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1 Bounty Board on Thu Dec 07, 2017 1:51 am



World Powers

We trust members to pilot the marks they take themselves and to do so fairly. Should a Bounty be taken and not performed with integrity a staff sanctioned NPCer will take control of the topic or it will result in a void. Attributes for each bounty will go in this order.
S&P - E&D - S&A - S&W - P
You will claim the bounty you wish to undertake or give up within this topic. But, to turn it in for grading place the completion topic here and then post in the notification topic.

You have two weeks to complete a bounty upon taking it. Though you may continue your topic after two weeks, other players can also lay claim on the bounty and attempt to do it before you in their own topic.

Current Ongoing Bounties

  • @Melly - Bisco The Hound - June 24th
  • @Yuurie - Koko the Clown - June 24th
  • @Ghost - Evil Queen Kaguya - June 24th
  • @Kringle - Tiana Awashu "Miss Shine" - June 25th
  • @dingdongditcher - Iron Drayden - June 29th
  • @God. - Nicky West - July 1st

[b]Name:[/b](name of the bounty you are after)
[b]Participants:[/b](All those going on the journey)


[b]Name:[/b](name of the bounty you are after)
[b]Participants:[/b](All those going on the journey)
[b]Link:[/b](Link to the completed topic)

1-10 Million Bounty:

Requires 1,500 Words Solo or 2,000 Shared Words if with others. d.

Name: Evil Queen Kaguya
Bounty: 4,040,000
Description: Self Proclaimed Queen of the Underworld, a prominent figure in Baltigo’s underworld dealings. Not very dangerous herself but is indirectly responsible for a huge number of crimes. Kaguya is not a fighter. Rather, she employees many criminals to make sure she is kept safe wherever she currently is. Having no less than thirty armed guards with her.  
Last Seen: Drum.
Kaguya’s Attributes: 1 - 1 - 2 - 0 - 0
Guards: 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1

Name: Nicky West
Bounty: 5,000,000
Description:Nicky West is the leader of a bandit tribe. Little is known of her, but reports seem to address that she has little power of her own in her small frame. The most dangerous part about Nicky are the droves of followers that fight in her name. She's under the impression that they're bandits, but to the cult beneath her, she's an idol. When she is defeated or killed they will fight till they either get revenge or her back.
Last Seen: Jaya Island
Attributes: 0 - 0 - 0 - 1 - 0
Bandits: 1 - 1 - 1 - 0 - 0

Name: Tiana Awashu "Miss Shine"
Bounty: 9,000,000
Tiana Awashu is a member of the revolution, though only granted a small bounty she has been involved in some of the largest raids on military compounds, she is known to have some unique powers that have the ability to seemingly shine the corpses of those she leaves behind. She is rather confident in her skills and can come off as arrogant. Despite this, she is careful in battle. Wields Ken Haki at a novice level. She wields a single knife. Also, she rumored to have a devil fruit [ Awa Awa No Mi]
Last seen:  Drum
Attributes: 0 - 0 - 0 - 3 - 1

Name: Golden Hiroko
Bounty: 10,500,000
Description: Beli hungry pirate and leader of the Gold Tooth Pirates is all about the Beli. Nothing else really matters other than that. If he can get his hand on some treasure he will be a happy Crab Fishman. He is always covered in fine jewels and all of his teeth have been replaced with pure gold. His crew is around eighty strong but the majority of them are just mere grunts. Only eight are the cream of the crop.
Last seen: Sabaody Archipelago.
Hiroko: 4 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 1
Big 8 : 1-0-1-0-0

Name: Big Baby Jones
Bounty: 10,700,000
Description: Big baby is the greatest swordsmen, as he self proclaims, and will cut down anyone. He has only recently been given notoriety due the slaying of a Marine Commodore. He gets alias from him crying as he fights. It is strange but the longer the fight goes on he seems to get stronger and cries even more. There is no information on if this is because of a Devil Fruit or not.
Last seen: Saboady Archipelago.
Jones’ Attributes: 3 - 3 - 2 - 2 - 1

11-25 Million Bounty:

Requires 2,000 Words Solo or 3,000 Shared Words if with others.

Name: Wallace
Bounty: 15,316,000
Description: Wallace is a small time crook, or at least, he was. His petty theft started turning into bigger and bigger jobs, garnering the attention of the Marines over the simple shop owners that were angry at him before. He's a young man, reckless and aggressive, but he hasn't been known to kill. However, who knows what a kid like that can do when they're cornered.
Last Seen: Drum Island
Attributes: 2-1-2-0- 1

Name: Slippery Aiko
Bounty: 12,000,000
Description: Aiko is a infamous banker robber who has never been caught in the act once. Only reason his name is known is due to the note he leaves after each robbery that has his name and a crude drawing of a chicken and a fruit. The due have currently been on a heisting spree through Baltigo.
Last Seen: Baltigo
Aiko’s attributes: 2 - 2 - 1 - 1 - 1
Can be taken at the same time as the Driver Aido Bounty.  

