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1 Bar Talk on Sat Jul 14, 2018 8:27 pm



Thousands of people roamed the island of Lulusia. However, that number tripled with the amount of people that were in the Common Grounds. Many walked around the Common Grounds in groups called “Guilds”. Even though Odin had been on the island for nearly six years now. He was still confused by the term. People seemed to align themselves with different groups. Groups that focused on a single thing. Like there was a group for crafting, one for healing, and even a mercenary group. Over the pass few years the Common Grounds seemed to be more of a war zone though. With people finding out about the sleeper agents that were hiding about.

Many shown a kind of racism towards those of other guilds. Odin felt that the way the people acted was quite childish. Sure, he knew what it felt like not being able to trust people. But how it was now. It seemed like cousins didn’t trust cousins.

At the moment, the hulking figure walked towards a bar he had grown a liking to. Odin himself hadn’t been allied with a guild. So, he was free to go to “The Boiling Pot.” A bar that welcomed those of all guilds. Many people came here to discuss what was happening in the Common Grounds. It was one of the only places where racism wasn’t shown so casually. The massive building sat nearly in the middle of the Common Grounds, so it wasn’t hard to miss if you were looking for it.

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2 Re: Bar Talk on Sat Jul 14, 2018 8:34 pm



Walking through the doors of the bar. That had been actually made to fit his size some time ago. Due to how many times he crashed through the wall. Odin would smirk at the memory. You see, Odin was one of the many people blessed with extraordinary height. There were many like him in the world. However, only a few actually walked around the Common Grounds. As he entered the bar, multiple heads would seem to turn towards him. “Old Man Odin, where have you been. Haven’t seen you around these parts in a while.” announced a man behind the main counter.

The man was drying off a glass cup that had just been used by a customer. This man was Sun, the owner of the beautiful Boiling Pot. He was a adult of course, but he was no where near the age of Odin. The man only being around twenty-five if Odin remembered correctly. Crouching slightly as he made his way deeper into the bar. He would come to sit on his own specialized seat. A seat that had been custom made for him personally. “Oh Sun, you know how I feel about you young folk. The petty squabbles your asses do everyday takes a toll out of my mind.” laughed Odin. The man resting his hand on the handle of his sword for support.

His eyes would come to wonder around the bar. Wondering who was knew and what kind of guild members were in it.

3 Re: Bar Talk on Sat Jul 14, 2018 8:41 pm



With his eyes traveling around the bar. Which was a circular building. The bar itself being a smaller circle of the actual building. If a architect would inspect it. He would say that the bar looked like a tube of some sort. His wondering mind would be interrupted by Sun’s voice. His eyes now traveling to the bar, which was located on his right hand side. The man would say “Come on old man. It isn’t as bad as it seems. Though, I hope you don’t mention that kind of stuff here. You know how those bar fights go.” said Sun. This would cause Odin to remember the last time he was here. He had to break up a fight that he had caused. Something a little teasing seemed to do.

A howling laughter would shake the bar. “It isn’t my fault you young folk get mad from a little teasing. Everyone should just toughen up.” said Odin. His eyes once again traveling around the bar. Some people appeared to be angry, but they wouldn’t dare try to attack the man. They knew how powerful he was. Hell, most afraid of him just because of his huge figure. “Hehehe.... Even though I agree. You know how it is nowadays. Wouldn’t want those people appearing and making the matter even worst. Odin would nod, he knew who Sun was referring to. There were many sleeper agents around these parts. Some who were still unknown to most.

4 Re: Bar Talk on Sat Jul 14, 2018 8:48 pm



Thinking about it, Odin would hate for the bar to get destroyed due to something he caused. Letting out a sigh, he would come to look at the door from which he had entered. This place needed some changing. Maybe he could be the one to do it? He had already grown tired waiting for the army to send him his mission. Maybe they had simply forgotten about the old man? Most likely not, Odin was sure his old friend wouldn’t forget about him. Especially from what happened the last time they met. Odin’s thoughts would begin to trail on.

However, they being interrupted by some loud talking that the was going on. His eyes now traveling to the front door of the establishment. He would see a group of no more than five walked in. They were clad in red armor adorned with spikes. Odin tried to remember what guild they were from, but his memory was of no use right now. “Who are those blood things Sun?” asked Odin openly insulting the group that just walked in. Sun was about to reply, but he was cut off due to the leader of the group screaming. “Who do you think you are old man! No one dissed Red Dawn. The top merc guild and gets away with it!” said the man loudly.

Odin would only stare at the man. Not knowing if he wanted to laugh, or slap him so hard that he was sent flying to Greenie Pass.

5 Re: Bar Talk on Sat Jul 14, 2018 8:54 pm



Deciding to just try and calm the man down. Since the current situation was mostly his fault, Odin would say “I’m only joking around young one. Come here, sit, have a drink.” motioned Odin at the table near him. An evil smile would appear on the leader’s face as he made his way towards Odin. Him and his boys would sit at the directed table. “Let me get some fucking whiskey. I’ve had a hard day and need to drain down an ounce or two!” said the man loudly. Odin would raise his eyebrow in both annoyance and curiosity. He wondered what was going on in the head of the idiot.

Looking over to Sun who seemed to question whether to serve the man or not. Odin would nod, giving his acceptance. He wouldn’t let the group trash the bar while he was around. About five minutes would pass before Sun fixed the entire group glasses of whiskey. The leader would let out a sigh as he smelled the alcohol. But once the drink actually touched his lips would he spit it out onto the table. “Where’s the ice. I specifically said whiskey on rocks.” lied the man. This would annoy Odin. Now, who did this guy actually think he was. Odin was about to say something rude, but the man beat him to it. Instead of saying something, the Imp would throw the glass at Odin. The object breaking in shards as it touched his chest.

6 Re: Bar Talk on Sat Jul 14, 2018 9:00 pm



Now, usually Odin would have instantly retaliated. But he felt the group just weren’t of importance. “That was a rude thing to do? Don’t you think?” asked Odin. He now fully stood in the bar. His hand gripping the handle of his sword which was on his waste, he would say “Now, come outside. Let me take out you and your group.” Nonchalantly, Odin would walk out of the bar in hopes the people would follow him. The exact opposite would happen. Just as Odin exited the bar would all hell break lose.

The group pulled guns out and aimed them at multiple people in the room. The leader of the group holding a revolver at Sun. “Give me everything you’ve got. This is a stick up” announced the man. Sun would shake his head. Not giving in to what the man said. You see, most robbers would have just continued to talk. But that had been the opposite with this particular man. Instead of talking he would show action. His gun firing, causing a single bullet to move towards Sun’s head. Everything seemed to happen in an instant. Within moments, the whole bar had been raided while Odin only watched. He could have stopped what was happening, but Sun was already dead. What use was it helping the other people. A grunt of clear anger would come from his throat. Walking away from the scene. It seemed he would have to retaliate some way in the near future.


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