  • Botanist - Capable of crafting basic plants and herbs of various effects, herbs crafted can bestow a buff or debut equal to 5 Doriki. Able to craft custom common grade Pop Greens.
  • Politician - Capable of crafting basic speeches or treaties that granted either +3 Prestige OR +3 Influence for the duration of a single thread. The influence boost is limited to a specific island and only a small portion of the island (equivalent to a level 1 turf)

2 Re: Crafting Suggestions on Fri Jul 20, 2018 5:50 pm



Navigator making log-posts seems somewhat over the top, and it's not a fan of the algologist one either. If u really want them to have a use for Crafting points it would need to be a knowledge system of sorts.
Example; A novice navigator knows how to use a log post
an Intimidate Navigator can get you through the calm belt
While a master, can get you through any storm / use the knock-up stream. 
-  maybe navigators can craft ship skills in the form of maneuvers. Like oh a whirlpool is about to appear under the ship,. Yada Yada.
Politician would make sense that you could turn Cp into prestage. but the ratio would need to be quite rough

3 Re: Crafting Suggestions on Fri Jul 20, 2018 6:01 pm



But everyone knows how to use a log pose. That knowledge wouldn't be useful because you'd have to redo the system for log poses period, also the Grand Line isn't available yet so it would make the CP useless until then. Allowing them to craft log poses allows Navigators to craft log poses of increasing potency which can reduce the time it would take for them to attune to an island's magnetic field.

What's the issue with archaeologist?

4 Re: Crafting Suggestions on Fri Jul 20, 2018 7:02 pm



Well, the treasure map thing. it either becomes just random fluff for a voyage - which u can do anyway, or your just crafting Beli. or using it a means to craft anything. I can't think of something simple for them to be able to craft though.

5 Re: Crafting Suggestions on Fri Jul 20, 2018 7:59 pm



I understand the concern, the treasure map wa sbasically to work as a guarantee, the difference between just a regular voyage or grand voyage would be that you could gain a pre-determined reward as a result of your crafting. Archaeologists are capable of determine all the public information on an island so I figured their crafting could tie into them learning deeper details about the islands, thus the treasure map.

6 Re: Crafting Suggestions on Sun Jul 22, 2018 8:37 am



Botanist is technically already an official occupation, though it's not stated on the list. It's a "custom", but something I spammed when Pop Greens were being discussed because Martian is a hype movie. I believe TOGA is a botanist.

Navigators can craft log poses, but at higher levels of crafting, since they're kind of important pieces to be made.

Treasure maps are something I can't and won't get behind. They're just another reason for people to beg for items and beli, which is already something that a few people are known for doing regularly.

7 Re: Crafting Suggestions on Mon Jul 23, 2018 12:25 pm



I just added Botanist in there for the sake of doing so, I don't think many people knew of it and like I said, it was just to kinda throw a catch all in there for custom occupations that can fit under that category.

As far as he treasure maps go I understand the hesitation, I just saw it as an alternative since people would only receive the pre-determined rewards from the options available to the treasure map, and the rewards can be adjusted to whatever staff feels works. It also lessens the need for staff to figure out what to give as a reward for voyages. People also have to go through the process of getting CP to craft the treasure maps before they can even do the treasure map voyage.

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