Name: Diver Aido
Bounty: 12,500,000
Description: Aido is a infamous banker robber who has only been caught in the act once. Unlike his partner she doesn't mind doing a bit more than stealing. As those they have stolen from have been killed as well. On one occasion there was a survivor that said the Aido turned into a strange beasts when they fought and also that Aido had long arms. The due have currently been on a heisting spree through Baltigo.
Last Seen: Baltigo
Aido’s Attributes: 1 - 1 - 2 - 2 - 1
Can be taken at the same time as the Slippery Aiko Bounty.  

26-59 Million Bounty:

Requires 2,500 Words Solo or 4,000 Shared Words if with others.

Name: Bisco the Hound
Bounty: 34,000,000
Description: Bisco the Hound is local legend on Drum Island. No one has ever seen his face, but there are a few that tell stories of a shadowy figure descending on people walking their pets at night, taking both owner and the animal. The shadowy beast walks hunched over on all fours, nabs the kill, and leaves before any further attention can be drawn to the area. The calling card of a Bisco murder is the chewed corpse left at the scene, the pet nowhere to be found. His bounty goes up by one million for every sighting, but the Navy increases it simply to appease the locals, for they have no solid proof he even exists.
Last Seen: Drum Island
Attributes: 4-2-3-0-1

Name: Lucha Rodriguez
Bounty: 45,036,000
Description:Lucha Rodriguez travels to the different towns of Sandy Island frequently to keep moving and keep the local authorities off his trail. From town to town, he wrestles in the name of a lucha libre, bringing in a crowd of people at every underground event. Normally, such a spectacle wouldn't earn a bounty, but Lucha has a bad habit of brutally wrestling his victims into mangled corpses on stage, forcing the audience to witness a cold-blooded murder. In his mind, it's the greatest wrestling show a luchador can give.
Last Seen: Sandy Island
Attributes: 4-4-2-2-2

Name: Iron Drayden
Bounty: 59,684,000
Description: An upstart from the South Blue is trying to make waves. He and a small group of pals have formed a pirate crew, going by as the Iron Pirates. In total there are seven of them. But even with their small number they have shown to be formidable. Aside from Drayden they all are Cyborgs with 50% of their body being steam powered cybernetics. Drayden, even with his hammer, is still superior to his crew mates.
Last seen: Baltigo.
Attributes: 4-4-3-2-2
Crew Attributes: 2-2-2-1-2

60+ Million Bounty:

Requires 3,500 Words Solo or 5,000 Shared Words if with others. All Bounties at this level has one type of Haki. If that Haki isn’t listed those embarking on the bounty can decided what it is.

Name: Unstoppable Ryon
Bounty: 121,000,000
Description: Ryon is a member of the Three Eye Tribe and is tired of the mistreatment of his race. He aim is to simply get as much treasure as possible and buy a country just for his people. He though isn't the brightest and lets his emotions get the better of him. This passion though is what makes him so unbeatable. Anyone that has gotten in his way so far have not been able to stay in the fight for more than five minutes. This young Pirate travels alone simply do to others being too weak to be in his company. He is skilled in both forms of common Haki.
Last seen: Sabaody Archipelago.
Attributes: 5-5-5-5-10

Name: Kuro Shinko "The Queen"
Bounty: 143,000,322
Description:  Kuro is a tall man, one might say too tall, coming in at 13 feet tall. He is of the human variety. He is captain of the Bella Dance crew, a group of rather strange individuals who as the crew's name suggests. Kuro is a brash man who prefers's to go by "she" pronouns.  His entire crew are known as O'kamas and there is a total of 25 men. Kuro is known as a master and practices Newkama Kenpo, he flourishes, he flirts, he is a man who adores beauty and views himself and his crew as the prettiest things in this world. He loves all the pretty things and that is what his crew has become famous for. Stealing artifacts and priceless gems, enslaving people on the spot that he thinks are beautiful. He has captured many marines, pirates and even revolution members and keeps them onboard his large pink ship. He wields both types of haki [advanced]
Last seen Baltigo (Nil district)
Attributes: 6-6-5-5-5
Crew: 3-3-3-2-2

Name: Niko Goldov
Bounty: 225,000,000
Description:Niko 'Heartbeat' Goldov is a lifelong doctor and career killer. Having these combined careers, he is immune to the emotional toll that death normally has on a person, culminating in a permanent scowl that drives people away if they're not used to his infallible skill. His occupation as a doctor has created a fighting style built on prioritizing natural weak points on the human body and attacking a person's personal weak points, including things like the size of their body they least prioritize. He can spot tells that only a person with a degree of aptitude in both combat and medicine would be able to see, and preys on them. He excels in the use of Kenbunshoku Haki. After a long life of mischief and misfortune, he lives out his days on Balitgo, the only island where a man with a bounty can get by unnoticed.
Last Seen: Baltigo
Attributes: 5-3-6-6-8

