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1 Occupation Suggestion on Sat Jul 07, 2018 1:29 pm

Lady Sofia


Lady Sofia
I have a suggestion for occupations. Overall, I like the system very much, and playing with it is fun; but I'd like to propose some improvements.

Some occupations combinations simply don't use CP (and you're awarded it anyways sometimes, making it a bit awkward to have), but worse of all, if you don't have a crafting occupation yourself, you'll have a harder time benefiting from NPC crafting, because their crafting level scales with yours. And if you just don't have one to begin with, you're a bit screwed - your NPCs will never grow.

To solve the scaling issue of non-crafting occupations, I suggest the following:

Non-crafting occupations (non-combat ones) have ranks, just like the Bandit occupation has currently. Ranks in Non-crafting occupations would give utility powers to its user (which they could incorporate into their skillsets creatively). Non-crafting occupations can research/study their profession, thus becoming better Navigators, Archaeologists, etc; by spending CP according to usual invention table. But they wouldn't produce any product - they're just levelling up themselves via study.

Once they gain a rank in their non-crafting occupation, they can apply for a bonus to represent a certain level of special expertise in their field, which is the reward for spending those CP in the first place (bonuses which the player would make up themselves for approval). So, when they rise from D to C, C to B and B to A, they can apply for a bonus (allowing for a total of 3 occupation bonuses). Crafting occupations wouldn't have these, given that their "bonus" already is to craft better things. Examples of what these bonuses could be are:


Expert Helmsman: The user, if they are piloting a ship, can make it move at one tier above its normal speed (with "Fast" ships becoming "Very Fast").

Elemental Understanding: The user has deep understanding of the elements. They fully understand techniques which rely on a weather element (Lightning, Ice/Snow, Wind) upon seeing them, as if they could read its description section.


Devil Fruit Historian: After reading books after books of Devil Fruit history: their recorded possessors and abilities, as well as the tales of their use, the user can identify Devil Fruit users upon seeing its abilities be used, as well as what Devil Fruit it is.

Memory Savant: Being an Archaeologist and researching history requires a lot of memory to pull off - this represents being especially talented at that quality. The user can accurately recall any past event with detail as if they were living it in the present. For example, they could remember a detailed map entirely after only having seen it with a glance.

2 Re: Occupation Suggestion on Sat Jul 07, 2018 5:13 pm



I just wanted to post and add my whole-hearted support behind this idea. This would certainly make it worthwhile to take occupations that don't craft things and provide a viable alternative to the crafting occupations. Your idea works well, though I think the better choice would be to call them 'specializations' rather than just bonuses.

To expand on it, these are just some of my suggestions and additions to what you've already stated.

Navigator Specializations

Expert Helmsman // Available at C-Rank
While at the helm of a ship, the Navigator may make better judgments of wind conditions and enhance their speed by one tier.

???? // Available at C-Rank

Forecasting // Available at B-Rank
The user has keener understanding of the elements and the mechanics behind certain weather patterns. By reading the signs, the navigator is able to make one crucial weather change during any Travel Interruption that they are a part of. They can call down a lightning storm to impede their enemies that lasts for 2 posts or call for strong winds that increase the required length of the travel topic by 3 posts.

Favorable Winds // Available at B-Rank

Inner Compass // Available at A-Rank
Master and world-class navigators, after many long hours of training and vast experience in sea travel, are capable of finding their way to their next destination without the use of a Log Pose. They are capable of discerning direction and distance simply through using their keenly-honed intuition and relying on their intricate knowledge of wind and sea currents. However, this method requires a travel topic of 6 posts and it is a feat that can only be accomplished once a month.

Archaeologist Specializations

(These are not easy to come up and I'm only going to write down one, but I'm sure I'll have one maybe sometime later XD)

Treasure Hunter // Available at B-Rank
Archaeologists do valuable work uncovering and piecing together the foundations of countries, peoples, and cultures. As Pirates, having someone with good knowledge of what would be the most valuable of any given set of items can prove invaluable to any crew. After completing any voyage with three or more people involved, they are allowed one dice roll for an additional Beli reward to be granted to all participants in their group. Any Gran Voyages completed with 3 or more people involved get two dice rolls to succeed.

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3 Re: Occupation Suggestion on Sat Jul 07, 2018 7:16 pm



while i like the others

Devil Fruit Historian: After reading books after books of Devil Fruit history: their recorded possessors and abilities, as well as the tales of their use, the user can identify Devil Fruit users upon seeing its abilities be used, as well as what Devil Fruit it is.

dont think this would work as devil fruits have only been around for a year and the existence to the public was kept pretty low key till it was revealed in character recently. So i really doubt there would be books written already.

4 Re: Occupation Suggestion on Tue Jul 10, 2018 6:27 am

The Janitor


The Janitor
There is a reason we have custome occupations. So I don’t honestly see the issue.

5 Re: Occupation Suggestion on Sat Jul 14, 2018 5:18 am



I do agree that this is the reason that we have custom occupations, but it would be a good idea to compile popular or inventive/original occupations in a place where newcomers or current site residents can view them for their own creative pleasure. Such a thread could be useful for people who want unique NPCs in their crew, next voyage or maybe even their new character that they've been brainstorming. Just putting it out there.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Musician

6 Re: Occupation Suggestion on Mon Jul 23, 2018 9:33 pm


i have been muddling over the idea for a beast tamer, its not decided but thought it a fun concept. any suggestions how this would be a occupation and what perks could come from it

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