Name: Wild King Takeshi
Bounty: 330,000,000
Description: Takeshi is a bounty hunting mink man commanding a small group of predatory animals, thirty in total. He is a Master of not only Electro but also the fighting style known as Black Leg. Though he only goes after Pirates to increase his own wealth he has been dubbed one himself. This happened due to him killing a Rear Admiral. The rumored reason was because he witnessed a mistreatment of someone of his own kind by that Marine. Being dubbed a pirate has caused him to be outraged with the World Government. During the attack of the Sea Kings he was one of the few that stood their ground. And after everything was fixed he decided to lay claim to the entire Island of Water 7.
Takeshi’s Attributes: 8-5-6-6-5

Avoid at all costs.

Name: Giant Hambe
Bounty: 235,000,000
Description: Hambe is a strange Mink. He is the half brother of Takeshi and also Takeshi's second in command. He is the only of his kind to not only be a Mink but also mixed with Giant. Such a combination isn't heard of nor is it something that could happen ever again. Hambe stands at a height of 40ft. It is even said that he is even stronger than his Brother and only follows him because he wants to make sure he is safe. Doing whatever it takes, even if it means losing his life, to make sure his brother
Hambe’s Attributes: 4-8-6-5-4

Can be taken at the same time as the Wild King Takeshi  Bounty.

Name: Koko the Clown
Bounty: 635,000,000
Description:  Koko is a nasty individual who takes pride in what he does. He sports a smile but behind that smile is a demon. He uses nice words to lure people in. The name Koko the clown speaks for itself. With his special fruit he is able to do all kinds of fun things too make someone suffer. He has a special taste for poisons of various types. Administering them in odd ways.  Anything that will leave someone writhing in pain is something he is interested in. Being a doctor he had extensive knowledge how to incapacitate someone with relative ease. No one has walked away from this toxic man without some form of memoir left behind by him. He is very intelligent and tends to taunt those who stand in his way. He enjoys mass murders and only enjoys the company of those stronger or those willing to bow down to him. He has no issue with playing or fighting dirty. As a doctor he offers his services for a nice price considering the power he acquired in his travels. He is well versed in the human at among and uses it in his favor on a constant basis. He is also known for being a con artist in terms of being a doctor. He would often infect someone with something deadly then place a price on it. This man is not too be trusted in any shape or form. His silver tongue will leave you dead in a ditch somewhere. Civilians are often test subjects and he has no qualms with killing anyone. He is considered a very dangerous high priority by the government. His as a Devil Fruit that is one of a kind. A Myth Zoan. Kumo Kumo no Mi, Model: Tsuchigumo

Attributes: 7-8-6-5-5
Last Seen: Jaya Island

Completed Bounties :

Name: Poison Drinker Mo
Bounty: 135,000,000
Description: Mo is the right hand of Simon. Being with him since the start of his journey. He is a close quarters fighter that has been said to kill his foes even if he runs away from them. This is because he is a someone that uses a large assortment of poisons in combat. He does not have a Devil Fruit but some say he can fight on par with one. This most likely stems from the fact he surgically had the venom gland of multiple snakes incorporated to his body. He can be seen drinking poisons and venom from a bottle like alcohol to heighten his tolerance and enhance his poison's potency.
Strength/Power(P) and Perception(T)
Can be taken at the same time as the Unkillable Simon Bounty. Watch out for his poison breath attack!
Apprehended by: Bazil Styx(@ai47) , Helios Jackal(@Kaito) and Lina Askr (@dingdongditcher)

Name: Unkillable Simon
Bounty: 195,000,000
Description: Unkillable Simon is an extremely dangerous pirate wielding a Devil Fruit. No one knows exactly what the abilities of that man's fruit is but know it has made him unkillable. (Basil Hawkins' fruit with 10 lives stored.) All attempts on his life by marine forces have been ineffective and they have, at this time, given up on dealing with him. Can be recognized by his completely exposed skull. Due to this along with his body count being over two hundred, this year, he has amassed a large crew close to two hundred strong.  His last known location was in Rainbase. Simon’s Attributes: Durability/Endurance(P), Strength/Power(P), Perception(T)
Avoid at all costs.
Apprehended by Vice Admiral Beckham - Bounty Status: Frozen!

Name: ‘White Snake’ Shoda
Bounty: 385,470,000
Description: An old man nearly 70 years old with very white hair down to his shoulders, and a small white cobra on his left cheek. In his prime he used to caused havoc all throughout the West Blue, and briefly in the Grandline. Many have fallen to his blade and even though he has retired, many still do. As those that have come hunting for him have never been seen again. It is also rumored that he wields an O Wazamono Katana. His location is actually known out of most bounties. He stays within a small hut outside of Mock Town on Jaya Island. Attributes: Willpower/spirit(P), Endurance/Durability(T)
Bounty reward along with an O Wazamono Katana.
Apprehended by @God. -Calico Jack

Name: Giant Slayer Daizō
Bounty: 27,000,000
Description: Daizō is a massive man standing at 24 feet tall who has used his immense strength to even stand up to giants. Always in search of a fight, even with marine soldiers, he is extremely dangerous. Last seen in Nanohana. Approach with Caution. Attributes: Strength/Power(S) Agility/Speed(S), Spirite/Willpower(NP)
Apprehended by @Hannibal

Name: Billy Price
Bounty: 14,000,450
Description: Billy is a Wotan shamed by his people. A large brand on his back, that he wears proudly, marks him as a enemy to all Fishman. He does not care though, not one bit, and has gathered himself a following. Fifty grunts that do whatever it says he wants. He calls his group the Price Pirates. His last known location was Water 7
Billy Price’s Attributes: Power/Strength(S), Durability/Endurance(S), and Spirit/Willpower(S)
Bounty Apprehended By @dingdongditcher - Lina

Name: Bandit Gogo
Bounty: 3,000,000
Description: There is nothing truly special about this guy. He is a simple bandit that has just done whatever he wants on Jaya Island. No one really does anything to him though as he is still a young kid, around the age of sixteen. He is though not just some weaklings. The large club that he wields weighs over 500lbs. Gogo attributes: Power/Strength(S)
Bounty Apprehended By @Batman4560 - Mashyuu

Name: Smiling jack
Bounty: 5,700,000
Description: Jack is a dwarf with a glasgow smile. Picked on all his life for his height he turned to piracy. The Marines were never there for him like they were for others and he targets them specially for this. He has something big planned and he plans to do it someplace that other pirates won't dare go. And that place is Marineford. Jack has been holed up there for months and is known for the explosions he causes to Marine vessels. Beyond that he's not that harmful. Jack attributes: Speed/Agility(T) and Perception(T)
Bounty reverted by @Hannibal

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2 Re: Bounty Board on Fri Dec 29, 2017 10:59 pm

Deep Bloo


Name: Giant Slayer Daizō
Bounty: 27,000,000
Description: Daizō is a massive man standing at 24 feet tall who has used his immense strength to even stand up to giants. Always in search of a fight, even with marine soldiers, he is extremely dangerous. Last seen in Nanohana. Approach with Caution.

Participants: Me & @Line


Join Us!
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3 Re: Bounty Board on Fri Dec 29, 2017 11:37 pm


Keep moving forward.
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4 Re: Bounty Board on Sat Jan 06, 2018 5:41 pm



Name: Big Baby Jones
Participants: Me

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5 Re: Bounty Board on Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:41 am



Go ahead

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6 Re: Bounty Board on Thu Jan 11, 2018 9:24 pm

Name:Bully price
Participants: Me. @Stratego will also be in the gran voyage but I don’t knows if he wants to participate against the bounty.

Edit: strat is in

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7 Re: Bounty Board on Tue Jan 16, 2018 10:28 am



Name: Wild King Takeshi and Giant Hambe
Participants: Six Barrel Pirates Crew

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8 Re: Bounty Board on Wed Jan 17, 2018 8:41 am



Alright both bounties above are approved. Note, these bounties are special threads that don't fall under voyage or GV. It's all about the quality of thread for capture, once done, link via your Character Pages. Happy Hunting. Please use the tag [Bounty].

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9 Re: Bounty Board on Sat Jan 20, 2018 4:21 pm



Name: Iron Drayden (49.684.000)
Participants: BZA (Individual)

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10 Re: Bounty Board on Sun Jan 21, 2018 4:02 pm


Keep moving forward.
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11 Re: Bounty Board on Mon Feb 19, 2018 6:15 pm



Name: White Snake Shoda
Participants: Me, Myself, and Fidel

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12 Re: Bounty Board on Tue Feb 20, 2018 5:50 am



Green. wrote:Name: White Snake Shoda
Participants: Me, Myself, and Fidel

Be careful. Remember to tag your thread Bounty, and if we feel as though the fight isn't a tough fight, your bounty claim will be none and void.

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13 Re: Bounty Board on Wed Feb 21, 2018 1:31 pm



Bounty: Unkillable Simon
Participants: Bazil Styx

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14 Re: Bounty Board on Wed Feb 21, 2018 1:33 pm

Approved. But keep in mind what Kaito said to the person above that also wants to go after a tough Bounty.

Keep moving forward.
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15 Re: Bounty Board on Wed Feb 21, 2018 4:12 pm



Bounty: Giant Slayer
Participants: Me and whoever ends up joining Ig

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